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Naruto: Sage of the DWMA

Chapter 1: Arrival, Intro, and extra lessons?

(Arizona Desert- Death city)

Night has fallen over the city of death, the stars shining in the night sky. A meister that lives in the city, Maka Albarn, sat on the roof of her building as she watched the sky. She watched as the stars slowly rolled by, she wondered how her mother was doing on her travels. She saw something out in the distance, a red star that shined a bit brighter then the others. She watched as it grew brighter, before slowly dropping, as if it were a shooting star. She watched as it fell, the red star glowing brighter as it grew closer to earth until it crashed a mile or two outside the city. Little did she know, others around the city saw the same thing.

(DWMA- Death room)

A strange figure watched the crash from his mirrors, his face covered in a cartoonish mask, the figure itself looking like a mass of black spikes. He thought, 'My, it seems a young man with great power entered this world, and his soul, it reeks of sorrow and despair, tempered with great emotional pain. I can only hope that this power will be an ally, and not an enemy. I better get Stein on this, wait, that's a terrible idea, he'll dissect first, ask questions later. Wait, it landed near his lab, this can't be good.'

(DWMA- Nurse's office)

A blonde haired woman looked up from her research as she saw the red star fall, the papers having the words 'Black Blood' written in several places. She looked up, her yellow eyes gazing at the star as she thought, 'Such power, it's incredible, how can any being possibly have this type of wavelength? The only ones that could compare are the Kishin, and the damn Reaper.' She watched as it crashed into the ground, the red aura slowly dissipating, the glow similar to flames. She shivered as she felt her madness lessen, her mind clearing slightly. Her eyes widened as she realized, 'This wavelength, it's the exact opposite of a kishin's. Instead of spreading madness, it suppresses it. I must find whatever crashed out there.'

(Death city-Death's mansion)

Death the kid, son of the grim reaper looked out the window, and saw a red star fall from the sky, He felt the power radiate from it, and he thought, 'What on earth, it's almost like I'm watching father fall from the sky, and, and, it's going straight down, and the mountain range gives it perfect symmetry, it's beautiful.' The two girls that sat in the room with him looked out the window, the taller one captivated by the sight, while the younger simply stared.

(Death city-Patchwork laboratory)

A man sat at his computer, typing away, the day's research being logged into the memory, when he heard a large crash outside. He got out of his chair, trying to figure out what just happened, showing it by turning the giant screw he had going through his head. He thought, 'An extremely large soul wavelength just crashed near my home, things can't be simple can they?' he passed a mirror on his way out, only to hear static, then the image of the Reaper appeared. The man turned to the mirror, and said, "Evening Lord death, how may I help you?"

Death looked at the man, and said, "Stein, I'm sure you heard something crash outside your home yes?" The man, Stein, grinned and replied, "Loud and clear, if it was alive it's certainly dead by now." Death shook his head, and said, "Stein, whatever crashed is still alive, and I want you to be very careful. This being, it's soul shows great emotional distress and pain, I don't want you trying to dissect it understand." Stein sighed, and said, "Fine, I'll bring it to you once I find out what the hell it is." Stein reached the front door, when he heard Death say, "In one piece mind you, no experiments of any kind."

Stein closed the door, and the mirror showed static again, before that too disappeared, showing a regular mirror.

(Death city- Crash site)

A deep impact crater, around sixteen yards wide and six feet deep, still had the red aura of flames surrounding the rim. If one were to look inside, one would see a sixteen year old boy, wearing a red coat with black flames, a sword clutched in his hand. Around his eyes were red markings, and as they slowly opened, his eyes show to be yellow with the pupils being horizontal rectangles. They slowly changed back to blue, as he wondered how he got there.


Naruto Namikaze stared down the one man that nearly ruined his life, Sasuke Uchiha. It was after the Fourth Great Ninja war, where Madara Uchiha's defeat ended the Akatsuki, all but one. Sasuke stared back, his eyes showing insanity as he said, "You're gonna pay dobe. Because of you, my revenge was never finished, because of you, I'm the last Uchiha alive. But it doesn't matter, because everyone is dead. Those fools you called friends, I killed them. The village, rubble. But you, you just can't die can you?" Naruto silently seethed, his hand covered in a dark flame, a sword manifesting itself. It had a bat's wing for a blade, the bone acting as the edge, while the membrane acted as the blunt side. The guard didn't exist, just a blue eye like jewel separated the blade and hilt. Naruto felt a flame appear in his other hand, and he said, "Just shut up and die."

