Spencer lay against the hospital bed, J.J was at his side and the two were talking in soft voices. A small smile was on Spencer's face his doe eyes were bright. Derek leant against the door watching them speak. He hadn't been noticed yet and didn't want to disturb the quiet chatter. J.J was the one to notice him she sat up straighter and smiled at Derek.

"Hey Morgan nice of you to join us." She said ushering him into the room. Derek slowly approached Spencer who met his eyes evenly. J.J smiled and quietly excused herself giving the lovers some privacy. Morgan took J.J's empty seat and took Spencer's hand in his own kissing the soft skin. He held the boy's hand close and stared at his lover imploringly.

"Spencer, I am so sorry for everything. What I did what I said getting you shot..." Derek trailed off his eyes hollowed in silent pain. Spencer watched hils lover's expression. He didn't know what to think. If Morgan kissed some woman he had just met then what else could happen. And the fact that Morgan was defending some woman he had just met. It didn't make sense. It hurt Spencer to know that Morgan could do something like that. The look of agony in Derek's face however was what stopped him from denying Derek his forgiveness. Derek was in pain. At what had transpired, and at how bad things could have gotten. Spencer slowly lifted the hand not held by Derek and placed it against Derek's dark cheek. Derek met his eyes with his own pained ones. Spencer felt a bout of annoyance. HE was the one that Morgan had betrayed, HE was the one shot due to Morgan's negligence. But either way he was now rubbing circles on Derek's back comforting him. Derek kissed Spencer deeply and passionately. Spencer slowly returned the kiss cupping Derek's face in his slender hands. Morgan took Spencer's wrists and kissed the pale flesh softly.

"Tomorrow, when they release you I'm taking you home and I'm going to pamper you until it drives you crazy." Morgan sighed as he placed a final kiss on Spencer's wrist. Spencer's face flushed slightly and he met Derek's smile with one of his own.

"Go home and get some rest Derek." He chided softly. Derek leant in and kissed Reid one last time before pulling back and grinning his charming grin.

"Alright Pretty Boy. I'll see you in the morning." Derek replied before slipping out of the room. Spencer lay against the pillows and watched the door where Derek had left. He then turned his attention to look out the window. The sky was darkening slowly giving it an earth hue. Closing his eyes Spencer decided to try to get some sleep.

Morgan walked towards his apartment slowly. His hands buried in his pockets. He unlocked his door and walked in greeted by Clooney who looked behind Derek for Reid. Derek pet clooney and closed the door.

"He's not here tonight Clooney." Derek muttered and walked around the dog before flopping on his bed. He stared at the ceiling for a moment. He sighed as Clooney jumped into the bed and lay next to him. He pet the dog absently. Yawning he turned onto side and closed his eyes.

In the morning Derek made it to the hospital with a coffee in hand for Spencer. He walked into Spencer's room grinning as he handed him the coffee. Spencer couldn't help but grin back as he took it.

"Good morning baby boy. I'm going to take you home." Morgan said with a casual smile once Reid had downed the coffee.

Reid was quiet as he followed his lover out of the hospital. He felt awkward walking with the man who had hurt him. Morgan noticed right away and turned to Spencer as the reached the SUV. Spencer met his eyes quietly. Reaching out Morgan cupped Spencer's face in his hands and kissed him. Spencer slowly kissed Derek back his hands still at his side. Morgan met Spencer's eyes and lent his forehead against Reid's.

"I'm sorry Baby Boy." Morgan whispered. Spencer slowly wrapped his arms around Morgan and buried his face into the crook of his neck.

"It's alright..." He murmured softly eyes closed. Morgan shook his head.

"No Spencer, it's not. I hurt you." Derek replied softly. Reid cupped his lover's face and met his eyes.

"Yes you did, but I can see you regret it. I love you, you love me, we love each other." Reid replied. Morgan took Reid's wrist and stared into the genius's eyes. Spencer kissed Derek softly and closed his eyes.

"Now come on," He murmured softly. "Take me to your place."

Derek pulled into his apartment complex and parked the car. Reid followed his lover quietly up to his apartment where he was greeted happily by Clooney. The dog wagged his tail and rubbed against Reid who cheerfully pet the large dog. Morgan walked around Reid and placed his things on the table before leaning against the wall and offering Spencer a small smile which was returned.

