Life is good. No scratch that….. life is great. I Isabella Marie Swan am a proud graduate from the University of Phoenix. I can't wait to start my teaching career. I haven't given much thought as to where this career will take place. I want to stay and live in Phoenix to be close to my mother Renee, but Brady my boyfriend, or well I guess he is my fiancée now, wants to move to explore the world. We have been engaged for about three weeks now. I choose to wait until my graduation dinner to tell Renee. If I would have before hand I probably would have never made it through my finals. My erratic loving mother would have jumped at the change to start the planning phase. So therefore waiting sounded like the best option for us.

And to make the icing on the cake even sweeter, last night I took a store bought pregnancy test which resulted in a positive. I never really thought about having a child, especially not right after graduating college but the look in Brady's eyes when we found out and the ring on my finger was like a sign that everything might not be as planned but they were perfect for me. So that is something else that we are adding to the announcements that we will make at the dinner tonight.

As happy as I am there is only one thing that could make it better.

My dad Charlie passed away about five years ago in the line of duty. He was the Chief of Police back in his home town of Forks. He was at the site of a bad car crash one winter night. The roads were wet and had black ice. Another car came speeding around the corner where the accident site was and didn't see Charlie until it was too late. It was very hard dealing with his death. Til this very day it's hard to even see a picture of him. After the funeral I took down all his pictures and boxed them up. And very rarely do I speak of him. It just hurts too much and every time I do it feels like I am at the funeral all over again.

I wish he was still here to meet Brady and his future grandchild. Just then a thought occurred to me. He may never get to meet his grandchild but I will do everything in my power to make sure my baby knows everything there is about his or her grandfather.

As I searched through this massive crowd to find my family I said goodbye and best wishes to all of my classmates.

"Bella, Bella sweetie over here" I heard Renee calling. As I came near she pulled me the rest of the distance and crushed me in a tight embrace.

"Renee give the girl room to breathe" my stepfather Phil said trying to break us apart. "Congrats Bella your mother and I are so proud of you" It seems like Phil and I were the only two people in this world who can control Renee. After Phil congratulated me I was immediately swept of my feet and swung around. Once Brady put me down and made sure I wasn't dizzy and could stand on my own I crashed my lips to his and enjoyed the sweet moan that came from him. Just then my mother cleared her voice to say we needed to hurry if we were going to make our dinner time.

We all climbed into Phil's Avalanche and headed to the restaurant. As we drove to the restaurant I thought over how I was going to share my wonderful news with my mother and Phil. I was practically bouncing in my seat. I leaned over to and whispered to Brady that I couldn't wait any longer. So he said that it was my day and I could tell whoever I wanted whenever I was ready. That is all I need to hear. Wearing a huge smile I turned to the front seat to share my news with my family. "Mom, Phil, there is something I want to tell you." My mother always ready to hear something new turned in her seat, "Sure sweetie what is it"

I quickly slipped the ring out of my pocket and on my finger. "Mom, we are getting married and having a baby. I'm pregnant." Renee's eyes shined with light. Then that is when everything went to hell….