Naruto charged forward, his blade slamming into Sasuke's Kusanagi, the blade being the only thing preventing Sasuke from losing his head. Naruto pressed forward, making Sasuke slam into the base of Madara's statue. Sasuke smirked, and said, "What's wrong dobe? No stupid speech? No little bits about wanting me back in the village?" Naruto glared at Sasuke, the blue of his eyes turned arctic as he said, "No, not anymore. As far as I'm concerned, you're just another soon to be bloody smear on the ground." He charged a Rasengan, near the Shodai's statue, while Sasuke charged a Chidori at the base of Madara's statue. Sasuke grinned, and said, "I see, one blow to end it all, too bad you have nothing left." Naruto said nothing, and by some silent signal, the duo charged each other, their final attacks clashing as they did years ago. The colliding chakras caused waves in the air, and Naruto, seeing Sasuke pull on his Kusanagi, stabbed him in the chest with his sword, Soul Eater. Sasuke's eyes widened before they slowly glassed over, the chakras finally growing out of control, and Naruto fainted, drawn into the rift the two attacks created.


Naruto walked the sewers of his mind, leading only to one place, the den of Kyuubi. The large fox looked down as he got within reach of it's claws. He calmly sat down with his back turned, and in a dead voice that made Kyuubi shiver, said, "Go on, I know you want to, you have for the past sixteen years." The Kyuubi looked down, and said, "What are you," The beast was cut off as Naruto yelled, "KILL ME DAMNIT! You've seen this world through my eyes, you've seen what happened. My friends, my loved ones, everyone is gone, at least I can make one person happy." Kyuubi looked down, and with a roar, made Naruto fly from his seat and crash into a wall.

Kyuubi said, "I will do no such thing Ningen. You're not even on the same world anymore. The chakras that lingered from your battle with the Uchiha years ago and the chakra now have torn a rift in dimensions. This trip is one way, and only one of us is reaching the other end." Naruto's eyes widened at the beast's words, and said, "Does this, does this mean, you'll," The Kyuubi nodded, and said, "Yes, the trip through the portal is taking a massive toll on your body. The seal is working overtime to use my chakra to heal you, I can barely use enough to act as a shield to make your landing as survivable as possible. By the time you land, I will have no chakra left, and will disappear, as will the seal once it's job is finished. Your life in the Elemental Nations is over kit, but you can start anew, and maybe find love again. If it's any consolation kit, killing you wouldn't get you where your loved ones are, as suicide is a sin, even to us demons. I'm afraid this is goodbye kit, I hope to never see you again."

Naruto nodded in understanding, smirked, and said, "I could say the same about you fuzzball."

(Flashback end)

Naruto opened his eyes, and heard the footsteps of a man approaching. His nose cringed as the smell of cigarettes filled his nose. He heard, "My, you are one strange sight. I wonder how you survived that." Naruto looked up, and saw a man that wore a lab coat, had various stitches all over his body and clothes. He saw the man reach down, and reacted.

Stein arrived at the crash site, and saw a young man laying in the middle, and he thought, 'Man, how the hell did this happen?' He lit a cigarette, and said, "My, you are one strange sight, I wonder how you survived that." He reached down to pull the kid out of the crater, when he had to jump back as a purplish fireball nearly collided with his face. He jumped back and saw the kid was slowly getting up, using his sword as a type of cane. Stein looked at him and asked, "Is that how you treat people that try to help?"

Naruto looked at the strange man, and said, "Sorry, but I'm not exactly in a trusting, mood." Naruto fainted, the stress of the trip finally gotten to him. Stein, hoping for no more fire, slowly picked up the boy to take him to the infirmary.

