Chapter 38: The Worlds Reuinited.

Link: Damn, the Tower of Salvation is falling!

Yuan: It's Mithos! He's sealed off the route to Derris-Kharlan!

Lloyd: Damn! We'll evacuate the elves for now! The entire village will be destroyed unless we do something!

(The team quickly runs back to Hiemdall to evacuate everyone, inside the Elder's home)

Lloyd: Hey, what are you doing? Get out of here!

Elf Elder: …I cannot leave without the others of this village. I will remain in the village until the end.

Lloyd: We're evacuating the remaining people. So run, now!

Elf Elder: …I can't believe I'm being saved by humans and half-elves…

Link: How can you say things like that at a time like this?

Elf Elder: …Yes…We may have been foolish. I entrust my villagers to you…

(After completing the evacuation)

Kratos: …It appears that was the last remaining elf in the village. Lloyd, you should get out as well.

(After the team exits the village, the Tower of Salvation stops collaspsing, and a strange planet becomes visible.)

Lloyd: What is that?

Kratos: That…is Derris-Kharlan.

Raine: Impossible! How could a planet exist so close?

Yuan: It is the Eternal Sword that makes the impossible possible. It was hidden by the protective barrier projected from the Tower of Salvation. But it has always existed there, for four thousand years.

(Suddenly, Tabatha appears)

Tabatha: Yes. And now, Mithos, with the Great Seed in hand, is trying to leave thisland and take Derris-Kharlan with him.

Presea: Tabatha! You're feeling better?

Tabatha: …Yes.

Link: Hold up. If Derris-Kharlan is a mass of mana, and the Great Seed is the seed of the Giant Kharlan Tree, what will happen to the world if they are both gone?

Presea: The world will die…due to insufficient mana.

Regal: This is a much bigger problem than reuniting the worlds!

Genis: Who cares? Our friend just got kidnapped! What should we do, Lloyd?

Lloyd: What else? We're going after Mithos!

Link: Mithos and Dark Link with pay for this!

Raine: How? The Tower of Salvation was destroyed.

Kratos: Use the Eternal Sword. If you really made a pact with Origin, with its power over time and space…

Yuan: But Altessa is not well enough to move. Who is going to craft the Ring of the Pact?

Lloyd: …Dad!

Colette: Oh, Dirk!

Genis: Dirk?

Lloyd: Yeah. He's our only hope. We'll go to Sylvarant!

Kratos: Wait. I'm going with you.

Lloyd: …All right.

(the team then returns to Sylvarant and return to Dirks house.)

Dirk: …So you want me to forge the Ring of the Pact? A dwarf who's losing his skills by living on the surface?

Kratos: There's no one else. The dwarf that has the skills is unable to move.

Lloyd: Dad…please!

Kratos: …I've gathered all of the necessary items.

(Kratos takes out all the items he found and placed it on the table.)

Dirk: This is adamantite for polishing… Hmm? What's this piece of wood?

Lloyd: Is this…sacred wood?

Kratos: This must fuel the fire.

Lloyd: …Is that why you were traveling all over Tethe'alla? To prepare all of this?…

Kratos: …

Dirk: …I see. So everything is set. I can't very well refuse after you've gone through so much trouble, now can I? And I suppose it won't hurt me to help out my dearest son. After all…I'm his father, too. Dwarven Vow #1: Work together for the sake of a peaceful world. All right, let's do it.

(Later, after Dirk finished crafting the ring…)

Lloyd: …With this, I'll be able to use the Eternal Sword, right?

(Suddenly, Kratos falls to the floor.)

Lloyd: Da…Kratos! What's wrong?

Kratos: …Lloyd, you've really grown stronger. I never expected you'd be able to inflict such a serious wound on my angelic form. …Take this…and stop Mithos. I don't think I'll be able to help you anymore.

Lloyd: …Okay.

Dirk: That's a marvelous blade. I doubt you have a sword in your possession to match it.

Lloyd: Really?

