Pirates Vs. Ninjas
By: Manna


Geoffrey wasn't a pirate.

He was a ninja.

Lucia frowned at him and said both were actually pretty evil when you bothered to think about it, and she didn't know why any of them wanted to play games revolving around what were essentially "bad guys". Elincia didn't think ninjas were quite as dashing as pirates. And Bastian...

Bastian was a pirate.

Geoffrey sighed and put down his wooden stick that was supposed to resemble a dagger or one of the mysterious throwing stars he'd heard about on the radio. He wasn't any good at sneaking around, anyway. (They tried to let him be a ninja, to give him a chance, and his task had been to steal Elincia's mother's pie from the windowsill without her noticing. He had tried three times, and, unsurprisingly, every time he had been caught.)

"Pirates aren't so bad, Geoffrey," Elincia tried to coax him. "I mean, they're bad guys, but at least they...uhmm..."

"Adventures on the seven seas!" Bastian said, nodding, pulling delicately at his stiff collar. His parents would be furious if he got even a speck of dirt on his good clothes, and Geoffrey was a bit surprised that his friend would risk their wrath just to play a game. Gentleman didn't ruin their good sets of clothes.

"They also never bathe," Lucia said with a grin. "Something you should be all-too familiar with."

Geoffrey shot her a glare. "I do too bathe!" he insisted, but then he let his mind wander back to their game. He was a pretty terrible ninja. He wasn't even sure what it was ninjas did but sneak around. They probably weren't even real. He'd only heard about them once on the evening radio program, but pirates…he'd heard many stories of pirates, some from foreigners, even. So pirates existed. Pirates definitelyexisted.

"Fine," he said, smoothing down his wrinkled shirt. "I'm a pirate. But I get to be the captain."


Author Notes:

For the "Write My Character" meme that cruised around Livejournal. Geoffrey was "crimsonmorgan's" character.