(DWMA- Nurse's office, early morning)

Naruto opened his eyes, and looked around, and thought, 'White lights, check. White walls, check. White sheets, check. The smell of shit being way too clean to be natural, not exactly check. I must be in some kind of hospital, yet not at the same time.' He heard someone come in, and when they came into view, his thoughts stopped. He thought he was looking at an angel, as he saw a blond woman in a lab coat, her hair tied in a small braid going down the front. She wore a black outfit under the coat, with what looked like two arrows acting as the belt. Her slightly pale skin made her eyes and hair stick out more, and he heard her say, "My, I see you're awake. Doctor Stein brought you in some time ago, but I thought you would still be asleep."

Naruto slowly looked around, and asked, "Where exactly am I?" The woman looked at him and said, "You're in the infirmary, but as for where exactly, you're in Death city. My name is Medusa, the nurse here." Naruto blushed, and said, "My name is Naruto Namikaze. You said this place was called Death city?" Medusa nodded, and said, "Yes, this place is run by the grim reaper himself." Naruto froze, and said, "Did you say, the grim reaper?" Medusa nodded, then saw his face freeze, and his eyes looked cold, and he said, "Well, if he wants to kill me, I won't have any complaints." Medusa gasped, and said, "You shouldn't talk like that Naruto-kun, I mean, don't you have family and friends somewhere that might be wondering where you are?"

Naruto's head drooped, and his hair covered his eyes from view, and he said, "My family was dead before I could know them, my friends were all killed before my eyes, I have nothing left." Medusa, compelled to do something, sat next to Naruto on the bed, and pulled him into a hug. He blushed as he felt her body, and neither noticed a man in a dark suit come in, until they heard, "Hello Medusa, I came to pick up the," He froze at the sight, and he said, "I see you two need a moment, I'll be right outside to take him to Lord death." And with that, Spirit walked back outside, only to see Stein smoking another cigarette.

Spirit shivered, as Stein said, "That kid, one look at his soul and he makes you think." Spirit looked at the slightly insane meister and asked, "What do you mean? He seems a bit depressed but," Stein, rubbed his glasses on his shirt, and took a puff of his cigarette, and said, "That is something you'd need to talk to Lord Death about. All I know is, that kid must of suffered, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone." Stein slowly walked away, leaving Spirit to think.

Medusa felt Naruto's soul wavelength when she made contact, and she felt peaceful. Her madness was slowly starting to melt away. She slowly let go of him, and she said, "Naruto-kun, you need to go meet Lord death, he won't kill you, though he may have some questions for you, that's all." Naruto blushed, and asked, "Can I come see you afterwords?" Medusa smiled, and said, "Are you asking me out Naruto-kun?" Naruto's blush grew deeper, and simply nodded. Medusa giggled, and said, "Sure, I wouldn't mind showing you around town." Naruto hugged her, and said, "Thanks Medusa-chan." She felt her cheeks heat up, and Spirit gaped from his spot near the door. Stein chuckled at the sight of his old friend looking like a deer in the head lights. The last time he saw that was when Kami threw him out on his ass for cheating. He coughed to clear his throat, gaining their attention. He then said, "As much as I would hate to break up this little moment, Sempai, you do need to take our young friend to Lord death." Spirit broke out of his 'funk', and nearly dragged Naruto out of the room, Medusa still feeling her cheeks and Stein said, "I would be a bit careful Medusa, that boy's soul is filled with deep pain under the surface, the fact that he trusts you like that so quickly must mean something."

Stein left the room, while Medusa thought, 'I knew it, he's the one that crashed outside the city earlier, he was the one that suppressed my madness, I can't believe I held him in my arms, it felt so, right.'

(Death room)

Naruto looked up slowly as he followed the man, Spirit, to where he was to meet the grim reaper, and he thought, 'Who the fuck thought to put so many guillotines overhead? If this was a school's principal's office, I would be scared shitless to come here.' He looked forward and saw a large collection of mirrors on a small platform. He saw a rather large mirror in the center, and he saw Spirit breathe on the mirror, before writing something Naruto couldn't see, before the mirror turned static, like it was a television on the fritz, Naruto saw the reaper, and he heard, "Hey there, what's up?" In possibly the most cartoonish voice he ever heard. A large dust cloud was where he was standing, and when it cleared, Death and Spirit saw Naruto facedown, and they wondered, 'What the hell?'

