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I was now determined to delay my own gratification and give her enjoyment first. She had been deprived but I was going to remedy that at once. I would not take her before she felt what I could give her. I would be the one to awaken her desire and I would be the only man to enjoy her.

Her eyes flew open and looked into mine before sweeping across my face. I could see the disbelief in them and once more felt a thrill of excitement at the thought of delivering the first pleasure to her beautiful body.

"Why does it matter to you?" she asked suddenly. "You have said that I am your property and that you may take me at your leisure. My enjoyment should be of no importance to you."

Of no importance? You could not be more wrong, my beauty. I will be so good to you and in return you will be good to me.

I touched her cheek very gently to make certain that my touch did not frighten her and impulsively pressed my lips against hers. They were warm and soft, and it took all my strength not to push my tongue into her mouth, rip down my trousers and slide into her.

"You are my bed thrall, this is true," I said. "But I wish for you to desire it as I do. We may not achieve what my brother has with Ro-se, but I prefer a warm and willing woman in my arms. I want you to smile when you see me and embrace me eagerly when we are alone."

I kissed her and lay next to her to gain access to her body. She tensed when I moved my hand to her bosom and touched her there but I felt certain that I could make her feel pleasure and continued to caress her. Her breasts were full and soft, snow-white mounds with rosy nipples that called to me and would hopefully one day feed our child. Until that day arrived they would be a place for me to rest my weary head and also a source of great pleasure for both of us.

"Do not fear me, Bella," I commanded gently. "Give in to me. I will never harm you."

I felt her shiver and could not help but smile against her warm skin when I saw how she struggled not to show her appreciation of my touch. I would have her moaning my name soon enough and it would be a joy for me to witness.

"There is so much pleasure to be had," I whispered.

She finally parted her lips as I attended to the tip of her bosom and I wasted little time to claim her mouth though she immediately gave a weak protest, claiming that we should not lie with one another since we were not wed. Such a foolish notion. She was mine to bed, marriage or no, and I would make her forget such teachings. She would never be happy here if she did not accept my way of life and unlike many other men, the happiness of my bed thrall was of importance to me.

"It does not matter," I assured her in a whisper. "Once I have claimed you everyone will acknowledge you as my woman. No other man will ever touch you again. Your beauty is for my eyes only."

She did not respond.

"You feel it, do you not?" I asked and gently tugged on her nipple whilst moving my lips to hers once more.

This time she let me claim her mouth without protest and I stroked her tongue with mine, feeling triumphant. She would give in to me, let me take her. My hand left her breast and moved down between her parted legs where I caressed her soft curls. Her reaction was immediate and she attempted to push me away. It was also fruitless.

"Calm yourself, Bella," I ordered and swiftly grasped both of her hands and pinned them to the fur above her head.

She would not deny me. She was mine and when I felt moisture against the tips of my fingers I knew that her body already accepted me as its master.

"I will not hurt you," I whispered softly. "Trust me, my beauty."

I shall pleasure you so well. Make you scream and moan and call my name.

Her womanly folds were already slick with moisture as I caressed her with skilled fingers, exploring her secrets and watching her reactions. Her eyes were closed, her breathing had quickened and yet she seemed to fight the sensations. I did not comprehend why. This was her purpose. The gods had created her for this. Her inviting mouth, soft breasts, rounded hips and backside, her sweet warm kunta. They were all for me and her to enjoy. Pleasure was indeed a gift from the gods and when I felt how she was slick and swollen under my fingers I knew that they favored her. She was so desirous already and not at all knowledgeable of the pleasure I could bestow upon her.

"Why do you deny yourself?" I asked. "Your body wants this. I feel it when I touch you."

I covered my fingertips in her wetness and gently rubbed the small nub at the top of her womanhood which I knew would make her more wanton still. All women were different in the way they gave and received pleasure but all seemed to enjoy having this area attended to in particular. My beauty was no exception. I felt a change in her then, a quiet surrender.

"Good, Bella."

