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Chapter One: Megalithic Symphony

Robin felt his heartbeat in his ears as the adrenaline rushed through his veins. Nothing could beat this, this feeling he got when he was flying across rooftops on his way to a fight. He'd done this so many times that his mind knew what to expect; which was in contrast with his body that never lost that fight-or-flight reflex that he was now addicted to. To his nervous system every fight could be his last; every leap off of one roof could mean the end for him.

As the young hero neared the scene he groaned to himself. It was Plasmus. Again. Crouching low on top of a building that over looked the events Robin waited for the rest of his team to catch up. Even though the rest of the Titans could either fly or be carried by one who did, no one could navigate the city like their leader. It was Robin's city after all. The rest of the Teen Titans were just a second behind Robin, and eagerly crowded around him, waiting for orders. And just as always, he delivered.

"Starfire! Take Cyborg in from above! Raven, you'll take me! Beastboy! Distraction!" The Teen Titans looked around at each other and smiled. They'd done this so many times that it was second nature. Especially with Plasmus. A large crash followed by screaming quickly broke up their trip down memory-lane, however, and the team glanced down to see the villain throwing cars. Without another word Starfire's eyes glowed neon green as she leaped up into the sky, only pausing to swing by at a blinding pace and grab Cyborg, before jumping into the fight. A moment later Raven encircled Robin with her black magic and whisked him off the building top to the streets below, leaving Beastboy all by himself. Ready for the fight, Beastboy changed seamlessly into a Pterodactyl and began circling the purple blob's head.

With a roar Plasmus began swinging his jelly-like arms at the green dinosaur. Seeing his opening, Cyborg yelled out and hit the monster in the back with his sonic cannon and Robin got into position. "Now Raven!" He yelled out and a second later the hero found himself hurtling downwards towards Plasmus' head. As soon as Robin's foot hit it began to sink but he flipped out of it using his acrobatic skills and got a few more kicks in before landing in a crouch on solid ground. The leader of the Teen Titans whirled around to attack more when a familiar voice cause him to freeze up.

"Robin." Slade's acknowledgment echoed around the teen and caused him to slip on a spot of purple goo and slide face-first into the owner of said goo. Desperate to get out in case Slade decided to attack, Robin began struggling but only managed to sink in further. All of the sudden there was a bright light and a noise that seemed to vibrate all around him and Plasmus exploded due to the combined efforts of the rest of the Teen Titans. Robin was left standing next to an unconscious man, soaked in purple goo.

"Robin, what ever did go wrong?" Starfire called out when she saw her leader standing there, but Robin was more preoccupied with other thoughts. He spun around, searching for Slade, but the super-villain was nowhere to be found. With a shake of his head, the teen decided to let it go and turned back to his team with a smile on his face.

"Do you think the pizza parlor will let me in looking like this?" They all laughed and began to leave the scene just as the police arrived. Robin hung back for just a moment, making sure that they got to Plasmus before he woke up, before catching back up with his friends and listening joyfully to their argument over what pizza toppings they would get. Even though the team had grown up a lot in the past years, Robin was almost 19, some things would never change.

By the time the team got back to the tower, it was late and all of the other Titans were ready to go to sleep. But not Robin. He had things to do. But first, he thought to himself, I need a shower. The faces of the people who owned the pizza parlor had been hilarious. They really didn't want to turn away the hero of the city, but then again he was dripping purple goo and it was getting everywhere. In the end they requested that the team eat outside on the patio, which suited the them just fine. Robin laughed at the memory as he stripped out of his dirty uniform and stepped into the hot spray of his shower. While he urged his muscles to relax, Robin's mind started to turn as he thought back to the fight earlier that day. He hadn't imagined Slade's voice, that much was for sure, but what would Slade want? The team hadn't fought him in a while, and hearing him again almost made Robin sigh in relief. The hero got nervous when people suddenly disappeared, but he had no idea why.

Once he was done with his shower, the masked teen put on some sweat pants and made his way down to the filing room, leaving his chest bare. It wasn't like anyone would see him, everybody else was asleep. Robin's head felt fuzzy from lack of rest but he was determined to get this report in. The sooner he did it the more details he would be able to remember. That in mind Robin sat down in front of one of the multiple computer screens and began working.

It was around three am when Robin finally dragged his half-dead body back to his room. He'd spent all night filing and researching. Mainly he wanted to know how Plasmus kept escaping, but being true to his nature, he ended up looking for clues on who Slade was. Even though the rest of the Titans thought his obsession was over, Robin knew deep down that that was far from the case. He had merely gotten better at hiding it. But, as usual, nothing came up and Robing knew nothing more from what was already apparent. The whole thing drove him insane. Who was Slade?

As soon as Robin was close enough he simply stopped walking and threw himself into bed. Slade's voice echoed in his head as he fell asleep into a deep sleep. "Robin. Robin."

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