Dirk: Take this with you. It's a present I promised you. Now that you've grown all up, I can entrust you with the greatest sword I ever forged.

Lloyd: Wow…I'll become even stronger with these two swords. Thanks, Dad.


Kratos: …I'm sorry I've forced everything upon you.

Lloyd: I have great dads. One made a ring for his son using the lost arts, and another risked his life to protect his son…in secrecy.

Dirk: …Yeah. You've got great parents!

Lloyd: Yeah!…Well, I'm off. Dad!


Lloyd: Everyone, let's go!

(Later, at the ruins of the Tower of Salvation.)

Presea: The only thing left is that dais…

Lloyd: …It's the Eternal Sword.

Raine: Lloyd. Are we fully prepared? This may be our last battle.

Lloyd: Yeah. We're set.

(Lloyd draws out the Eternal Sword from the Dias, and it transforms its power, and flows into Lloyd's swords.)

Voice of Origin: You, who possess the new right. What do you ask of me?

Lloyd: Carry us to Derris-Kharlan. To where Mithos and our dear friend are!

Voice of Origin: Understood.

Lloyd: Here we go, everyone!

(The team is then transported to Welgaia, and they come to the Large Teleportation Rune in the center of the city.)

Lloyd: Wh…what the?

Link: Heh … a trap.

(Link vanishes)

Genis: Lloyd, help us!

(Genis vanishes)

Raine: Forget about us! Find a way to evade this trap!

(Raine vanishes)

Zelos: I see…so this is the…Lloyd! Get the Derris Emblem! With it, you can-

(Zelos vanishes )

Presea: This device is not life-threatening. Please…don't worry.

(Presea vanishes).

Regal: Lloyd. As long as you're all right, we still haven't lost. You must get to the Great Seed!

(Regal vanishes)

Lloyd: Guys! …Damn! What the hell is going on? What happened to everyone?…

Voice of Origin: Everything is all right. I can feel the presence of your companions. They are somewhere in this city.

Lloyd: All right. Let's go find them!

(Lloyd takes the teleporter to the next area, and finds Colette who is resisting Mithos' possession)

Colette: Get out of my body!

Lloyd: Colette!

Mithos: Ugh…she's too strong…I can't…

Lloyd: Mithos! Get away from her!

Mithos: …How dare you, human! You…son of Kratos! …How dare you give me orders!

(Lloyd is transported into Mithos' memories)

Lloyd: Wh…what's going on?

Mithos: …Martel!…How could you?

Yuan: …Human! Your kind must not be allowed to live!

Kratos: …How far are you willing to go to take control of the mana?

Mithos: I'll never forgive you… You humans are all the same!

(Kratos and Yuan prepare to attack Lloyd.)

Lloyd: What's going on? Mithos…Yuan… Dad!

Voice of Colette: Lloyd, we're inside Mithos' memory! Don't let it get to you!

(The memory ends, releasing Lloyd and Colette)

Mithos: …Why do you interfere? We both want the same thing! I just wanted to save the world and my sister! To have a world where no one will be persecuted!

(Mithos vanishes. )

Lloyd: Colette! Are you okay?

Colette: Lloyd! Yeah. I'm fine! Thank you for rescuing me. I knew you'd come.

Lloyd: …We made a promise, didn't we? That's we'd go on a journey together.

Colette: …Yeah!

Lloyd: Looks like the crystal won't come off.

Colette: Yeah…but I think it's okay. The feeling of something eating through my

mind is gone now. Wait, where's everybody else?

Lloyd: They got caught in a trap…and we all wound up separated.

Colette: Oh no! We have to find them!

Lloyd: Yeah. Let's go!

(Lloyd and Colette take the teleporter to Welgaia)

Lloyd: This is…Welgaia.

Colette: Nothing is broken, but it feels…cold…

Lloyd: Let's go! We have to stop Mithos!

(Lloyd and Colette search the city, suddenly Colette is swalled by a black portal, Lloyd continues his search of the city. In the Prison are, Lloyd finds Colette along with Presea.)

