Endless Desire

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Chapter 3: Criminal

"What's a cutie like you doing all alone?" A silky voice asked from beside him.

Grinning to himself Greed turned to address the owner of said voice. He smirked as he took in the low cut skirt, and tight T-shit of a very well endowed blond.

"Waiting for someone to keep me company. Care to join me?" He asked shooting her a charming smile. Giggling to herself the blond sidled into the booth with him and took an offered glass.

"So you come here often?" She asked leaning in close to be heard over the music.

Greed smirked as he caught a look down her ample cleavage. "I own the place." He replied waving a hand over the entire club.

"Really?" She asked with a tone of disbelief.

Greed grinned back "How about I show you my office? It's right upstairs and has far better drinks."

She seemed to consider it for a moment before agreeing. Greed grinned as he led her up the stairs to his office.

'This makes six for tonight.'


"Ugh my head." Greed groaned rolling out of bed taking the blanket with him. He groggily got up and threw the blanket back onto lucky number 13 and stumbled towards the bathroom.

Four days into the summer break and he had spent every waking moment at the nest. The Dursley's had noticed his comings and goings at odd hours of the night but after last summer they knew to keep quiet.

Pulling his clothes on Greed quietly made his way out of the apartment he had spent the night in, he had things to do today and little time to do them in. Making sure there was no one around he turned and disappeared with a crack.

Reappearing in front of Gringotts Greed proudly strode into the large bank. The goblin guards bowed low to their most important client while a teller instantly rushed up to him and led him to the office of his account manager. Being one of the only wizards that paid much attention to the muggle world Greed was quickly building up quite the fortune from his investments. His club was raking in quite a large sum and he had plans to build another few in the different magical areas of Europe.


'Hmm, so my darling godfather has escaped huh? This doesn't bode well if he somehow manages to reclaim his vault.' Greed thought angrily 'What to do? What to do?...ah I've got it.'

Greed would have to wait until he was seventeen to claim the Black family vault but if the rumors were true and Sirius Black was really after him then he would just need to 'deal' with the man. As a fugitive Black couldn't change his will so if he were to die Harry would still inherit the vault.

Grinning deeply Greed took a calming breath and stepped out of his office. With that issue resolved he could spend the rest of the night relaxing. Heading towards the nearby stairway Greed descended into his club.


"Hey there handsome, looking for a good time?" a silky voice asked from the nearby alley. Turning Greed grinned as he took in the shapely figure of the tall red haired prostitute that had called out to him. A look at his watch showed that he still had half an hour till he had to meet Hermione, he was currently in Knockturn alley and the Leaky Cauldron was only five minutes away.

"What the hell, I have time." He replied grinning and jingling his coin bag. The redhead grinned back and led him into the alleyway. A flick of her wand and he sensed Notice-me-not charms covering the entrance.

Warning: Lemon

Greed smirked as he studied the woman across from him. Her long red hair flowed down to her neck in curls, she had piercing blue eyes and small plump lips with pitch black lipstick. She was about 5'8 only a few inches shorter than him and her robes were elegantly crafted to hug the skin so her curvaceous figure could easily be seen.

The woman watched him with a hungry expression as she unfastened her long black robes. Underneath said robe she wore nothing but a pair of black lace knickers and matching bra. Her skin was a nice brown tan rather than the pale complexion most women in Knockturn sported, her legs were long and smooth leading up to wide hips and and a shapely ass. Her stomach was well toned and flat and her breasts jutted out like a pair of large melons. She was at least a D cup and through the lace of her bra he could see her dark brown areola and nipples.

"Are you just gonna watch or are we going to have some fun?" She whispered sexily. Grinning to himself Greed took a step closer and pressed himself against her. His left arm grabbed her breast while his right snaked into her robe and cupped her ass. Leaning in he crashed his lips into hers and her mouth opened as she moaned, taking the invitation his tongue entered her mouth and danced around with hers. One of her hands rose to his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss while the other rubbed his cock through his pants.

Giving her tit a squeeze caused her to moan once more as he slipped his hand past the elastic of her knickers and directly grasped her ass cheek. Breaking the kiss she began to trace small pecks down his jawline and neck while her other hand assisted the first in unzipping his pants, both hands pulled his cock free from his pants and he moaned as she began to stroke him slowly.

"Oh my, what a big boy you are." She whispered as her tongue played with his earlobe.

Giving her a small smirk Greed pulled down her bra and freed the two beautiful mounds of flesh trapped within. Giving her left breast another squeeze he rolled her nipple between his fingers causing her to gasp with pleasure.