"Glad to be home?" Morgan asked. Spencer ran a hand through his chestnut hair and met Derek's eyes.

"Yeah, I am." He said softly. Derek took Spencer and pulled the boy into his arms kissing him.

"Clooney and I have missed you." He commented casually.

"Oh really? Well I guess I've missed you too." Reid replied with a smile on his face. The two stood quietly for a couple of minutes before Derek pulled back. His hands held onto Spencer's shoulder's gently touching the soft fabric. He ran his fingers from the boy's shoulder up his neck and cheek and into his hair. His phone went off and with a sigh Morgan answered it to be greeted by Garcia's chipper voice.

"Hey baby girl what can I do for ya?"

"You two lovely men should meet me and Emily at the bar tonight for some drinks." She declared. Morgan chuckled.

"Alright baby girl I'll let Spencer know." He replied before hanging up. Spencer looked at his boyfriend curiously.

"What will you let me know?"

"Wanna go meet Garcia and Prentiss at the bar tonight?" Morgan asked. Spencer's arms stayed wrapped around Morgan's neck as he thought about it.

"I suppose so...but..."

"...But what?" Spencer smiled slyly.

"But you better not stride off and flirt the night away with all the women in the bar." Derek chuckled.

"Trust me pretty boy I'll only have eyes for you." He replied kissing Reid fully on the mouth. Reid smiled into the kiss.

"Okay fine." He agreed. Morgan wrapped an arm around Reid's shoulders and smiled at him.

"Great, I'll let Penny know." He replied. He dialed Penelope and told her that they were on their way.

"Okay sugar, Emily and I will see you there." Garcia replied with a coy smile as she sipped her drink. She hung up the phone and smiled at Emily who was flirting with a waiter. She lent over so her mouth was by Prentiss's ear.

"They boys are coming to play be sweet and don't run off." Emily turned to her friend and laughed.

"I just hope Morgan doesn't decide to go off and dance with every woman he sees."

"Don't worry I'm betting the good doctor has him whipped."

"Sounds sexual to me." Emily commented taking a sip of her beer.

"Oh trust me sweetie it's as sexual as it can be." Garcia declared with a giggle as she also took a sip. The girls laughed and continued to talk until Garcia felt a hand on her shoulder and a mouth at her ear.

"Hey beautiful you called?" Derek Morgan said in a teasing sultry voice. Garcia beaked at him then at Reid who sat beside Emily.

"Hello my lovelies, we were hoping you'd show up." Morgan chuckled and sat down ordering a beer.

"Of course we were." He replied casually. Garcia beamed and looked from Derek to Spencer. Both seemed content and would look at each other every so often with a small smile. Garcia sat smugly sipping her beverage noting that any girl who approached Derek were not getting the usual attention. He was polite and charming but he never went to dance with any of them content to sit and chatter with Emily and Spencer. She smirked slightly and joined the conversation. Spencer and Emily had just finished explaining something to Derek and Penelope when a pretty young woman and her equally attractive friend approached Derek.

"Hey would you like to dance with my friend and me?" The woman asked boldly. Derek blinked at her then glanced at Spencer who waved him off with a nod of his head, large dark eyes focused on his drink.

"Alright." Morgan said standing up with a grin, he took both the girls arms in his own and led them off smiling cheekily. Emily blinked.

"You're okay with this?"

"As long as he doesn't do anything stupid then he can dance all he wants." Reid replied sipping his Ginger Ale. The girls shared looks but let it go before resuming talking with the genius when he felt a hand on his lower back. Reid looked up startled and met the eyes of of Robert, the man who had harassed him in the bar awhile back.

"Hey cutie didn't think I'd see you here today." Robert commented casually. Spencer rose an eyebrow.

"My name's Spencer." He replied politely, he glanced at a giggling Penelope. Robert chuckled.

"Well Spencer would you like to dance?"

"I don't thi-"

"He'd love to." Emily cut in earning a glare from Reid. Emily and Penelope stared at him.

"Honestly sweetie, Morgan's up there shaking him money maker with two under dressed sluts. Why don't you go and show them up?" Emily said while Penelope nodded. Spencer frowned and looked ready to object when he saw how close Derek was dancing with the women around him. So instead he smiled and turned to Robert.

"I'd love to." He replied smiling sweetly. With a grin Robert took his arm and lead him into the crowd.

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