Pokémon: When Pokeworlds collided

By oathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

Michael: Hello Pokémon fans! Do I have a special treat for you? Doing research on Pokémon special (Adventures in English); I thought it would be fun if I joined the bandwagon of cross-over the Manga and Anime universes of Pokémon. So joining me this story are both heroes of the Anime and the heroes of the Manga. Come on in everyone!

(Walking inside the character's corner were the heroes of the Anime and Manga. They each sat on Michael's side: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum on Michael's right; Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Brock, May, Drew Max, Dawn, and Barry on Michael's left.)

Red: This will be the first Pokémon fic done by Michael where we appear, so hope you enjoy it.

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Ash and Red (heads down in shame): Do not remind me.

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Red: I will be at Mt. Silver.

Yellow: Doing what?

Red: Play Heart Gold/Soul Silver, where do you think I'm going!

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Chapter 1: New friends from another dimension! Johto and Kanto Dexholders

"Regular Speech"


"Pokémon Speech"

'Pokémon thoughts'


(The sets between Sinnoh League Victors and Black and White)

After coming in 4th place in the Sinnoh league, 15 year old Ash Ketchum had return to his hometown of Pallet to rest up from his journey in Sinnoh. During his break from his adventure, Brock; Former Gym Leader of Pewter City and future Pokémon Doctor and Misty; Gym Leader of Cerulean City and Water Pokémon trainer had come to visit their former traveling partner. Ash didn't mind having his first two friends' visit, as it felt like old times when they hanged out together. With Brock's brother Forrest running his gym and Misty's sister Daisy running her gym, it was an easy break for them. The Pokémon Ash caught in Sinnoh quickly got along with his Kanto/Johto/Hoenn teams.

During their stay at Pallet Town, Delia had sent the Kanto trio off to the market to get some supplies for dinner. When it comes to food, Ash was eager to leave right away, with his trusted companion Pikachu by his side. Misty softly giggled at no matter how much Ash grows; he's still the same little kid from Pallet Town. They followed Ash and Pikachu through Pallet Town and brought everything they'll need for dinner. Now with supplies in hand, the Kanto trio continued their walk back to the Ketchum's residence: Not knowing that a new adventure was around the corner.

"So Misty, Brock, how's things at home?" asked Ash.

"Fine actually. It's nice to finally get out for awhile." Misty said.

"I agree. Both mom and dad we're really proud of me finding a new path." Brock added.

As they walked along the path back home, the clouds in the sky began to darken with a dark purple color. Ash looked worried to his friends. They too were worried about the clouds too.

"Guys, did the forecast say anything about rain?" he asked.

"Pikachu (I don't feel any thunder in the sky)." Pikachu said.

"Well, what should we do, Ash?" asked Misty.

Ash looks to his companions with a serious look on his face. "Let's check it out!" He declared as they hurried to where the clouds were forming. In the middle of the streets, the clouds parted slightly and a dark portal opened in the sky. The three Kanto trainers kept close as what they saw descend from the clouds was something very shocking. Seven teens, a few close to Ash and Misty's ages and a year older than Ash and Misty, were falling slowing from the portal. They landed in the streets as not only the portal closed but the clouds disappeared. Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty ran up to the unknown children.

"Who are they?" The raven haired boy commented.

Brock dropped the bags to the ground and looked over each of the children. Brock looked back to his friends and said, "They look fine. A few scratches, but they're breathing fine. It looks like they were in an intense Pokémon battle."

"So that makes them Pokémon trainers, right?" Misty asked.

"Right but this is all so confusing. How did Pokémon trainers ended up here? Also that portal, what was it?" Brock said, placing a hand to his chin.

Ash folded his arms (Pikachu as well) as Misty gasped something. "Guys, look who these two look like!"

Ash and Brock came to the other kids and spotted the two Misty pointed out. The first looked a lot like Ash when he started his Pokémon journey; except for his clothes which were red and white, his raven black hair differed from Ash's raven black hair, his blue jeans were the same as his blue jeans, and his red and black shoes were reversed of his own black and red shoes. Lastly was his hat, which was red and white unlike Ash's Sinnoh hat. The second boy looked a lot like Gary; in fact they could be twins. He had Gary's brunette hair, his black shirt, and purple jeans. A white pouch bag was along his waist and a necklace was around his neck, different from Gary's old yin-yang pendent. Ash turned his attention to the two girls, one of them looking familiar. The first girl had long light brunette hair down to her back with a write and red hat on her head. She wore a green top with a red skirt and green socks with white and red shoes. When Ash stared into her sleeping face, he caught a glimpse of a face from his childhood. Ash looks to the second girl; he could tell since her straw hat was not on her head, revealing her blond hair tied back with a ponytail. Her clothes were an orange sleeveless poncho with a black long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans and purple boots. She appeared to be younger than the other teens, about 14-15 years old. The next set of tens appeared to the same age as the others. One of the boys had on a yellow and black hat with goggles resting on the front of the cap with raven black hair. He had a red shirt with black jeans and red, white, and grey shoes. The second boy had red hair and wore a dark purple shirt with a red lining, purple pants, and red and purple shoes. Both of his hands were covered by black gloves. The last one and the third and finally girl in the mix looked a lot like Lyra; expect for her face, clothes and the different placement of her light brunette hair, she could have been Lyra. Ash and Brock couldn't believe their eyes as Misty finally spoke through the silence. "We should take them to Ash's place. We can't just leave them here."