Lloyd: I'll save you guys!

(Lloyd vanishes)

Colette: Wasn't that Lloyd just now?

Presea: Yes…He disappeared. What could…

(Suddenly the cell door opens.)

Colette: Oh! It opened! I wonder if it's a trap?

Presea: Even if it is, remaining here indefinitely…

Colette: You're right. They'll all be worried.

(As Colette and Presea exits the cell, they suddenly see Alicia.)

Alicia: I'm so glad the two are safe!

Presea: Alicia…

Colette: Huh? Why?

Alicia: Please wait, I'll take you to Lloyd.

Colette: Something's not right…Alicia passed away…didn't she?

Presea: …Yes. She was murdered.

Colette: Oh…

Alicia: Then, what am I, Presea? Even though I'm right here, breathing, my very own sister insists that I'm dead?

Presea: I…

Alicia: It's true I was murdered by Regal. But here I am alive in front of you. Isn't that enough?

Colette: …No. This feeling…it's not Alicia! Don't lead Presea astray!

(Colette draws her chakram and approaches Alicia.)

Alicia: Ahh!

(Presea blocks Colette's way.)

Colette: Presea!

Presea: We…don't know for certain it's an illusion.

Alicia: Presea…You believe me, don't you? Thank you!

Colette: This isn't right! Lloyd destroyed the Exsphere…

Presea: Stop! If you don't stop…

Alicia: You're my sister's friend, and yet…you try to kill me… I can't believe it…

Colette: Presea! Don't be fooled! Alicia's aura didn't feel like this!

Presea: …If you want to kill Alicia you must face me first. Prepare yourself!

Voice of Lloyd: Stop it, both of you!

Colette: Lloyd's voice…is this an illusion, too?

Presea: But…there's blood…

Alicia: I feel an evil presence from that blood! Be careful, Presea!

Colette: …No! This blood is Lloyd's blood!

Voice of Lloyd: It doesn't matter, just settle down! Why are you fighting each other! You're supposed to be friends!

(Lloyd appears, but is injured)

Presea: Lloyd…

Colette: Lloyd!

Alicia: Why did you stop attacking?

Presea: But…

Alicia: Colette. Why don't you just cooperate and let yourself be killed? You've felt guilty for so long not being to die as the Chosen, so why do you resist now?

Colette: …

Alicia: Here's your chance to end it all!

(Suddenly, Mithos in his young form appears)

Mithos: Yes. Once you're dead, my sister will take your body. If you kill, you will surely go mad with guilt. People must be punished for their crimes.

Lloyd: Wake up, both of you! Don't mistake who you need to fight! Dying won't settle anything! Killing won't solve anything!

Mithos: That is merely logic. People are not moved by logic. If the one you love is killed, and you hate the murderer…And murderer must be punished.

Lloyd: But if you keep killing people like that, it will only spawn new hate and new revenge! Besides…you're just running away if you die. You'll forget the murder and the pain of that crime.

Presea: …Spawn…new hate…

Colette: …Dying…won't settle anything?…

Alicia: …Then what should I do about my regrets and lost dreams? And what of those people that died because of your decisions?

Lloyd: It's true that Alicia died and countless others have died waiting for the world to regenerate. But there's no way they would want us to hurt one another like this. Revenge and self-sacrifice are both selfish!

Colette: …You're right. You must be…the real Lloyd.

Presea: …And that Alicia is a fake. Alicia wouldn't say things like that…

Alicia: Are you…going to kill me?

Lloyd: Stop deceiving my friends!

(Lloyd approaches Alicia, but she vanishes with Mithos. Lloyd then checks on Colette and Presea.)

Lloyd: I came to get you guys...

Colette: …I'm sorry, Lloyd. Somewhere in my heart, I felt that if I had died and became Martel, the world would not have suffered…even though I know that countless people would be sacrificed to bring about the Age of Lifeless Beings.

