My eyes fluttered as I began to regain consciousness. Almost with instinct, I began to sit up. Only to have my head hit a blue looking wall (or ceiling wasn't sure) violently.

"Ahhh!" I yelled as pain sweeped through my head. Naturally, I didn't have the slightest clue on why I had a sudden jolt of pain. But a faint part of my brain (yes Raven, I do have a brain) kept saying 'it's a forcefield or something BB, transform now!'

"Did that hurt you pitiful titan?" A voice asked. I spun around to see a girl, almost about my age. A little older. I stared at her. The resemblance that she had to Terra was almost disturbing. She had beautiful blond hair. She had shining violet eyes that could shine through a wall. She was amazingly skinny, and was wearing a full out war outfit. Black shirt, brown capris, blck laced up hiking boots, and black belt. Her voice let out words like an angel would play on a harp. One of her arms, a leg, and her face twinkled like a normal human being's skin could never do.

Behind her, was Slade.

Wondering how I, beastboy, could've gotten in this particular situation? Well, it was actually quite easy. First, Robin came up with a plan to destroy a certain weapon that Slade had invented. What it does is quite simple. It takes away a person power. Yes, that's right. If it worked, Beastboy couldn't change into a cute and adorable kitty cat.

Actually, that isn't the case. See, Cyborg found a loop hole in the weapon. Well, that I could do. It could take away my power. The solution was that it could take away one of powers. Which that if I get hit, it could take away one of many transformations. In short, it means no more cute and adorable kitty cat. Or, no more gorilla. All depends.

So I had to be captured. Where, judging by the tracking device planted on me, the others could be led right to where the weapon. Problem was that the tracking device fell off somewhere in Slade's... I forget. Wasn't sure if it was an abandoned mansion or a secret hideout. But it was big. Who are we kidding? That's the best decription you'll get from me.

The girl turned to Slade and smiled proudly. "See Great Master! I have captured a Titan!"

Great Master? suck up... very suck upish.

Slade nodded in that weird way that will scare a sloth. And Sloth's are very hard to scare. Anyway, everything Slade does is creepy. It's even more creepy that his mask kinda hides half of his face. Like it's all black. But hey, that's super villian fashion for yea.

"Yes, I see that Nicole. But did the weapon work?" Slade asked impatiently.

Nicole? Slade? Weapon that should work but doesn't? Oh, this will be interesting.

Nicole's eyes dropped to the floor that I just noticed was black. And that it wasn't a floor, it was a rock kinda... thing. Why do I try to narrate?

"No, the weapon didn't work Slade but-" Nicole started to say but was cut off by Slade talking. Wow. Isn't he polite?

"No buts Nicole. If the weapon doesn't work, then get information on the other titans. And try to do this right, or I'll be extra sure you die correctly."

Nicole nodded fearfully as Slade left the room, or cave, wasn't sure. And him leaving took like five minutes. I'm pretty sure that mask was slowing him down. H ha. I made a punny.

Nicole turned to me she was smirking like a lion that finally got its kill. "So Titan, should we do this hard, or horrible? Your choice." She strode over to the only desk in the room. Which was completely blank except for a small rectangle with two buttons on it. Red and blue. That doesn't worry me. What worries is what my friends are doing right now.

"Not going to speak? Shame. I've always wanted to talk to a legendary Titan. Beastboy isn't it?" Nicole asked casually. Then, started to laugh. Her laugh sounded like a young girl giggling over a boy at lunch. "Oh well. You'll want to talk after your mind goes insane. Only thing you could do to stay sane."

I didn't even have enough time to say 'What' before she slammed her hand on the red button.

"AHHHH!" I screamed. The pain! Oh God... the pain! It was like a dagger in your stomach! Twisting. So slowly twisting inside your your precious gut. Twisting...

"Stop!" I cried.

"I'll stop if you tell me how to get in the Titans tower!" Nicole yelled back.

I transformed into a T-Rex. Too big! I crushed against the walls of whatever I was in and the forcefield shocked me. Too much pain! Make it stop!

'Tell her!' A voice in the back of my mind begged. 'Tell her and the pain will be over! Tell her! Tell her! Tell her!'

Finally, the pain was over. I collapsed on the bottom of the cell. I gasped for any air I could. My muscles tried to relax, but it was like my mind was still screaming in pain.

"You like it? My invention actually. It goes in your mind and sets in your part of the brain with pain. Any feedback? I'd really appreciate it." Nicole said happily. I couldn't nswer. Had to get air!

"No? Well, then this won't take long. Don't give to easily though. Don't want Slade thinking anyone can do this job." She slammed her hand on the pain button.

"Ahhh! Ahhhh! AHHHHH!" I screamed. It hurt so much I couldn't concentrate on my transformations! My arms reached to grab something but didn't grab a thing. My legs were flying out of control. I was rolling around madly in my cell. The pain! Make it stop!

In the back of my mind, I pictured the pain I was in. I pictured seeing Robin, staring at me with cold, hard eyes. 'Help me', I begged him. But he ignored me. Instead, he held up a knife that's tip was so sharp, it seemed to laugh at me. At my pain. Robin hesitated before he jabbed the knife in the middle of my chest.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed, desperate. It didn't work. Slowly, Robin brought down the knife down to my stomach. He was cutting me open! "AHHHHHHH!" I screamed, again, and again, and again...

"Are you ready to give up Titan?" I heard Nicole ask. "The pain could end you know."

No. To the animal DNA that I held in my body were already beginning to accept the pain. Life was pain. You learn from pain. Yes. The animal instinct suffered dumb. It had already begun to live with pain. To numb it out.

The boy beastboy screamed.

But the animal beastboy had already begun to accept the pain.

Do you like it? It's my first time writing for beastboy, or teen titans at all, so give me your feedback. And tell me if you want this to be a R/BB fic, or a T/BB fic.

But you should know, I'm very sensative. :)