Author's Note

Okay, I can explain my lack of updating.

The school musical – We did four shows in two days, and I was the lead.

The World Geography Fair – Like the science fair, but on a country, plus a five-page paper.

The term paper – seven pages on some random person's life.

Plus, finals are next week :( But then…graduation! Yay! High school here I come!

Anyway, no idea what this is, but I thought of it while backstage at intermission (bad time) and grabbed my Mac (it was in the theater because we were all working on the World Geography Fair and the term paper! Gahhhh!) And typed this up :) It might sound kind of far off, but give it a chance, and I think you'll like it. Dedicated to my BFFs on here. (You know who you are!) Anyway, this might be due to Alice in Wonderland overload, but…here we go. Thanks and enjoy.

Full Summary

He'd always thought that she was a dream. Just a dream. Or a trick of the light. Or his imagination running wild. When he was seven or eight, he assumed she was his imaginary friend. When he was ten or eleven, he decided that he had outgrown imaginary friends, and tossed her aside to the recesses of his mind, to forever be forgotten. And she would not stand for that. But if he wouldn't let her into his world, then maybe, just maybe, she should let him into hers. So then, there comes the question. In this perfect world, with her, why does he have to go back?


Finchel, Quick, Klaine, Brittana, Wemma, and more may come in later.


Finn/Quinn, Santana/Kurt, Kurt/Rachel, Kurt/Finn, Puck/Blaine, Finn/Blaine, and more may come in later.