I allowed her the use of her hands and told her to put them on me. She hesitated for a few moments before lifting them to my shoulders and I smiled widely when I saw how she now obeyed my commands. Had I said this to one of my other thralls they would most likely have touched my manhood and while I certainly wanted Bella's hands there, I found her innocence endearing and sweet. There would come a time when she would immediately stroke me without hesitation but for now I enjoyed her inexperience.

My innocent little beauty.

I kissed her with more fervor, eagerly enjoying the taste of her mouth and the tiny moans in her throat when I continued to stroke between her trembling thighs. She touched my chest as she gave in further, now participating with both hands and lips. I believed her ready for more and slipped my fingers lower to where she was both moist and warm. When I circled her entrance her body went rigid but I continued my exploration and slid in without hesitation. Her reaction plus the smallness my finger encountered made me wonder if perhaps she had been deceitful when she said that she had been bedded. I had claimed maidens before and she felt like one. Her body calmed then and I felt it give way around my finger still buried inside her heat. No, she had not told a lie. She had been bedded, though never well, and I remembered that her husband had been dead a good while, thus explaining how snug she felt. Relief flowed through me along with excitement. There would be no pain and I would have her very soon.

"You are almost ready to receive me, Bella," I whispered. "Do I give you pleasure?"

In truth, I expected no answer and stretched her further with yet another finger never neglecting her pleasure spot with my thumb.


It came out in a gasp.

"You know my name," I said with satisfaction and kissed her gently. "Tell me again."

She did not, but I did not mind for I felt instead how her body called out to me. She moved against my fingers, so eager for more, and I was happy to grant her wish. Her back arched up, silently begging me to put my mouth on her breasts and once more I happily answered her request. I suckled her nipples ardently and increased the movement of my fingers while she writhed beneath me, completely at my mercy now.

"Edvard!" she cried loudly. "What…what is this?"

"It is your pleasure," I told her. "Feel it, my beautiful one. Give into it."

Give in to me!

I claimed her mouth then, kissing her deeply while she continued to utter cries and moans. Her body trembled under my touch and I knew I had conquered her. Any oaf could hold down a woman and use her, but this…To make her desirous, to sway her and bend her to my will, this took skill and I swelled with pride at my accomplishment. From this day forth she would please me eagerly now that she knew what I could give her in return.

As she lay beneath me, still shivering under my touch I could not help but smile. She was so beautiful and all mine. My woman. My sweet beauty. I removed my hand from her, kissed her cheek and stroked her hair gently as her eyes fluttered open to meet mine. I saw clearly the wonder in them, the surprise that she could feel such pleasure from my touch. She clung to me suddenly and I drew her against my body, noting with satisfaction that she had forgotten all her previous apprehension.

I could wait no longer and swiftly removed her footwear and my trousers, beyond eager to finally claim her. As I parted her legs and lay between them I saw that she appeared distressed once more and I felt the need to calm her.

"Do not fear me," I said and kissed her softly. "I know how to bed you properly and will not harm you."

Her wide eyes met mine and I felt her body calm beneath me as she drew a deep breath.

"It would please me greatly if you were to consent before I have you," I whispered. "Be mine, Bella."

In truth, I did not know what to do if she should reject me. Never before had I felt such a strong need to lie with a woman. None of my other thralls would satisfy me now that I had felt her soft skin and tasted her sweet lips, of this I felt sure. The thought that I might not have this woman, my Bella, was vexing indeed.

Give consent! I must have you as my own!

"Yes," she whispered and lifted her hands to rest upon my shoulders.

My relief was instant, my pride unparalleled. Now I would take her. I shifted above her and she closed her eyes but I kept mine open and watched her face as I pushed inside her.

Merciful gods!

She felt better to me than any woman ever had. Her warm female flesh wrapped tightly around my manhood and the gasp of pleasure she emitted filled me with joy. I shut my eyes to fully appreciate this moment.

"Oh, woman. You please me so."

I pulled back slowly and felt how I easily I moved in her, how lustful she had become. I kissed her and pushed inside her again. She accepted me eagerly and I felt her hands caressing my shoulders and chest.

"You feel it now?" I asked.

"Yes," she whispered.

"It will be like this every time I have you. You are truly mine now, beautiful one." I said and moved in her, much gentler than I wanted to.

