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I awoke from unconsciousness inside my cube. I was bloody, defeated, probably going to be haunted by these memories, but I was alive.

There wasn't a spot on me that wasn't bloody. Veins had burst everywhere. My nose had been burned off, I was missing a few fingers, half of my suit was burned off, and I was gasping rapidly for air because my neck had been halfway burst open.

"I'm sorry great master. He wouldn't talk." I heard Nicole's voice from far away. So far...

"If he won't talk, then kill him." Slade's voice said, then paused. "And I'll deal with you later."

Kill him? I knew this was it. I knew there was no way I was going to survive the next round of torture. I stood up about to die with courage. The room had only me, Nicole, about thirty guards who probably appeared during my torture, and...

I stumpled back.

"Already so weak! And we haven't even began your death!"

There, rising from the floor, was Raven. She was dark, she has to look like that when she goes through walls and stuff. But she was there!

Nicole grabbed the torture device and held it like it was the most precious thing in the world. "Here me Titan. Your defiance has began to lose Slade's faith in me. And now you will pay. I've given you pleasure, oh yes I've given you pain, but never both at once! I'll tear your mind apart!"

I winced. Raven was at the door. Nicole was hovering over the torture device. I was praying. Praying that I would survive.

With a slight hesitation, Raven pulled the door open. Without warning, huge bits of violence! Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin all immeadiately fighting the guards. The guards fighting back. And... Nicole.

"Noooo! Get them! Get them!" She turned to me, hatred in her eyes. "You! This is your fault!" Her hand moved towards the pain button. "I'll kill you for this!"

Suddenly, Robin jumped down on her. She fell down to the ground, still screaming. I became aware of their stares. They could all tell, or at least imagine what had happened to me.

Nicole withered out of Robin's hold on her, and headed to the desk that held the torture device. Or at least did, now it was on the ground. She reached into a drawer and took out some laser gun thing. And, instead of firing it, she ran out the door... what?

I was disappearing again. Barely keeping consciousness. My eyes began to droop. To Robin, this must of looked like I was dieing, so he began to freak out. But I was unconscious by the time I got to see what happened next.

"Your not alone beastboy. You may die. But if you do, you carry our torch. A single honor. An honor held by only the best warriors. The warriors that have endured the pain. That gave their life."

Mento? Save me Mento. I need strength. Where will my strength come from? Help me, please.

"You could join me. The pain could end you know. You could betray those friends that have left you here."

Who said that? Terra? Nicole? Who?

I felt someone carrying me. Nicole? No! It's Nicole! I started to thrash around as well as I could. What happened?

"Whoa. Dude. Calm down. It's just me, Cyborg. Come BB. Hang in there. We're almost out." A voice faintly said. I calmed down. Cyborg. I remembered him...

I opened my eyes. I could see, despite the veins in my eyes had snapped. I could see Cyborg face. I saw Raven and Starfire flying above him. And I could tell that Robin was behind us. I looked ahead, and froze.

"Drop him or I'll kill you all." Her voice sneered. I was close to laughing. She left earlier to change her clothes. She was no wearing short shorts and a purple tank top. And her arm was dangerously close to a gas pipe. The others stopped dead in their tracks too.

Nicole smiled her perfectly constructed smile. She knew she had us. "I'll kill you all so swiftly you won't know that your dieing. So, just give me the Titan."

Why did she still want to kill me? Would good would it do now?

The others stayed silent. Nicole's beautifully pink lips folded into a frown. Then quickly changed to a sneer. She drew her arm up...

And slammed it down on the gas pipe...

AN: Short chapter, I know. But I wanted to have a small cliff hanger. Sneak peak at next chapter!

"Of course I'm beautiful!" I snapped at them. The one carrying me winced. "Now let me go!" I yelled and thrashed in his arms. He dropped me, and I fell down to the ground.

I staggered slightly and began to run. But I tripped due to the loss of one of my legs. I landed next to a small puddle. Despite myself, I stared at my reflection in the tiny bit of water.

I screamed. My face was covered in dried blood, and scabs. My beautiful blond hair had been burned away and frizzled into little stumps. My beauty... the thing I gave my life for... was gone.

It's his fault!" I screamed. I could see him in my mind. HE did this to me! I'll kill him for this! My beauty was now gone because of him!

The man came to me. Horror had seeped into his face. "Who are you?" He asked. I suddenly stopped screaming. My eyes still sat staring at my face in the puddle.

"My name?" I purred. "Is Nicole."