Sighing, Kagome pulled the blinds down over the small window she had been sitting next to. The two travelers had been on the plane for a number of hours now and it seems most of the passengers had drifted off to sleep. The seventeen year old girl turned to see her brother conked out and drooling peacefully, despite the slight turbulence that rumbled through the aircraft every so often. She knew that her mood was beginning to wear him down. While Kagome hated making Souta and their mother worry, it was hard for her, letting go of the past. Letting go of everyone…

Her life just seemed so empty without all of them. What's worse is that Kagome, now thrust back into her own time period couldn't help but feel detached from her previous, normal and mundane lifestyle. Souta must've sensed that part as well, because he set up this solution for her.

Despite the fact that all of these places were so foreign, traveling around like this only reminded her of the past. But she tried for her brother; taking in the scenery and smiling for every picture that would be sent back to the shrine. Seeing Souta so exhausted sent her some resolve. Kagome would try to be more engaging the rest of the trip.

'It won't be so hard,' she told herself. The other places they've been through were mostly about the sights, but Europe should have more things to do. Communicating with the people should also prove to be entertaining. So far the two had been living out of a translation book. Soon enough the siblings could try their hand at English.

A yawn escaped her and blue eyes drifted closed. Having spent most of the flight awake, Kagome joined the rest of the passengers in a light slumber. 'Who knows? Maybe I'll find something interesting in Italy.'

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