In my experience some women were not able to enjoy it when I let my urges loose but I hoped that Bella would. I did not want to be careful with her. It was my greatest desire to take her wildly and roughly while she screamed my name. She seemed so desirous and lustful already which gave me hope that she was as passionate as I, when it came to matters of pleasure.

Easy, be easy with her this first time. Treat her you would a maiden.

I remembered that she had felt no joy before when lying with a man and I would not have her thinking that I would do as he had done. She gave herself to me and I would do my utmost to make it pleasurable for her so that she would not regret it and instead come willingly each time I reached for her.

I lifted her legs up, showing her how to drape them around me and thrust deeper.

"Aaah!" she cried out and threw her head back.

"We will share so much pleasure, you and I," I told her. "In your embrace I will find a friendly harbor and forget my troubles."

She responded to my words as I had hoped. They seemed to arouse her further and she kissed me with passion when I claimed her lips.

"You are the one I will long for when I am overseas and far from home. You will be here, waiting for my return and I will rush to get to you sooner. You are my woman and I will care for you," I vowed. "No one will ever harm you again for you are under my protection. You will mother my children and we will find happiness in them and each other."

Every word which fell from my lips was true. She was my woman now and no harm would come to her. She would know only my touch and it would always bring her joy. I raised myself up and moved my hand to her kunta, warm and slick with her moisture. I found her spot easily and attended to it as I deepened my thrusts.

"Yes, oh Heavens!" she cried and dug her fingers into my shoulders.

Her breath came out in short labored pants and her eyes were firmly shut, her entire being engulfed with pleasure. I had heard some men claim that women were not able to derive much enjoyment out of coupling, that they accepted a man merely for the promise of children. I knew better. My beauty felt immense enjoyment in this moment.

"Edvard! Edvard!" she cried as she trembled, both inside and out.

I put my arms around her then, finally allowing myself to focus on my own pleasure. And she gave me great pleasure, this dark foreign beauty. I knew I would want her in my bed every night, but could there perhaps be more? Would she one day gaze upon me as Ro-se did whenever she saw my brother? Could I feel what he felt? Could my new thrall become my wife someday?

"Min smukke kvinde, kan du give mig alt jeg lyster? Vil du stadig være min hvis jeg giver dig frihed?"

My beautiful woman, can you give me everything I desire? Will you still be mine if I grant you freedom?

I murmured the unfamiliar words to her only moments before a surge of pleasure swept through me and took over my senses. Never had it felt this powerful and I thrust eagerly to gain more of the glorious sensations. Her hands caressed me gently from my shoulders to my lower back where she held me against her soft warm body as I spilled my seed deep within. She was mine now. Truly mine.

"My Bella," I whispered and kissed her gently before laying my head between her breasts.

Her hands touched my hair with hesitancy and she breathed deeply but said nothing.

"Are you well?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered in a soft whisper, but the manner in which her heart began to thump faster revealed the truth.

Therefore I was not surprised when she started weeping though at first I did not fully comprehend the reason for her tears. I lifted myself up to embrace her but she moved to her side, her crying increasing drastically. This was not how I had hoped she would behave after having claimed her. She had not been unwilling and I knew that she had felt pleasure, same as I. Still, it was my experience that sometimes women merely needed to weep and I could not be angry with her for this. I had to remember that my beauty was not of this world. Most of our thralls came from other Viking settlements and while unhappy at first, they also knew what was expected of them.

It was common knowledge that women and men from outside our village were needed for us to remain strong. No good came of marrying your kin as it often produced weak or deformed babies. All Vikings that I had met knew of this and the capture of unrelated women was the common practice to prevent such things. And now my Bella had been brought here. We would have strong and healthy children, she and I, and she would come to think of this place as her home.

I had hoped for sweet kisses and gentle touches until I was ready to take her once more but instead I pulled her against my body and held her while she wept. The sounds of her grief caused a strange sensation in me and I felt a strong urge to comfort her. She was my woman, after all, and I could not be happy when she was not.

"Shh…" I said softly and drew her closer still, hoping that my embrace would bring her calm.

