Pokémon the Series: When Pokeworlds collided

By oathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

Update: 2022

So I am fixing up this story from how I first did this story, it will look a lot better and more professional with the formatting, it will feel more like a novel. Now the first three chapters will be combined as they are kind of short and I wanted my work to be a lot longer and filled with content, so battles will be much longer and better detailed, and new scenes will be added to flesh out the story, and character interactions, and also, yes, I am still planning to one day finish this, plus I do wanna pick up The Johto Remakes, Pearl, Platinum, Sapphire, and Emerald to have those stories, alongside Black and White so I know the storylines up close. do want to take this seriously, but I will make this clear warning to anyone.

Also, This was started in 2011, so this in the manga timeline is during the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum arc, Red is 16-17, he's not 20. While I know I am stepping on the ground for how I am treating the Pokémon Adventures cast, but seeing as I am not bashing them like how people bash the anime cast, they are going to be developed, just so we are completely clear, okay? I'm not here to bash the manga but not to praise them over the anime, stop with the false ideas that Satoshi Tajiri likes the manga over the anime, hell it's said that if he wasn't working on the game, he'd be in the anime field. If you are going to be an anime hater, don't waste your time expecting the Dexholders to be treated like kings.

Now let's begin.

(The sets between Sinnoh League Victors and Black and White and the Climax of the Diamond and Pearl arc when the Sinnoh Dexholders would face Cryus)

"Regular Speech"


"Pokémon Speech"

'Pokémon thoughts'


Chapter 1: New friends from another dimension! Ash's mew Allies!

After coming in 4th place in the Sinnoh League, fifteen-year-old Ash Ketchum returned to his hometown of Pallet to rest up from his journey in the Sinnoh Region. During his break from his adventure, Brock; Former Gym Leader of Pewter City and future Pokémon Doctor, and Misty; Gym Leader of Cerulean City and Water Pokémon trainer had come to visit their former traveling partner. Ash didn't mind having his first two friends visit, as it felt like old times when they hung out together. With Brock's brother Forrest running his gym and Misty's sister Daisy running her gym, it was an easy break for them. The Pokémon Ash caught in Sinnoh quickly got along with his Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn teams, enjoying the many habitats of the Oak Corral.

During their stay at Pallet Town, Delia had sent the Kanto trio off to the market to get some supplies for lunch. When it comes to food, Ash was eager to leave right away, with his trusted companion Pikachu by his side. Misty softly giggled at her longtime friend. No matter how much Ash grows; he's still the same little kid from Pallet Town. They followed Ash and Pikachu through Pallet Town and brought everything they'll need for dinner. Now with supplies in hand, the Kanto trio continued their walk back to Ketchum's residence: Not knowing that a new adventure was already around the corner.

"So Misty, Brock, how are things at home?" Ash asked, smiling, Pikachu sitting on his right shoulder as always looking from Misty to Brock.

"Fine actually. It's nice to finally get out for a while." Misty said smiling at the raven-haired teen looking at him.

"I agree. Both mom and dad we're really proud of me for finding a new path." Brock added still keeping up with Misty (Azurill in her arms), Ash, and Pikachu.

As they walked along the path back home, the clouds in the sky began to darken with a dark purple color. Ash looked worried to his friends. They too were worried about the clouds. After many adventures through the regions, seeing clouds like that is a signal of something bad. Ash didn't know what would come from those clouds, are they rain clouds, is something going to come from the clouds? Was it a Pokémon, a person, or something else? With his mixed frown and worried concern, he looked at his friends; they had the same expressions as him.

"Guys, did the forecast say anything about rain?" he asked worriedly, taking his gloved hand out in hopes to feel a raindrop. But no drops fell from the sky, which made him more curious and worried-looking into the eerie clouds.

"I don't feel any thunder in the sky," Pikachu said, perking his yellow and black ears up in hopes to feel the lightning in the clouds, but there wasn't even a spark in his red cheeks.

"Well, what should we do, Ash?" asked Misty wanting to know what he wants to do about this.

Ash looked at his companions with a serious look on his face. This wasn't something they should just ignore or avoid, they must investigate it. His friends had their Pokémon, he had several of his along with Pikachu in case of an emergency, and they can handle what was going to happen. "Let's check it out!" He declared as they hurried to where the clouds were forming.

In the middle of the streets, the clouds parted slightly, and a dark portal open in the sky. The three Kanto trainers kept close as what they saw descend from the clouds was something very shocking. Their mouths were opened wide, and Azurill looked terrified seeing the parted clouds and buried her face into Misty's chest hoping it wasn't real. Seven teens, a few close to Ash and Misty's ages and a year older than Ash and Misty, were descending slowly from the portal. They landed in the streets and not only the portal closed but the clouds disappeared. The dark sky returned to a clear blue like nothing ever happened. Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty ran up to the unknown children. The two walking Pokémon jumped from the owner's possession to investigate the children as well. They didn't seem inhuman; they were just like them in every shape and form. But why were children falling from the sky?

"Who are they?" The raven-haired teen commented, looking to the others for support.

Brock dropped the bags to the ground and looked over each of the children. Even though he was a Pokémon Doctor, they weren't in serious need of the hospital. Brock looked back to his friends and said assumingly, "They look fine. A few scratches, but they're breathing fine. It looks like they were in an intense Pokémon battle."

"So that makes them Pokémon Trainers, right?" Misty asked seeing the two Pokémon with them, two Pikachus (one with a pink flower near its ear).

"Right but this is all so confusing. How did Pokémon Trainers end up here? Also, that portal, what was it?" Brock asked, placing a hand on his chin.

Ash folded his arms (Pikachu's as well crossed his paws) and was deep in his own thoughts too as Misty gasped something pointing her finger at the children. "Guys, look who these two look like!"

Ash and Brock came to the other kids and spotted the two Misty pointed out. The first looked a lot like Ash when he started his Pokémon journey; except for his clothes which were red and white, his raven black hair differed from Ash's raven black hair, his blue jeans were the same as his blue jeans, and his red and black shoes were reversed of his lack and red shoes. Lastly was his hat, which was red and white, unlike Ash's Sinnoh hat.

The second boy looked a lot like Gary; in fact, they could be twins. He had Gary's brunette hair, his black shirt, and purple jeans. A white pouch bag was along his waist and a necklace was around his neck, different from Gary's old yin-yang pendant.

Ash turned his attention to the two girls, one of them looking familiar. The first girl had long light brunette hair down to her back with a white and red hat on her head. She wore a green top with a red skirt and green socks with white and red shoes. When Ash stared into her sleeping face, he caught a glimpse of the face from his childhood. The face was vivid in his mind, but he could make a connection.

Ash looked at the second girl; he could tell since her straw hat was not on her head, revealing her blond hair tied back with a ponytail. Her clothes were an orange sleeveless poncho with a black long-sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans, and purple boots. She appeared to be younger than the other teens, about fourteen-fifteen years old.

The next set of teens appeared to be the same age as the others. One of the boys had on a yellow and black hat with goggles resting on the front of the cap with raven black hair. He had a red shirt with black jeans and red, white, and grey shoes.

The second boy had red hair and wore a dark purple shirt with a red lining, purple pants, and red and purple shoes. Both of his hands were covered by black gloves.

The last one and the third and final girl in the mix looked a lot like Lyra; except for her face, clothes, and different placement of her light brunette hair, she could have been Lyra. Ash and Brock couldn't believe their eyes as Misty finally spoke through the silence.

"We should take them to Ash's place. We can't just leave them here."

"Right." the two boys nodded and one by one, the Kanto trainers carried the seven trainers back to Ash's house. This discovery they found was not something they expect from four years of traveling the world: seven trainers, and two Pokémon, falling from the sky. This was not normal (normal for their standards), but once they find out who they are and where they are from, it might give more clues. Ash had his eye on the look-alike of him and Gary, wanting to know who they were. He wasn't an idiot to think they were him or Gary, but he wanted to know who they were. They hasten arrival at Ash's house to find Delia looking at the crew with more kids with them than normal. Her puzzled expression was just the tip of the iceberg as they quickly went inside.

