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I'm Sorry

"I said quit it!" Ashley finally snapped after the drunkard grabbed for her backside for the third time. Turning around, he was about to say something smug before her fist landed him onto the floor.

"Hey Gunny, that happen on most first dates?" one of her squad mates joked, only making her roll her eyes as she turned back to her drink.

"You wanna find out and let me work off stress?" Ashley challenged, clenching her fist.

"I'm good. I'll see ya back at the embassy Gunny." he waved and tipped the bartender before beginning to stumble out the door.

"They let guys like him and guns mix on the Citadel?" the Turian bartender scoffed, taking his glass.

"He'sa good kid, now watch your mouth before I tear off a mandible." she smirked when the Turian left her alone.

"Mind if I join you?"

Ashley froze in place, her muscles tense as she heard him speak. In an instant she was back on Horizon, instead of trying to catch up on lost time, accusing Shepard of changing sides to Cerberus. Unable to think, she said the first thing that came to mind.

"Sure," she said casually as he sat next to her.

"Its been a while since we've sat and had a drink Ash. How have you been?" he asked, quietly ordering something before turning his blue eyes upon her again.

"Aside from a drunk here and there, I'm good. How...how have you been, Skipper?" Ashley asked slowly.

"Saving the galaxy, getting shot at. Same old same old." Shepard smirked, getting a shake of the head from Ashley.

"You always were one for going big." Ashley grinned.

"Go big or go home." Shepard shrugged.

"I'll drink to that," she nodded, each grabbing their glass and making a small toast.

"So, I got your Email." Shepard started, turning the mood to a lower tone.

"I had doubts it would ever reach you." Ashley admitted.

"I'm sorry." Shepard said suddenly, making Ashley turn to stare at him.

"What?" she quickly asked.

"For leaving you. For not letting you know I was alive. And I'm sorry for never telling you." Shepard explained.

"Tell me what?" Ashley asked, suddenly confused.

"I love you Ash," and with that Shepard leaned over and kissed her, after several seconds Ashley responded in kind.

"Get a room." The bartender scoffed after several moment, making the two pull away from each other.

"I love you too, Shepard." Ashley smiled.

"How about we take his advice and find one?" Shepard whispered, getting a shocked look from Ashley.

"Aye Aye, Skipper."