Legend of Zelda: Journey of the Chosen

Chapter 1: Trouble at Martel Temple

Midna: You've collected all of the shards of the Mirror of Twilight... Now, Link, let's hurry! To the Mirror Chamber! …. Zant is in the Twilight Realm! I want to help Zelda and the people of Hyrule... I truly do. Please, Link... Help me. Help me defeat Zant!

Woman's Voice: Lloyd Irving, wake up! Lloyd! (She begins to approach Lloyd.)

Lloyd: Gahh! (Lloyd sets down the buckets, and rubs the sleep from his eyes).

Woman: …How do you manage to sleep standing?

Lloyd: …Oh. Professor Raine. Eh…is class over?

Raine: (Sigh) Never mind. Let's have someone else answer the question. Genis, how about you?

Genis: Yes, Raine. Raine turns and walks back to her desk. (Genis stands and answers) "Mithos, the hero, brought about the end of the Ancient War in the Holy Ground of Kharlan."

Raine: Correct. Afterward, Mithos, the hero, formed a pact with the Goddess Martel to seal away the Desians whom caused the war.

Lloyd: (butts in) But the Desians came back and are now causing everyone to suffer!

Raine: We covered that in class last time, remember? When the Seal weakens the Desians reappear. Just like they have now.

Lloyd: I…I knew that. I…I just forgot…

Raine: Today is the Day of Prophecy. It is a very important day, which the Chosen of Mana will receive an oracle from the Goddess Martel. Now, Chosen One…Colette.

Colette: (stands up from her seat) Yes, ma'am.

Raine: Tell us about the journey of world regeneration.

Colette: Umm .. alright… It is a journey to seal the Desians. Upon passing the trials of the Goddess Martel, the Summon Spirits that protect the world awaken, and mana is restored.

Raine: Correct. I suppose we should expect the Chosen herself to know the answer to that one. Mana depletion is the cause of the current food shortages and droughts. It is said that this occurs because the Desians consume vast amounts of mana in their human ranches.

(Lloyd wakes up again and Colette looks back at him for a brief moment then turns around.)

Raine: The Chosen's journey has two purposes, to revive mana as well as defeat the Desians. Now, for the next question...

(Suddenly a bright blinding light appears through the window)

Lloyd: Wh…what was that?

Colette: That's…

Raine: Settle down class… It would seem that the time for the oracle has come. I will go and check on the chapel. Everyone, stay here and study on your own. Is that understood?

(As Raine starts to leave … Colette stops her)

Collete: Professor! I'll go with you!

Raine: No, Colette. If it is the oracle, the priests will come here for you. Wait here with everyone else.

Colette: Yes, ma'am.

(After a few minutes Lloyd tries to leave the classroom, Genis catches him)

Genis: Lloyd! Where are you going? Don't tell me you're sneaking out! Raine will get mad!

Lloyd: I'm really curious to find out what really happens to Colette when she receives the oracle. They always talk about the Chosen of Regeneration and the Day of Prophecy, but no one tells us what really happens.

Genis: But my sister said to stay and study by ourselves.

Lloyd: This is research!

Genis: That's just an excuse!

Lloyd: So? An excuse is an excuse, right? Don't be so stuffy. You're coming too, right? We're best friends, after all! Colette, want to come along, too?

Colette: …Huh? Um, okay. So where to?

Lloyd: Where else? That light! You're directly involved in all of this. Aren't you curious?

Colette: Hmm…Are you curious about it?

Lloyd: Of course!

Colette: Okay, then I'll be curious about it, too.

Genis: Honestly, Lloyd. It's not pretty when Raine gets mad!

Lloyd: Okay, fine. Sheesh… Man…I was really looking forward to seeing what happens with the oracle.

(Suddenly one of the temple pastors comes stumbling in, tightly clenching his body.)

Pastor: Chosen One!... (approaches Colette and falls to the floor)

Colette: Pastor?

Lloyd: Hey! Are you all right?

Pastor: The Desians attacked the temple…

Genis: Wait, Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Desians.

Lloyd: You mean that agreement where they don't attack the village as long as we leave the human ranch alone?

Colette: Yes…Grandmother said it was to protect me…

Pastor: I don't…know why, but they have broken the treaty… Chosen One…hurry…receive the oracle…

Colette: I will.

