Darkvizardking: I deeply apologize for my rather, LONG absence. But now I'm back and better then ever! Now as some may remember from last time, Mifune is not only out of Arachnophobia's hands, but Tsubaki was taken out of Black Star's hands. There are changes in the wind now, so let's see how it blows?

Chapter 10: Reunion Express, and The Corner of the Room.

The sounds of small feet filled a hallway of Arachne's castle, two guards seeing the 'Guest' approaching. One turned and said, "Welcome to Baba Yaga castle, this way please." The same guard turned and lead the 'Guest' into Arachne's chamber, before bowing and said, "Arachne-sama, I've brought her." Arachne snapped her fan open as the small figure stood infront of her web, and said, "Well well, what a lovely appearance! Don't you think? Medusa."

Medusa, despite the fact that she took over a young girl, her appearance was similar to her old one, but her hair was changed to suit her new younger body. It lacked the spiral braid, but everything else was the same. She also lacked her serpent tattoos, and her outfit matched her old one as well. Medusa now wore a small hoodie that had the snake eye design on the chest, as well as the hood. The only other addition was two snake-like 'sleeves' that hung from the shoulders.

The two sisters looked down/up at each other, as Arachne asked. "Is there something you're looking for in this remote land?" Medusa kept a rather apathetic look as she replied, "I just came to greet you. I'm your little sister after all, isn't it obvious that i'd come? And I see that spying is still your forte."

Arachne scoffed and said, "And I see you still run to wherever I am when you're scared, with the excuse that you've just come to greet me.' She held her regal gaze, but added a hint of arrogance as she continued, 'To think that you've come in person into enemy territory rather then sending someone else. You may be the leader, but you're in the most dangerous position. Why don't you remember to use others, like I do?"

Medusa left no visual sign of her sister's taunting getting to her as she said, "You're talking about my infiltration into Shibusen, I take it. I don't believe things unless I experience them myself." Arachne narrowed her eyes as she said, "How foolish, Even after you've been forced to take that ratty-looking form, you still haven't learned?"

Medusa had the audacity to smile and even courtesy as she said, "I wonder, Isn't this form perfect for deceiving people?" Arachne looked down from her perch, fan away from her mouth as she said, "Be that as it may, to have been so seriously wounded, to the point where your soul broke into pieces, you did well to stay alive, i'm surprised."

Medusa merely said, "In that situation, the thing I had to be most careful to avoid was having my soul eaten. Considering a Death Scythe was nearby as Naruto finished me, I was forced to pulverized into tiny bits. It was a gamble with a low chance of success."

Arachne looked at her with a near curious expression as she said, "No matter how great a witch you may be, once you get into a situation like that, it's the end. But that situation was quite unusual, wasn't it?" Medusa had a slight smirk as she said, "Yes it was! Immediately following kishin Asura's revival, an expanding wavelength of insanity filled the atmosphere. It was reckless to mend my shattered soul inside that snake I escaped in. It wouldn't have been possible without the rise in demonic power due to the kishin's wavelength of insanity. I won't be doing that again."

Arachne snaps her fan open, covering her mouth and giving a glare that could kill, and said, "And what brings you here? Eight hundred years ago, during my battle with Shinigami, you're the one who betrayed me and forced me into a situation where i'd perish so miserably. Do you think i'd just let you leave after you came here to Arachnophobia by yourself? What's your goal, Medusa?"

Medusa merely turns to leave, smirking as she says, "Stop it Arachne. Isn't it more unnatural for sisters who were revived together not to want to see one another?" She kept walking toward the exit, only for Giriko to block her path, and Mosquito to stand behind her, oddly making a triangle formation around Medusa, with Arachne right behind her.

Medusa pulled her hood up and said, "Heh, what a joke. Well then everyone, sorry for disturbing you." Arachne smirked and said, "Oh, you're not one to be bullied, huh? It's nice to see you again." 'I'll let you go free for now, won't you join my network?' Medusa smirked under her hood, as she thought, 'I'll slip through the cracks of the network you take so much pride in.'

Arachne hid behind her fan on Medusa's way out and said, "Oh, by the way, I saw that boy you've taken such an interest in.' Medusa stiffened slightly, a feeling of guilt tearing through her, not that Arachne could see. 'He's grown quite a bit. He's even able to handle a bit of the kishin's madness. Not sure if it will stay that way though." Arachne saw Medusa leave, though she heard something that make her nearly shake in fear. "You should be careful Arachne. The darkness has a way of enveloping anyone that gets in it's path. I doubt a spider will stand a better chance then a snake."

