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After stealing the Tow truck LeRoy and Rog were able to escape and get to the safehouse without any problems from the police.

**Safehouse 10:00**

Time to have some fun racing, LeRoy thought to himself as he got inside the safehouse. He couldn't wait to go and beat Razor again, and the entire blacklist along with him. So LeRoy grabbed some money from the safe and got in his Corvette ZO6.

"Where you going?" Rog asked him.

"I'm going to check out the racing scene."

"You just can't sit still, can you?" Rog asked him. LeRoy acted as if he hadn't heard him. "Want to come with me?" LeRoy asked.

"No, I told you before I'm done with racing."

"At least come and watch me race."

"No thanks"

LeRoy left without Rog. He drove to the college campus in Rosewood. There were always racers there. Sure enough he found three other racers there. LeRoy drove up to one of the cars. A lime green Dodge Viper SRT 10, with a white double stripe vinyl running from the front bumper to the back.

"What's the stakes?" LeRoy asked.

"Everyone puts down ten thousand, winner takes all. Sprint, first one to the Bus Station wins."

LeRoy thought for a minute. Risking ten thousand for a thirty thousand profit would be useful. He thought about getting that new supercharger for his Corvette. He looked at the other two racers. A solid black Lamborghini Gallardo and a metallic grey Aston Martin DB9. Both were fast cars, but his Corvette was probably faster as he did beat Darius' Audi with it.

"I'll race" LeRoy told the racer in the Viper.

"Ok, you just lost ten thousand then." The driver smirked.

"We'll see about that." LeRoy replied.

LeRoy checked his fuel gauge, half full. It was more than enough to finish the race and make it back to the safe house. He still had most of his NOS, but he'd have to refill once he got back to the safe house. Then LeRoy turned on his engine and drove up to the starting line. The Lamborghini and the DB9 were already there. The Viper drove up to the line and stopped beside LeRoy, the mirrors were almost touching. Then the girl with the flares walked up to the line. LeRoy counted down the race start.

3... 2... 1... GO!

LeRoy let go of his break and throttled the gas pedal. He then quickly shifted his gear. The first part was a straight-away. So whoever had the best acceleration and highest speed would gain the advantage here. Luckily his Corvette like most muscle cars had high acceleration, and he upgraded the engine and the turbo for more speed. Once when he measured his Corvette it went 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. Problem was that a Stock Viper goes 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, and sure enough once approaching the first turn the Dodge Viper was in first, LeRoy would have to pass him on the outside at a turn. The first turn was in a shape of a large S which goes downhill. Racers could also go through the S by driving through the fence and jumping off the walls as long as the car's suspension doesn't give in. Most racers don't risk it as it could easily total their car and end their life.

But LeRoy knew a short-cut. After the first part of the S turn there was a small alleyway, barely enough room for a car to fit through and if a driver wasn't careful enough he would be driving without a door. He found that shortcut in the circuit race against Razor. It gave him a lead by 5 seconds. Just the lead he needed to win the race. The Viper in front of him started to slow down for the upcoming turn, LeRoy let go of the gas pedal and lightly tapped the brakes and went on the outside of the Viper. The Viper lightly braked and turned hard to start drifting. This forced LeRoy to brake to avoid a collision. At the speed they were going a collision could total his car. LeRoy tailed the Viper around the first turn to the alleyway were he knew the shortcut was. He slowed down a bit to avoid the narrow walls of the alley. Once out of the alley, LeRoy turned to the right, where there was a fork in the road. To the right was the longer way around the fire station and the donut shop and to his left was the shorter way, which has only one small turn, wide streets and is basically just a long straightaway. There was just one drawback with this route; the police station was on it.

LeRoy quickly decided to take the shorter way and turned left. He looked in the rear-view mirror. The Lamborghini was about 25 meters away from him since he remembered it cut straight through the S, and the Viper was about another 10 meters behind the Gallardo. Now on that he was on a straight route LeRoy throttled his car and saw the speed go up and up. 180. 190. 200. 210. 220. 230.

LeRoy approached a small turn and let go of his gas pedal and lightly turned his steering wheel. After the turn he continued to accelerate. 220. 230. 240. His engine roared as he passed the Police Station. Just about two seconds after he passed the police station, sirens turned on. LeRoy looked in his rear-view mirror. Sure enough he saw two police cruisers behind him. He kept pushing has foot as hard as he could on the pedal as he out sped the slower police cruisers and approached the gas station.

This was it the final stretch. Right past the gas station was the bus station. Also it is the perfect place to hide from the cops. LeRoy looked at his rear-view, he saw the other three racers, with the cops far behind. He slowed down a bit and approached the empty bus station. For Rockport's only bus station it rarely ever had any people visiting. Not many people took the transit in Rockport.

He took his foot off the pedal as he was sure to win the race. He approached the station and started to press the brakes. He won the race. He put the car through the large doorway and parked in there. The cops oddly enough don't bother to look in there.

He waited a few seconds for the other racers. Sure enough the other racers appeared with the cops on their tails. The Dodge Viper was first ahead of the pack with the Lamborghini and Aston Martin trailing closely behind, and the cops closely behind them. Then a thought came into LeRoy's mind,

"How are they going to pay me?"

LeRoy watched the other racers zip past the bus station. The Viper took a hard turn to the left towards Camden, while the other two took the easier turn to the right towards Rockport, where unfortunately for them happened to be the spot where the cops hid a spike strip. LeRoy watched the Gallardo hit the spike strip full speed unaware it was there until it was too late. He was done, it was near impossible to escape cops on only your rims.

The Aston Martin noticed his friend hitting the spike strip and braked hard, but going at that high speed it was to no avail as his front tires skidded and hit the spike strip, but not his back. His luck ended there as a police cruiser rammed into his rear bumper not only sending the Aston Martin over the spike strip, but taking off most of its rear end as well.

The cops quickly surrounded the two pretty much immobile cars, arrested the drivers and drove back towards the police station.

The coast was clear he didn't have to worry about the cops for now, so he drove out of the bus station and back on to the road towards Rosewood. LeRoy now felt like a fool for forgetting to get the drivers details so he could collect his winnings later in case of a pursuit. He drove slowly and responsibly towards his safehouse to avoid any cop suspicion. He opened the garage door and slowly parked his car in the empty space.

Rog laid on the couch exactly where he was before LeRoy left. But LeRoy was certain he heard Rog shift positions when he left his car. He stared at him and listened to Rog's breathing. After a short wait LeRoy concluded that Rog's breathing was too heavy and rapid to be him actually sleeping.

"Wake up" LeRoy told Rog as he shuck him to get him to stop pretending.

"What is it" Rog replied sounding irritated.

"I won"

"You're just lucky you didn't get caught racing again"

"How did you know that the cops were involved?"

"It was on the news, I saw the Aston Martin get totalled by the cops, and the arrest. And I saw you hiding in the station"


"You know that the punishment is now minimum 10 years in prison"

"We could always escape"

"You just don't get it do you LeRoy? The cops are now trying harder catch racers, and if you haven't noticed Mia and Kaz aren't back yet. Something can be wrong and you're off risking being arrested and put in prison. You're the top wanted man in case you forgot!" Rog stated rather loudly and angrily. LeRoy didn't have an answer to Rog's statement. Mia and Kaz have been gone longer than expected. But they could have simply stopped somewhere, there are plenty of reasons why they are late. LeRoy ignored the thought that something was wrong and leapt into his bed to get some sleep.


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