After a time her crying stopped. She lay still in my arms but I knew from her breathing that she was not asleep. This pleased me for I did not want the night to end, but first I needed something to lighten her spirits.

I knew that my mother would have already fed her but perhaps she would enjoy something sweet? I kissed her hair before drawing myself away from her, but immediately she protested and tried to hold me in place. This pleased me more still when I saw how she had already formed an attachment to me and wished for my company.

"I shall return shortly," I whispered and stroked her hair before I left the bed to dress myself.

In the large room I strode to the cooking area with purpose, eager to see what I might bring my Bella. Regretfully, most of the finest food had already been consumed by some of my men who were sitting with Emundi. The next night we would host a great feast in his celebration but it seemed that a few had started early and were drinking with my brother.

"Fetch me something sweet for my new thrall," I said to one of the young women who were cooking.

She nodded at once and hurried away. I looked after her as she went. Her name was Lina and she was a pretty one, but I knew that she would no longer visit my bed. None of them would. My dark beauty would have that honor from this day forth. There was something in her manner and looks which appealed to me more than any other woman ever had. She was certainly the fairest in both face and body, and I enjoyed that I was the only who had ever brought her pleasure. Never again would she be harmed and I would kill any man who would dare to attempt seduction. She was not to be shared but was entirely for my pleasure.

"Here," Lina said and handed me a bowl when she returned.

I looked at the black berries and frowned. These were not the best we had.

"No," I said. "Bring me the red ones. My new bed thrall will only have the best."

Lina's eyes widened for a moment and I saw disappointment on her face before she apologized and hurried away once more. I laughed softly. I had bedded her well when I last had her and I knew that she was hoping to warm my bed every night, as was the case with many of my thralls. No matter. Bella was the only woman to warm my bed now. Lying with her was more pleasurable than I could have imagined and it would become better still once her apprehension waned and she learned more ways to please us both. The thought that I would have her again and again filled me with excitement.

Lina returned and handed me the ripe red berries I knew had the sweetest taste. I could see that she had carefully selected the best and I felt compelled to reward her.

"You are good girl," I told her. "You may take a walk with Jakob if you wish."

"Thank you," she said softly and smiled.

She would not receive any more of the pleasure I could bestow upon her and I knew that Jakob took care when lying with a woman. He would please her well.

I watched as she went to him and whispered in his ear. He turned and looked to me. I nodded and the two of them quickly left both donning smiles. I knew that they would enjoy themselves on their walk. Jakob was a good man and allowing the two of them to be alone together was a treat for both him and Lina. Both worked hard for me and they deserved a small reprieve from their daily toils. I wondered if Jakob would want to marry Lina when I freed him. I knew he enjoyed bedding her but also that he had eyes for Ragna, who was one of Beni's thralls. He had openly desired her since she became a woman and if he wanted her I would arrange a trade with Beni so that his thrall could marry Jakob.

Jakob had a choice to make when the time came, but for me my mind was already made up.

Sweet Bella is now my woman. I want no one else in my bed.

I walked past the long table and Emundi motioned for me.

"Brother! Are you enjoying my gift to you?" he laughed and emptied his mug.

"Very much so," I replied with a grin. "The gods were generous when they put her in your path. And as you see…" I motioned to my nose. "I am unharmed."

The table erupted in laughter. Emundi's first encounter with Ro-se was well known among my men and a source of mirth to all, including my brother who laughed the loudest at my jest.

"Gods be praised!" he exclaimed and reached for another mug of ale. "She is not a maiden then?"

"Not anymore, I wager!" one of my man said before I could answer.

I shook my head with a smile. My brother knew of my preference for not bedding maidens and looked most pleased that his choice of woman was to my satisfaction.

"I leave you to it," I said and walked towards my bed chamber where my beauty was waiting for me.

"Edvard, you have told us nothing!" one of my men called after me. "We have hardly seen her!"

"You may see her at another time," I said as I turned to face them, feeling playful. "Though not as much of her as I am about to."

"We wish to see this foreign woman of yours," one of them said.

