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Leonard Mathews, more commonly known as LeRoy was the best racer in Rockport until left. Why he left was because of his bounty. Shortly after beating Razor he became Most Wanted #1, with a bounty that high he would be crazy to stay. So he raced on the scene of Palmont. He dominated the streets. He beat Angie, Kenji, Wolf and Darius himself. Soon after, the racing scene in Palmont was shut down by the cops and it became unraceable. LeRoy managed to escape along with Nikki and found himself back in Rockport.

LeRoy Knew the streets well and he drove to the first Safehouse Mia set up for him when, he started racing. Luckily the cops didn't know about it and it was still his. LeRoy opened the door and drove his heavily modified Black Corvette Z06 inside. Inside he saw many cars from his racing days in Rosewood. His Mazda RX-8 which he won from Izzy, the tan Lexus IS300 with the skull vinyl which he won from Taz, and the blue Chevy Cobalt from when he started racing. He walked up to the blackboard with the names of the Blacklist. He crossed off Razor's name. "Done" he thought to himself. He stared at his cars for a bit, checking if they have enough gas, checking the tire pressure. Tired he walked towards a couch and lied down. He stared at the wall and saw something. He sat up and started walking towards it. It was the safe for where he kept his money. He opened it and found $30 000 inside. "Lucky no one took it" LeRoy said to himself. He thought what he could do with it. He already had his Corvette Z06 and didn't need another car. He stuffed the money in his pocket and took out his old phone. He dialled the phone.

"Hey Mia, I'm back in Rockport" he said.

"That's great, I can't talk right now, I'll meet you at the old safe house in about an hour" Mia responded.

LeRoy clicked the end button. Quickly he called Rog, he needed some new parts. After calling three times, Rog didn't pick up his phone. "Well it's been almost an hour now I guess I'll stay here" he said to himself. About ten minutes later Mia showed up in her Red Mazda RX-8.

"Hey" LeRoy said.

"Hey" Mia responded with a sigh.

"So what did I miss" LeRoy asked.

"Cross was obsessed with catching you that many of the Blacklist escaped jail. Taz, Izzy, Big Lou, Ming, Ronnie and Razor escaped" she said.

"Hold on Razor escaped" LeRoy responded in shock.

"Yes, he rose up to the top of the blacklist again" Mia said.

"So who was the blacklist #1 after I left" LeRoy asked.

"With the whole blacklist in jail, not much racers were left, the blacklist was cut from 15 to 10. Rog was #1 until Razor beat him" Mia said.

"So where's Rog" LeRoy asked. "He didn't answer any of my calls".

"During the race Razor managed to shove Rog's car into a truck, his car was totalled" Mia said sadly.

"Did Rog surv..." LeRoy started.

"Rog survived the crash, but was sent to the hospital where he spent 6 months and then thrown in jail for street racing". Mia continued.

"For how long" LeRoy asked.

"Rockport PD now has stricter laws about street racing. If your caught you can be sent to jail for a long time" Mia said. "That's what happened to Rog".

"So we're gonna break him out" LeRoy said.

"You're crazy, there's tons of security in the jail" Mia responded.

"You're still a cop aren't you, you can probably sneak him out" LeRoy said.

"And if I'm caught, I'll be in jail also" Mia responded.

"Come on we gotta get Rog out" LeRoy said. "I'm doing this with, or without you, are you in" LeRoy asked confidently.

"Fine, I'm in" Mia said.

"K, let's do this tonight at around 9:30." LeRoy said happily.

"Are you crazy you just got back and you want to break into a jail" Mia started.

"The sooner we do it the better, Rockport PD don't know I'm here yet and don't know what car I'm driving" LeRoy said.

"Fine, at 9:30 then" Mia said.

LeRoy already grabbed his keys and headed to his Corvette. He jumped inside, turned on the engine. He revved the engine making it go pretty load. He turned on the radio and Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother turned on.

"Where are you going" Mia asked.