Hours passed within the Ketchum residence and Ash and Misty explained what happened to Delia when they returned to the house with the unknown teens alongside them. Delia was surprised when Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock came back with the others knocked out. With all the unknown trainers scattered throughout the house, Ash continued talking with Misty and his mother. Delia looked at the scattered kids and then back to her son and Misty, trying to find the right thing to say. Even Pikachu was concerned while his owner was still talking, wanting to know who they were and how come they were hurt slightly.

"So, where do you think they come from? They don't like anyone I've met. What about you, Misty?" Ash asked, looking at Misty and waiting for her to reply. Misty shook her head. Ash sighed in disbelief.

"Well, for now, we have to wait until they wake up. Then we can find out where they're from." Delia suggested.

"Got it," Ash and Misty replied in agreement with Ash's mother. Misty looked from Ash's mother to her black-haired companion, pondering more and more on what they saw, realizing this was something like their journey in the Johto region.

"Still, those didn't look like natural Ash, didn't they strike you as odd?" she asked.

"Of course, I know rain wasn't forecasted, I checked twice despite all my eagerness. But why did they fall from the sky?" he asked.

"Who knows?" She shrugged, looking down the hallway with a frown on her face. "Should we leave Brock alone with a cute girl?"

"This is a dire situation; Brock knows that as much as we do," Ash said seriously to the redhead. Misty blinked for a moment and chuckled, agreeing with her black-haired friend. He had a point, after all, even someone like Brock can control flirting with a cute girl in situations like this, and they trust him, for now at least. Misty still thought back to the clouds, they reminded her of when an Unown fell from the sky through a strange portal and hit her on the head. She wondered to herself, could these kids be from another world like the Unown?

In one of the back rooms, Brock was watching over one of the unknown trainers; the girl with light brunette hair. The girl opened her eyes slowly and when they opened up completely, she examined her surroundings and noticed she wasn't where she wanted to be. She took a hand to her hair, realizing first her hat was removed. Second, a bandage wrapped around her head, feeling fabric tight to her head but cringed for a moment feeling several bumps. She rose from the bed but was stopped by someone's voice speaking directly to her which made her jump slightly.

"Lie back down, it's alright."

The girl looked to see Brock standing on the other side of the room. The girl looked at Brock's face and notice how kind and serious he was. She laid her head back on the pillow and looked at the ceiling, her voice sounding concerned and worried.

"Are my friends alright?"

"Yes. You should be glad to know that they're fine as well. Just relax for a bit, and then we can ask you how you came to Pallet Town in the first place." Brock said, walking closer to the girl and placing a hand on her head, making her blush a little. Brock, concerned for her, touched her head, was alright or maybe her head was more hurt than she thought.

"I noticed you had some bumps, so I brought you here in this guest room to recover on your own. You'll be fine in a few hours," he added, retracting his hand from her head.

"Thank you, Brock." She finally said with a soft smile.

When Brock heard this, he froze in place, stepping a bit back from the mysterious girl. "How'd you know my name?" he asked still taken aback at how she knew her. Brock would never forget anyone's face, even a girl such as her.

"Don't you remember me or Red and the others?" the light brunette-haired girl asked in disbelief, worried Brock had forgotten her.

Brock shook his head immediately. The brunette-haired girl felt a little devastated that the Pewter City Gym Leader did not remember her or her friends. Maybe he has forgotten her, a lot had happened since she and her friends were in the Sinnoh Region, and a lot had changed. Or, as her face was disappointed in the thought, the person she was might still hold some resentful feelings. She sighed, remembering some of the trouble she made for everyone was still a stinging reminder. From Red to Professor Oak, the many people she scammed, the memories of the Masked Man, and the evil things she did to her comrades before they became friends. She thought of becoming friends with all the other Pokedex Holders, their battles with the members of Team Rocket, and even helping her fellow Sinnoh companions in fighting Team Galactic and their leader Cyrus.

Brock kept his sincere smile and looked away at the girl, "Maybe you hit your head worse than we thought. Don't worry for now." He turned around for the doorway and proceeds to walk towards the door to see his friends and Ash's mother. He then turned back around to face the girl. "By the way, what's your name?"

"My name's Blue." The brunette responded to him.

Brock continued smiling to the girl, still his hand grip to the doorknob, "Blue, what a lovely name. Well, I have to go see my friends, sleep well." and he left the room to rejoin his friends in the living room. Blue was left in the room still with the faint blush on her face. She didn't understand, but something about Brock was different than the Brock she knew. His tone was more gentle and mature, not at all the very serious Brock she knew before, this one was someone she felt safe with. Still, how come he forgot about her, and where was she?

Blue stared at the ceiling above her, her thoughts turned to what happened to her before she found herself in this bed. The images of a battle on top of a mountain, her friends all battle-scarred from the battle before them, and the eyes of Cyrus and Giovanni were still fresh in her head that made her shiver in thought. Still, maybe a little sleep might let her mind at ease.

When nighttime finally came in Pallet Town, and the unknown trainers woke up to find themselves in Ash's house. Knowing that the Kanto trainers found them, they didn't react with panic. When Blue wakened, they sat in the Living room with Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and Delia. Ash had his gaze on the boy named Red and the Gary look-a-like. Ash wasn't dumb; he knew Gary since he was a kid, so this Gary look-a-like wasn't going to fool him. The boy looking like Ash spoke first.

"Well, we don't know what to say, but thank you for finding us. So, is this where we think we are?"

"If you mean Pallet Town, then yes, this is Pallet Town," Ash replied wondering if they were new to Kanto or just lost. Then again, falling from a mysterious portal could do that to anyone. The Ash look-alike gasped as the girl with yellow hair spoke looking at everyone and around the house.

"But, that's not right. This home is Red's home, and Blue and Green's as well. "

Misty looked at the three unknown trainers and she smiled friendly at them. "So that's your name, nice to meet you. I'm…"

But the boy named Green interrupted her with his hand raised. "We know who you are; Misty of the Cerulean City gym and Brock, Gym Leader of Pewter City; Great to see you again. Or I put it more clearly... It's great to see the other you." He added more seriously and everyone in the house: Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Delia, the other Kanto group, and the unnamed trainers were shocked by Green's words.

"What do you mean 'other them'?" The boy with a yellow and black cap asked bewildered,

Green looked at the boy with a serious look in his eyes and then looked at everyone in the room. "Gold, we're in Pallet Town, but it's not familiar to any of us. Misty and Brock, two gym leaders from here, don't recognize us, and the fact that both Red and this boy look the same. I'm going off a limb here and say that this is not our world. We were sent here during our fight with Celebi and Giratina. Instead of being eliminated, we crossed dimensions and entered this world."

Those words shocked the trainers throughout the room. Pokémon Trainers from another dimension, no way that's possible? They've dealt with Legendary Pokémon and even Time Travel, but nothing like this. Sure the existence of aliens is an interesting thing, but another dimension, with people who look like them and have the same lives, was unreal. Red and his friends were still unsure Green was right, but Ash was sitting by them, looking like Red only from a few facial features, has a Pikachu just like him, lives in Pallet Town, in the Kanto Region. There was no way around it, they were in another world.

"So you're saying that we were sent here instead of what Cyrus and Giovanni ordered the Legendaries to do, sounds like this is a mess that we can't fix. But if we were sent here, then that means Ruby and the other Pokedex holders got sent to this world too." A girl with light brown hair spoke up with nods of agreement from Red and the others. Ash, his friends, and Delia looked puzzled at what the girl had said.

"…Pokedex Holders?"

"What?" Pikachu asked, puzzled as well.

"That's a term in our world for trainers picked according to the Professors to use a Pokedex. You have one, right?" asked Blue directly to Ash.

"Yup…" Ash replied and took from his pocket; his Pokedex was upgraded within Sinnoh.

