Author's Note
Final Words

Just wanted to apologize for the abruptness of the ending. This story has been one that was rattling out of me in no sort of order at all. The climax of it came first, then the start, then the middle bits. Sometimes I hate my muses when they do that. That was why it took so long to get out. Threading everything together coherently made me nuts.

To answer some unspoken questions:

Last chapter title was a Greek interpretation of 'Noble Ending'.

Yes, that was Jack and Jenny's first time at the end there. What Boe lied about was being just a memory receptacle, he's as much Jack as Jack and didn't want to worry Jenny with it. As to why Jenny didn't feel Boe, she's bound to the essence of Jack, and that was what transferred to the body. Boe was what was left over, and is bonded to the Rani's old TARDIS.

No, I'm not going to write up any more of Shawn. No offence to the actor, but he was a bit part that shouldn't have been put in in the first place. No, Martha doesn't really care that Ianto and Tish are starting a relationship, she just was in shock and decided to get even.

Yes, I know I omitted Romana in the last chapter... Don't worry, just wanted to finish this out and get to the next story.

As for Celeste and Wilfred? Not sure on that one yet. We'll see. While I'm sure it'd be interesting if they got together, not sure how it would be taken by the rest of them, or them themselves.

Yes, Rossiter and Addams are now as much the Rani and the Master as the originals were. I know it was a bit of a shock to have the originals be killed off like that, but with how the Master has jumped bodies before in the past... well, it made sense to me. They may or may not make an appearance later. No idea, really.

The bit in the beginning, where the TARDIS felt the Hand of Omega contact the Doctor, and went in fretting circles over it... the 'my boy' she was referring to was the Jack that became Boe.

At any rate, thank you all for reading this and keeping up with the muse rambling that came out of me. I appreciate the words of encouragement more than you realize.

Oh! In case you want to peek at it, I already did up a Credits Video of River Run. It's here in case you want to see it:

youtu .be /inpMgGGiuqA
As Usual, remove the spaces to see it since this place is ridiculous.

Until next time: Same Time Channel, Same Time Station. Allons-y!