Medusa smirked as she was escorted out by the same guard that let her in. As they walked down the hall, past a few cobwebs, Medusa said, "A fragment of Eibon's book should be in this castle. Be a dear and retrieve it for me, Eruka." Eruka, hidden in the grunt uniform, shivered and merely said, "Ok." However, she thought, 'Why the hell are you still alive you old witch! If it weren't for you,'


Eruka was far from Shibusen after Medusa's death. It felt like a great weight was off her shoulders. She oddly was skipping as she said to herself, "Freedom is wonderful! No wonder Free was so happy. Still, I hope to at least find a boyfriend now. Fat chance, though I will admit, that Naruto kid WAS really cute, he seemed a bit fox like, wish he had some awesome whiskers." She giggled to herself before she felt something clothes-line her from behind, and heard a voice she wished was gone. "Well, looks like you're having fun." Eruka shivered in terror, before she was once again on the ground, face first with Medusa's foot planted firmly on her head. Poor girl didn't have a chance for freedom after all.

(Flashback end)

Eruka shivered at the memory, and heard, "And what of the others?" Eruka siletnly nodded, and thought, 'Yes, they are already inside."

Free, in a uniform, stood near a scientist who was wondering who he was, along with four others, who, no doubt, were the Mizure sisters in hiding as well.

Eruka lead Medusa out, as she thought, 'Medusa, what are you going to do?' Medusa replied over their connection, 'I have too many plans in motion. First, that which Death City lost.' Medusa felt a feeling of guilt wash over her again, and she thought, 'Crona, Naruto-kun. I'm coming back for you both.'

(Death City- Gallows Mansion)

The manor's main hall was alight with a party fit for Shinigami's son. It was filled with fellow students from Shibusen, and music filled the room. Maka and the others were enjoying the buffet, well, Black star and Patty were. Maka and Tsubaki were wondering where Naruto was, Crona was nervous with so many people she didn't know around. Liz took a bite of some of the food and asked, "Hey Tsubaki, this stuff is great, mind if I say I made it?" Tsubaki stopped for a second and said, "Sure, I don't mind. But why?"

The group heard a chuckle from behind them and Maka and Tsubaki blushed from a kiss to the cheek as Naruto showed up behind them, and said, "Isn't it obvious, she most likely wants to use the food to impress a guy, am I right?" Liz blushed and looked away, making Naruto chuckle again. Crona also clung to his arm as if it were a life preserver.

Naruto chuckled and patted her head, making her look up and smile a little. It wasn't much, as she was still nervous and shy, but it was still a lot of progress in Naruto's mind. Black star sent a subtle glare his way, and Naruto's left eye glowed in a strange red/black glow (1), a feeling of killer intent sent only at Black star, the message was clear. 'Do not start with me. You will lose' Black star turned back to his food, indulging himself and shutting everything else out for the moment.

Liz on the other hand couldn't look Naruto in the eye, as if he caught her on something. And in fact, he did. Liz knew how much he liked Tsubaki's cooking, and was hoping to use that to impress a certain dark-haired sage. She wasn't sure what started it, but she certainly saw the same thing Maka and Tsubaki did, but for different reasons. She was normally a rather shallow person, going by looks alone, but after hearing what Maka and Tsubaki learned about him, she saw more then his looks. And she certainly saw how strong of a fighter he was firsthand. The image of him on the night of Asura's revival stuck out in her mind nearly everyday.

Crona felt slightly at peace, despite her nervousness, and with her Otou-san nearby, the feeling was increased. Still, her mind entertained the scenario of her, Naruto, and Medusa as one big family. It was a rather selfish notion, and one she quickly beat down, as Naruto told her of his old Jinchuuriki mode, and how he still kept the ability to sense negative emotion. Or rather, it was Kurama that mentioned it. Because of him being Naruto's 'partner' again, some of his old traits still carried over, sadly, his chakra was gone, replaced with dark energy.

As for Kurama himself, he was within Naruto's mind, looking at the being within the iron maiden, and saw, for a second, what looked like a skull's eye within the fire. It made Kurama feel a sense of dread. As if it was familiar to him.

Naruto grinned on the outside, but a certain image plagued him. Medusa. Something was off, he knew from Stein and Spirit that when someone died, their soul was left behind. But with Medusa, nothing. Her body vanished without any trace. It left a bad taste in his mouth.

Crona felt nervous, but felt a hand on her shoulder, making her turn and see Kidd with a smile on his face, as he said, "I know you're nervous, but do try to relax, no one is going to force you to join with us. It's something you can only do at your pace." Naruto smiled and said, "Nicely done Kidd, couldn't have said it better myself." Kidd chuckled in nervousness, and said, "Thanks. I kinda got that from you actually." The good mood was broken as Black star jumped up and hugged Crona and Kidd, saying, "He's right, besides, it's a party! No need to be so quiet!" Maka had a tick on her head as she gave him a punch to the jaw, making him land on his ass. Black star gave a small glare and said, "What was that for?" Maka replied, "Don't tease Crona!" Black would of made a comeback, but a glare from Naruto shut his mouth before it could open. Black star then sighed and said, "I was gonna say, that if someone is teasing her, to just tell me, I got her back." Naruto smiled, though it vanished as Crona looked down and said, "Why?"