"Another time," I said again. "She needs to rest for I have not had my fill of her for the night and she will not leave my bed for a good while."

As I opened the door I heard more yelling from the table.

"Tell us at least. Does she have large breasts?"

I laughed.

"Go home and attend to the breasts on your own women, and leave me to mine," I called over my shoulder.

"Ha! They are small then!" one of them shouted and they laughed in their drunkenness.

I smiled as I shut the door behind me. Bella's breasts were not very large but to me they were perfection and I should very much like to see them again. I chuckled as I saw how she quickly covered herself when I approached her, as though she had heard my thoughts.

"They are curious about you out there," I told her and pointed to the door. "But I told them that you needed your rest since I intend to have you again soon, and that they may meet you at a later time."

Her cheeks reddened and I remember how they had been stained with tears before I left.

"Are you well now?" I asked and sat down.

She did not answer but merely avoided my gaze and lowered her head as though she was ashamed. It did not please me to see her as such. There was no shame in lying with one another and sharing pleasure. This was her purpose, the reason why she was captured, and she should hold her head high knowing that she was my woman. I remembered my offering and handed her the bowl.

"Eat, beautiful one," I said, and began removing my clothing once more.

She seemed determined not to look upon me as I undressed and I laughed at her innocence and bashful nature. I moved under the fur with her and somehow resisted the urge to push her down and lay on top of her immediately. Already I was eager to have her again and my desire stirred all the more when I watched her eat a berry.

"Have another," I encouraged.

She turned her head in my direction and I found myself mesmerized by her mouth.

"Here, let me," I said and offered her one.

She took it and chewed slowly while she looked at me with wide eyes.

"I think that I should like a taste now," I whispered, still staring at that sweet mouth of hers.

Kiss me, beautiful one.

She handed me the bowl, clearly misunderstanding my intention. I laughed and put the bowl next to us.

She knows no bed games. How enjoyable it will be to teach her!

I moved closer to her and touched her lips gently with mine. It pleased me when she did not pull away and I was allowed access to her mouth. Her taste was unparalleled and I found myself wondering if she tasted as sweet everywhere.

"Oh, how you entice me, Bella," I said and deepened the kiss by stroking her tongue with mine.

My body had awakened once more and I wished to do the same for her. I attempted to remove the fur which obscured her beautiful body from both my eyes and hands but she held it up to her chin.

"Do not hide from me," I commanded softly and kissed her neck as I loosened her grip on the covers and pulled them away.

I made her lay down and held another berry to her mouth which she accepted. I could not contain the groan I made when her lips closed around the tips of my fingers. How I should like to have her please me with her mouth, feel those soft full lips wrapped around my manhood.

Another time.

I wagered that pleasuring me such was not something she was familiar with and I knew I had to be patient with my beauty lest I would frighten her. Tonight I would think of another bed game for us to play, something she would enjoy. I looked upon her as she lay on the soft skins, naked and alluring, breathing faster than before. My eyes were drawn to her bosom and then the berries next to us. An idea formed and I grinned as I picked up another berry and crushed it between my fingers. Her eyes widened and a look of surprise came upon her face when I painted one of her nipples with the pulp, noting how it hardened under my fingers as I gently rubbed it.

"I shall clean you up," I told her and leaned down to lick it off her.

I hummed and suckled her nipple to bring pleasure to the both of us and when her body arched slightly and pushed her breast against my eager mouth I knew that she felt it. I crushed another berry and when I licked it off her other nipple I heard her moan softly. As I suckled her with a little more force I noticed that her hips had begun to move against me, seeking for my manhood to fill her. Her lustful responses to my little bed game thrilled me to no end, and I knew that I had to have her immediately. It had been my intention to continue playing and after a while taste her sweet kunta,but my own desire overrode my patience. I claimed her lips in a passionate kiss before moving between her parted legs.

"I will take you now," I told her, and without further delay I entered her body with a sharp thrust.