Blue stared at it with admiration. It was the same model her friends used from the Sinnoh region but she could tell that some form of Professor Oak's handy work was still apparent. She looked from the Pokedex and back towards him. "That makes you a Pokémon Trainer, right?"

"Yes, I was given my first Pokémon by Professor Oak, four years ago. I have traveled to Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh and met powerful trainers and Pokémon. I've learned a lot of things traveling that have changed me a lot." He explained and pocketed his Pokedex into his pants pocket.

"Impressive, to say the least. I guess proper introductions are in order; my name is Red." The Ash look-alike was introduced.

"My name's Yellow, nice to meet you." The blond-haired girl said politely.

"My name's Green." The Gary look-alike said firmly with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I'm Blue," Blue said, giving Ash, Pikachu, Delia, Brock, and Misty a small smile.

"I'm Gold; it's great to meet you." The yellow and black hated boy said with an enthusiasm that was like Ash.

"My name's Crystal. And this is…" The girl with light brunette hair named Crystal introduced herself and then pointed to a boy with red hair in the back of the room, arms folded in front of his chest with a glare on his face. He spoke to the group with a calm but cold voice.


"Well, I guess tomorrow we'll talk to Professor Oak, maybe he can help us. After that, we'll try to contact your friends. If they end up in our world, they should go to the Professor's labs and contact us." Ash explained confidently.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I would be glad to meet Professor Oak. Knowing my gramps, he's the same as ever." Green said with a calm chuckle.

'No matter where you're from; different person, same Gary.' Ash thought looking at Green and smiling.

"Well, we have one more thing to discuss. When's dinner?" Gold asked sheepishly. Upon hearing this question out of the blue, Ash and everyone fell to the ground at once. Green and Silver sighed in disbelief as Blue and Crystal giggled a little. Delia smiled, reminded how Ash is when it comes to food.

"I'll start cooking," she said sweetly and headed to the kitchen.

Brock shot up from his seat and followed after calling out to her, "Ms. Ketchum, I'll help you!"

While Ms. Ketchum and Brock made dinner, The Kanto trio, the other Kanto team, and the Johto team decided to share their stories of adventure. The Pokedex holders got a kick from all the things Ash has done over the years (Like dressing up as a girl to becoming a Pikachu). It was an interesting night for the Kanto/Johto Pokedex holders as they learned the little details of the world they've entered. When dinner was ready, they continued their conversation; all except for one. Silver was outside, thinking about the events that transpired. His mind was racing fast. Why did all this happen? Why did Giovanni; his father, do this to them? Silver hated Team Rocket and hated how far away from home they were. As the red-headed trainer stared at the moon, he thought only one thing: If they came to this world, then what about his dad?

"Silver!" a voice called out.

The red-headed trainer turned to see Crystal walking up to him with a plate of food in her hands.

"Oh, just you Crystal?" he asked, concerned.

"Ash was going to bring your plate but he didn't want to bother you. What are you thinking about?" she asked, "Is it the others? Is it about Ash and his friends?" she stared at Silver even longer than she understood and frowned, "It's Giovanni, isn't it?"

Silver nodded. Crystal immediately sat near Silver and gave him the plate. "Silver, what happened back in Sinnoh… We don't know what happened with your dad, but we'll find out why. Trust me, everything will be alright." She finished, sporting a smile.

Silver smiled too, "Thanks Crystal." and started to eat his food. The two continue to sit under the stars, Silver's mind on his dad and where he was. His dad may be from Team Rocket, but there has to be good in him, there was good in himself, Gold and Crystal saw that in him. Despite stealing Totodile from Professor Elm's lab, and all the crimes and trouble he made under the Masked Man's manipulation, despite all that, he had friends in Red and the others, the same for Blue. The food he finished after thinking back to the past, his mindset on one goal. He will find his dad and save him, just like everyone he met saved him.

At the same time in Sinnoh's Mt. Coronet, several figures were at the base of the mountain; a sleeping Giovanni, Team Galactic leader Cyrus, and his commanders and Grunts. The Galactic leader; without any emotion in his face, looked towards Mars and the others, arms behind his back.

"It seems we are in another world of our own. The Legendary Pokémon Celebi and Giratina, while destroying those trainers, have sent us here. For now, we start anew. Mars, everyone, begins preparations to collect every Legendary from the four regions. With their combined power, this world and our own will fall and our new world will be born. Now go, you have our assignment."

"Yes sir." The members of Team Galactic said at once. As the Commanders and Grunts set off to prepare, Cyrus turned his attention to Giovanni. The Leader of Team Galactic took out a strange device, the device resembling a gray remote and a glowing purple gem on it, as the same glowing gem glowed within Giovanni's well-groomed hair. Cyrus grinned sinisterly, his gaze still on the Rocket leader.

"It seems you'll still be useful, Giovanni…"

"And this is my room; you can sleep in my lower bunk," Ash explained, guiding Red to where his room, opening his door to show Red where he would sleep with Pikachu and Red's Pikachu, Pika followed them. To the champion of another world, Red felt at home in the room. It was reminiscent of his old room in his world. The walls were a tannish yellow and the carpet a dark blue. The walls were plastered with many posters that Red would identify as official Pokémon League posters, seeing the three Kanto Starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle drawn in a way that gave Red an idea it's been up here for a while, eyeing the peeling corners. On a brown wooden dresser, Red then spots many knick-knacks that belonged to him: a picture of a younger Ash, Misty, Delia, and Brock, and a little girl with light brown hair in pigtails, a beautiful hand-drawn picture of Ash and Pikachu, a pink handkerchief with a red and silver Pokéball printed in the front, half of a ribbon, Soothe Bells, a Focus Band, a wooden model of a Teddiursa, a diploma he received for attending something called the Pokémon Summer Academy, a certificate he received for winning something called the Squallville PokéRinger competition, and a trophy for winning something called the Twinleaf Tournament. Red was interested in the many collective items from Ash's journey, seeing the proof of his accomplishments than just his words alone.

"You might be thinking how I kept this room clean during my travels, it wasn't easy," Ash said getting Red's attention.

"Not that, I was curious about all the memorabilia you collected." Red corrected allowing Ash to look at all his items from his adventures.

"Oh, yeah I have corrected a lot," Ash said smiling. He turned to a small work desk and pulled from a drawer a collection of badges from his journeys from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh with the badges and symbols from the Orange Islands and Battle Frontier. He placed the plaque of badges in front of his collection and smiled admiringly at it.

"You have been to a lot of places, that's impressive, to say the least," Red said before eyeing the hand-drawn picture of himself and Pikachu. "Who drew that?"

"A friend of mine from Alto Mare, she gave that to me before we departed." Ash explained and chuckled sheepishly scratching his cheek, "Although, none of us knew which one it was because another girl looked just like her and well, she kissed me."

Red jumped back in bewilderment. "She kissed you?!" he exclaimed in shock.

"It was just on the cheek Red, just on the cheek." He assured him waving his arms frantically at the trainer. "I mean, it happened so fast and she just ran off. She didn't even say bye to me."

Pika and Pikachu, who leaped upon the bunk bed look at one another during their trainers' conversation.

"That's true?" Pika asked curiously.

"I saw it first hand; our friend from Alto Mare just went up and kisses him, just like that," Pikachu explained, Pika's brown eyes just widen in the reveal of the events of Alto Mare.

"Gold will flip when he hears that," Red said, reaching for his bag and pulling out his pajamas.

"Gold sounds to me like Brock in a way," Ash admitted with a light laugh.

"How does Brock act anyway from the one I knew?" Red asked, changing out from his travel clothes and into his pajamas.

"Well, Brock always seems so in love with every girl he meets, and usually, Misty would drag him away from embarrassing me and Misty. Brock might be a great friend, but you want my opinion." he said, holding back a slight laugh, "I feel Brock will find someone one day."

"And Misty seems a little like the one from my world, but not completely," Red replied, grabbing the pillow from Ash's closet and he and Pika made their spot on the floor. "And the rest of your friends?"