"Oh yess.." She moaned stroking him faster. Still playing with her nipple he began to trail kisses down her neck and chest until his mouth latched onto her other tit. She gasped with pleasure and thrust her chest out in an attempt to fit more of her into his mouth. Meanwhile Greed used his other hand to slide her knickers down and cup her slit. She was already soaking wet as his fingers sunk between her lips, her hips buckled as his thumb brushed against her clit.

"Oh, right there baby, right there." she moaned her small hands dancing up and down his cock and playing with the head. Greed sunk three finger into her while he furiously rubbed her clit with his thumb causing her to buck and send her juices flying, her cunt was producing so much juice that her thighs were practically soaked. Giving her nipple a soft bite he pulled on it while twisted the other with his hand, this had the result of sending her over the edge. She screamed and moaned as she came spraying her juices all over his hand, her legs shook as her knees went weak but the hand buried in her cunt kept her standing.

After a few seconds she came down from her orgasm and her hand grabbed his head pushing him deeper into the tit he was sucking on.

"Oh baby, I want you in me, I want it." She whimpered leaning back against the wall. Greed grinned at her as he straightened, his cock rubbed against her stomach causing her to whimper. Grabbing both her ass cheeks he lifted her up slightly and slid his cock between her thighs and up her crack. She whimpered and held him in a tight hug as his cock rubbed against her clit.

"You want it?" He whispered into her ear.

"Oh yes." she replied breathily rubbing her cunt against his cock and thrusting her chest against his.

"Beg for it, tell me what you want." he hissed, he could feel himself nearing release but he forced the pleasure away.

By this point she was forcefully thrusting her hips against his, rubbing her clit up and down his cock completely covering it with her juices.

"Please I want it, please fill me with your cock." She moaned.

Gripping her ass tightly he lifted her up and positioned his cock at her entrance. Her long legs came up and wrapped around him as he let go and sunk into her. She moaned out loud as his entire cock entered her, her ass slapped against his pelvis as they both stood still enjoying the pleasure. Greed moaned as her walls pulsated and gripped his cock.

Grabbing her ass once more he held her still as he slowly pulled out, she moaned at the slowness of his action and her hips wiggled as she tried to move but he held her still. Slowly pulling out until only this head remained within her, Greed began to slowly slide back in. She whimpered and wiggled trying to press against him but he held her still and continued his actions. He would slowly slide out until only his head remained and then slowly slide back in until their pelvises touched. The sixth time he repeated this action her eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure.

She was completely caught off guard when he forcefully thrust into her, her back arched and she gasped as he thrust into her over and over slowly building up speed.

"Oh yess, Oh Oh Oh..faster..faster..Oh god!" she cried out. Greed gritted his teeth as he plowed in and out of her over and over. Her walls gripped his cock tightly pulling him in with every thrust and holding him tight every time he pulled out. at some point he had released her ass and wrapped both arms around her waist allowing her to move. She moved with his thrusts meeting him each time a gyrating her hips for added pleasure.

Greed could feel his release building up and from the glassy eyed look on his partners face she was close as well. Her eyes had rolled up and her tongue lolled as she forcefully thrust her hips against him.

"I'm...gonna...cum.." He gritted out thrusting into her with wild abandon. She sunk her head into his neck and whimper as she continued to thrust against him.

"Uh!" With a final grunt Greed buried himself in her and shot his load. The feeling of his warm spunk entering her took her over the edge and her walls convulsed as she came. Her juices sprayed all over him soaking his cock and pants as she moaned and convulsed in his arms. She ground her hips against him in an attempt to extend the pleasure they were both feeling.

With a final twitch Greed shot the last his cum into her and collapsed against her and the the wall. He could feel his cock softening as she continued to grind against him for several seconds before she came down from her orgasmic high. Breathing heavily she gave him one final hug before her feet uncrossed and she stood on her own two legs.

"That..was..fantastic.." She gasped out, pulling her bra up. Greed grinned at her as he cleaned them both up with his wand and tucked his cock back into his pants.

Lemon End

"Yes it was." He replied dropping a bag of coins into her hand, she quickly put it into her robes and covered her self up.

"The name's Natalie, feel free to come back for more hon." She stated in that sexy tone. She gave him a small wink as she undid the charms on the alley entrance.

"You can call me Harry." He grinned stepping out of the alley, with a wink he walked off towards Diagon alley.