Her eyes closed as her body tensed and for a brief moment I worried that I had been too eager this time. She opened her eyes once more and gazed upon me as the rigidness left her. I searched her eyes but thankfully I saw no pain or fear in them, only pleasure and wonder. I smiled and kissed her, caressing her tongue with mine and slowly moved inside her. I made sure to rotate my hips each time I thrust against her thereby attending to her pleasure spot, and I clearly saw how she struggled to remain quiet. She felt so good to me and I to her. There was no need for her to disguise the sounds she made.

"Do not hold back, woman," I told her. "I want to hear the pleasure you have."

I sat back on my knees, draped her legs around me and increased the strength and speed of my thrusts. I would make her cry out for me so that all who dwelled in my house would know that she was mine. Already her eyes were closed and her head thrown back, but I knew that I could increase her joy. I looked to where our bodies were joined and my lips curved upwards when I saw how her wetness coated my manhood, making me slide easily inside her. To think that this beautiful passionate woman ever doubted the pleasure she could feel during coupling.

My less dominant hand grasped her hip and pulled her against me each time I thrust forward and my other hand caressed her abdomen before settling between her thighs. I watched her carefully as my thumb moved over the swollen nub above her entrance and her responding cry filled me with equal parts pride and happiness.

"Edvard! Oh, Edvard!" she called out and fisted her hands on the fur beneath her.

The sight of her beneath me, moaning and writhing with lust, fully conquered by me drove me into frenzy. Her sweet kunta enveloped me tighter still and my thrusts grew wilder.

"Oh, I feel you, Bella!" I moaned.

She answered with a cry as her body tensed and I knew that I had brought her joy.

She has had hers. Now for my pleasure!

I could hold back no longer and grasped her hips with both hands, easily lifting her lower half from the bed and took her. Hard.

Gods in Valhalla!

My hips slapped against her, accompanying the sounds of enjoyment coming from both myself and my beauty as I buried my kokkr in her warmth again and again.

"Ah! Min kvinde, min smukke kvinde!" I moaned.

I knew that she did not understand my words but did not have the presence of mind to speak her foreign language. The pleasure I experienced was far too great for that. I moved faster and faster, harder and harder, and she received me beautifully even in my wild lust. With her I could unleash my full strength and she still made sounds of joy. She was a gift from the gods. A loud roar escaped me as my seed spilled within her womb and my body lost its strength for a moment. I fell on top of her, my hips still thrusting gently to draw out the intense feeling she had bestowed upon me.

"Oh, my woman, my woman," I murmured against her. "How you please me."

Truly, she did. I had claimed many women since I became a man and while it was always pleasurable I knew that my beauty exceeded them all. I looked up and smiled before settling my weary head between her breasts once more and felt her hands take purchase in my hair like she had done before. I hoped that she would not weep this time and thankfully she did not. Instead she stroked my hair with a gentle touch and I closed my eyes to better enjoy it. After a time of quiet bliss I found my mind drifting as exhaustion settled in me. I had no desire to leave the bed but there were needs that needed attending before we could rest for the night.

"Time for sleep soon," I said softly and reached up to kiss her. "Get dressed and I will show you where to go."

She dressed quietly next to me and I found it near impossible to tear my gaze away from her as I put on my own clothing. She stood silent in the white linen dress and my thoughts turned lustful once more. The material she wore was light and I could make out the shape of her breasts underneath. When she reached down to put on her footwear, my eyes were immediately drawn to her round backside which was only covered by the thin fabric. I could take her now without effort. Pull up her dress and plunge into her from behind. Or perhaps have her bend over my bed as I took her. There were so many ways to find pleasure and it was my greatest wish to share them all with my beauty.

Not tonight. She will be weary from the journey here. Allow her to rest. You may have her when morning arrives.

I looked at the door leading into the great room and for a moment I considered if I should provide her with more clothing before venturing out there.

No. Let my men see the beauty that is only mine to touch.

My new bed thrall was beyond desirable and I felt great pride and joy knowing that she belonged to me, and me alone. I was the chief, which meant that I was the first man off the ship when we landed on foreign shores, and I was the first to throw myself into battle should we meet hostility. I was the one the people would look to for solutions if crops failed or we did not raid successfully. The responsibility of keeping my people safe rested entirely on me and it was not something I took lightly, though it did vex me at times. I gazed upon Bella who had put on her footwear, ready to accompany me outside.