"Need to get some gas and go to Burger King" LeRoy responded as he reversed his car out of the safehouse. LeRoy quickly accelerated his Corvette and raced to Burger King. He then slowed down remembering he can't attract any attention. He drove to Burger King and ordered the Whopper Meal. He sat in his car and ate it. While eating he heard a loud rev. "Sounds like someone's racing" LeRoy said to himself. LeRoy got up and walked towards the sidewalk. He looked over the hill waiting for the cars to emerge. Suddenly a navy Lamborghini Gallardo raced down the streets running from a few cops. "Well looks like I found a good racer" he said "To bad I can't attract any attention till we get Rog out". The driver of the Lamborghini did a nice 360° turn. The driver then swerved his car nearly hitting LeRoy who would have been ran over had he not managed to get away. The Lamborghini lightly touched the beams supporting a large donut over a donut shop. Although it was a light touch the beams started to break and seconds later the large donut fell destroying the cop cars. LeRoy watched in amazement as the driver managed to escape the cops in such a spectacular fashion. LeRoy finished his meal and drove to a nearby gas station and pumped his car. When he returned to the safehouse it was already 8:30.
"Almost time to leave" Mia said.

"What, it's only 8:30" LeRoy said.

"Well unlike you I actually prepared for this and got someone to help us." Mia said.

Mia pointed to a tall man about 6'3 with big muscles.

"So you're LeRoy" The man said in a big voice. "Everyone around here knows who you are".

"Thanks" LeRoy said as he shook his hand. "I wasn't #1 for nothing"

"Name's Kazimir Klonowski, everyone calls me Kaz" the tall man said while shaking LeRoy's hand firmly.

"So what do you drive Kaz" asked LeRoy.

"I drive a Lamborghini" Kaz said

"A navy blue Gallardo" LeRoy asked.

"Yes, how did you know" Kaz asked.

"I saw a Navy Gallardo evading a few cops when I was a burger king" LeRoy answered "You knocked down the large donut".

"You saw that" Kaz asked.

"I'm the one who you nearly ran over before knocking over the donut" LeRoy answered.

"Sorry about that, I didn't want to run over anyone" Kaz said.

"No prob, I understand the cops can be a pain" Leroy said.

"So what's the plan Mia" LeRoy asked Mia.

"Come I'll show you" Mia said. Mia took them to a room which LeRoy usually used for where he kept cars he was modifying. LeRoy saw a navy blue car, the same Kaz was driving but with heavy changes in the vinyls, which looked exactly like the vinyls the Rockport PD had.

"Looks like a Police vehicle" LeRoy said.

"That's the point" Mia said. "We're gonna use it to sneak into the jail".

"Look's nice" LeRoy said. "And then what do we do"?

"I'll pretend to arrest you and take you prisoner" Mia answered.

"Whoa isn't that risky" LeRoy asked.

"You're the one who wanted to break into the jail" Mia said.

"But, still don't we have to worry about Cross though, he's the one who wants me caught" LeRoy responded worried.

"Don't worry about Cross he's gone until Monday helping the cops in Palmont" Mia said.

"But, still even without Cross how are we gonna get me and Rog out without any guards noticing" LeRoy asked.

"Got that covered too, Kaz will distract the guards by pretending to be the new security officer who just got enrolled today and starts work at 9:00" Mia responded. No one spoke for a minute. Finally Kaz broke the silence.

"Well I better start going" Kaz said.

"Good luck" LeRoy said as Kaz left. LeRoy picked up his GPS and took a look at where they were breaking into.

"Which jail is it" LeRoy asked.

"Rog being held in the Camden jail" Mia said. LeRoy took another look at his GPS and grabbed the keys of his Corvette and got in.

"Where do you think you're going" Mia asked.

"Camden jail, that is where we're going right" LeRoy said.

"We're going in the Gallardo" Mia said "We need to be undercover". LeRoy hopped into the Lamborghini and waited for Mia to get in.

"Put these on" Mia said. She passed him a pair of handcuffs and got in the car.

"Why" LeRoy asked.

"You're under arrest remember" Mia said. She put in Kaz's keys and started the car. She turned on the radio and put on sunglasses as TNT by AC/DC went on. The Lamborghini sped away towards Camden.