Spirit broke the silence by asking, "Why the hell are you on the floor like that?" Naruto slowly got up and said, "That's the grim reaper? Are you kidding me, I saw the reaper before, and there's no way you could be him, he actually looked scary as shit, not something out of Disney's rip off of a tim burton movie."

Death chuckled, and said, "So, you expected me to be scary, well, I better prove that I CAN BE!" Naruto looked on in shock as the mass of spikes in the mirror turned dark and twisted, (Death 800 years ago) and he heard Death chuckle, this time sounding darker, and he said, "So, what do you think now?" Naruto gulped, and said, "Uh, yeah, what were we talking about before?" Death reverted back to his first form, and said, "I understand if that frightened you, I had to change my look because I scared children. That was when I founded this school."

Naruto sweatdropped, and said, "So, this room is like the principal's office, right?" Death tilted his head, and said, "Hm, I guess you could say it is, why?" Naruto faceplanted, and mumbled a few curses, before slowly getting up, and he heard Death ask, "There was a strange sword found with you, and you used a purple fire, care to tell us about that?" Naruto's eyes turned cold, and he said, "Both the sword and the flame, were a gift you could say. A man by the name of Itachi Uchiha gave me a bit of his power, but I didn't exactly know what it was, that was until I saw my friends getting killed, and my heart was clouded in hate. When my hate was at it's peak, the purple fire was on my hand, and it created the sword. Now I can use it whenever I wish. The flame itself was just a medium to create the blade, but I figured out a way to use it to fight."

Spirit placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, and said, "Geez, that's quite a tale kid, but you can look on the bright side, here, you can start over, I know it may still hurt, but dwelling on it won't make it any better." Naruto nodded in understanding, while Death asked, "Okay, who are you and what have you done with Spirit?" Spirit chuckled, and said, "It's all me, I can be serious if I need to you know. You know I wanna prove to Maka that I can be a good father, and if given advice can help, then why not?" Death nodded, while Naruto said, "This is all well and good, but I guess I'm joining this school, right?" Death nodded, and said, "Yes, but with that sword of yours, we can't really list you as a meister, and you don't actually change into a weapon, so that option is out as well."

Naruto had a confused look on his face, and asked, "What do you mean by 'weapons' and 'meisters'?" Spirit answered, "He means that the students of this school are filed under two classes, weapons, like myself, are those that can turn into an actual weapon." Naruto's eyes widened as he saw Spirit change into a scythe, the shaft was pitch black, with a blade to match, the shaft taking the shape of a cross when it was without the blade. He then heard, "As for meisters, a weapon can't fight by themselves, except for a few cases, and they need a meister to work with. Seeing as you have a weapon that's part of you, you can be filed under both."

Naruto nodded, and said, "So let me get this straight, weapons are people that are able to turn into a weapon at will, and meisters are people who work with weapons in order to fight, right?" Spirit shifted back to his human form, and said, "That's correct, my daughter Maka is a meister, though I myself am a weapon." Naruto raised an eyebrow, and asked, "Then wouldn't she have some weapon abilities? If being a weapon is like a bloodline, she should have at least some." Spirit shook his head, and said, "I wouldn't know, she never showed any." Death cleared his throat, and said, "While this is all well and good, there is the manner of where Naruto will be staying." Naruto narrowed his eyes, and said, "I don't recall giving my name."

Death sighed and said, "I saw how you acted with our nurse this morning, she doesn't know it either, but I can see what goes on through the mirrors, but that's all. I'm sorry if you think I invaded a private moment." Naruto shook his head, and said, "Just don't do it too often, okay?" Death nodded, and Spirit said, "Well I need to get going, gotta cover Maka's class today, seeing as Sid is absent." Death nodded, and said, "Good, take Naruto with you, it would be a god chance for him to get to know others, um, Naruto, how old are you?"