Pastor: (dying) Please…be careful… I regret that I was…unable to…pro…tect…the…Cho…

Colette: Pastor, hang on!

Lloyd: It's no good. He's gone…

Genis: No!

(Meanwhile, in the land of Hyrule….) (Just inside the Twilight Realm, at the Palace entrance, Link and Midna are fighting their way into the palace searching out Zant and his so called 'God'.)

Midna: Zant had his way with this place... So much as changed... I can't show myself to them, but I want to save everyone I can... Please help me, Link. Link, hurry! My people are still not true beasts. If we can defeat Zant, there still might be time to save everyone! If we waste our time dealing with this, we'll never find Zant! Don't bother yourself with those little nuisances! Attack Zant's image! Didn't you notice something strange in this room when we came in here? You saw it, right? The Sols were like the suns that illuminate this world. Once they were lost, everyone began to transform... We've got to save them quickly... Ugh... Looks like this guy will take some convincing before he lets us take that Sol... Watch for the shadow of the hand, Link! Link, this isn't good! Hurry up and get that Sol back! Thank you, Link... Because of you, these Twili returned to normal. Let's go in search of Zant! If we can return the last Sol to its original location, we should be able to figure out where Zant is. (With both Sol's properly returned, Link's Master Sword is energized with Light) Use that sword to cut through the darkness and follow the path to Zant!

Link and Midna: Zant! Come out and face us !

Zant: Ehehehehehe! As you wish fools.

Midna: You can't let Zant's crazy movements confuse you... As long as you use the light of the Twilight Realm to your advantage, you'll be fine, Link. The light in your blade can drive back Zant's magic power!

(After an hour of fierce battling Zant finally falls, but a greater evil appears)

Midna: Link, We can't stay in the Twilight Realm! We have to first fulfill our obligations to Princess Zelda! Link, let's go to Hyrule!

Link: yeah, your right, lets go.

(Back in Sylvarant.)

Colette: …I'm going.

Genis: Colette, there are Desians outside!

Colette: Yes…but I have to go. I am the Chosen. My job is to accept the oracle on the Day of Prophecy. Everyone, wait here, all right?

Genis: (faces Lloyd): Are you going to let Colette go by herself?

Lloyd:(to Colette) I'm going, too. I can't let you go by yourself.

Colette: Are you sure? It's dangerous.

Lloyd: "Dwarven Vow #1: Let's all work together for a peaceful world." Let's go.

Genis: Wait, I'm going, too. I'm worried about Raine.

Colette: Thanks, both of you.

(The three exit the classroom. Outside…)

Lloyd: What's going on? It's awfully quiet.

Genis: Where did everybody go?

Frank: Colette! Thank goodness you're safe.

Colette: Father!

Genis: Frank! what happened to everyone in the village?

Frank: They're all hiding. The Desians invaded the village just a short while ago. Thankfully, no one was hurt. They passed through the village and headed for the temple.

Genis: Why? Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Desians!

Lloyd: Yeah, that agreement where they don't attack the village as long as we leave the human ranch alone, right?

Colette: Yes…Grandmother said it's to protect me… Oh! Where's Grandmother?

Frank: Phaidra is in the temple preparing for the ritual.

Lloyd: Phaidra's in the temple? But that's where the Desians… We need go .. NOW.

Frank: The priests are there with her. There's no need to worry. Now, Colette…

Colette: I know. I promise to fulfill my duty as the Chosen.

Frank: Good luck, Colette. Now, Lloyd, Genis. You two should go on home.

Lloyd: Like hell, I'm worried about letting Colette go by herself. I'll go with her to the temple.

Genis: Lloyd's right, im going too.

Frank: But…all right. Thank you. I'll wait at the house. Come back immediately if anything happens.

(The three start heading towards the exit. However, a monster blocked the exit.)

Lloyd: Whoa, it's a monster!

Genis: I thought the northern region where the temple is located was a

sanctuary! So, why are there…

Colette: It must be part of the trial. Martel's trial involves battling monsters.

Lloyd: We don't have time to talk! Let's get this thing!

Genis: Roger!

(The trio kill the first set of monsters….)

Lloyd: That was easy!