Let them all see her and envy me!

She was my reward, my prize. I worked tirelessly to bring prosperity to my village and therefore I deserved the best. Everyone accepted this and I would proudly show off my new bed thrall, knowing that she would undress only for me, pleasure only me. With that resolve in place I led her out of my bed chamber and into the great room where my men were still drinking and making merry.

"Edvard! Will you not join us?" they shouted. "Bring your woman over and let us toast her for bedding you well!"

I grinned and motioned for the outside, indicating that we would return shortly. My Bella had certainly earned such a toast. After relieving ourselves and washing I led her back inside to show her to my men. Some men had the urge to hide a beautiful woman from the eyes of others, but not I. She was mine and they all knew it. Once I declared her my bed thrall none of them would touch her without facing my wrath and thankfully that was enough to deter most of them. The men who celebrated in my house this night were my most loyal and trusted, and therefore I felt no unease when showing them Bella.

"A beauty, indeed!" Beni said approvingly. "Your brother has chosen well for you."

I agreed wholeheartedly.

"A toast to your woman and her beautiful breasts!" one of my men who had imbibed plenty shouted and raised his mug.

I laughed and turned to her, only to find that she had lowered her head.


Do not hide your face, my beautiful one. Hold your head high and show pride that you are my woman.

She said something very quietly, but I could not make it out and she did not lift her head. Why was she reacting in this manner?

She is fearful of drunken men.

I remembered then how her husband had harmed her when drinking and wrapped my arm around her.

"This woman is now my bed thrall," I said firmly, noting with satisfaction how they all immediately turned their attention to me when I spoke. These were good loyal men.

"She is available only for my pleasure and is not to be touched."

All nodded in understanding. I looked at my beauty but saw that she appeared fearful still since my words were foreign to her and she knew not how I had claimed her as my own. I touched her chin to make her look up at me. I wanted to tell her that she had nothing to fear from my men but when I saw her eyes I thought it best to bring her to my chamber. Never had I seen such despair and I wished to make her sadness disappear immediately.

I led her to my bed chamber, intent on speaking with her and explaining how she was under my protection now but I only spoke her name before she reacted most unexpectedly.

"Please!" she begged in a desperate cry and wrapped her arms around me. "I will do better. Do not leave me out there. Let me sleep here on your floor, I beg of you. And then I am close by if you should want to have me again in the night! I will please you, I swear I will!"

Sleep on the floor? Leave her where?

I could hardly form a rational thought when she began placing eager openmouthed kissed on my neck and her hands roamed over my body. I reacted as any man would have and carried her to the bed, my mind clouded with lust for her. She pulled her dress off in a swift move and threw herself upon me, practically attacking me with kisses and urging my willing body into taking her. And yet I did not take her. There was something desperate in her kisses and they were not fuelled by passion as I had first thought. I took hold of her shoulders and held her warm naked body away from mine in order to gain access to thoughts that were not of claiming her once more. It was a difficult task, indeed.

"Woman, what has gotten into you?" I demanded. "You could seduce even the gods, I swear it."

The mighty Odin himself would find her tempting, of this I felt certain. I could only pray to him that he let me keep her and did not descend from the sky and take her away for his own pleasure. The legends spoke of this happening before and I made note to sacrifice generously to both Odin and Freja in the near future.

"Do you not wish to have me again?" Bella whispered and averted her eyes, now acting like a bashful maiden and not the temptress she had been only moments ago.

This woman confounded me. It was clear to me that she did not truly wish to couple now and I did not want to take her when she was not eager for it.

"No, I wish to sleep," I said. "I am weary and so are you."

In truth, I was not weary yet but I saw that she was. Her shoulders slumped in defeat when she heard my words and with her head down she moved towards the edge of the bed. I reached out and held her hand to stop her.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"You said that I should go sleep and…"

Her voice was rough with unshed tears and once more her sadness created a strange sensation within me. She appeared so small as she kneeled on the bed, her beautiful face hidden behind her hair, and at that moment my only desire was to bring her comfort.