Naruto had a tic mark, and said, "I'm sixteen, why, are most of the students twelve or something?" Spirit gulped, and said, "Maka's a year or two under you actually, as are most of her friends, so you won't be around a bunch of kids." Naruto sighed, and said, "Fine, might as well."

(DWMA- Crescent classroom)

Maka Albarn was busy reading the book in front of her, trying to not pay attention to what her partner was saying, as she was still ticked from what happened earlier, until she heard, "Hey Maka, did you hear the rumor? They say our old teacher Sid was found dead, he had a Statue of liberty stabbed into his forehead." Maka scoffed, and said, "Every one knows about that Soul." Soul shook his head, and said, "But you didn't hear that soon after, several students were attacked by someone that looked like Sid, and the worst thing," Maka stopped reading, as she was really focusing on what he was saying, until, "They saw a giant hole on his forehead." Fed up with his dumb behavior, she closed her book as she slowly said, "Maka, CHOP!" Soul was seen facedown on the desk, the reason was Maka slamming her book down on his head. She was about to continue reading when she heard, "Damn, I've seen people busting ass while reading a book, but never using one to do it."

Maka looked up and saw a blond kid walking in with her 'father'. Most of the girls in the class had hearts in their eyes, while Spirit walked in afterwords and said, "Alright, shut your mouths, class is starting." Maka looked down in horror as she saw her dad with the clipboard for roll, and he said, "Seeing as roll is a pain, I won't deal with it. Now let's get this straight, the bell doesn't decide when class ends, I do." Spirit looked up at where his daughter was sitting, before Naruto slapped him in the back of the head. Maka and the others laughed, and Naruto said, "Try failing at looking cool some other time, seeing as I'm joining this class you might as well tell me where I'll be sitting." Spirit gave a small glare, and said, "You'll be sitting next to Maka, got that." Naruto nodded, and moved to take his seat, ignoring the stares the girls were giving, as he thought, 'Great, fangirls, I wonder if Sasuke felt like a piece of meat, now I see why he hated them.'

Naruto reached the row, and said, "Hey there, you must be Maka, your dad has said a lot about ya on the way over here." Maka sighed, and said, "Sadly, but I don't treat that guy as my papa." Naruto sighed and said, "I know, he told me of how he cheated, and I kinda gave him a boot to his ass for that, I mean honestly, what a dumb ass thing to do." Maka nodded, and noticed that Soul and her dad were arguing, when she heard, "Oh, that's right, Maka, Soul, you've been called to see Lord death, Naruto, go with them, you're in this school now, so you'll be sticking with them."

Naruto sighed, and got out of his seat, letting Maka leave first, when Soul asked, "So, Naruto, you a meister or weapon?" They walked down the halls, when Naruto said, "It's hard to explain, but I'm guessing you're a weapon right?" Soul nodded and grinned, and said, "Yep, soon, I'm gonna be the coolest death scythe ever." Naruto raised an eyebrow and asked, "Death scythe? What the heck is that? I heard about weapons and meisters, but not that." Maka cleared her throat and started to talk, as if to give a lecture, and said, "A weapon can only become a death scythe when they have consumed 99 kishin souls, and one witch soul. Getting the 99 is the easy part, but the witch is hard, as finding them is easy, beating them is hard. If the weapon fails to eat a witch's soul after the 99th soul, all souls will be taken away, and the pair must start over."

Naruto snickered, and said, "You must know that because it happened to you, right?" Both Soul and Maka said, "Don't ask, please." Naruto only thought, 'Oh it must of.'

(Death room)

Naruto watched as Maka opened the door, and followed the duo inside, never noticing someone saying, "It's Soul and Maka, let's show them what we can do Tsubaki." The figure held a chain scythe, and shouted out, "RULES OF THE ASSASSIN NUMBER ONE! CONCEAL YOURSELF IN DARKNESS, STILL YOUR BREATH AND SEEK AN OPENING TO YOUR TARGET! RULES OF THE ASSASSIN NUMBER TWO! KOW YOUR TARGET, BE ABLE TO GUESS HIS THOUGHT, HIS MOVEMENTS! RULES OF THE ASSASSIN NUMBER THREE! DEFEAT YOUR TARGET BEFORE HE BECOMES AWARE OF YOUR EXSISTENCE!"

