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2. Confusion

Summary: He thought 'she' was a boy, she thought 'he' was a girl.

Featuring: Ruka x Hotaru

Date submitted: 18 July 2011

Date edited: 27 November 2013

3. Unfair

Summary: I thought it sounded really cliched, but I guess it's true. When you're in love, age is just a damn freaking number.

Featuring: Hayate x Hotaru

Date submitted: 1 November 2011

Date edited: 30 November 2013

4. Chemical Romance

Summary: In love, even if the chemical is the same, or different, there will always be a reaction.

Featuring: Yuu x Nonoko

Date submitted: 4 November 2011

Date edited: 18 March 2014

5. Fly to Europe

Summary: If we still stood a chance, then let's do it. Let's fly to Europe.

Featuring: Natsume x Hotaru

Date submitted: 20 November 2011

Date edited: 19 March 2014

6. Oath

Summary: In her hearts, they were already bonded. Not with rings, but with the oath they called their child.

Featuring: Yuka x Izumi

Date submitted: 3 April 2012

Date edited: 20 March 2014

7. The Sky and The Sun

Summary: Then you asked, why did someone like her choose a guy who was pretty much a follower?

Featuring: Koko x Misaki

Date submitted: 17 April 2012

Date edited: 23 May 2014

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