Ash didn't reply yet, turning off the light before jumping up to his top bunk, Pikachu as well. As much there was more he could tell him, it was better to learn about this world from seeing it firsthand than telling him. There was a lot Ash didn't know of the world Red was from, but he had a lot he wanted to know about this world. But before speaking aloud, entering the covers of his bed, he looked down at him, "you'll know soon enough Red. We both have a lot to learn about each other's worlds. So, let's learn about one another, once we find your friends."

"Sure," Red replied, placing his hands behind his head and looking at the ceiling. "I like that. Good night."

"Night. See you in the morning." Ash replied with a slight yawn. And with that, the two boys of Pallet Town went to sleep, as tomorrow was just another day for them.

Hours before Ash's meeting with Red and Gold's group, the same dark clouds that appeared in Pallet Town appeared not just in Hoenn and Sinnoh, but other places in the four regions. At the same time Red and his friends were found, the same time Ash's other friends and traveling companions were to find their new friends. The world of Pokémon was now in danger, those from other worlds were in danger, not just the Legendary Pokémon but those involved. Team Galactic had started in the search for all of the four regions' Legendaries, starting their search in the region of Johto. Things were starting to change for the world of Pokemon…. And Ash and his friends in Kanto… Aren't the only ones who found the Dex Holders...

In the quiet town of Petalburg city, May was practicing with her Pokémon in her backyard. May has changed a lot from her travels with Ash three years ago. At first, May was afraid of Pokémon and wanted only to travel, but she changed a lot from traveling with Ash. May had matured over the years, (although she's still the same May from before). After winning the Johto Grand Festival, May returned home to not only celebrate her brother's 10th birthday but to bring Drew; one of her rivals to visit. Both Max and Drew were overseeing the Petalburg coordinator. Max has changed a little from the last traveling with Ash, Brock, and Pikachu. He was taller (Not as tall as his sister and Drew, no doubt). His hair was a few inches longer, but his glasses were still the same. His clothes consist of an emerald green jacket, a red and blue shirt, a pair of green shorts, and white running shoes. The two boys kept their gaze on May and her Pokémon practicing while seeing the improvement of the Hoenn Coordinator.

"May has gotten really good, hasn't she?" Drew commented, keeping his eyes on May.

"Yeah, she has gotten good as a coordinator. By the way Drew, why did you come with May anyway?"

"Oh, it's nothing," Drew responded nervously, looking a half-smile on his face.

Max gave Drew an investigating glare. Drew felt numb from Max's stare as Max said the one thing that made Drew jump. "I get it, you two are dating!"

Drew jumped in fright. True, Max hit it on the head. After winning the Johto Grand Festival, Drew rewarded May with a bundle of flowers (And a kiss on the cheek). They started dating the moment they return to Hoenn. May didn't get the chance to tell her parents about any of this (knowing the fact they'll just embarrass her about it). As May was finishing up, Drew's face was burning up. May then placed her Pokémon back into their Poke Balls as she walks up to Max and Drew.

"So, how'd I do?" she asked.

"Impressive, you're getting stronger every day," Drew said, his face still glowing red and closing his eyes.

"Hey Drew, why's your face all red?" May asked getting close to Drew's face. who then step back from her face.

"What, no it's not!" Drew lied quickly.

"Oh, I know what he's thinking about." Max jested, pushing up his glasses b the bridge of his lenses.

Drew stood there in shock as Max laughed and May giggled. As the Children of Norman had their fun, the clouds began to darken, just like in Kanto. The Hoenn trainers looked up to see the clouds. It shouldn't be raining today, they picked this day specifically to train. But it didn't feel like rain clouds or storm clouds. The three Hoenn trainers stood closer together, not sure what to expect. from what they saw above.

"Why are the clouds all dark?" May asked, a gloved hand to her mouth.

"I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this," Max said worriedly.

Suddenly, the clouds parted ways and opened up a dark portal. Max and Drew gasped and May was concerned. Just then, light shined from the parted clouds and portal, three bodies fell slowly from the portal. If they could think of something, it like a reverse auction from aliens, seeing their bodies unable to move. Their concerned they might get hurt, and watch their bodies all fall into the forest of Route 101.

Max spoke from the silence. "What in the world is that?" he asked. Drew didn't have an answer, even though he didn't know what it was. portals opening and people falling out o it, this was beyond simple Pokemon stuff.

"Beats me," responded May, her face changed into a smile. "But I want to check it out. Come on!"

Without a look back to Drew and Max, The Hoenn coordinator headed straight to Route 101; where the portal opened up. Max and Drew followed suit, knowing May will be in trouble if she was left alone. When May stopped by a fallen tree, Max and Drew caught up. Seeing her brother and confirmed boyfriend couldn't keep up, May had a big smile on her face.

"Slowpokes!" May tease the boys.

"Sorry May, but some of us aren't adventurous as you are," Drew replied smoothly. Max look from May's back to where the unknown people had fallen.

"May, what do you think fell from the sky?" Max asked.

"I don't know, but we better take out our Pokémon, just to be sure," May instructed and takes out one of her Poke Balls. Emerging from the ball, was a small Pokemon who chase its tail before looking at May. It was a pink, feline Pokémon with a stumpy body and four short legs. On its face is a cream-colored, crescent-shaped marking. It has slit-like eyes and tufted ears with purple interiors. Its slender tail has a bulky pink section at the end, terminated by three pin-like structures with yellow ball-like tips.

Drew took out his Pokeball, tossing it and a Pokemon emerged from it. It was a bipedal Pokémon with an appearance that incorporates features of roses and masquerade attire. It has hair made of white rose petals, and a leafy, green cape with a yellow, collar-like bangle on its neck. The cape pattern reaches toward the back of its head, in spiky, sepal-like extensions on the hair. A male will have a shorter cape than a female. It has a dark-green mask over its red, yellow-lidded eyes. The lower portion of its face is light green, and it holds a bouquet in each hand. It has red in its right hand and blue in its left. Its limbs and underside are light green. Its feet end with yellow tips. It was his Roserade who stood ready.

Finally, Max held his Poke Ball and tossed it, emerging from it was his starter Pokemon. It is a small, amphibious, quadruped Pokémon. It has a blue body with a light-blue underside. It has a large head with a bluefin on top and a light-blue tail fin. It has black, beady eyes and orange, star-shaped gills on its cheeks.

Skitty, Roserade, and Mudkip looked to their trainers, who looked concerned, but know everything will be alright. Taking the lead, May, Max, and Drew continued through the route and two where they saw them fall. When the three Hoenn trainers jumped from their hiding spot, they found something they didn't believe. Three children (From their clothes; they appeared to be from Hoenn). When the clouds above them disappeared, the light returned and when they saw who one of them looked like; they gasped. The first one looked like May; in fact, they were identical. The girl wore May's secondary clothes, with every single detail. The next one wore Ash's Hoenn clothes; except it was red and black. He had a green and white cap (Which May thought was his hair), and black pants. The last one looked to be the shortest of the trio. He had blonde hair with an emerald on his forehead. He wore a light green shirt with blue pants. The Hoenn trainers' stun expressions couldn't believe what they found.

"May, My glasses might need a little cleaning, but that girl looks like you." Max pointed out.

"Yeah, I don't believe it. Where do you think these three came from? And why are they wearing mine and Ash's clothes?" May asked, looking at the girl looking so much like her.

Drew was curious, but kept his cool and looked to the siblings, "Let's take them back to your house, May."

"Right." May agreed and with the help of Max and Drew, carried the children back to Petalburg City. Once inside the house, the Hoenn trainers explained their discovery to Norman and Caroline. The parents were confused by the girl who looked like their own daughter, but even the Hoenn trainers had no clue. They explained about the hole opening up, how it looked like a portal.

"Well that was kind of you for bringing them here for proper care," said Norman to the Hoenn trio.

"Well, we couldn't just leave them in Route 101. When they wake up, we'll find up how to go here and why one girl looks like me." May walked away from her partners and headed to the stairs. "I'll come downstairs when they wake up," May said and went up to her room, leaving Max and Drew with Norman and Coraline. The parents decided to get back to their usual duties (Norman at the Gym and Caroline fixing dinner). The two boys decided to watch some TV while the three unknown trainers sleep on.