Colette: Lloyd, you're amazing!

Lloyd: Ah, well…I owe it to this thing, though.

Genis: Ah, that's right, the Ex-sphere.

Lloyd: Yeah. It's designed for combat and brings out my maximum strength. Without this thing, I'd be nothing…

Colette: But you're still strong, Lloyd!

Genis: Yeah, at least his sword skills are good.

Lloyd: (to Genis) …What do you mean, "at least"?

(Suddenly, another monster enters the village)

Lloyd: There's another one! Let's go, you two!

Colette: Wait, Lloyd! The Professor said magic is more effective than physical attacks against non-physical and spiritual monsters.

Lloyd: Really?

Genis: Yes!

Lloyd: Okay then, I'll leave the Ghost to Genis. I'll go for the Zombie! Okay! Here we go!

Genis: Yeah!

Colette: Okay!

Lloyd's group fights the second set of monsters. After the battle:

Lloyd: It's important to choose the target wisely when there's a lot of

monsters, or if we're up against a dangerous one.

Colette: It's especially important when saving an ally that's in trouble.

Genis: We have to be careful.

Lloyd: Let's go to the temple!

Genis and Colette: Yeah.

(Later, they arrive at the Temple)

Lloyd: Whoa, that light really is coming form the temple!

Genis: Then an oracle is going to be conveyed. Colette's going to be the Chosen of Regeneration.

Colette: It's really, really bright!

Lloyd: Say, Colette…when the oracle is conveyed, you'll become the Chosen who will save the world, right? You're going to be like the hero, Mithos! So maybe you should act a little more…you know, Chosen-like…

Colette: Yeah! No problem. No problem.

Genis: (notices something nearby) Hey, there's a lot of commotion at the temple.

Lloyd: …You're right! okay! Let's go, you two!

(Colette trips and falls)

Colette: Oww…

Lloyd: (rushing back to Colette,) Are you all right?

Colette: I'm fine. Sorry about that.

? : Chosen One!

(Another pastor approaches Lloyd's group, but suddenly falls to the ground.)

Colette: Pastor? Lloyd: Hey, are you all right?

(Meanwhile back at Hyrule Castle…)

Midna: We must save Princess Zelda, Link! We must! To Hyrule Castle!

Link: Midna, look! The forcefield around the castle! Its …

Midna: Gone?

Link: hmm. Its like we're expected.

Midna: Yes, but we've no time to worry about that. Where's Princess Zelda? We have to find her and save her!

Link: I know its not much farther now, There; this is the Throne room.

Midna: Gah! Link, look!

Link: Zelda! Why .. Why is she just hanging there like that …

Midna: I don't like this.

(Ganon's dark shadow billows in, and begins controlling Zelda like a puppet)

Ganon-Zelda: Muahaha …. So u think u can stop me, Just Try FOOL!

Midna: Don't get distracted by his size, Link! Watch his moves! Just like that, Link!

Link: Gah… He's changing forms.

Midna: I know Link, just dodge his charge and attack his stomach after he stops!

Link: Yeah I know.

Midna: Damn! He's changing his strategy! Not only can you not confuse him, but you won't be able to attack!

Link. Hmm, Heh I got an idea

Midna: What idea.

Link: Beast against beast! How about matching an evil beast against a sacred beast?

Midna: Hell yeah! Go for it. (Midna changes Link's form, and the fight moves forward.)

(Back at Iselia's Martel Temple)

Pastor: The Desians broke the non-aggression treaty and attacked the temple… Chosen One…quickly…the oracle…

Colette: I know.

Pastor: (dying) Please…be careful…

Lloyd: He's…gone. (Genis and Colette covers their faces in grief.)

Colette: …I'm going.

(As they proceeds toward the entrance to Martel Temple. a man with a group of soldiers approach an old woman who is guarding the entrance.)

Man: Where is the Chosen?

(The old woman steps back a little just as Lloyd, Genis and Colette arrive)

Phaidra: Run, Colette!

Desian Soldier 1: Lord Botta! There she is!.

Botta: Chosen One, your life is mine!.

Lloyd: I won't let you Desians get away with anything!

Desian Soldier 1: Desians? …Hahaha!

Genis: What's so funny?