Naruto looked up, and saw a kid wearing a semi black outfit, holding a chain scythe, and heard it say, "Black star, you just completely ruined any chance of surprising them." Naruto smirked and said, "Exactly, for someone who's an assassin, you suck at actually sneaking around." Black star had a tick mark and jumped off the guillotine he was standing on, hoping to beat the new guy, when he felt his blade be stopped by the strangest sword he ever saw, and Naruto said, "This is why I'm counted as both, this sword is apart of me, so I can be a weapon, while at the same time i'm using it, so i'm a meister, best not to dwell on it."

Black star jumped away, and said, "You're good kid, but it's my time to shine, right Tsubaki?" The chain scythe glowed and shifted, turning into a girl with dark hair, set in a ponytail, while wearing a battle dress, with boots and arms warmers. He saw her wear what looked like stockings, and thought, 'God the chicks here are hot, shit, pervy sage got to me.' Tsubaki saw his eyes and blushed, as she thought, 'My, I didn't know that someone could look so, stop, bad Tsubaki, you don't know him so well yet, get to know him first, then you try to, BAD!'

The group soon walked to Death's mirror, and Soul said, "So, who's gonna call him?" Maka walked forward, and said, "I'll do it." She breathed on the mirror, and made the call, soon enough, the reaper was on the other end. "Hello there, what's up? Good to see ya. So Naruto, you settling in well?" Naruto grinned, and said, "I certainly can't complain. Gotta love the sights." Tsubaki blushed, something that Maka noticed, and even Soul noticed, as he said, "Geez, you're acting like Maka's dad, man." Maka gave him a quick Maka chop to the head, and said, "Why have we been called here Lord Death?"

Death cleared his throat and said, "Well, the reason is that there is something I need you four to take." They leaned in to hear it, and Death said, "Extra lessons." The four of them faceplanted, and Naruto started to laugh, and Maka said, "Wait, you mean like the sort of things stupid people take?" Soul was more vocal, and said, "Hell no, I'm gonna be the strongest death scythe, there's no way in hell I'm gonna take any stupid extra lessons."

Death looked at them with a blank face, and asked, "What is your duty as weapons and meisters?" Maka cleared her throat, and said, "To gather 100 souls, 99 kishin, and one witch, in order to create a weapon fit for the grim reaper." Death clapped his hands and said, "Exactly, and as of today, how many do you four have?" They shrugged, and they saw him hold up an '0', and he said, "Exactly zero." Soul and Maka found the ground very interesting, while Naruto and Black star were laughing it up, as Tsubaki kept saying, "We're very sorry."

Death looked at them and said, "Now then, on to the lesson, I'm sure some of you have heard the rumors. Naruto, seeing as you are new here, I'm sending you on this mission too, so listen up." Naruto nodded, and Death said, "As you may know, one of our teachers was killed recently, and now reports of a zombie matching the man's description have been attacking students. Some have been found to be in serious condition. Apparently, he claims that he has been freed from the fear of death, and is trying to get others to feel the same. The attacks are because there are those that get in his way. I don't know who it was that made Sid into a zombie, or why, and that is what I need you to find out." Naruto listened in, and knew Death was hiding something about this whole mess, but he couldn't figure it out.

Black star then said, "I see, so we find these punks, beat them, and take their souls right?" Death said, "Yep, that's the basics of it. Though, there is one thing I need to mention." Everyone raised an eyebrow, and he said, "If you four screw this up, I will have no choice but to expel you." Naruto had to hold his ribs at the sight of the four of them literally frozen, with Maka shouting, "WHHHHAAAAATTTTT!"