Presea: …I closed off my heart and turned away from people who were trying to atone for their crimes because it was easier to hate then to forgive.

Lloyd: There are so many things you can do before you die. And I don't think everything has to be forgiven. But no matter how painful things may be, you just can't dwell on the past.

Colette: …You're right.

Presea: …I…will stop allowing myself to be trapped in the past.

Colette: We're going to make a new world. …No. We're going to restore the world to the way it should be.

Mithos: And thus, you forget the past… The countless lives that were lost…and the pain of those that suffered. Crimes must be met with punishment.

(Suddenly, a Chipped Dagger descended towards the trio)

Lloyd: What's that?

Colette: A knife?

Presea: There are nicks all over the blade.

Lloyd: Maybe it's a symbol of your past…

Colette: Yeah. It probably is.

Presea: Yes…so that we may never fight amongst ourselves again.

(After what seemed like hours of search Lloyd and Colette reunite with the rest of the team. All except Sheena and Link.)

Raine: Where are Link and Sheena?

Zelos: I don't know…

(Suddenly a bright light appeared and the team could see Link fighting Dark Link, and Sheena chained up in a cell.)

Colette: Look! Its Link and Sheena!

Regal: He's fighting with that shadowy Doppelganger.

Link: You will pay for this!

Dark Link: Ahahahahah! Die fool; after I kill you and your little girl friend, your friends die next.

Link: Like Hell!

(The team enters the portal and tries to help Link)

Link: Guys … Stay back... I have to do this myself!

Zelos: You can't take him alone!

Link: Yes I can! I have to overcome my own evil! (to himself) Hold on a little longer Sheena, I will rescue you!

(Link and Dark Link fought for what seemed like hours, and it seemed that Dark Link had the upper hand. But suddenly, the Master Sword started to emit a bright light.)

Lloyd: I can't see..

Link: Alright … Master Sword! Unleash your righteous fury! HEAVEN'S SLASHER!

(Link unleashes an attack never heard of in the history of Hyrule, unlocking a Holy Power, and banishing Dark Link to a death beyond the dimensions.)

Raine: Now I really want to examine that sword!

Link: (out of breath, and running to Sheena's cell) Sheena!

Sheena: Link … I knew you'd come for me.

Link: Always…

Zelos: Alright Link!

Regal: Welcome back.

Presea: Now that Link and Sheena are safe, let's finish this.

(the team exits the pillar of light, and proceeds to the next area via the teleporter).

Lloyd: Wh…what is this?

Colette: This is…

Zelos: This is…the Derris Emblem!

Lloyd: Derris Emblem?

Zelos: It's a seal that blocks the path to Mithos' castle. Although I didn't

know where it was.

Lloyd: Then, with this…

Raine: The trap should be deactivated. Let's keep going.

Lloyd: Okay, let's go!

(The group takes the last teleporter to Vindheim. And gather the 2 stones of the Past and Future.)

Lloyd: The Future Stone is resonating …. Words…it says… "Will the future be one of a bountiful earth, caressed by the blessing of the wind? Will it be one of swirling, terrible water that wishes away all in its path? Is there a ray of light in our future?"

(At the other side of the room..)

Raine: The Past Stone is resonating as well. There is something written here…It says… "What can be seen in the past is anger that seeps out from the depths of darkness. What can char this frozen

heart is this burning hatred, like the fires of hell. Bring down upon them the lightning of judgment."

(Afterwards the team comes across a door blocked by a large black dragon.)

Dark Dragon: I am the gatekeeper. You, who would open the gate, stand forth and destroy me!

Link: Let's go!

(The team fights and defeats the Dark Dragon opening the gate to Mithos' throne room)

Lloyd: Mithos is just ahead…

Colette: And the Great Seed should be there, too.

Lloyd: This is it, everyone… Are you ready?

Raine: I'm ready. I'm prepared to accept whatever happens in the coming battle…and we will win!

Sheena: Yeah. We're gonna win…for Mizuho, Corrine…and for all of you who believed in a coward like me.