Naruto hugged as Maka said, "It's simple. We're your friends Crona!" Crona smiled, and Naruto smiled along with her, and he said, "We're all behind you Musume. And of course, let's not forget Xion-chan." Tsubaki had a thoughtful look on her face as she asked, "I wonder where she is." Naruto chuckled and said, "She's been here the whole time." He pointed at a corner where a curtain hung, and Xion popped out of it. "I hate that you can always find me." Naruto chuckled, and said, "Well, your scent is unique Xion-chan. And not in a bad way."

Ragnarok chose that time to come out of Crona's back, and said, "Where's the damn food around here!?" Patty had a forkful of food, which Ragnarok ate by using his, rather nasty tongue to lick off the fork and pull into his mouth.

The music that was playing on the record stopped, and Soul went over to it to play something else, Liz then said, "Thanks for bringing the records Soul, they're really good." Soul merely said, "Oh? Were these okay? You said to bring something to dance to, so I ended up with funk, but it doesn't suit the room at all." Naruto smiled and said, "Well, not a lot of people were dancing though, guess I wouldn't do much either, huh?"

Maka giggled and said, "Well, you could play the piano Soul! There's is one right over here." Sure enough, there was a piano in the corner of the room. Soul looked at her and asked, "What's with this all of a sudden?" Maka merely pouted and said, "It's been a while since I heard you play."

Soul turned and walked away saying, "Geez, I gotta use the bathroom." Liz sighed and said, "Well, he ran away quickly." Maka sent a small glare at Soul's back, and Liz asked, "So he can play piano right?" Maka nodded and said, "Yeah, he only played for me once though, when we first became a team." Liz looked at her at a side glance and asked, "What kind of song was it?"

Maka smiled and said, "It was a dark and really strange song. Soul just sat down at the piano, said, 'This is the kind of person I am!', and started to play. But somehow, he makes for an interesting partner." Liz smirked and whispered, "Oh? And what about you and Naruto-kun huh? I'm sure you spend plenty of 'time' together huh?" Maka blushed and said, "Liz! What are you getting at?!"

Liz merely smirked and said, "If it were me, I would be a little more, 'active'." Maka blushed a deeper shade of red, and she walked over to Naruto, who was talking to Tsubaki, Crona, and Xion, and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, and gave him a searing kiss.

This made the girls blush, and some of the guys to give catcalls. Kidd, Liz, and Patty had to slip out of the room. They saw Naruto out in the hallway, and Liz immediately had to take a second look into the party room, but remembered Naruto's clones. She sighed and said, "Can never give you the slip huh?" Naruto waved his finger back and forth, and yet what they didn't know was that this was a clone, and the real was still getting liplocked by Maka. Kidd then sighed and said, "Well, I would have had to get you anyway. We have a mission to attend, and it's in the Sahara desert. You haven't heard of this, but it's a train called the 'runaway express', which runs throughout the desert. But it has no rails."

Liz asked, "You mean the famous train in the desert that hasn't stopped for 100 years? It's strange, how does it run for so long?" Kidd merely looked back and said, "It may not make any sense, until I say it's powered by a demon tool, right? Both Shibusen and Arachnophobia both want the tool that can create infinite energy. Rather, Shibusen wants it to ensure Arachnophobia doesn't. Our mission is to recover it."

Liz then asked the simple question, "Why us?" Kidd withdrew his skateboard and said, "That 'Runaway Express' runs at 500km/h over the sand. There is no one else that can even manage that but us. Naruto is able to fly, hence the only reason he can be backup for us. Now you two hurry up. Cover your skin or the sun will roast you."

Naruto smirked and vanished, leaving Maka and the other in the room when they weren't looking, Xion and Crona looking at each other, and then where he was.

(Sahara desert

The desert sun looked to be screaming as the heat was befitting of this dry and arid place. Naruto looked out from under his hood and said, "Thank Kami I'm used to the desert. Though Gaara would be a godsend here." Liz looked at him and asked, "Who is that?" Naruto smiled and said, "He was my best friend, and someone who understood me very well. He was also what I could of ended up as. We were both Jinchuuriki, but while I was treated with scorn and hate, but I never let it keep me down. He was treated with fear, and even his own family was too afraid to even go near him. That and with a weak seal holding his demon, which gave him control of sand, it made him go insane. Though after we fought, his outlook changed, and he even became leader of his village." He let a smile cross his lips, " He made it to Kage before me. Wonder if I would of made it there too." Patty looked at him starry eyed as Liz turned to Kidd and asked, "You're skin shouldn't be affected by the sun right? So why wear the cloak?"

