"Rose River" AU
Chapter One
- Prologue -

From the Darkness they Dwell
The Hearts of Madness Swell
The Storm of the Wolf Shall Call
The Maelstrom of the Lion Shall Fall
Sacrifice of the Mothers Cries
Scions of the Other Rise




Ancient Pythian Prophecy from the Sisterhood of Karn
Circa: The Dark Times

Four days after the 'Year That Never Was', a woman sat quietly and patiently. Looking down from her perch in an oak tree, she was satisfied that she was hidden in the darkness. The pyre below twisted her heart like a knife, but that paled against the hatred of the man that stood vigil. Hate was the only thing stemming her tears. He seemed to be waiting for something as much as she waited for him to leave. Her thumbs idly ran over her red nail varnish as she watched.

Hours later, she shifted slightly on the branch as he mercifully walked away. Watching him, she was unsure which was the more absurd: the length of his coat, or the red of those ridiculous plimsolls he deemed to wear with a suit. Regardless, she slipped down from the tree once he was finally gone.

Flexing her back and rubbing her blood deprived buttocks, she went down to search. One thing she was certain of: She would get her husband back. A slight mad smile on her lips, Lucy Saxon retrieved the ring then laughed as she proceeded to search through the ashes. "The Doctor is such a fool," she muttered, wincing from the heat.

Time and money can make anything happen if you have enough, and Lady Lucille Tarminster had plenty of both. Sixteen months of bribes, payments, and oaths helped her procure the artefact. Two more months of patience, and the bone fragment in the coffin like alien device had grown.

Every night she'd checked its progress, swirling her fingers in the milky liquid. She may not have had the intelligence to run this Sontaran contraption herself, but four million pounds could buy anyone's loyalty... even a scientist's. All she had to do, was make sure he never saw what or who was growing in the vat.

Only after the body was ready did she get rid of Patterson. While he was a likeable old bloke, his ties with UNIT made him a liability. Celebratory wine with a dash of cyanide took care of him.

Lucy read off her mental check list as she quadruple checked the device in the mansion's basement. Her husband devised and invented it, before using it as a baseline for the Archangel Network. Satisfied that it was active, she walked to the other device she fondly called the 'Rebirthing Chamber'.

Forcing the lid open, she stood over the liquid and tried desperately not to cry. Coming to herself, she pulled off her necklace and removed the ring dangling from it. Kissing it reverently, she sat on the side of the Chamber and reached in to take hold of the body's left hand.

Biting her lip, she slid the ring on the ring finger and held it out of the liquid. A few moments passed before it briefly glowed. Whatever energy was within it slipped into the skin and ran down towards the head.

Another moments pause. She reminded herself that he'd said it would take a bit before it would take hold, and to not despair the waiting. Before long, the hand gripped hers and she started laughing. The liquid rippled, then splashed her as the Master sat up screaming.

"I'm here, Harry. I'm here!" she soothed, reaching to hold the back of his head with her other hand. His eyes were wild and darting every which way before they landed on her. Breathing rapidly, a mad toothy smile went over his face just before he belted out a loud cackle.

"Lucy!" the Master shouted, just before he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a snog. Breaking the kiss abruptly, his tongue came out of his mouth with a look of disgust. "Ugh, Sontaran clone juice. Oh, that's nasty!"

"I don't care," Lucy said, kissing him again. 'I so don't care,' she said in his mind. 'I've been going completely mad without you!'

'Oh my dear, sweet Lucy,' he said with real emotion. 'I'm never leaving you alone again.'

'Kill that bastard!' she mentally yelled while she drowned in his lips.

The Master smirked through their kiss. 'Oh, I have serious plans for the Doctor, dearest. That year was a test to see if he'd become lax with his abilities. Now that I know his full strength, the real fun begins.' He broke the kiss and smiled. "But first... shower. I really smell," he chuckled.

Lucy surprised him when she popped the umbilical cord from the back of his neck. "I don't care how you taste or smell, husband of mine," she growled, "but I'll wash you if you promise to fuck me blind. God, I missed you!" She threw her arms around him and started sobbing. "Please don't ask me to shoot you again. That nearly killed me!" she begged.

The Master actually frowned upon hearing that, and he held her while she cried. "You love me that much?" he whispered. Her response overwhelmed him as she projected the love she felt for him over their bond. It came damned close to actually silencing the drums.

"Shower... shag... Shagging shower," he stuttered, a bit amused at the alliteration. She helped him stand and get out of the vat, then they walked to one of the lower rooms with their arms around each other.

They came into the wash room and he stared at his reflection, frowning. "Damn. Everyone in the world knows this face."

"You could grow a beard again," Lucy offered while shimmying out of her clothes. "Can dye or bleach your hair too, if you want. I've got enough hair products to open my own chain of stores."

The Master turned to look at her with a bit of surprise. "That is a rather brilliant idea." Smiling, he turned back to the mirror while she turned on the water. "Hmm. Never been blond before," he muttered while running his hands over his cheeks. "Yes. We can try that."

Lucy smiled wickedly, then yanked him towards the shower. "Oh yeah. I like blond."

Under the water now, he noticed something. "What happened to your hand?" he asked, holding her left one up closer to his face. Her pinky and ring fingers were fused together, the skin mottled and rippled with scars.

She shrugged. "Burned it when I dug through the ashes. Don't worry. It was worth it. Your left thigh bone had enough untouched marrow for the cloning vat."

He shook his head and kissed the merged digits. "This will never do. I can repair that rather easily, and give you control over your fingers again."

Lucy rested her right hand on the side of his face. "You're alive. That's all I care about."

Grinning, he kissed her. "Quite right, too." He pressed her against the tiled wall of the shower, then entered her with a gasp. "Like blonds, do you?"

Laughing deliriously, she nodded. "Oh, yes. Definitely!" she shouted.

A/N2: Written while listening to Nightwish's 'Whoever Brings the Night'. Seems fitting with the line 'All your love is a lie'.