"What a day, three mysterious Trainers falling from the sky, a girl that looks like May, I feel something is going to happen," Drew admitted.

"Between a false Groudon, getting chased by a Pokemon from outer space, almost killed by a tree's antibodies, and discovering a temple in the sea, this is a Tuesday for me," Max pointed out.," I can't shake this feeling this is happening in other regions."

Later in the afternoon, The girl that looked like May had woken up in a room unknown to her. The girl tried to get up, but the weight couldn't hold her as she walked around in a very odd fashion. She stopped at a picture of Norman and Caroline before Max and May were born. When she spotted Norman in the picture.

"Is this Norman?" she said softly, before looking at the girl, the girl looking like her, "Is this… me?"

Then suddenly, the light brunette felt her head hurt as though her head was splitting in two. The girl's memories began to flood her mind.

"Stop, stop…" she groaned, hearing thousand of voices in her head. Her head was splitting, she wanted to scream out in pain, holding her head, the many voices overlapping one by one.

We must stop Team Galactic at all costs!

Foolish trainers, you have come all this way for nothing.

Celebi, destroy them all!

Dad, stop this!

"Hey, are you okay?" a voice asked in her mind's eyes, still blank.

The light brunette girl turned to see Max standing behind her. The girl shrugged off the pain (even though the memories were fresh in her mind), "I'm fine. And who are you?"

Max smiled, "My name is Max and this is mine and my sister's home. And you?" he greeted the girl.

The girl smiled too. She could tell Max was a caring boy and in no way harmed her. "My name's Sapphire, it's nice to meet you. Hey, do see two other boys with me?" she asked, looking around to see she and Max were the only ones.

"They're in the den, but they're fine. Luckily we found you or you'll be outside all night." Max replied.

Sapphire sighed in relief. Then loud gurgling noises broke the silence. Sapphire blushed and sweatdropped in embarrassment.

"You and my sister are a lot alike. Come on, my mom's making dinner, we'll get you something to eat."

"Thanks, Max," said Sapphire and followed the trainer to the kitchen, where Caroline was preparing dinner.

"Mom, this one woke up," he explained. He didn't want to offend her and call her a look-alike to her sister, best be handling this with some logic.

Caroline looks to see Sapphire and Max and says sweetly, "Oh, glad to see you have woken up. Nice to meet you, I'm Caroline, Max's and May's mother."

"Nice to meet you, Miss, I'm Sapphire." Sapphire's stomach then growled again as her sweat dropped once more, "Sorry, my stomach is growling."

Caroline chuckled. "You must be hungry. Don't worry; I'll make you something to eat."

In a few minutes, Caroline made Sapphire a sandwich with all the fixings: meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, olives, mustard, mayo, and dressing. Sapphire's mouth watered as she was given the sandwich by Caroline. As Sapphire was eating her sandwich with a smile on her face, Caroline asked something. Max watched on with arms crossed, he was curious about it.

"So tell me Sapphire, where you're from? You look a lot like my daughter May, who's upstairs right now."

"Really?" Sapphire said, amazed.

"Yes. Here's a picture of her," said Caroline. Max's mom gave Sapphire a picture of Max and May with their parents. The picture looked to be taken after May returned from Kanto. Sapphire was astonished; this girl looked like her.

'So that girl is me, and that means, that must be her parents,' she thought before smiling again, 'I'm sure dad is worried about me, but she has her family, that's reassuring.'

"So, Sapphire, are you a coordinator or a trainer?" Max asked.

"Pokémon Trainer. My friend Ruby is a coordinator and my other friend Emerald battled the Battle Frontier." Sapphire explained. Max and Caroline were shocked.

"My friend Ash battled the Battle Frontier and he won. But he wanted to travel more so he declined. Knowing Ash, he'll take up the offer again."

"Wow, Ash must be a great guy. What's he look like?" asked Sapphire.

Max then search through his pockets and showed Sapphire a picture of Ash, Brock, May, and Max. The picture was taken after Ash finished 4th place in the Ever Grande League. Sapphire was dumbfounded. Ash looked a little bit like Red, but his hair, eyes, and clothes were different. When Sapphire gave back the picture to Max, she could hear someone coming down the stairs. Entering the kitchen was May. When the two girls saw eye to eye, it was silent in the room. Sapphire got up and walked up to May's face. The two girls looked at one another as Sapphire smiled at the girl. May was still taken aback, they were identical (albeit she was a few inches taller, and her clothes look made by someone)

"Wow, your brother and mom weren't kidding, you do look like me. Nice to meet you, I'm Sapphire," she said and holds out her hand, and smiled sweetly.

May smiled too and said, "Nice to meet you, Sapphire, my name's May." And she shook her hand. Just then, the whole heard a groan from the other room. Sapphire knew who was groaning and walked to the den, quickly followed by May, Max, and Caroline. In the den, Drew was watching over Ruby and Emerald, who were waking up. When Ruby rosed, Sapphire was so overjoyed, she hugged Ruby to death.

"Ruby, you're alright!" Sapphire squealed.

"Sapphire… Um, I'm happy you're okay too."

While the two were having their moment, Max seriously folded his arms, May had an 'awe' look on her face, and Drew smiled too. Emerald woke up and eyed his fellow Dexholders with a smirk that rivaled Archie.

"So, are you two items now?"

The moment was broken when Sapphire remembered who was watching her. The brunette let Ruby go and blush scarlet. Ruby was confused, but a faint blush was on his face.

"I guess I learned something about my look-alike." May giggled.

After an awkward moment was over, Ruby and Emerald introduced themselves to May, Max, Drew, and Caroline (When Ruby saw May, he was a little taken aback). After they got to know each other, Norman returned to the house, the Hoenn Pokedex holders got to meet this world's Norman (Who Ruby did his best not to bring up how his dad was). When night came around and dinnertime arrived, the parents, The Hoenn trainers, and the Hoenn Pokedex holders ate while they talked about their world and how it was different. When dinner was finished, May asked one more question.

"So how did you end up here anyway?"

Ruby took a sip of his water, and sighed deeply, "We were traveling in Sinnoh with our Junior Pokedex Holders named Diamond, Pearl, and Lady Berlitz. We came across Team Galactic at Mt Coronet and we thought we had the upper hand. All of us; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Silver, Sapphire, Emerald, and our junior Pokedex holders defeated Cyrus's grunts, but Cyrus had the upper hand on us. He had control of Giratina and Giovanni had Celebi. When Giovanni ordered Celebii to eliminate us, a portal opened up and swallowed us. If we came here to Hoenn, then the others must be somewhere. But the question is: what's our next move?"

Sapphire and Emerald thought as well when May had the best idea. If they had no leads on where to do it, they can help them. And if they aren't the only ones who arrived in their world, their friends must be.

"Well, you want to get home right, and this world is unfamiliar to you, correct?" she asked. The Hoenn Pokedex holders nodded.

"Well, why don't I and my friends help you? If Red and your friends came to this world, they will go to one place."

The Hoenn Dexholders all knew the answer. "They got to see the Professors!"

May nodded. "Exactly! Tomorrow, we'll see Professor Birch and contact the Professors. If Ash and my friends found your friends, they'll help them, and Drew, Max, and I will help you." Max smiled, but thought to himself; who died and made May leader? Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald agreed to this journey with May, Max, and Drew. The brunette coordinator looked to her parents. "Mom, Dad, we may be gone for a while. So, I hope you'll understand."

"Of course, we had a feeling you'll be traveling again," said Norman.

"And we are proud of you for taking full responsibility for helping our guests. You've grown into a lovely young woman," said Caroline beaming at her daughter..

May smiled sweetly and responded with a thank you.

"Well, we don't know much about this world, outside its gym leaders and Pokemon, so," Ruby put one hand on the table and the other to his chest, " Miss May, Max, Drew, we are in your debt."