Kidd merely looked out into the desert and said, "Because I feel like it. Even though my body can resist poison, no matter what I do, I still can't get rid of these damn stripes." Naruto gave him a slap to the head and said, "Let's get down there already. This train won't wait up forever you know." Kidd nodded and slid down the sand, and Naruto asked, "So what has you so excited Kidd, I know it's a train that never stops, but what else?"

Kidd smiled and said, "This is a train that has run the same track for 100 years. Never once did it show up late, it was always on time." As the group slid down to the platform, Kidd noticed someone standing there, a cloak hiding their entire body. Naruto sensed something that raised an immediate red flag. 'There is malicious intent in the air.'

Kidd wondered who the robed person was, but passed them off as a kid or tourist, seeing as this was a popular tourist area, it was expected. When Kidd tried to greet them, they merely scoffed and turned away. This caused Patty to start shouting, so Liz took her over to the sand to play, hopefully calming her down. Naruto and Kidd kept watch for the train, and Kidd asked, "Naruto, may I ask you something?" Naruto, not keeping his eyes off the sand, said, "Sure, what is it?"

Kidd sighed and said, "It's about Medusa." This caused both Naruto and the robed figure to tense, which Naruto caught. Kidd then said, "I heard about what happened with her, how it was you that ended her." Naruto nodded, trying to keep some composure. "Your point?" Kidd then said, "I know you two were close, and to be honest, the mere fact that it was you, must of made it difficult to take her down." Naruto sighed and said, "Well, it's like what a person I hold dear once said, 'As shinobi, we must sometimes kill our own hearts to complete a mission'. When it came to Medusa, I did what I had to." Kidd looked out in the desert and thought, 'He's certainly a stronger man then I am.'

The time soon came when the train was meant to appear, and Kidd checked the time table, and said, "Odd, it should be here by now, if not, it's going to be late." Naruto noticed the subtle shift of the sand, and said, "It's here alright, but it's not above ground." The train chose that moment to jump out of the sand, similar to a breaching whale. Kidd looked at it in amazement, while Naruto drew Nevan and Dark-heart. It was a good choice too, as while the train was 'jumping', something had hooked onto it.

The creature looked like a giant bag with limbs, a gas mask acting as it's head, and it's body looked inflated. It's main weapon seemed to be the very hookgun he got onto the train with. This was Fisher King, an assassin of Arachnophobia. "You're too late Shinigami-errand boy, look at this big catch I reeled in!"

The robed figure used the release of Soul Protect, making Naruto nearly attack her, as she was now revealed to be a witch, a Mizune witch to be precise. Mizune jumped after the train, leaving a sphere behind. It croaked, showing it to be a toad bomb, which promptly exploded, though Kidd found himself to be shielded by the blast by Naruto's Dark shield, to which he gave a nod of gratitude. "Liz! Patty! Let's get after them!" The two swiftly turned into guns, and saw Naruto flying after the train at surprising speed, a look of fury on his face, making the trio shiver a little. As Kidd took after them on the sand, Naruto reached it via the air, but had a bit of a problem, Mizune. The little witch made to be an agile flyer, and was making it hard for Naruto to get close, fortunately, Kidd managed to reach the train as well, though he now had to deal with Fisher using his hook as a rifle.

Kidd used the mobility of his skateboard, as well as the warning Patty gave to dodge the first shot, and the rest that were sent his way. All the while, Fisher king shouted, "HOW'S THAT HUH? HOW'S THAT!? THE TASTE OF MY POLE AND BALLS! AND SOME MORE!" He then fired another shot, not noticing the toad that was coming at his car, and blowing it straight to hell. Mizune started to drop more bombs onto the train, which each blast giving it a lot of smoke. Kidd saw this and said, "We can use this, let's get in there." He saw Naruto slipping into the train closer to the front.

Kidd tried to get into the train, only for it to turn right and fishtail him out of the way. He noticed Fisher getting ready to attack, and said, "Patty, I got a favor to ask."

The 'favor being Patty using Liz to blast Fisher so Kidd could get close. Patty shot up the car Fisher was in as if it were a shooting range, tearing the inside with rapid fire that made you think she was using an uzi. Fisher merely stuck his head for a moment to see if she stopped, and Patty had a nearly demented look on her face as she took a headshot at him. Or she would have if Kidd didn't pick that time to do a flip on a dune.

Naruto merely watched Patty's display and said, along with Jackie, 'HOLY SHIT!' Though Naruto then facepalmed at Kidd's idiocy. Though stupid, Kidd's use of a 3600 turn, helicoptered them right onto the roof of the train. Naruto broke out of his stupor and ran toward Fisher, in an effort to meet up with Kidd.

The train suddenly shook as Mizune attacked Kidd the moment Patty returned to her gun form, using her Beam Hige and dropping more toad bombs as she passed. Even as they exploded, Kidd slipped into the car, and looked around, wondering where Fisher ran off to. Only to see said villain flying through the door to the next car a second later. Naruto walked into the car, a lightning covered fist being flexed. He then said, "God damnit. Him being made of rubber makes Nevan's lightning worth shit. Hey Kidd, how about we take down this punk! I caught him trying to get rid of the rear cars."