Link: I'm ready as well… let's put an end to Mithos' foolish dream of a lifeless world. I will fulfill my promise to Hyrule's goddesses, and to the Hero's Shade. For you all, my friends, and Sheena the one I love…

Colette: And…for myself, too. I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did. No one should have to think that he has to sacrifice his own life…

Genis: Everyone should be able to live freely, no matter who they are. Humans and elves and even us… It's okay for us to be here, in this world.

Regal: Yes. That's why we must recover the Great Seed from Mithos and revive the Giant Tree. Without it, not only will we be unable to restore peace between the different races…

Presea: The world itself will die. We can't let that happen. We must reunite the worlds. Afterwards we shall make a new promise to the new world.

Zelos: The people that I like and the people that I don't both have the right to live in the same world as I do. Because that's the way things should be. So count me in. I won't run from this one.

Lloyd: …All right! Let's go! We're going to restore a world where everyone can live freely!

(The team takes the teleporter to the final battle.)

Link: (On guard) Something's off…

Yggdrasill: …Home…I'm going home…

Genis: Mithos…listen to me! We don't have to fight! Please return the Great Seed to us so that we can reunite the worlds.

Yggdrasill: …Home…I'm going home…

Lloyd: …Something's wrong. He sounds like a puppet…

Colette: W…wha?…

(Suddenly, Mithos' Cruxis Crystal leaves Colette and attaches to Yggdrasill's body.)

Yggdrasill: …I need to thank you for going through all the trouble to bring me back here. I'm finally myself again.

Lloyd: …Damn! So that's what this was all about!

Genis: Mithos…Martel is already dead…

Yggdrasill: That's not true! Martel is alive, just as I lived on in the Cruxis Crystal.

Lloyd: That's not living. That's just existing as a lifeless being.

Yggdrasill: What's wrong with that?

Link: I think you need to ask, "What's right with it" instead.

Yggdrasill: In our bodies flow the blood of humans and elves—thebloods of those that despise us. We're better off casting aside much filth and become lifeless beings.

Lloyd: That's what you really want?

Yggdrasill: (Mithos' voice) Of course. Watch! When you become a lifeless being, you can even control your appearance and growth.

Mithos: Everyone should become lifeless beings. I told you before. The only way to eliminate discrimination is for everyone to become the same race.

Link: What you hope for is nothing but a dream, Mithos. Discrimination comes from the heart.

Genis: He's right, Mithos. It's the weakness of people's hearts that causes discrimination. Looking down upon others while placing themselves too high…

Sheena: You do the same thing! You look down on humans and elves, treating them like cattle. That's the weakness of your heart.

Regal: Even if people become lifeless beings, nothing will will continue.

Mithos: …Then where should the half-elves go? We aren't accepted anywhere. We opened our hearts, but no one took us in. Where should we live?

Lloyd: You can live anywhere you like.

Mithos: …Don't make me laugh.

Lloyd: I'm serious. Anywhere is fine. If you aren't doing anything wrong, you should just live proudly in the open.

Mithos: …It's because we couldn't do that…that I…that we wanted a place of our own!

Zelos: Uh-uh. Sorry, but don't act like you're the only victim here. It doesn't even come close to justifying all the things that you've done.

Presea: What you've done caused meaningless suffering and death to countless people. Can you feel their pain?

Raine: People can change, even if they don't change right away. Months, years—as time passes, change is inevitable.

Colette: Maybe not everything can be forgiven. But one can try to atone for one's sins. Can't you feel it in your heart? The Goddess known as conscience…

Mithos: Do you think I'm going to beg for forgiveness? Ridiculous. There is no Goddess. So I will continue to pursue my ideals. If there is no place where I can live, and if I've been denied my Age of Lifeless Beings, then the only thing left for me is to build a new world on Derris-Kharlan. A world just for my sister and me!