Desian Soldier 2: Well then, die at the hands of the Desians you so hate. Get them!

(The trio fights the soldiers, but they retreat and in their place, Vidarr appears with an iron spike ball and chain)

Vidarr: Do not get in our way!

(They try to fend off Vidarr, but because of his weapon, he knocks them down for a final blow)

Genis: This guy's strong!

Lloyd: Man, this guy is really tough!

(Just as Vidarr's ball and chain was about to strike Lloyd, another mysterious man aooears and prevents the attack.)

Lloyd: Who are you?

Mysterious Man: Get out of the way.

(The team join forces with the man and defeat Vidarr)

Botta: I never thought you'd show up. Damn… Retreat for now!

Colette: Amazing!…

Genis: This guy's incredibly strong!

Lloyd: …Y…yeah. I…I suppose so…

Mysterious Man: …Is everyone all right? Hmm…no one seems to be hurt.

(The mysterious man's Ex-sphere on his left hand begins to glow)

Lloyd: Is that an Ex-sphere?

Phaidra: How can I ever thank you for saving the Chosen?

Mysterious Man: …I see. So this girl is the next Chosen.

Colette: That's right! I have to go accept the oracle! Grandmother, I'm going to undergo the trial now.

Lloyd: What trial?

Mysterious Man: The monsters, I assume. An evil presence radiates from inside this chapel.

Phaidra: Yes, that is correct. The Chosen is to receive judgment from heaven. But the priests that were to accompany her fell at the hands of the Desians.

Lloyd: Then I'll take on the job of protecting Colette.

Phaidra: Lloyd? …I would be uneasy with just you.

Mysterious Man: Your name is Lloyd?

Lloyd: Yeah, but who are you to ask for my name?

Kratos: …I am Kratos, a mercenary. As long as you can pay me, I'll accept the job of guarding the Chosen.

Phaidra: …Under the circumstances, I have little choice. Please be of service.

Kratos: It's a deal, then. Lloyd: W…wait! I'm going, too!

Kratos: Lloyd, you'll only get in the way. Be a good boy and wait here.

Lloyd: What did you say?

Kratos: Did I not make myself clear? You're a burden. Go home.

Colette: Um…Mr. Kratos, would it be okay to take Lloyd along, too?

Kratos: But…

Colette: Please. I get nervous when Lloyd's not around.

Kratos: Meh …Do as you wish.

Lloyd: …Let's go, Genis!

Genis: What? I'm going, too?

Lloyd: Of course!

Kratos: This isn't a field trip, you know.

Lloyd: Thanks, Colette… Colette: It's the truth!

(Back at Hyrule Castle… Dark Beast Ganon falls in defeat. Link reverts back to his human form)

Link: (panting) is … it ..over?

Midna: Don't let your guard down, Link. Something doesn't feel quite right.

(As Link and Midna turn away and head back to where Zelda was, Ganon's shadow starts to take human form and goes after link.)

Ganon: Muahahahahahahaha, You wont be getting away from me that easily; now die!

Midna: Link! Look out! (Midna shoves Link out of the way, and uses the Helmet of Shadows, to stop Ganon.)

Link: Midna!

Ganon: hahahahah, fine then, I will kill you first.

(with a death grip on Midna, Ganon breaks the Helmet of Shadows, and throws Midna aside like a rag doll.)

Zelda: Link! Are you alright.

Link: Yeah … I … I think so; how about yourself Your Highness?

Zelda: Im fine thanks to you. (Zelda smiles at Link)

Ganon: Don't think I have forgotten about you two fools. (Ganon charges at Link and Zelda.)

Zelda: Hurry Link, there's not much time left. Stand close to me, I have a way we can finally put an end to Ganon!

Link: What ?

(Link and Zelda are engulfed in a blinding white light and vanish just as Ganon tries to strike.)

Meanwhile, In the lobby of the Martel Temple…

Lloyd: So this is what the inside of the temple is like.

Genis: Colette, you've been in here many times, right?

Colette: Yeah, but it seems different than usual.

Kratos: I sense the presence of monsters. Don't let your guard down.

Lloyd: We can handle a few measly monsters. Let's go.

Kratos: Wait. Lloyd…are your sword techniques self-taught?