Fisher was sweating, as he had Kidd aiming both barrels right at him, and Naruto having Nevan in scythe form, the blade across his neck. He tried to swing his pole arm, only for Kidd to block it, and Naruto to decapitate him. Naruto smirked as Fisher vanished, leaving a Kishin egg behind. Kidd on the other hand was trying to decide who got it, Liz, or Patty, Naruto then said, "Kidd, just hold onto it until you kill another Kishin egg, then you can have Liz and Patty absorb one at the same time."

Kidd sighed in relief as he made his way to the train's boiler room and said, "Good point, now let's collect the objective and get out of here." Explosions rocked the car as more bombs dropped, one hitting the link between the cars, destroying it. Naruto quickly grabbed Kidd and used a shadow claw to reach the other car, running through the cars and soon reaching the boiler room. Naruto sighed and grabbed what looked like a key. "This it?"

Kidd nodded, and Naruto noticed the door swing open. Naruto then said, "Hey Kidd, there's something here." Kidd looked into the box and saw something that made him stop, his father's signature next to the signature of 'Eibon', someone who was listed as a wicked person. Kidd then said to himself, "Why is my father's signature on a demon tool of all things!" Naruto snarled and said, "No doubt something he's keeping wrapped up." Sid entered the car and said, "The Africa branch's recovery team will help clean this up Kidd, it's time to head home, you too Naruto."

Naruto held a passive stare as he said, "Sid, there is more to this then Shinigami will tell, isn't there?" Sid kept a passive stare as well and said, "If there is, you're guess is as good as mine." Naruto scoffed and said, "Not even letting his underlings in on it. Disgusting." He then opened a dark corridor and said, "Kidd, Liz, Patty, I'm going home, I wanna make sure Crona makes it home safely." He then stepped through, vanishing. Kidd was still wondering about the signature. Something was, wrong.

(Death city- Streets)

The party had already ended, Maka a little steamed due to Naruto's earlier disappearing act. She then turned to Crona and said, "Are you gonna make it to the guest rooms ok?" Crona nodded and said, "Yes, I will." Crona bowed and left as the group went off to their homes, Ragnarok still outside of Crona's body for the time being. He then said, "Hey Crona, why can't you get a partner that can cook!" Crona sighed and said, "That's because you're my partner Ragnarok. The party was fun though." Ragnarok then said, "You are one simple minded person, you know that?" Crona wasn't listening, as the party was playing over in her head. 'It's a shame Otou-san left though, but it must have been something important. He wouldn't leave unless it was otherwise, right?'

The calm feeling was interrupted as a sense of dread passed through Crona. She quickly turned and saw the last person she wanted to see. Medusa.

Medusa slid her hood down to show a kind expression on her face. She smiled and said, "I missed you Crona." Crona shivered and said, "Medusa-sama" Medusa then smiled with her eyes closed as she said, "I'm so happy! You recognize me, even in this form! Pitiful isn't it?"

Ragnarok peeked over Crona's shoulder and said, "So you shrunk too huh? Just like me." Crona, shivering, asked, Why are you in Death city?" Medusa smiled and said, "Isn't it obvious? I came to see you! I was really worried about you." Crona, still shaking, asked, "Worried? Are you here to take me back with you?" Medusa smirked as she said, "No, you should stay here at Shibusen. After all, it's a perfect situation for you to spy for me."

Crona, and even Ragnarok looked at her shocked, and she said, "S-spy? I, I can't." Medusa merely said, "Don't be so humble, isn't the reason you infiltrated Shibusen to spy on them? This is work only you can do Crona. Somewhere in Shibusen, there should be a secret vault, concentrate on finding that for now.' Medusa turned to walk away, pulling her hood up as she said, 'I'll contact you again soon."

Oddly enough, a dark corridor opened behind her, and Naruto stepping out in front of Crona, hugging her and saying, "Sorry i'm late Musume, I had some business to deal with, and-" He froze and turned around slowly. His eyes widened and then narrowed, drawing Dark heart and moving in front of Crona to protect her. He snarled out, "Medusa, I should of known."

Medusa smiled and said, "Well well, it's the three of us together again. I missed you both so much." Naruto growled, and his glare turned dark as his eyes changed to gold, and the creeper heads slithered out. He then said, "You have ALOT of nerve showing up here, after what you've done. And it seems you're still causing havoc. That body, it's not truly yours, now is it?" He was really dreading the answer.

Medusa's smile dropped as she said, "No, it isn't." Naruto had to really restrain himself to not carve to pieces. The fact that she stole a person's body reminded him WAY too much of Orochimaru, and it made him sick. Medusa felt more guilt as she saw the tears that were about to drop in Naruto's eyes, and she said, "Naruto-kun. I-" "Save it. You should just go Medusa, just, go."

