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The King he waited on my doorstep
While the Joker and me, when on our way

Apparently it was becoming tradition that at the end of the school year, Quinn needed to sit down, evaluate the last nine months of her life, then reevaluate her future. Sitting alone in the choir room, she guessed that she should at least be grateful that this time there was no baby.

But she still felt rather empty.

She didn't have Finn, she didn't have a crown, and New Directions didn't have a first place win at nationals.

Quinn thought for a moment about how she started the year. She was able to make her way back onto the Cheerios, determined to take on McKinley, ruling the school with her presence as she had before a mistake ripped it all away.

Then there was Sam. If Quinn was honest, everything this year started with him. She let him in when she had been so determined to make this year about her, no one else. But his smile was gorgeous (despite his oversized mouth) and he was cute and she liked his hair and his ridiculous impressions and he was sweet to her. And the next thing Quinn knew she was pulling the gift certificate off the table and the rest? Well the rest played out like an episode of General Hospital.

Quinn held the promise ring Sam had given her between her fingers and smiled as she remembered the speech he'd made as he got down on one knee and made a promise to her. And when she broke into his locker and put the ring on her finger, she supposed she made a promise as well. But Sam kept his promise. Quinn's laid broken into so many pieces; she wasn't even sure what it looked like before. She let Finn take over her mind, her previous feeling taking over her heart, a chance for a tolerable future in sight. Prom Queen, in sight.

Quinn forced herself to forget Sam's face as he broke up with her and focused on creating the best life one can have when they were stuck in Lima, Ohio for the rest of their life.

But like everything else, the plan was foiled, the bubble popped, the dream shattered. Now Finn was gone and probably with Rachel already' there was no crown but she smiled as Principal Figgins placed it on top of Kurt's head; New Directions settled for a second place trophy and vowed that next year would be the year. So maybe the conclusion could be drawn that she didn't need Finn, or a crown, or a first place trophy.

"Hey," a voice called, "you ready?"

Quinn looked up and met Sam's eyes as he stood at the door of the choir room. New Direction was having an end of the year party in the auditorium. Quinn nodded, stood up and walked towards Sam.

If there was one thing that made all the disaster worth anything, it was that she found a friendship with Sam. He'd forgiven her for her stupid mistakes and in return for all the help babysitting and the dolls for Stacy, Sam had repaid her with a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold.

Her heart still fluttered when their fingers intertwined, when he hugged her and later that night when he kissed her on her porch. When they broke apart, his smile said it all. Her year had begun with Sam, and it only made sense for it to end that way too.

It was as if he had just been waiting there all along, for her.