(Hook cemetery)

Naruto followed the group to where Sid's grave was resting, and Soul, being a bit irritated, said, "HEY ZOMBIE! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!" Naruto sighed, and said, "Shouting out the fact we're here isn't gonna do any good, after all, he could get the drop on us instead of us getting the drop on him." Maka, who in a depressed state, was against a tree, muttering about being expelled. (reminds of Kidd doesn't it? And they haven't even met, yet.) Tsubaki nodded, and said, "He's got a point Soul, we need to be more quiet." Black star, completely ignoring her words, said, "Hey Soul, wanna go piss on Sid's grave?" Soul grinned, and said, "Yeah, maybe we can take a dump on it too, that will show that damn zombie." Naruto was behind them, and gave them a slap on the back of their heads. Tsubaki, hoping that someone was gonna stop them, had a sigh of relief. Naruto said, "The hell are you two thinking? If that happened, you'd have bad luck. You should know it's wrong to mess with someone's grave."

Maka felt the ground stir under her, and a hand popped out of the ground and hoisted her by her leg, she having to use her hands to keep her skirt up. Sid, while having dark blue skin and a never ending grin, wore what looked like jeans, and a basketball shirt with the word 'zombies' on the front. Sid asked, "Are you scared?" He lifted a pike up, and said, "YOU'RE SCARED!" Soul charged forward mid change, separating Sid from Maka, who managed to slide away. Naruto looked at the man and thought, 'Shit, guess this is what a zombie is in this world.' His hand was covered in purple fire, to Sid and Tsubaki's amazement, and saw the sword reveal itself. Naruto said, "Maka, Soul, I'd like you to properly meet my weapon, Soul eater."

Soul partly changed to human, and said, "Hey Naruto, don't go ripping off my name dammit." Naruto chuckled, and said, "Sorry, that's just the name I heard it say when I first got it, don't mean to insult." Naruto stood in a ready stance, his left foot pointed out, his right foot in the back, Naruto holding the sword up in his right hand, while the left held purple fire. (Riku's fight stance) Sid shook himself from his thoughts and said, "I doubt we've met, you must be a new student." Naruto grinned, and said, "Just came in today, I never really got the chance to get a good workout." Sid chuckled, and pulled his gravestone out of the ground, and said, "Well, maybe that can be changed." He then swung the stone behind him, as if it were a sword, and said, "Maka, Soul, Black star, Tsubaki, Naruto, Good morning, hello, good night. I was never one to miss a greeting."

Naruto rushed forward, and said, "Well I hope you got your fill, cuz it's the last you'll ever say." He swung his blade down, making Sid jump back, a trail of fire the only evidence the sword was swung at all. Black star, not one to be outdone, said, "Forget this, I'm the one that's gonna get this zombie." Tsubaki was star struck, as Naruto moved around Sid's strikes, and striking back with his sword, and when a hit connected, it passed right through, and Naruto was right behind Sid. Naruto kicked him in the back towards Black star and Maka, and said, "Come on you two, get you head in the game here." Sid slowed his speed down using his grave stone, and thought, 'Shit, I know Maka and Black star are tough on their own, but this new kid is on another level, and I can tell he's holding back, but why? Is he letting Maka and Black star take the credit for beating me? Must be, seeing as this is their assignment, not his.'

He focused his attention to Black star, who was up in the air, and Sid slammed his gravestone into his chest, saying, "Check out the grave stone you're gonna get, the living, END!" As they impacted the ground, a cross made of light appeared over them, and Naruto saw Black star on the ground. Maka thought, 'Man, I know Sid was a knife meister, but the fact he can do that without a demon weapon? We one stars barely have a chance.' She saw Naruto have a purple fireball in his hand, and Sid barely dodged it. Black star slowly got up, and trapped Sid on both sides, Sid barely was able to react to Black star giving him a kick to the solar plexus, and he was launched away. Black star said, "Tsubaki, shuriken mode." Naruto watched as Tsubaki changed from her chain scythe, to a giant shuriken, which Black star used to try and catch Sid by his legs. Naruto thought, 'If this is anything like how Zabuza reacted, then,' He saw Sid jump over it, and charge at Maka, and had his gravestone raised over his head.

Sid slammed it down, hoping to hit Maka, but when the dust cleared, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone heard an 'eep' and saw Naruto holding Maka bridal style in a tree, and he said, "Well now, that was a close one wasn't it?" Maka had the decency to blush, when Soul said, "Shit, I didn't even see him move, just who is this guy?" Naruto grinned, and said, " I'll tell ya later, but right now, we need to end this guy, you got anything that can do that?" Maka nodded, and said, "Yeah, can you give us a bit of time?" Naruto nodded, and said, "Consider it done."