(Mithos reveals his wings and transforms. The team then fights and defeats him)

Colette: Mithos is!…

Presea: It's just like Alicia! Mithos will continue to live as long as the Cruxis Crystal exists!

Voice of Mithos: And eventually…I will be taken over by the crystal.

Lloyd: Mithos…

Voice of Mithos: I'm tired of playing your game of good-and-evil. Hurry up and destroy the crystal. If you don't, Derris-Kharlan will continue to drift away.

Lloyd: Mithos…

Voice of Mithos: Do it now! Before I, too, am no longer myself…

Genis: Lloyd! Please…help him! Let him die while he's still himself!

Lloyd: …All right.

Voice of Mithos: Farewell, my shadow. You, who stand at the end of the path I chose not to follow. I wanted my own world, so I don't regret my choice. I would make the same choice all over again. I will continue to choose this path!

(Link Rushes up to the Crystal and shatters it with the Megaton Hammer.)

Lloyd: (unhappy) You could have…you could have lived with us in our world! Damn it…

(Suddenly the Material blade appears in front of the team, and Origin speaks.)

Voice of Origin: The old master of the pact is no more. What does the new master of the pact ask of his sword?

Lloyd: Restore the true form of our two worlds!

(Suddenly everyone is teleported to the surface of the newly reformed world)

Lloyd: Are we back?

(Suddenly, the begins shaking)

Link: What's going on?

(Suddenly, all 8 Summon Spirits appears.)

Sheena: What are you all doing?

Voice of Origin: Your wish is granted. But there is no link. Without a link, the land will die.

Colette: What do you mean?

Voice of Origin: The world was originally separated into two in order to prevent its destruction. If it returns to its true form, the world lacks the mana to support itself. The land…is dying.

Lloyd: I don't need to know why it's dying! What do we need to do to stop it?

Voice of Origin: Support the two worlds by linking them with the Giant Tree. That is the only way to stop the destruction of the land.

Colette: We need to awaken the Giant Kharlan Tree!

Lloyd: All right, then! I'm counting on you, Eternal Sword!

Voice of Origin: Derris-Kharlan is already at the edge of the gravitational field. Not even Yggdrasill…Mithos could stop this from happening. Do you stillintend to try?

Lloyd: Yeah.

Voice of Origin: Even strengthened by your Exsphere, it is likely that your body will not withstand the forces. Are you certain of your decision?

Lloyd: I said I'm doing it, so I'm doing it! It's not like we have a choice!

Voice of Origin: …Very well.

Lloyd: It's not working! The mana's being deflected!

Colette: The Great Seed is…already dead.

Lloyd: (his exsphere vanishes) Wait! Don't go! Please, wake up!

(Suddenly Lloyd has wings, and he and Colette fly up after Derris-Kharlan)

Colette: It looks like Derris-Kharlan stopped moving away.

Lloyd: Yeah, but why? The Eternal Sword is gone…

(Suddenly, the Eternal Sword reappeared.)

Lloyd: The Eternal Sword!…

Colette: Thank goodness!…

Lloyd: This is my final wish. Eternal Sword…

Colette: Please…awaken the Great Seed!

Lloyd: I beg you, please, wake up!

Colette: …Please!

Lloyd: Rise Giant Kharlan Tree!

(Suddenly,the Great Seed descends towards Tabatha and splits into separate petals engulfing her. Martel then appears while Tabatha prays silently, merging with her. Martel approaches the small Mana Tree and Lloyd and Colette approach her.).

Martel: I am Martel, and also the incarnation of the Great Seed itself. Lloyd,

your hope as well as those of many others, resurrected me.

Lloyd: (startled) So you're Mithos' sister?

Martel: No. Mithos' sister Martel, is one of the many source within me. I am Mana, and I am the Giant Tree. I am a symbol of the many lives sacrificed to the Great Seed. I am the new spirit born to accompany the Giant Tree. And now the Seed has awakened anew along with me.

(Suddenly, the small Mana Tree grows, restoring the Giant Tree.)