Hermione was not happy, not happy at all. The source of her unhappiness was currently oblivious as he studied the books on the shelf. Hermione glared at Harry once more before her eyes darted back to the bookshelf in front of her. Did he think she wouldn't notice? Did he think she couldn't tell?

Harry had showed up at their meeting spot completely flushed. At first she had thought he had run there but he had said no when she asked. It was then that she noticed that he had come through the Diagon alley entrance not the London street entrance. She had been about to ask him about it when she saw it.

There on his neck was a black lip print. A feminine lip print.

He had been with another woman! And just moments before he was supposed to meet her. Hermione had been crushed when she discovered this, she had been in a daze as Harry led her into the alley and around to the various stores. Now she was mad.

She had always expected this to happen, that was the kind of person Harry was and she knew she wouldn't be able to keep him to herself. But she hadn't expected this to happen for another couple of years though. She had thought that by the time it did happen she would be prepared to accept it but now? It was too soon.

Hermione sighed as she studied the books on the shelf. She didn't know what to do, should she keep quiet? Confront him about it? What would he say? What would he do? Would they break up? Would he decide she had outlasted her usefulness? Hermione sighed once more. Could she deal with that? He was the only person to ever see her usefulness, the only one that had befriended her, the only one that truly needed her. Could she live without him? Could she l...

She stiffened as she felt an arm around her waist. Turning she locked eyes with those beautiful emerald orbs she had come to love and that kind possessive smile and melted. She softened in his grasp and leaned against him all her worries thrown out the window.

She would forget about it and ignore it. Harry still wanted her and for now she was content.


"So that was a Dementor huh? Pretty cool." Greed hummed.

"Pretty cool? Pretty cool! IT ALMOST SUCKED OUT YOUR SOUL!" Hermione shrieked.

Harry grinned at her "But it didn't."

"Only cause Professor Lupin saved your arse." Ginny snapped at him. Both she and Hermione glared at him anger and worry in there eyes.

"Yeah that's true, but hey at least Colin got some nice pictures right?" Harry asked turning to the short second year.

Colin beamed and help up his camera "Yup, these are gonna be sweet Harry."

Greed grinned back "Good, send them to Witch Weekly and I'll autograph some tomorrow."

Hermione sighed and took her seat. Her boyfriend almost gets kissed by a Dementor and all he cares about is if the pictures look cool or not.

Harry flopped down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Aww are you jealous that it almost kissed me?" he asked "Cause if you want I can tell it to back off next time."

"That's not wh-GH" Her sentence was cut off as Harry leaned in and kissed her deeply. Hermione sighed as he pulled away before she glared at him.

"Not fair."

Harry stuck his tongue out at her.


"He's a Werewolf." Hermione whispered into his ear.

Greed rose a brow skeptically "Are you sure?"

She nodded furiously "When he stepped between you and that boggart it wasn't a crystal ball that he fears it was the full moon. There's also the fact that he misses class before and after the full moon." She explained.

Greed hummed "Okay, well he doesn't seem to be a problem right now and hes a good teacher so I don't see any problem with it."

Hermione nodded "Same here, I just wanted you to know."

Greed sat in thought after his girlfriend headed to the library. A Werewolf huh? Well he couldn't really see himself keeping Lupin locked up at the mansion, that meant he would need to find something else to add to his collection this year. Hmm..maybe some Dementors? His fellow soul eaters might want someplace new to live but first he would have to see how they reacted to the red stones. If he couldn't feed them then there was no point catching them.


"Expecto Patronum!" Greed whispered.

A white stag burst from the tip of his wand and pranced around the room once before dispersing. Lupin clapped as he stood.

"Good job Harry, Good job. I can't believe it only took you a week to master this spell." Lupin stated giving him a proud smile.

Harry gave him a saucy grin in return "Well, I have plenty of 'happy' memories to use." he replied.

The innuendo flew over the Professors head as he nodded. "Too bad we don't have a Dementor to test it on. If only your Boggart was a Dementor" he hummed "What is your Boggart anyways? I've never seen a gate like that before."

Greed shuddered.

"Lets hope that you never do." he whispered


"Hmm..she's kind of cute." Harry hummed watching the pretty Ravenclaw seeker fly by.

"Hmm, I suppose so." Hermione agreed glaring at Cho Chang and wishing she would fall off her broom. She and Harry had talked about their relationship and his exploits. While she was fine with him seeing other women she still didn't like him talking about them when they were together.

"Why don't you ask her out?" Hermione ground out.

