By: Manna


Adulthood was highly overrated. Hector first realized this moments after parting ways with the majority of the men and women he'd taken up arms with and fought alongside for the past year. Most of the people he couldn't care less about on a personal level— that Raven always did give him downright disturbingsidelong glances— but they were still human beings and he did, admittedly, know all of their names.

He risked a glance over his shoulder, and squinted at the specks that made up people he'd spent the last year counting on. He might've even believed in them. Some of them. A little bit.

He felt Matthew's eyes on him and, fighting back a twitch and the urge to yell "WHAT?", turned his head toward his future and kicked his horse forward.

The person he'd been years ago probably would have gone back, would have shrugged off responsibility and would have made a rather futile attempt at convincing Lyn to let him lounge around in Caelin for a while. Bloody hell, maybe he'd even have tried to talk her into taking him to Sacae—she could show him why she thought a bunch of flat land and grass was so great.

But he was an adult now, a man, set to inherit the biggest canton in Lycia.

His voice held a measure of annoyance that he couldn't manage to rein in, but he did choose to ignore Matthew's smug expression. The slippery spy probably thought he was sadto see those chumps go. Well, he wasn't. Not really. Not a lot, anyway.

"We need to hurry," he said, and he got no argument from anyone, not even Serra. Ostia had been left too long without proper leadership. He wondered for a moment if he'd spend the rest of his life trying to reverse it, but he quickly shrugged that thought away. He'd have time to think about that when he walked in the front gates.

Until then...

"Hey, Farina! I hope you know you'll be working for me for the next ten years to earn all of that gold I paid you!"

Her shriek of indignation made him grin. Oh yeah. Adulthood was highly overrated. He'd worry about that another day.


Author Notes:

For the "Write My Character" meme that cruised around Livejournal. Hector was "yugithesouvenir"'s character.