Lloyd: This is the Giant Kharlan Tree?

Colette: It's so beautiful and so brand!

Mana: (formerly Martel) This is the future form of the Giant Tree. Right now, it is only a small sapling In its current rate, the tree will wither and die.

Lloyd: Well then, how do we protect it?

Mana: You must provide the tree with love and adoration. As long as those conditions are met, I shall always protect the sapling.

Lloyd: I promise! If the tree starts to wither, I'll make sure, we won't let it die!

Mana: Then Lloyd, on behalf of all living things, I want you to give this tree a new name, as a proof of the pact.

Lloyd: What?

Man: The Giant Kharlan Tree was planted here by the elves when they first came is a guardian to watch over and protect them. This newly reborn tree protects elves, humans and the lives of all who have caught in between. Therefore, this tree requires a new name.

Colette: Lloyd, pick a name for us. A name for everyone's tree.

Lloyd: So this tree is the link that connects the world. Okay, I got it! This

tree's name is…

(Lloyd names the new tree and everyone returns to their normal lives)

(In Iselia…)

Colette: Grandmother, I'm home.

Phaidra: Ohhhh! Chosen One!

Colette: No, Grandmother, I'm not a Chosen anymore.

Phaidra: Oh, yes…Colette, you have made us all proud.

Frank: …Welcome home, Colette.

Colette: It's good to be home, Father.

(In Mizuho Link and Sheena return)

Sheena: Hi everyone! We're back!

Ninja: Sheena! Link! I'm so glad you're safe!

Man: Congratulations, Sheena!

Sheena: Don't congratulate me yet! A whole new world lies before us now. We have to inform everyone about the revival of the Igaguri style.

Orochi: Yes. And for when Kuchinawa returns as well.

Sheena: Yeah, come on everyone, let's work as hard as we can! We're gonna make the village of Mizuho into a ninja clan to be proud of!

Link: Sheena … I'm going to return the Master Sword.

(In Meltokio castle…)

Zelos: See, look what happened! It's all because the Pope opened up his big mouth and tried to banish me and stuff, the whole world got messed up!

Tethe'alla King: Well then, Chosen One, what would you have me do?

Zelos: We'll send an emissary of peace to Iselia.

Tethe'alla King: Emissary? Who do you plan to send?

Zelos: How about Sheena and Linkfrom Mizuho? Their already involved.

Tethe'alla King: So the emissary of death becomes the emissary of peace…

Zelos: I won't let you say no. Until you do something about the Church of Martel, I still have the rights of the Chosen, remember?

(Later, At Dirk's place.)

Lloyd: Mom, Dad…left. That was okay, wasn't it? For me to let him go…it was okay, right?

Dirk: …Lloyd. You wanted to go with him, didn't you?

Lloyd: No, I have my own path to follow. And Dad has his. …And besides, I have a dad here already!

Dirk: I see. Then I won't say any more.

(Lloyd places a sword near the gravestone.)

Lloyd: …Mom. I'll leave Dad's sword here beside you. Well…I'm off!

(Later, In Torent Forest, Link finds the Hero's Shade waiting.)

Link: Time for me to return the Master Sword.

Hero's Shade: You have done well Hero of Light, and you have awaked the Master Sword's true powers.

Link: Yes … but the threat here is over.

Hero's Shade: Indeed it is, place the sword in to the pedestal.

(Link takes the Master Sword out of the scabbard, and thrusts it into the Pedestal of Time)

Hero's Shade: Link … The Beasts of Light, have decided to give you a gift, for your courage and bravery. They are allowing you to stay here, in Symphonia. You are no longer bound to Hyrule!

Link: What?

Hero's Shade: Go now, Link, The Hero of Light, and protect this new land.

"And with those final words, The Hero's Shade vanishes into the void. The Master Sword at rest once again, still in the Sacred Grove, but now apart of a new world – the new Hyrule; and thus ends our Hero's journey; but a new one begins for Link, Hero of Light. In Symphonia!"