Medusa walked away, tears falling on all three of their faces. What neither Crona or Medusa knew, was the thoughts going through Naruto's head. 'That body, it's not her's. She stole it. She STOLE IT! She's no better then that bastard Orochimaru!' The trap holding in the insanity had it's lock slip a little.

(Shibusen library)

Kidd sighed as he placed another book on the pile beside him. "It's no use. I can't find a single clue in the level 1 intelligence reports." Seeing his father's name next to Eibon's had Kidd rather unsettled. Thus one he Liz and Patty returned, he rushed to the library to hopefully find some answers. He stood up from the desk as he thought, 'Who the hell is Eibon?'

Finding no answers on his own, he went up to the reception desk and rang the bell, the receptionist quickly coming over. The receptionist asked, "Yes? May I help you? Are you looking for a book?" Kidd then proceeded to take out his ID and said, "I'm trying to research a man whose information is in a book in the highest rank level 4 block.

The receptionist then asked to see his ID, and once he got a good look at it, said, "I'm terribly sorry, Students with one or two stars may access up to level 1. Those with three stars may access level 2. Faculty has access to level 3, and level 4 is restricted to Death Scythes and senior meisters. Sir, you are still a one-star student. You may only borrow books from level 1."

Kid merely said, "Look at the back of the ID please." The receptionist did as asked, and his eyes widened as he saw Shinigami's mark on the back, the skull with the word 'DEATH' underneath. HE then bowed and said, "I'm so sorry sir, I did not realize you were Shinigami-sama's son. I will go and fetch the book you requested immediately. Please wait one moment."

As he went to get the book, Kidd thought, 'I'm also a one-star meister, if possible, I'd like to be on a level playing field with everyone else, but,' His mind flashed back to his father's name on the demon tool, and Naruto's words, 'Not even letting his underlings in on it. Disgusting.' 'As much as I hate to admit it. He has a point. If I were to ask father about this, it would be the same as asking him about the Kishin era. He won't tell me anything. I have no choice but to investigate it myself.'

The receptionist returned, bowing and said, "Kid-sama, I apologize for the wait." Surprised, Kidd merely asked, "Have you found it?" The receptionist nodded, taking out a book that showed what was taken out when, and said, "Yes, one volume in the level 4 block, related to 'Eibon'." Kidd then said, "Then tell me which shelf it's on!"

The receptionist looked down and said, "About that, it appears that it was borrowed two months ago and has not been returned as of yet." Kidd was shocked, but caught himself and asked, "DO you know who borrowed it? I'll get it from that person directly."

The receptionist reached behind him and took a note card out from one of the many drawers. He then placed it on the desk as he said, "I'm terribly sorry, due to our own ineptitude, we are unable to ascertain who borrowed the book in question. In addition, all we have for a signature is the letter 'M'." In fact, all there was next to the date 4/1 was the letter M.

The receptionist kept bowing and apologizing as Kidd started to tap on the desk, thinking. 'But who would borrow a book like this? The book was borrowed approximately two months ago. April 1st. The eve of the anniversary of Shibusen's founding, the day of the attack leading to the Kishin's revival!' He then felt it click into place as he thought, 'M, MEDUSA!?' He then cursed as he rushed out of the library.

(Shibusen- Hallway)

Maka and the others were on there way from class, but after Liz telling Patty about Soul playing the piano, Patty and Black Star, along with everyone else, started to ask him to play, with Soul shooting them down. Naruto hung to the back of the group, his mind filled with thoughts, Xion hiding in the shadows. They soon were passing the entrance to the basement, causing Crona to speak up and say, "I'm heading to my room, see you all tomorrow." Naruto smiled and said, "See you tomorrow musume." Crona smiled as everyone bade her goodnight, while she silently was troubled.

The reason was Medusa's return. The 'mission' given to her had her torn. Either she followed the orders given, and lose the friends she gained, or refused them. But it was a problem in itself. She would be disobeying Medusa, the woman who raised her. To make matters worse, Ragnarok appeared out of her back and said, "You better make your choice soon."

(Death room)

Justin Law stood in front of Shinigami's mirror, his headphones in his ears. Thus he didn't hear when Shinigami said, "Yo yo yo, what's going on Justin-kun?" (2) Justin merely standing there because he didn't hear it. Shinigami noticed that he wasn't listening and said, "Spirit-kun! Justin can't read my lips because of my mask right? From now on, can you repeat everything I say?"

Spirit looked at him as if he were stupid and said, "What? That's just annoying! It'd be easier if he took those damn headphones off!" What they didn't expect was for Justin to fall over, knocking the headphones out.