That night, The Hoenn Pokedex Holders got themselves settled in May's house. Sapphire slept in May's room while the boys were in Max's room. While a few in the house were sound asleep, the only ones awake were May, Ruby, and Sapphire. Sapphire was staring at the starlit sky as May finished fixing her hair when she spotted her counterpart.

"Something on your mind?" she asked.

"Oh, it's nothing." Sapphire lied.

"Don't lie, you're me," May then pointed out with a jeering look.

Sapphire smiled and chuckled. "You're right, can't lie to me." Sapphire looked to May and twiddled her thumbs. "It's Ruby. I like him, but even after I told him how I felt, he completely ignores the subject. I don't know what to do."

May smiled. She had this feeling that there was chemistry between the two. May decided to give Sapphire a few words of wisdom, "Well, I just I'll tell you something that will help you. Sometimes some people can't make up their minds and some people don't know what to say. Ruby cares about you and even most boys, can't tell a girl how he feels. Ruby is still growing up and maybe one day, he'll tell you how he feels. He'll come around, I'm sure of it."

"May, thank you." Sapphire smiled.

"You're welcome. Besides, we're friends, right?" May asked. Sapphire felt embarrassed by the offer of friends, outside her Dexholders, she didn't have as many friends as people she's met. She did keep a smile on her face.

"Friends huh? Well, thank you. Ruby, you, and Emerald, my seniors and juniors, you're my friends, " Sapphire repeated, even after so much, it felt nice to have more people. Ruby and I were childhood friends, but he got hurt and I blamed myself for it. That's why I wanted to be stronger."

"Well, you made it this far, I feel you're already strong," May replied, looking at her with a soft smile.

Sapphire nodded. The two girls headed to bed as May thought about Drew's crush on him before she came back to Hoenn and Ash liking her during their journey in Hoenn.

In Max's room, Ruby looked at the ceiling and was just as flustered by his feelings. He liked Sapphire, the daughter of the Hoenn professor, and has been her friend for some time. He cares for her, but how to say it without making them feel awkward? He shielded Sapphire in their battle on Mt. Corenet, but how to say it?

"Sapphire, I like you. No, that's not it. Sapphire, I care for you. No, that's not it either. What am I supposed to say? This is hard!" Ruby sighed and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh-Afternoon

In the lab of Professor Rowan, a familiar member of Ash's traveling partners. She wore dark blue hair, a black top with a white undershirt with a pink skirt that matches her boots. This was Dawn, a coordinator, and future Pokémon stylist. The brunette was helping take care of the Pokémon with the help of two familiar boys. The first was Berry, One of Ash's Sinnoh friends/rivals, and Kenny, one of Dawn's childhood friends. Over in the corner, her partner starter Piplup was sitting by several bags, eating a lollipop.

"I appreciate your time to help with the Pokémon." Professor Rowan said sternly.

"It's the least we could do. It's better than staying at home, plus Dawn's mom did ask us to get some supplies," said Barry.

"And we were in the area, so Dee-Dee asked us to tag along." teased Kenny.

Dawn was about to retaliate from being called that name again when one of Professor's assistances called for Dawn. "Dawn, your mother just called. She says she needs you back home quickly. She says there's something you need to see."

"Right, I understand. Kenny, Barry, grab those bags and let's go. Piplup you too," Dawn said to her friends and starter.

The two Sinnoh trainers obeyed Dawn, grabbed Dawn's bags, and headed out the door. Piplup jumped onto his trainer's head and Dawn followed Kenny and Barry.

"Man this day just gets weirder. First, those dark clouds appeared in the sky an hour ago and now your mom calls you. What's going on?" asked Barry.

"I don't know, but let's pick up the pace," ordered Dawn.

"Right!" the two boys said.

"Got it!"

The three trainers quickened their pace and in half an hour, they made it in front of Dawn's house. At the front door, Dawn's mother Johanna was waiting for them. Her mother looked stern and worried, more worried than ever. This has to be a reason.

"Mom, what was so urgent that you needed us?" said Dawn.

"Come in and you'll see." Johanna kept a stern look on her face

Johanna led the Sinnoh trainers to the living room, where three children were sitting on the couch. When the Sinnoh trainers got their eyes on the guests, they were shocked to see whom they looked like. Dawn was shocked as well. At first, she thought this was Silvia, but the girl's hair was mixed with black strands and a ring on her finger. The boy who looked like Barry looked like the Barry she was standing beside her but the last boy with them was a new face. The only thing recognizable about him was his clothes, which Ash wore in Sinnoh. The three unknown people stood up and walked up to Dawn, Barry, and Kenny.

"This is freaky." The other Barry said.

"You're telling me, Pearl. It's like looking into Lady Berlitz's mirror," said the boy beside the boy named Pearl.

"I agree, Diamond. Where did we end up?" said the girl named Lady Berlitz.

Dawn scratched her head in confusion and responded with, "Well anyway, my name's Dawn and this is my partner, Piplup."

"Hi!" the Penguin Pokémon exclaimed happily.

"My name's Kenny, nice to meet you." greeted Kenny.

"And I'm Barry, nice to meet you too," said Barry.

"Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name's Diamond, Dia for short," said Diamond.

"I'm Pearl, It's very nice to meet you," he said. "And this is Plat-" but Pearl was stopped by Lady Berlitz, who shook her head, "Lady Berlitz, who wants to be referred to by her surname only,"

Dawn and the Sinnoh trainers thought it would be best not to ask why she does not say her real name but ignore the topic anyway. Dawn decided to ask the important question:

"So how did you end up here, anyway?" she asked. The three Sinnoh trainers, Johanna, and the Sinnoh Pokedex Holders sat in the living room while the Sinnoh Pokedex Holders explained what happened in the world they came from. Dawn was the most shocked since she dealt with Team Galactic back in the summer with Ash and Brock. When they were finished, Dawn still was confused. "So then, if you, Diamond, and Pearl came to this world then maybe the others came to this world too."

"She's right and knowing Red, they'll go see the Professors, right?" said Diamond. Pearl and Platinum nodded.

"Guess the three of us will be sticking with you when you find your friends," Barry suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me. You know what they say, the more the merrier," said Pearl.

As the three Trainers shook the hands of the three Sinnoh Pokedex holders, Dawn said to Platinum, "It's going to be nice getting to know you, Lady Berlitz."

"You and your friends can call me Platinum if you want. You and your friends look like trustworthy people." Platinum smiled.

"Well in that case, thanks... Platinum."

As the day went on, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum got to know Dawn, Barry, and Kenny and what they have done in their world. As Nighttime fell, Diamond and Pearl entertained the house with their Manzai routines (Which made everyone laugh). When it was time to go to bed, Platinum slept in Dawn's house while the boys slept in the Living room. Both the Pokedex holders and Ash and his friends began to dream their dreams, knowing that tomorrow starts a new adventure.

The next day, the sun rose in Pallet Town as Misty, Brock, and Kanto/Johto Pokedex holders were preparing breakfast. Delia and Brock were making breakfast in the kitchen, while everyone was setting up the table. The two groups noticed that two of their number were not awake. Then it hit them; Ash and Red did not come downstairs.

"Does anyone notice a slight shortage of cap-wearing trainers?" Misty asked cheekily, not noticing she made a joke.

"The Champion of our Kanto and the future Pokémon master; it's like they're related," Green noted.

"Starting to worry with them together. Red and Gold are close friends already, giving him someone like a brother, is a recipe for trouble," Crystal groaned, helping with the table with Mr. Mime, or Mimey he's called.

"Yellow, be a dear and wake them up?" Delia requested the blonde.

"Okay, Pikachu, why don't you come with me so we can wake up our sleepyheads," said Yellow with a smile.

"Okay!" chirped Ash's Pikachu and the two headed to Ash's room. Yellow opened Ash's bedroom door slowly and crept inside, with Ash's Pikachu following behind her. Inside the room, both Ash and Red were sleeping soundly. Yellow nodded to Ash's Pikachu to wake up the boys. The Yellow mouse Pokémon's cheeks began to spark with electricity. Pikachu let out a huge thunderbolt that shocked the two boys off Ash's bunk bed. When the thunderbolt ended, Ash and Red were on the ground and looked up to see a smiling Yellow.

