(1 Month Later)

"Don't run so fast. I may be the superior race but I'm still recoverin'!" Bobo yelled running after Rex and Noah. "Not fast enough," Rex called. Their game would have gone on longer but the light changed and they had to stop giving Bobo the chance to catch up. He leaned against the street lamp, panting. "What's the matter Bobo?" Noah asked. Bobo glared at him but said nothing. Instead, his eye widened. "Uh kid," he said. "Hm?" Rex asked. He followed Bobo's pointing finger but saw nothing. "What?" he asked. Bobo sighed. "Dull as a nail." Rex crossed his arms. "Insults will get you nowhere," he said. The light changed and instead of a brisk run, they all walked. "So, what now?" Noah asked. "Well," Rex began. He didn't finish his sentence. Instead he bumped into someone, having not been paying attention. "Sorry about that," he said. "It's okay." Rex's eyes widened as he stared into blue eyes, the same shade as Thirteen. In fact, the girl he was looking at could have been Thirteen. "Piper! Let's go!" "Coming Mother!" Piper yelled. She smiled at Rex. "I gotta go. See ya around," she said before hurrying off. Rex watched her go before smiling a bit. "Always have the lake," he mumbled, walking on.