"You really shouldn't be so difficult to your subordinates Shinigami. And besides, this one should know to keep those damn things out so that he can hear you. In my village, such action would be looked at as insubordination." Shinigami winced as he said, "You do have a point Naruto-kun."

True enough, it was Naruto who knocked Justin over, having appeared behind the priest via dark corridor. Naruto stood with the twin-pole version of Soul Eater on his back. Shinigami then said, "Well then, Justin-kun, I have called you hear for an important mission." Justin immediately quirked up and asked, "I see, what is it?"

Naruto listened as Shinigami said, "This is important. As you know, the task of locating the Kishin was given to the Far-Seeing Azusa, right? However, there is a limit to what you can do with just those 'eyes'. So I'd like you to join in the pursuit and move around the world as the 'legs' and investigate. If you roam the earth making a ruckus, that cowardly Kishin might get flushed out of hiding. That's your goal."

Justin, in a manner fitting his position, said, "Oh what a glorious divine message! I will gladly obey!" Naruto felt something, off about that. Granted he was a priest, but Justin seemed a little too eager. He was glad Kurama was back, because he could be a more watchful eye, thanks to the ability to sense malicious intent as he used to. While he didn't feel any off the quirky priest, there was, something. 'So Shinigami is having Justin act as a fire in a cave. By stirring up trouble, it's the same as having the smoke go into the cave, thus making whoever is in it to come out. Not bad.'

Spirit was thankful he didn't have to repeat all that. But before he could thank Naruto, he was already gone. Spirit had a tick on his head as he thought, 'How the hell does he keep vanishing like that!'

(in a different universe)

A older man in his near fifties wearing a brown trenchcoat sneezed as he thought, 'Someone else must have the same problem I have. I just hope the person they have doesn't run around in a bat costume.'

(Shibusen- Underground)

Crona was wandering around the tunnels, Ragnarok trying to convince her to do Medusa's mission. But she ignored him as everytime he tried, Naruto would flash in her mind. 'No, I won't do what Medusa-sama asked of me. I don't want to betray Maka and the others. I won't betray Otou-san." She then nearly jumped in surprise as she heard someone say, "Hello? Is anyone there?"

Crona turned and saw it was Marie, the Death Scythe surprised to see her. "Crona? Is that you? What are you doing down here?" Crona nervously looked down and said, "I was looking for my room, but I got lost."

Marie smiled and said, "Oh, is that all? I get lost around here as well. This place is so confusing. I wish they would fix these hallways." Crona had a look of relief on her face, and while Marie mistook it at relief of not being the only who was lost, Crona was relieved because she took Marie's appearance as a sign to not do Medusa's mission, cementing her beliefs.

Marie then said, "Don't worry about a thing, I'll help you get back to your room.' Marie then started to look around, and went off in a random direction, making Crona say, "Um, I think it's the other direction."

(two hours later)

The trio, counting Ragnarok, soon arrived at Crona's room, Ragnarok complaining by saying, 'You got us even more lost then before.' Marie laughed and said, "Well, i'll see you later Crona." As she started to walk away, Crona said, "The staff room is the other way." This made Marie stop and nervously laugh as she went the way Crona pointed. Crona soon entered her room and sat on her bed, a soft smile on her face as she held her pillow.

She then noticed something in her window, and she saw it was Eruka in her frog form. "Ribbit, I hate infiltrating a dangerous place like this." Crona merely looked at her. Eruka then asked, "Have you discovered the general location of the vault?" Crona merely looked away and said, "I'm not doing it." Eruka smirked and said, "Even if you say that to me." 'Well Medusa?'

Medusa, using Eruka as a sort of radio, said, "Crona, you're doing well. Well then, I'll give you a different mission. Where is Naruto right now?" Crona then surprisingly sent the frog-girl a slight glare, and merely said, "Get out."

Eruka nearly fell back, and she asked, "What did you say?" Crona then got up off of her bed, pillow left on the bed as she said, "You heard me. I said get out." Eruka was shaking, and Crona's eyes had a yellow tint in them, much to Eruka and Medusa's surprise. Medusa felt a shiver crawl down her spine as she realized, 'Of course, with Naruto's own brand of madness, and Crona still prone to feeling it, it's no doubt that she would feel it, no matter how buried it was.' She then saw a better look at the eyes, and she remembered, 'No, not madness, darkness!'

Eruka jumped away as a sword nearly cut her in half, Crona glaring at her. She then said, "Get out. The next time I see either of you, I will cut. You. Down!" She then shifted to a stance that shocked Medusa, her sword held in a familiar manner. 'So, Naruto-kun has taught her how to use a sword, huh?' "Eruka, get out of there. Now." Eruka didn't question it as she leaped away, while Medusa was lost in her own thoughts, 'If Naruto-kun could unknowingly have his darkness inside Crona, then, he could have in Soul and the others!'