"Good morning, sleep well?" Yellow said, smiling sweetly.

"Was there any reason for shocking us half to death?" Red groaned.

"And using my partner, I'm starting to get used to this," Ash groaned in agreement.

"Breakfast is ready," she replied.

The second 'Breakfast is ready' was said, Red and Ash scooted Yellow and Pikachu out of the room and said, "We'll be down soon!" and closed the door. Yellow giggled and Pikachu perked his ears in confusion.

"I feel Red and Ash are like brothers, they act alike," Yellow mused.

A few minutes later, Ash and Red made it downstairs and ate breakfast with the others, completely ignoring their shocking awakening. While everyone was eating, Blue asked what the plan of action was. With an idea of location, it was important to meet up with the other Dex Holders and search the regions for a way to get home.

"So, where do we go first again?"

"Professor Oak's to contact your juniors. Then we think of somewhere to meet," explained Ash.

"The question of the matter is where we should meet?" asked Brock.

"I'll think of something," Ash said, taking a few pancakes off a plate.

"The next thing is how we get home, You think your world might have an answer?" Crystal asked curiously.

"Might be, besides, I am curious about the gym leaders. Brock and Misty are not as different from my world, and we have four regions to explore, can't wait," Red said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, the gym leaders, I'm sure not all of them are bad," Green mumbled and it caught Ash's attention, he asked, but it was Red who shook his head. I guess in their world, even Gym Leaders could be bad in that world, he wonders… Just who is Green meaning?

With breakfast finished, the Pokedex holders, Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Brock were outside ready to say goodbye to Ms. Ketchum and thank her for her hospitality. Delia was saying a few final words to the raven-haired hero.

"Do you have anything you need?" she said and Ash nodded. "All your clothes you'll need?" he nodded again. "Did you make sure to have clean underwear?" he nodded once more, feeling a faint blush on his face. Yellow, Blue, and Crystal all giggled as Red placed a hand on Ash's shoulders.

"Don't you worry, Ms. Ketchum, Ash will be fine with us. We have our experience traveling, so he'll be okay."

"I'll take your word on it. Be safe, all of you." Delia Ketchum smiled.

"We will bye!" The trainers of two different worlds waved and headed up the road to Professor Oak's lab. Before the heroes were out of sight, Delia had her last glimpse of Red. She placed a hand on her cheek and smiled whimsy.

"That boy Red, he reminds me of my husband when he left on his journey."

Back inside The Ketchum Residence, A lone picture showed an image of Ash's father; his appearance was similar to Ash and Red.

On the road to Professor Oak's lab, The Kanto/Johto Pokedex holders told Ash, Brock, and Misty everything they remembered from their world when they faced Team Galactic. Ash and Brock were shocked to hear that the Team Galactic of their world were still around when the one from Ash's world was defeated and their leader is gone. When Red, Green, and Blue talked about Misty and Brock's counterparts, the two trainers were intrigued about how cool their other selves were. In time, they made it to Professor Oak's lab, where someone greeted them.

"Hey Ash, Brock, Misty!" the boy greeted the trio.

The boy had tea-green hair, a headband, a lime green shirt, red shorts, and blue and yellow sneakers. This was Tracey, one of Ash's traveling companions and assistant to Professor Oak.

"Hey Tracey!" said Ash happily, walking up to him.

"Ash, what brings you, Misty, and Brock her-" The Pokémon watcher paused to see Red, Blue, and Yellow who waved, Gold and Crystal who waved as well, and Green and Silver, who placed their hands in their pockets. Besides Ash, Delia, and even Oak, this was the first new person, no one they knew from their world. Green and Silver looked away, Crystal, Blue, and Yellow happily, and Red just looked calm. Tracey was dumbstruck by Ash's large bunch.

"Uh Ash, who are they?" he asked.

"It's a long story, Trace, but I'll explain once I see Professor Oak," Ash replied.

"Okay, he should be in the library," Tracey said as he led the heroes inside and into the library. There, The Pokémon Professor was busy reading a book on Pokémon Poetry when he heard Ash and friends walk into the room

"Ah, Ash my boy, it's great to see you today," Oak said as he noticed the extra bunch with him. And who are these young people?"

Red decided to introduce himself. "My name's Red and these are my friends. It's nice to meet you, Professor Oak."

"Ahh, I see you have heard of me," said Oak matter of factly.

"In a way, yes," Red admitted. "But what I'm going to tell you will shock you."

Therefore, Red went into a long tale about being from another world; including his comrades. When Red finished his story, Oak pondered and pondered.

"So, when you faced Celebi and Giratina, was anything strange with them before you came here?" asked Oak. Red and the Senior Pokedex holders pondered too.

"My dad Giovanni, there was something about him before he ordered Celebii to eliminate us. My dad may be the leader of Team Rocket, but a dad's a dad and I know that wasn't him." Silver then said, only for Blue to look solmen to the boy.

Crystal and Gold looked at Silver with concerned looks on their face. Ash looked at the red-haired teen and remembered that Jessie, James, and Meowth talk about sending Pokémon to Giovanni.

"Hmm, I think I heard that name before," Ash spoke up.

"There's a Giovanni in your world?" Silver asked abruptly.

"Not sure, never met him, but I met members of Team Rokety who talked of a boss, guess it's him," Ash replied.

"So, that does answer it: It's like our world is like a mirror, similar to this one, just with different people or different backgrounds. That's what I think," Green confirmed.

"Think so? But it also means The region's landscape won't feel the same as ours. Fortunately, the six Pokemon we carried in our battle are with us, we should visit a Pokemon Center to make sure nothing happened," Crystal suggested.

"Let's be wary of one thing, there's no way Team Galatic isn't here from our world, we'll have to be careful," Blue suggested.

"I heard of other dimensions and other worlds. There might be some way for you to get home." Oak continued

"There could be, but we'll have to explore all of Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh to do it," suggested Gold.

"Sounds like an adventure to me!" Ash said excitedly.

"I agree, it'll be nice to travel again," Misty agreed.

"Now that we know what to do, we need to contact our juniors," said Blue. The moment she said that, the sound of a telephone rang in the lab, getting the group's attention.

Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring, Phone Call, Phone Call!

"Huh, what a strange ringtone," Crystal pointed out.

Professor Oak was about to get up, but Ash was first to get up. If it's one of their friends, they probably were calling for him.

"I'll get it, Professor."

"Why, thank you, Ash," replied Oak gratefully.

The raven-haired boy entered the research lab and answered the videophone. On the Video monitor, Platinum (Who Ash thought was Dawn) appeared on the screen.

"Dawn, is that you?" Ash asked as it feels it's been ages since they last saw either other.

Platinum shook her head. "My name's Lady Berlitz, Dawn's here with me in Professor Rowan's lab. You must be Ash Ketchum, correct? Well I need to speak with Red, is he there with you?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll get him right away," Ash said and left for a second to fetch Red. The girl who called herself Lady Berlitz was like Dawn. While the voices were similar, their mannerism was night and day. Dawn was very energetic, cheerful, and as much a go-getter as he was. Berlitz, her tone had a class to it, like Silvia. Still, Dawn being rich, he's going to not get them mixed up, that would be bad. In a few minutes, both Ash and Red were in front of the Video Screen.

"Platinum, it's great to see you alright," Red said delightedly and relieved the juniors were okay.

"Oh, you're Platinum," Ash chimed.

"Correct. Normally I don't let commoners have my real name," Platinum said, only to realize what, "Oh no, no, no, you found out seniors, so I should trust you. Sorry, old habits, Mr. Ketchum," she added and Ash felt a little unease of the formalities of the Dawn lookalike.