"Your place is here beside me, beautiful one," I said softly and pulled her rigid form into my arms.

"But you said that you would show me where to sleep and then led me out," she whispered.

She thought she was to sleep outside? Never! She belongs in my bed!

"Yes, to relieve yourself and wash if you so wished. I thought I made it perfectly clear that you are my woman now?"

If she remembered nothing else in her weariness I wanted that to be it: She was my woman. Mine to kiss, touch and share pleasure with. Mine to hold in the night, mine to protect and care for. Simply and completely mine.

"You did," she confirmed and looked up to meet my gaze with teary eyes. "But…"

She began weeping once more. How could she have more tears in her? My chest felt oddly constricted at the sound of her sobs as she spoke unfinished thoughts.

"I-I am sorry," she cried. "I was frightened…I thought…I do not know your ways…everything is so strange here…I feel so alone…please hold me…hold me…"

I did as she requested and held her tighter in my embrace as she wept and wept. I could not feel remorse for having my brother bring her here against her will, though I did feel for her troubled spirit. Her life had been altered drastically and she came here not knowing what to expect. Hopefully some day she would come to accept her place here and that meant letting go of what she had left behind on her shores.

After a good while her sobs quieted and her body grew heavy in my arms. I removed her footwear and my own garments quickly and covered our naked bodies with warm soft skins before pulling her against my chest. She accepted my embrace and clung to me as her weeping finally ceased. I enjoyed her willingness to letting me hold her though I knew that it was brought on by her sadness and not affection. It would be enough for now, I decided. She did not appear fearful of me and that was good progress already, since she had been most terrified when she first met me earlier in the evening. I smiled to myself and began stroking her hair gently. With her I could show the gentler side of my nature and I found that this was something I had missed doing, since I was not overly affectionate with my other thralls when lying with them. Then it was mainly for pleasure and I always slept alone as I did not have the urge to keep them in my bed once we were done.

But with my beauty it was somehow different. Her I wanted in my bed, in my arms. I did not know why and did not speculate further upon it. It simply felt good to hold her.

"Why are you so kind to me?" she whispered suddenly.

"You are my woman, my beauty," I told her. "I do not wish to see you sad. You will learn to think of this place as your home and I will help you. Sleep now, Bella."

"Thank you," she whispered. "I mean, tak."

I smiled when hearing how she made the effort to use a word from my native tongue. She would learn quickly and was already beginning to accept my way of life.

"See, you have learned a new thing already," I said and kissed her forehead.

She would need to learn many things here but I felt confident that with my help along with that of my mother's, Bella would learn our ways and find happiness here with me. More than anything I wished to see her smile and laugh. One as sweet and beautiful as her should not have known such misery as was her marriage.

Could she one day look upon me with affection in her eyes rather than sadness? How I hoped it. How I hoped that she would be to me, what Ro-se was to Emundi. She would need to learn my language and my customs for the people to accept her as my wife. Without their support I was no ruler and I needed Bella to be a perfect Viking woman before I could consider offering her marriage. For now, though, she was my bed thrall, my woman.

"Goodnight, my Viking," she whispered.

My Viking.

I laughed softly. Yes, I could be hers. Perhaps I was already. And she was mine.

"Goodnight, my Bella."

My Beauty.

Aaand that's it. I hope you liked it. I have no current plans to write the entire story in EPOV but maybe someday I'll add to "My Beauty". Maybe if I can come up with something interesting that happens to Edvard while he is on his journey.

The two thralls that Jakob is involved with, Lina and Ragna, are (if you want to put Twilight labels on them) Leah and Renesmee (God, what a stupid name.) Who should he choose for his wife when the time comes?

Any surprises concerning Edvard? I admit that I've made him a little cocky but if you had women throwing themselves at you constantly and an entire village, who adored you, wouldn't you get a big head too? :)

"Min kvinde, min smukke kvinde" means my woman, my beautiful woman.

And yes, "kunta" and "kokkr" means cunt and cock. Both are of Old Norse descent. Those Vikings were a dirty bunch. Figuratively, of course. We know they bathed a whole lot. ;)

Take care until next time.