Harry chuckled "Nah, you're the only girlfriend I need Mione. She cute in that one night kind of way."

Hermione grinned and gave him a peck on the cheek.


'Black was in the castle? Damn!' Greed growled causing some nearby first years to squeak and scurry away. 'Why would he go to the common room though? He must have know I would be at the feast that night.'

Scowling to himself he poked at his food as he thought about the attack on the fat lady last night. Black had slashed up her portrait when she wouldn't allow him access and it made no sense. Everyone was at the feast that night why go to the common room? If he wanted Harry he could have easily hidden and snatched him on his way to the common room after the feast.

'He'll be back,' Harry thought scowling 'And I'll be waiting.'


"Mister Potter?" Dumbledores voice called from behind him. Turning Greed watched as Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hermione watched him worriedly.

"Yes Professor?" Greed asked after giving his girlfriend a small smile.

"Are you okay?" Dumbledore asked warily looking at the three figures behind the young boy.

Greed cocked his head to the side "Uh..yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" he asked with a raised brow.

The two Professors shared a look.

"No reason, can I ask what you're doing out here?" Dumbledore asked.

Greed shrugged "Not much, just talking." he replied.

Dumbledore nodded slowly "Oh..okay, please be careful then."

"Will do Professor." Greed replied.

Both Dumbledore and McGonagall shared another look before slowly walking away. Hermione glanced from him to the three behind him before running after the two Professors.

Greed shrugged and turned back to his guests.

"Who's ready for another snack?" he asked pulling out three small red stones from his pocket.

The three Dementors gave a raspy reply and snatched up a stone each.

"So...you guys ever considering moving somewhere new?" Greed asked.


"Merry Christmas Harry!" The twins shouted as he stared down at his present.

"I can really keep this?" He asked shooting them shocked looks. Both twins nodded and smiled widely at him.

Harry grinned and studied the map in his hands. A map of the entire school, he could do so many things with this. Always knowing where everyone is, always knowing how to get around without being found..this was the best present ever! Looking up at the two redheads he smiled kindly.

"Thank you both, if you ever need anything just ask." he stated.

Both twins smiled back and patted him on the back.

"Don't mention it mate, consider it a thanks for looking out for our sister." One twin said.

"Yeah, she's always going on and on about you and the other two." The other added.

Grinning Greed looked back to the map. He knew there was a reason he kept little Ginerva around and here it was, things had such a fantastic way of working themselves out.


Grunting Greed thrusted in and out of the girl that lay writhing beneath him. The fear in her eyes as she stared at him with shock was too much and with a final thrust into her he came. Breathing heavily he slowly drew his wand and cleaned them both up, rather than stand she curled up and sobbed over and over.

"Thanks for a good time hun." He chuckled causing her to whimper. "We should do this again some time. Obliviate!"

Her eye glazed over as the memory charm did its work. It had taken him a while to master this spell but the pointers that fraud Lockhart had given him had paid off. With one last check of the map Greed snuck out of the room whistling to himself.

Back in the room Cho Chang sat up with a gasp, a look around revealed she was sitting at an empty desk in a dark room.

'I must have fallen asleep during class, why didn't anyone wake me up?' she thought picking up her book bag and leaving the room in a daze.


"Well well well, Peter Pettigrew fancy seeing you here." Greed sneered at the small rat trapped inside the glass box. "At first I was confused when I saw your name on the map but after putting two and two together it was easy to figure out. You're the reason Sirius is here aren't you?" he asked.

The rat squeaked fearfully and scratched at the glass walls in an attempt to escape.

"Oh don't worry Peter, I wont be handing you over to Sirius or anyone else." Greed grinned. The rat calmed some and looked towards him questionably "Oh no, no one will know that you survived that night 12 years ago."

The rat squealed as Harry drew his wand and aimed at it.

"Pectus Lapis"

Instead of a small gray rat a smaller red stone lay inside the glass box. Lifting the lid Greed reached in and snatched up the stone, in one fluid movement he threw it into the air and caught it in his mouth. A crunch was heard as he devoured Peter's soul.

'Yuck, tastes pathetic' he grumbled vanishing the box. As he headed towards the door a thought popped up in his mind.

'Hmm..since Peter was alive and hiding that means Black was obviously innocent, with Pettigrew gone my dear godfather has no way of proving his innocence.' Greed thought with a dark grin 'But what if he manages to somehow do it? No, I'll have to take 'care' of him as well.'