Naruto set Maka down on the ground, and vanished before they could say anything, the next thing they saw was Sid having his head leaning to the right, courtesy of Naruto's foot hitting it. Maka and Soul started to focus, and they thought in unison, ' Soul resonance.' Everyone watching felt Maka's wavelength get stronger, and to Naruto's amazement, he saw the scythe blade be surrounded with what looked like chakra, and Maka said, "Scythe technique: Witch hunter." Naruto whistled and said, "Damn, reminds me of the Rasenshuriken."

Maka swung the scythe, only to mess up on the turn, have the blade crashed into the ground, and the resulting shock-wave nearly hitting Naruto and Black star, both of whom had to jump out of the way. Naruto sweatdropped, and thought, 'Yep, just like the Rasenshuriken, a pain in the ass to learn.' Maka soul and Black star started to argue, while Naruto watched as they turned on each other. He saw Tsubaki, even in her weapon form beg for them to stop, and he thought, 'Shit, it's team seven all over again.'

Maka, deciding to go the regular way, charged at Sid, only for him to sink into the ground, and Naruto thought, 'Oh great, just like Kakashi, if I find out this guy is a perv I will, I don't know but i'll figure it out.' He tried to concentrate on the ground, when he was interrupted by Sid slashing at Maka with a spike, causing the duo the go back to back. Naruto hid in the shadows, waiting in case they needed it.

Black star said, "Tsubaki, trap star, let's go." Naruto watched as Tsubaki's chains spread out, forming a star on the ground, Maka only able to watch. Naruto thought, 'This kid got serious all of a sudden, I may grow to like this kid.' Sid, thinking of getting rid of both, emerged from the ground next to them, and when he poised for the kill, he found himself wrapped in Tsubaki's chains, and oddly enough, Maka was tied up along with him. She said, "What the hell Black star?"

Naruto laughed, and said, "Damn, I really am starting to like you guys, I gotta say, that trap was genius." Black star chuckled, and said, "Thanks, I knew he was hiding, and it's thanks to his smell I was able to know when to spring the trap."

Sid soon found himself still trapped in Tsubaki's chains, with Soul in his face asking, "Come on, tell us, who was the one that made you a zombie?" Sid turned his head away, and said, "Nope, no way, I was never a man to give up secrets." Black star, getting an idea, pulled Tsubaki's skirt away, showing her panties. Black star said, "Check it out." Sid stared, and Naruto saw a touch of red on his cheeks, and he thought, 'He is a perv, great.' Naruto subtlely looked at Tsubaki's panties, and thought, 'Can't blame him though, that sight is perfect.' Sid blurted out, "It was Doctor Stein, he did it."

Naruto sighed, and stood in front of Tsubaki so she could fix her skirt, receiving a whispered "Thank you." Soul, not one to be outdone, tried to get info the same way by showing Maka's panties, but still got no response, in fact, Sid almost looked to be in pain, and said, "Please, no more, I'll tell ya, he lives at Patchwork Laboratory." Black star, Soul, and Sid each received a 'Maka chop' to the head, the only reason Naruto wasn't hit was because he didn't look. Naruto sighed, and said, "Thanks for not rearranging my brain cells." Maka blushed, and said, "Well, unlike those pervs, you were smart enough not to look, so you at least get spared from the same treatment."

Tsubaki finished fixing her skirt, and said, "Honestly, why on earth did Black star do that?" Naruto sighed, and said, "That kind of interrogation isn't that odd, I knew someone who was good at what she did, and to be honest, she did not dress in what one would call modest." Maka looked surprised, but Naruto said, "Come on, we still got this lesson to finish right? Otherwise you guys may get expelled, and I like hanging around you guys too much to let that happen."

Soul was cursing up a storm, saying, "Damn, that new kid is looking cooler then me."

(Patchwork laboratory)

Stein sat at his computer, slowly typing away, when he leaned back, and said, "The kiddies will be here soon, good, at least they may end my boredom."

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