Title: Headache

Author: AngelTalion

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its fandom. I am not making any money off of this fiction. This story in no way represents canon.

Summary: Sasuke has a headache and its Naruto's fault.



Sasuke was scowling. He'd been scowling all day. Sparring with Neji had gone abysmally to the extent that Neji had stopped it early declaring that if Sasuke wasn't going to try then there was no point continuing. Instead they'd gone for lunch. Unfortunately Ino, Sakura, and Shikamaru were at the dumpling shop. Still they settled at the table with their friends.

The Uchiha winced when he heard the loud boom of the Uzumaki. When the panting blond thumped into the seat next to him and laughed at something the Nara had mumbled, Sasuke winced. "Shut up Dobe." The words were hissed and the table went silent as the two looked at one another in annoyance. It seemed that from day to day you never knew which version of Naruto and Sasuke would show up, the best friends or the rivals. Today it seemed to be the latter. "What is your problem Teme?"

"I have a headache and you have no clue about personal volume control." Sasuke snarled.

"Are you still complaining about that little bump on the head?" Naruto rolled his eyes. When the others realized Naruto had done something to cause the headache they all winced and hoped food would arrive to distract Naruto from the impending brawl.

Back going straight the Uchiha's eyes narrowed suddenly having tunnel vision and the only thing in his sight was the irritating blond. "It wasn't a fucking bump Naruto! You were banging my head into the headboard for almost a minute! You're lucky I'm not in a coma!"

Snorting Naruto raised a brow at the Uchiha. He too had forgotten his surroundings and the only thing that existed was his snotty supposed to be secret boyfriend. "Yeah well maybe if you had some personal volume control I'd know the difference between your Oh's and Ow's."

"Maybe if you don't hear the Oh's for a while you can better remember what the Ow's sound like." Sasuke growled getting up and walking away. "I need aspirin." He shook his head storming away from the dumpling shop. Blinking for a moment Naruto groaned, realizing exactly what Sasuke meant by that and quickly following to apologize and likely grovel.

In their wake sat four of their friends wide eyed and blinking.


So this happened while I was writing the next chapter of SIN... just weird stuff banging around in my head and sometimes I share it with y'all. Sorry guys! LOL