Deep in thought he checked the map once more and headed back to the common room, he had a criminal to find.



The sound of an ax meeting wood brought a smile to Greed's face, from his position in the forest he could see the ministry official jumping about and shouting in rage over the escaped Hippogriff.

Thanks to that fool Malfoy the beast had been condemned to death and was set to be executed this very night. It had been oh so easy to sneak out of the castle and portkey the creature back to his castle before the execution could occur. Grinning widely at the new addition to his collection Greed turned to return to the castle.

That's when he spotted it.

Sitting in the shadows just a few meters away was a big black dog, a grim to be exact. Greed's smile widened as he went for his wand, the Grim seeing this turned and ran into the forest. Chuckling to himself Greed chased after it. They ran deeper and deeper into the forest, with the dog trying its best to loose him. Greed continued to follow it until they broke out of the trees and into a clearing, the Grim came to a stop and turned. Greed came out firing without a pause.

Three spells flew past it's head before the dog reverted back into Sirius Black.

"Harry wait, I'm not here to hurt you!" The man shouted dodging more spells.

"I know!" Greed shouted in reply but he continued to fire attempting to bring down Black.

"I didn't betray your parents, you have to believe me!" Sirius shouted, a bone breaker caught him in the thigh forcing him to fall to to the ground.

"I know." Greed said in an even tone as he stalked up to the man laying on the ground "I found Peter."

Blacks eyes widened in glee and hope.

"You did? That's awesome, we can clear my name now." he cheered.

Greed grinned darkly "I'm afraid not, sadly you're worth more to me dead than you are alive."

Blacks eyes widened in shock before everything went black.

Staring down at the lifeless body at his feet Greed smirked and put away his wand.

'Now what to do with the body? It definitely needs to be found for me to claim my inheritance.'

The sound of a wolf howling in the distance brought a satisfying grin to his face as he once more drew his wand.


"Did you hear the news?" Hermione asked latching onto his arm.

"Hmm?" Greed asked cocking a brow.

"They found Sirius Black!" Ginny cut in. Greed pasted a shocked expression on his face as he asked..

"Really? Where?"

"He was just at the edge of the forbidden forest, they say he was mauled to death by a wild animal but thanks to Professor Snape word got out about Professor Lupin's problem and everyone thinks he did it." Hermione explained giving him a strange look.

"Hmm..that's too bad," he replied with a sad tone "About Professor Lupin that is." he added at their curious looks.

"Yeah it is, the Ministry is forcing Dumbledore to fire him since he might be dangerous to the students." Hermione added.

"At least they have to pay him for stopping Black." Ginny murmured.

Greed smiled and looked up at the head table. Lupin sat in his seat looking shocked and daze as his food went ignored.

'Poor guy must be traumatized.' Greed thought with a smirk 'At least he didn't know Black was innocent.'


"You wanted to see me Headmaster?" Greed asked entering the office. Dumbledore looked up from his dest with a kind smile on his face.

"Ah Mister Potter, come in, have a seat." The headmaster said pointing to some chairs in front of the desk "Lemon drop?"

"No thank you sir." Greed replied turning down the candy.

"Hmm.." Dumbledore hummed in thought "I recieved a strange call from the Ministry today Mister Potter."

"Oh?" Greed replied with a cocked brow.

"You wouldn't happen to know where their three missing Dementors might be would you?" Dumbledore asked nailing him with a piercing look.

Greed smirked "No sir I wouldn't," he replied "Perhaps check the forest?" he suggested.

Dumbledore stared at him for several seconds before sighing.

"You may go Mister Potter, I will pass on your suggestion." he murmured.

Nodding once Greed stood and exited the office.


"Well, there goes another fun and exciting school year." Greed stated cheerfully stepping off the train.

"Yup." Hermione sighed "I cant wait until next year."

"Well I can, unlike you two I enjoy my summer break." Ginny huffed looking around for her family.

"I don't know, I'm really looking forward to this summer break." Greed grinned.

"Because of the Quidditch World Cup?" Hermione asked giving him a curious look.

Greed shrugged in reply "Amongst other things."

"You sure you don't want to come with me and my family Harry?" Ginny asked spotting her parents and brothers.

"It's alright, I already have tickets, Hermione and I will meet you there." Greed replied smiling at her.

"Alright, see you guys later then." Ginny replied giving the two a hug and heading over to her parents.

"Come on Harry, lets go find mom and dad." Hermione stated grabbing his hand.

Smiling at her Greed allowed himself to be drug off.