Lloyd: Yeah. That's right. (Kratos gives him a Training Manual.) What is this thing?

Kratos: If you are going to use a sword, then at least learn the basics. You want to protect the Chosen, don't you?

Lloyd: Humph! You think you know so much!

(They begin to explore the templ and come to a room with a glowing stone on a pedestal which cannot be reached.)

Genis: Look, look! There's something glowing.

Lloyd: Wow! Let's go see it!

Colette: Look, there's something here.

(They turn around to find a Golem which attacks them. After the fight)

Colette: Wow! It turned into a rock!

Lloyd: Well, it was kind of a rock to begin with.

Colette: Oops!

(Colette loses her balance and falls towards the block onto the floor, knocking the block into a hole.)

Lloyd: Uh… (The block created one of the paths to the glowing item.)

Colette: Oh, no!

Genis: I get it.

Kratos: I see.

Lloyd: What are you two talking about?

Genis: In just a moment, it'll probably… See, there it is.

(Suddenly, another Golem spawns in front of the team)

Lloyd: Whoa, there's another one!

Genis: Now, let's take care of it and drop it down below!

(Lloyd looks confused for a bit,but finally solves the puzzle by creating a path to the glowing item using the Golems for blocks.)

Genis: Is this the Sorcerer's Ring? I've heard about it before. It's a holy artifact of the Church of Martel!

Kratos: With this, we should be able to deal with most traps and obstacles.

Lloyd: Wow! Let me try it!

Colette: Okay, Lloyd.

Genis: …You're like a little kid.

(Lloyd takes the Sorcerer's Ring, and they head back to the lobby of the temple and approach the sealed door.)

Kratos: It's sealed.

Colette: The Sorcerer's Ring can probably open it.

Lloyd: Okay! Leave it to me! (The door opens)

Lloyd: Oh. Is this all the Sorcerer's Ring does?

Genis: You get bored so easily.

(inside the altar chamber)

Kratos: This appears to be the top floor.

Colette: Yes. That's the altar.

Lloyd: Then that shining thing there must be the Cruxis Crystal,

Colette: That's right. They say I was born with that in my hand.

Genis: Look at that light!

(Suddenly, a winged priest floats down from above.)

Lloyd: Wh…what is that?

Kratos: An angel, I would assume.

Genis: So is that Colette's real father?

Remiel: I am Remiel. I am an angel of judgment. I am here to guide Colette, daughter of the mana lineage, on her journey to heaven as the seventh Chosen. The time has come to awaken the Goddess Martel, who sleeps at the center of the world.

Genis: Awaken the Goddess Martel… It's just like the legend Raine told us about.

(Remiel gives the glowing item to Colette.)

Remiel: From this moment, Colette becomes the Chosen of Regeneration. We of Cruxis bless this event, and hereby bestow the Tower of Salvation upon Sylvarant.

(Suddenly a strange Tower appears out of nothing in the middle of the planet)

Lloyd: So that's the Tower of Salvation!

Genis: Now the world will be saved!

Remiel: Colette, the Chosen of Regeneration. Unlock the seals that guard the Tower of Salvation and climb its stairs to heaven in distant lands.

Colette: I humbly accept this task.

Remiel: Very good. We of Cruxis shall grant you the power of the angels with each seal you unlock. Once you are reborn as an angel, this eroded world shall be regenerated.

Colette: Thank you. I swear on my life I will regenerate the world.

Remiel: First head south, to the Seal of Fire. Offer your prayers in that distant land.

Colette: Yes, Lord Remiel.

(Remiel begins to ascend to leave)

Colette: Uh, wait! Please wait! I have a question I wish to ask of you. Are you really my fa—

Remiel: First head to the Seal of Fire. Understood? My beloved daughter, Colette.

Colette: F…father!…So you really are my true father.

Remiel: We shall meet again at the next seal, my daughter.

Genis: So that was the oracle. I wish Raine could have seen him.

Colette: I can't believe Remiel is my father… I'm all right. I was just a ittle surprised. That's all.

Kratos: Colette must now go on a long journey to search for those seals. Chosen .. You've received the oracle. Then let us leave now.

Colette: …Oh, yes. (Kratos leaves the temple) Uh… Lloyd, Genis, thank you, both of you. Please stop by my house later. (Colette takes the teleporter to the lobby of the temple.)