"Me too. So Diamond, Pearl, and Ito are here with Ash's friends; Dawn, Barry, and Kenny." Then a second ring rang from the videophone. "Hold on." The video screen turned split-screen and two images now appeared; one of Platinum and the other was Sapphire.

"Red, is that you? Thank goodness you're alright," said Sapphire.

"May?" Ash asked bewildered.

"No I'm Sapphire," Sapphire corrected, "but May, Max, and Drew are with me, Ruby, and Emerald. Red, now that we are all safe, we need a place to meet. Do you know where?"

Red folded his arms and thought about it.

"Let's meet in New Bark Town," Ash suggested to the older champion.

Sapphire and Platinum looked excited at Ash's idea. "Sounds like a plan to me. Oh, and Dawn told me to give you this message; get her Pokémon in Vermillion City. Now I don't know what she meant by that," Platinum added as well.

"No need to worry, I know who she meant. Well, we will see you soon. This will be one awesome adventure." Ash said excitedly.

"We'll be looking forward to it, bye!" and Platinum's screen was blank.

"I'll pass on the message to the others as well, see you soon!" Sapphire's image was blank too.

"Okay Red, let's go tell the others," said Ash.

"Right behind you," said Red and followed Ash back into the library, where they told their friends the Hoenn/Sinnoh Pokedex holders are with Ash's friends and that they will meet at New Bark Town in Johto. Gold and Crystal looked thrilled to see home again; even Silver wanted to see it too. Before they could leave, Professor Oak asked Red and his friends something.

"Is it alright if I see your Pokedexes for a bit?"

"Sure!" They said The Kanto/Johto Pokedex holders gave Oak their Pokedexes. Since they had time, Ash decided to show them his new friends all the Pokémon he caught. Ash and Tracey led the Pokedex holders to the back garden where all the Pokémon Ash and several Trainers left in Oak's care. When Ash waved his arms, a huge group of Pokémon came to greet him. They were all the Pokémon Ash caught in the four regions he has been to. The Pokémon all greeted the Pokedex holders. Yellow walked closer to some of them, few nuzzled her cheek or knees. While the shortest of the Kanto dex holders, she got along well with the smaller Pokemon. He took one hand to Infernape, the Sinnoh Fire Starter, and frowned, looking as if she could see into its mind.

"I see, you went through a lot, but you are happy now with Ash, he took better care of you than your former trainer," she said before walking back to her group. Not sure what she meant, Ash cleared his throat and properly introduced his Pokemon.

"Guys, I want you to meet my new friends. They'll be traveling with me, Misty, and Brock right now," Ash introduced.

"So many Pokemon, even a whole herd of Tauros. Amazing," Red said, looking at the twenty Pokemon, and the nineteen Tauros with them.

"I guess Ash's means training rather than catching, his style of trainer would give him a title like Gramps gave us," Green explained.

"Ash has a lot of Pokémon, they even look well-trained. How come he didn't win the Sinnoh League?" Gold asked Brock, looking at the Pokemon Doctor in question.

"Three short words: Darkrai and Latios," Brock explained. The battle with that Darkrai user was fresh in his mind. It was only a month since the Sinnoh League and not long he and Ash met up again. He wonders if it takes skill to train a Legendary Pokemon like Latios, Darkrai, or two Frontier Brains who used some.

"Oh that's why?" asked Gold, feeling bad for Ash.

"Let's move on about it, I still have a long way to go to be a Pokemon Master," Ash said, hands behind his back.

"It was a great battle still, fighting both of those Pokemon. It was crazy to meet another Latios again," Ash explained, and that got them curious, Ash met the Eon Pokemon before. Ash then looked at his friends. "I'll be right back. I have to get two old friends back."

"Okay Ash, we'll be here waiting for you," Misty replied.

Ash turned to his grass-type Bayleaf and got on her back. "To Vermillion City and step on it!"

"Okay!" Bayleaf exclaimed gleefully and Ash and Bayleaf had left Oak's felicities and into the streets of Pallet Town. An hour passed when Ash came back with Bayleaf. Something was his hand before putting what looks like a Pokeball on his waist.

"So Ash, who'd you get?" Crystal asked, before walking to his Pokemon. before looking back to Crystal.

"It's a secret." Ash smiled a child-like grin.

Since Ash was to go back to Johto, he chooses Bayleaf, Quilava, Buizel, and the Pokémon he recaptured. Professor Oak greeted them one last time before leaving; giving the Pokedex holders back their Pokedex.

"I've given the Pokedexes a little upgrade. Now they are in their "National" setting like Ash's." said Oak.

"If you happen to catch any Pokémon, make sure to send them here," Tracey instructed.

"We can manage, thank you," Silver said and the other seniors looked blankly. Silver groaned, "Come on you guys, I can be nice."

"I have doubts but thank you. We don't have much of this world, but as long as we have our Pokedexes, we'll be okay," Red said calmly, holding the Pokedex in his hands.

"Spoken like our Champion, Red," Green chimed in cooly.

"Okay, see you later!"

With a wave of goodbye, they left Oak's lab. Before they left Pallet Town, Brock showed them a path to New Bark Town from where they were on a map of the Kanto and Johto regions. Everything looks identical to their two regions, but it's best to go off only on memory, not blindly looking around.

"Okay, there should be a boat that should take us to New Bark Town past Victory Road. It's down on Route 27."

"To get there safely, we'll just have to walk," said Silver.

"Sounds go to me. We can also stock up on supplies in Viridian City since we're stopping there and all," explained Misty.

"Okay, then let's get this show on the road!" Ash exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Everyone except Green and Silver cheered, thrusting their fists into the air.

And so, with new friends and a new journey on the horizon, Ash and his friends continue their journey to New Bark Town, as their Region hopping journey begins.

To be Continued…

Michael: this was a whole decade when I started with this project and I do want to come back to this and my Pokemon works shortly. Now I best clear up a few things, also the fact this started a decade ago and it was clear my writing style changed in the later years after where I left off: Pokemon battles, character development, pacing, and I still do a road map for this to be the final bout at Mt. Coronet, that hasn't changed in a decade. What has changed as a few things, between how I felt about the Manga cast and what I should have cleared up:

It wasn't fair to call the manga cast Gary Stu or Mary Sue, I think when I started writing this crossover it was after reading Pokespe meets Anime where the anime cast was treated like idiots in a nonsensical plot that didn't go anyway except treating Ash and them like idiots, for the sake of author bias. The fact anime hate in Pokemon fanfiction is sad as most Pokemon stories are anime, manga, games, and I guess more recently Detective Pikachu movies. I expect fairness, I won't be harsh to Red and them if no one is coming to hate the anime. The juvenile name Ass Ketchup needs to stop.

Pokemon battles in my early Pokemon stories were very bad, I admit that I got better, with the unreleased Pokemon Tetra story, shows my improvements with battles.

2011-2012 was different from 2022 me after writing this. The Pokemon anime is a part of my life and I do have a four-movie collection of 4ever, Heroes, Jirachi, and Deoxys. I love every character with some evenness, except for Misty, whose personality shows the 90's girl being up or violent to the main lead that nowadays, people hate the Tsundere trait. I don't like Misty much anymore, but I won't bash or treat others as better. It's no different than Misty fans

The main point of the crossover is for both groups to grow and develop, neither is better than the other. Ash's friends aren't going to praise Red's group like they are perfect. Anime and Adventure are no different, just not all trainers own a Pokedex and some bad people do worse than an evil team, Blue was a con artist, Silver stole things, and you had Gym Leader kidnap children. But both groups are treated fairly, with no bashing on both side.

Now for the ships of this story:


May x Drew

Red x Yellow

Gold x Crystal

Ruby x Sapphire

Diamond x Platina.

One more thing: Starting my long and painful trial of redoing this, not rewriting it, just expanding the chapter to be much longer, more fleshed-out battles, the interactions will be stronger, the Misty/Latias will have a complete overhaul, and in regards to the Pokespe cast. I don't hate them, just not the overly biased and hate the anime gets, or everyone making Ash a punchline like he's a bad trainer.

That is all, thank you and see you next time.