Two Things
By: Manna


Marth loved two things in life: Caeda and Fritos. And probably in that order, since he would share his Fritos with Caeda, but never with his best friend or even his own sister.

Merric and Elice were good people, but when it all came down to it... They just weren't Fritos material. (Merric was a traitor with his bag of Doritos anyway.)

Caeda kicked her legs a bit from her position on her stomach on his bed and sighed. "I hate studying for finals," she said, and he looked up from his bag of Fritos and his pile of books on the floor and yawned.

He doubted anyone lovedstudying at all, least of all for finals.

She reached for her phone. "I'm going to order us a pizza." She paused for a moment, and looked at his empty can of soda. "And a two-liter of Pepsi," she added. "That's a necessity."

Pizza. Fritos. Pepsi.

Yeah, he knew there was a reason Caeda came first on his list of things he loved. Fritos were awesome, but they wouldn't call pizza and soda to come to a study session. Which was really too bad as far as Marth was concerned. Fritos would simply have to try harder if it wanted to be his "number one".


Author Notes:

For the "Write My Character" meme that cruised around Livejournal. Marth was "sailorvfan10's" character.