Lloyd: She left… Genis: The rumor was true. Lloyd: What rumor?

Genis: That Colette is the daughter of an angel and is not really related to her current father.

Lloyd: Even if you're not related by blood, family is family… At least, thats what I think.

Genis: I…I'm sorry. Lloyd: Hey, don't worry about it.

Lloyd and Genis takes the teleporter to the lobby of the temple. where they see Raine who is doing research.


Lloyd: …Professor? (Raine turns to face Lloyd and Genis.)

Raine: What? What are you two doing here? You're supposed to be studying in class!

Lloyd: Uh! Uh-oh…

Genis: Raine! I…I'm sorry! (Raine grabs Genis and spanks him)

Raine: …You're next, Lloyd. Are you ready?

Lloyd: Whoa, no, hey, stop! … Oww! (Raine kicks Lloyd, sending him flying across the hall)


Raine: Now, you two, if you've learned your lesson, go back home. There will be no class for the rest of the day. Genis: What about you?

Raine: I've received permission from Phaidra to study this temple a little while longer. It's not often that ordinary citizens have the opportunity to enter this place.

(Lloyd and Genis leave)


Lloyd: What was that?

(There was a brief pause.)

Genis: …You're better off knowing.

(Back in Hyrule, Zelda and Link reappear in a realm of Light. Zelda explains that the only way to defeat Ganon was to use arrows of pure Light. So Zelda prays and the pair are suddenly surrounded by the Guardian Beasts of Light that Link previously rescued.)

Back in Hyrule Field …

Link: let me call Epona. (Link blows into a grass whistle)

Zelda: Link get as close to Ganon as you can, I'll fire the arrows to stop him.

Link: (nods agreeably) Heeyah, lets ride!

(The battle ensued for what seemed like hours, but finally Ganon fell. With one final blow, Link uses his Jump Strike, and stabs Ganon in the head through the crystal on his head piece. Hyrule was finally safe once more.)

Back in Sylvarant…

(Lloyd and Genis exit Martel Temple and proceed back to Iselia and enter Colette's house. Inside, the mayor sits down with Kratos, Colette and her family at a table.)

Mayor: Then, we shall entrust the protection of the Chosen to Kratos and Raine.

Kratos: I have no objections. Colette: Thank you so much for your help earlier!

Phaidra: Ohh, you're back! (noticing Lloyd and Genis) Thank you for your assistance earlier! Please accept this small thanks.

(Lloyd and Genis receive the Collector's Book.)

Genis: Thank you.

Lloyd: Thanks, Phaidra. Say, were you talking about the world regeneration journey just now?

Phaidra: Yes.

Lloyd: Wow! I want to go, too! I wanna see Colette regenerate the world!

Genis: If Raine is going, I want to go, too.

Kratos: No. You'll get in the way.

Lloyd: Wh…what?

Kratos: The battles at the chapel were nothing compared to the journey that awaits us. Children need to stay home.

Mayor: Kratos is absolutely right. Now then, we still have things to discuss. You two should go on home.

(Outside, as Lloyd and Genis walk away from the house, Colette opens the door and comes out.)

Colette: Please, wait!

(Colette runs up and suddenly loses her balance and falls.)

Colette:(gets up) I'm sorry.

Lloyd: It's not like it's your fault.

Colette: Oh yeah…I'm sorry.

Lloyd: Listen! Ah, never mind.

Genis: Oh yeah, happy birthday, Colette! (Lloyd looked puzzled.) I baked you some cookies. If I knew you'd be leaving tomorrow, I would've made something a little more special, but…

Colette: No, no, I love your cookies! Thank you very much!

Genis: (to Lloyd) So what about you, Lloyd? You promised to make her a necklace, right?

Lloyd: …Uhhh…heh…

Genis: …Don't tell me you forgot.

Lloyd: Uh, it's…it's almost done. Uh, I'll give it to you…tomorrow, before you leave. I swear!

Colette: Really? I'm so happy! As soon as I find out when we're leaving, I'll go to your house to let you know.

Lloyd: Isn't it going to be dangerous?

(Colette turns to go in the house)

Colette: I'm the Chosen, remember? I'll be fine. See you later, then.