Crona gripped the handle of her sword before the feeling she had left her, making her kneel at her bed, shaking. 'What was that? I felt angry, and then, that. Was this, was this what Otou-san calls darkness?' She looked at her hands, and not even Ragnarok said a word. Crona merely felt herself back into the corner of the room, madness creeping into the back of her mind. She could still feel Medusa's influence trying to push her, but something pushed back. An image of Naruto and the others. While this happened, no one noticed the trio of eye symbols that had appeared under Crona's bed. Yellow colored eyes.

A/N: ANNNNNNNNDDDD CUT! DAMN this took a while to get back out there and I do highly apologize for all of it. Now I do realize that I have fucked with the cannon even more now! With Crona not only getting a backbone but, dare I say it, a slight hint of Darkness? Now no, it won't be her just magically having the same powers as Naruto, hell no, that's just bullshit. Darkness adapts per person. Now, I know what you're all thinking, how the hell did she get it in the first place, well, before you all spam the review section asking, I have a theory that is, at the very least possible. Bear with me here.

As stated before, Naruto's wavelength is unique. While it can suppress madness on it's own, it's not something he can use when he wants to. It just happens when he's in close proximity to someone. Kinda how Ichigo has his reiatsu always leaking out like a faucet. Now you're wondering about the scene from the start. Consider it the equivalent to a blast that is caused by a bomb, and as it subsided after his landing, his soul wavelength was stablizing. As of now, it's similar to that of a shell, with it keeping the madness in thanks to how it's being contained in the mindscape. SO yes, it's not just references, it has a damn point. With the lock on the cage starting to slip, madness is able to get out. But only in small amounts, and it drags a bit of darkness with it. Now that doesn't mean everyone in the story will start having dark powers. Because it's tied to madness, only those who are either exposed to him a lot, I:e such as the likes of Crona, who clings to him, or are already prone to madness, but are constantly exposed to him, still, Crona. So no, Stein will not have Dark powers. He's kick ass enough as is.

I know this seems confusing, but if I have to use a reference, then look to Kagami Kyohara and his story 'From The Shadows I Rise' to get the proper concept. Now while I won't give anything away, I will say that Crona is one out of the three characters I plan on having them get the same treatment. However, they will not be rip-offs of Naruto's power, nor will they be god-modded in any way or form. They will simply gain either dark versions of attacks they already have, or something original that I have to create that can correspond to their skills. Now onto another topic everyone must be curious about.

I am going to answer a question people are no doubt wondering. I have said before that I LOVE Medusa as a character, and trust me, that fact still stands. She may be a villain, but she fits the role better, AND succeeds in her plan, unlike a certain OTHER snake-themed villain. So I hear you wonder, why treat her like this? Simple, while I love her, she still is one of the most nasty, and near disgusting villains I ever saw. She went out of her way to condition Crona into a killing machine, while certainly doing things that make child abuse haters nearly blow a blood vessel. Another thing is the pure bitch slap it is when you find out that she's a villain, since she acted so calm and nice when she's introduced. Certainly a polar opposite to how she really is. It took EVERYONE by surprise, even Shinigami. And to deceive Death himself, that takes some serious acting skills. This all makes her be a great villain, but let's not forget one crucial element as to why she is getting this treatment. Crona. Despite her being Crona's 'mother', she certainly hasn't acted like it. Except in one single scene, but i'll get to that in a moment. Throughout the entirety of Crona's life, Medusa made her into a weapon, literally. By taking Ragnarok, and replacing Crona's blood with him, she made the ultimate Meister-Weapon duo, by far. Only, when she was, ahem, 'training them', it was not pretty. Now, if you've caught up in the manga, Crona is literally trying to envelop everything in her Black Blood. She even got ASURA! Now THAT, is insane. All in all, Crona became a nuke in the Soul Eater Universe, and who do we have to blame? Medusa. She is the lynchpin that caused it all. Arachne coming back, Asura coming back, even the experiments that made Crona into a berserker. And my treatment of her, is, as I feel, poetic justice. Sorry Medusa, I promise to never do this to you in any other story I add you in. But for now, it's time for punishment.

(1 It's similar to Psyqualia of Vanguard. Just in looks though, just the color is black with a tint of red, rather then Blue and red. After all, Black Star has a star in his eyes when he shows insanity, and Kidd has that weird, lip, thing. It was strange. So Naruto has his own tell-tale sign. Plus I always thought that Psyqualia was a bit trippy to look at. At least in season 1.

(2 Okay, seriously, half the time the guy talks I can't take him seriously, seeing as he sounds like a little kid. I get his reasons, but for fucks' sake! He's the Grim Reaper of all things, he should stop sounding like he'd fit in at PeeWee's playhouse when talking to his older subordinates. It just annoys me to no end.

And that concludes this chap. I'm sorry the A/N was so long, and that it took so long to get back in the flow of things. But I am back and I will try to update more. So until then, REVIEW! PEACE!