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/Yugi's voice in his head/

//Yami's voice in Yugi's head//

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Sequel: Part 5 – Envisioned Ruby

[Large chocolate eyes widened in fear as the sound of something crashing down behind him echoed through the blackness, and the weakened body curled up, not wanting to see whatever it was… his yami, some strange shadow creature… either way he was sure that he was as good as dead in this place, if the shadows managed to destroy his body or consume his soul or break his straining mentality…

A disoriented body pulled itself off of the floor, and emitted a low growl, before its sights locked onto the small, huddled figure. After a brief tilt of its head, the creature made its way over, and Bakura felt like screaming out as he heard the footsteps approach him.



"You're one of…master Yugi's friends, are you not?"

Bakura spun round at the sound of the calm accented voice, and was thoroughly surprised to see a pair of blazing amber eyes greeting him as the green-haired elf offered a hand to aid him. Bakura swallowed, blinked, all the time staring before he snapped out of it and reached a quivering slender hand up. "…Yugi's… Celtic Guardian…!" he said, confirming what he thought he saw before him.

"The one and only," the elf responded, as he lifted up the snowy-haired youth carefully, before averting his eyes to the blackness surrounding them, "I think I can just about hear some commotion towards the south-east…" Celtic Guardian looked back at Bakura with a frown, 'the kid doesn't look so well…he's beginning to diminish here…' the elf bent down, "climb on my back, we'll get out of here a lot quicker if I carry you…"

Bakura was in no mood to argue, and clambered onto the elfin warrior's back, gripping onto the shoulder armour as tightly as he could. Once this was done, the Celtic Guardian rose, and began to sprint on through the darkness.

Something must have gone badly wrong if he was here, and the Mystical Elf and Dark Magician Girl weren't… he hoped at least one of them had reached the Dark Magician and Yugi…]

*                       *                       *                       *                       *                       *          

[Yami Bakura felt like bashing his head repeatedly against the next sharp thing to come his way, except, much to his delight, he couldn't even do that. No. The goddamn blonde elf had to fall on him and stay sitting on him!  As the aggravated tomb robber tried to squirm his way out, the Mystical Elf giggled.

"Doesn't this just bring back memories, thief?" she said, adding to Yami Bakura's frustration, " What scheme are you up to now? You always meant trouble, whether it be these present days or back many millennia ago…I should hope this has nothing to do with Master Yugi or the pharaoh, or me sitting on you will be the least of your problems…"

After eyeing him suspiciously, the blonde elf rose to her feet and watched as the irate snowy-haired figure got up and attempted to storm off. She then reached out a long arm and grasped him by the wrist firmly, digging her nails into him. "Where do you think you're going without me? I want you to take me to Yugi or pharaoh, as I have a funny feeling that –you-," she paused and gave him a dark look, "know where at least one of them is. I may not be the strongest of monsters, but I can cause you a lot of pain,"

Yami Bakura blinked in horror as he realised just how serious this was going to be, having reached for his deck. Mystical Elf waved the cards about in her free hand before slipping them down the front of her dress, "game, set and match to me, tomb robber. Now take me before I lose my patience,"

Yami Bakura began to grumble a numerous number of threatening profanities as the elf smiled at him cheerfully and pushed him onwards.

Suddenly Yami Bakura has discovered why it made sense that she was one of Yami's creatures. She could be one hell of a bitch…]

*                       *                       *                       *                       *                       *          

[Yugi cowered behind his arms as a defining screech rang through the otherwise silent air, his eyes firmly squeezed shut as the Dark Magician pulled back his staff, having impaled the last of the shadow creatures that had hung around, watching with cold blue eyes as it dispersed, having given one last shrill cry.

After regaining his breath and inspecting the few scratches and tears in his clothing and armour, the purple clad mage turned round to Yugi and kneeled down to his level, placing a hand on his shoulder, " something has gone terribly wrong… and I'm afraid the way we'll be able to get out of here is if I try creating a gap… help was meant to be coming, but for whatever reason it hasn't,  and I'm afraid that if I attempt creating a hole it will drain almost all of your energy and put you in danger, whereas if we stay here, more shadow creatures will attack…"

Yugi lowered his violet gaze to the floor, before meeting the mage's eyes. "We have to get out of here and find Yami…"

Dark Magician nodded, saddened by the look in his young master's eyes, before rising to his feet and extending his staff, ready in stance to attack. Yugi looked up, taking a deep breath before handing out the order.

"Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!"

As the tall, slender mage sent a bolt of surging dark magic at the roof, Yugi gave a whimper as his vision blurred and a wave of dizziness overcame him, causing a momentary loss of consciousness.

The Dark Magician took no hesitation in collecting up Yugi's body into his arms and leaping out of the hole he had created, just escaping before it sealed itself up again. The Mage then stopped, cradling the youngster, hoping that the strain hadn't been too much for him to bear. Yugi was still breathing, and though he looked slightly discomforted, Dark Magician doubted that any harm had come to him. 'I'll just have to wait and see...' he sighed at the thought of his friends, 'I hope no harm has come to them… they had better be all right…']

~ Darkness had shrouded everything within it, only the slightest blurs escaping its cover. A low groan caught his attention, and eyes widened as the shape of a youthful body came into focus. Each arm snapped out to the side, locked in position at the wrists; ankles bound together, all limbs held by wrapped shadows. Also, a dropped head of ruffled hair, and though the colour wasn't striking through it was clear that there was three different shades. The head slowly lifted, and a pair of exasperated eyes fixated upon something cloaked in the shadows.


Suddenly, a glimmer of deep ruby caught the onlooker's attention. Under a slash in the former pharaoh's top, the beautiful crimson liquid was flowing out… Yami was hurt!

Yami glared as the dark silhouetted figure stepped into front of him, laughing menacingly. Yami voiced his disgust, despite his physical state and the position he was in, his voice had never sounded stronger, "You'll never win. You will perish. This I guarantee."

The dark figure only laughed more, before stepping forward and kicking Yami in the stomach, "I think not!" it responded, as Yami's body attempted to double in, the restraints preventing it, and the pharaoh coughed, a few more drops of ruby blood spilling. ~

[Yugi thrashed against the Dark Magician as he awoke, small crystalline tears beginning to stream down his cheeks as the shocked mage attempted to calm the boy down. "Yugi," his deep, soft voice soothed as he wrapped his arms round the youth and gently rocked him, "shush…it's all right…"

Yugi stopped thrashing, and buried himself against the mage's chest, "Yami…" he whimpered fearfully, '…Yami…'


Yugi's large violet eyes shot open as he heard the voice in his mind.

/Yami!/ his tears began to dry up as a new hope began to light within him, and his sobs slowly changed to sniffles. /…Yami…/

//…Don't…give up faith… in me, Yugi…//

/I promise I won't, Yami… please just hold on…/

Yugi inhaled deeply, calming down before pulling back, and looking up at the Dark Magician pleadingly.

"We have to find Yami… we have to help him…"

A loud crash rung behind the pair, and both immediately spun their heads round at the place of the disturbance, which appeared to be just out of their view.

Perhaps Fate had other ideas…

…Then again, so did bad luck.

To Be Continued…