"Right." the two boys said and one by one, the Kanto trainers carried the seven trainers back to Ash's house.

Hours later-

Ash and Misty explained what happened on their back to Ash's house to Delia when they returned with the unknown teens alongside them. Delia was surprised when Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock came back with other children knocked out with them. With all the unknown trainers scattered throughout the house, Ash continued talking with Misty and his mother.

"So, where do you think they come from? They don't like anyone I've met. What about you, Misty?" Ash asked.

Misty shook her head. Ash sighed in disbelief. Delia responded with, "Well, for now we have to wait until they wake up. Then we can find out where they're from." said Delia.

"Got it," Ash and Misty replied.

In one of the back rooms, Brock was watching over one of the unknown trainers; the girl with light brunette hair. The girl opened her eyes slowily and when they opened up completely, she examined her surrounding and noticed she wasn't where she wanted to be. She rose from the bed but was stopped by Brock. "Lie back down, it's alright."

The girl looks to see Brock standing on the other side of the room. The girl looked to Brock's face and notice how kind and serious he was. She laid her head back on the pillow and said to Brock, "Are my friends alright?"

"Yes. You should be glad to know that they're fine as well. Just relax for a bit, and then we can ask you how you came to Pallet town in the first place."

The girl smiled and said, "Thank you, Brock."

When Brock heard this, he froze in place. Brock then replied with, "How'd you know my name?"

The light-brunette hair girl spoke again with, "Don't you remember me or Red and the others?"

Brock shook his head. The brunette felt a little devastated that the Pewter City gym leader didn't remember her not her friends. Brock kept his sincere smile and says, "Maybe you hit you head worse than we thought. Don't worry for now." Brock turned around for the doorway and walked up to the door. He then turned around to the girl. "By the way, what's your name?"

The brunette responded with, "My name's Blue."

Brock continued smiling when he replied again with, "Blue, what a lovely name. Well, I have to go see my friends, sleep well." and Brock left the room to rejoin his friends in the living room. Blue was left in the room with faint blush on her face.

When nighttime finally came in Pallet Town, the unknown trainers woke up to find themselves in Ash's house. Knowing that the Kanto trainers found them, they didn't react with panic. With Blue awake, they sat in the Living room with Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and Delia. Ash had his gaze on the boy named Red and the Gary look-a-like. Ash wasn't dumb; he knew Gary since he was a kid, so this Gary look-a-like wasn't going to fool him. The boy looking like Ash spoke first.

"Well, we don't know what to say, but thank you for finding us. So, is this where we think we are?"

"If you mean Pallet Town, then yes, this is Pallet Town." Ash said.

The Ash look-alike gasped as the girl with yellow hair spoke. "But, that's not right. This home is Red's home, and Blue and Green as well. "

Misty looked to the three unknown trainers, "So that's your names, nice to meet you. I'm…" but the boy, Green interrupted with, "We know who you are; Misty of the Cerulean gym and Brock, gym leader of Pewter city; Great to see you again. Or to put it better, great to see the other you."

The Kanto trio, the other Kanto group, and the unnamed trainers were shocked by Green's words. The boy with a yellow and black cap said, "What do you mean 'other them'?"

Green looked to the boy. "Gold, we're in Pallet Town, but it's not familiar to any of us. Misty and Brock, two gym leaders from here, doesn't recognize us, and the fact that both Red and this boy both look the same. I'm going off a limp here and say that this is not our world. We were sent here during our fight with Celebii and Giratina. Instead of being eliminated, we crossed dimensions and entered this world."

Those words shocked the trainers throughout the room. A girl with light brown hair spoke next. "So you're saying that we were sent here instead of what Cyrus and Giovanni ordered the Legendaries to do, sound like this is a mess that we can't fix. But if we were sent here, then that means Ruby and the other Pokedex holders got sent to this world too."

Ash, Misty, Brock, Delia, and Pikachu looked puzzled. "…Pokedex Holders?"


"That's a term in our world for trainers picked according to the Professors to use a Pokedex. You have one, right?" said Blue to Ash.

"Yup…" Ash took from his pocket; his Pokedex. Blue stared at it with admiring. She looks to Ash and says, "That makes you a Pokémon Trainer, right?"

"Yes, I was given my first Pokémon by Professor Oak, five years ago. I have traveled to Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, met powerful trainers and Pokémon. I've learned a lot of things traveling that have changed me a lot."

"Impressive, to say the least. I guess proper introductions are in order; my names Red." The Ash look-alike said.

"My name's Yellow, nice to meet you." The blond haired girl says politely.

"My name's Green." The Gary look-alike said.

"I'm Blue." she says.

"I'm Gold; it's nice to meet you." The boy said.

"My name's Crystal. And this is…" The girl named Crystal pointed to a boy with red hair in the back of the room, arms folded in front of his chest with a glare on his face. He spoke to the group with a calm but cold voice. "Silver…"

"Well, I guess tomorrow we talk to Professor Oak, maybe he can help us. After that, we'll try to contact your friends. If they ended up in our world, they should go the Professor's labs and contact here." explained Ash.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I would be glad to meet this world's Professor Oak. Knowing my gramps, he's the same as ever." Green said.

Ash smiled. "No matter where you're from; different person, same Gary."

"Well we have one more thing to discuss. When's dinner?" Gold said. Upon hearing, Ash and everyone fell to the ground anime style. Green and Silver sighed in disbelief as Blue and Crystal giggled a little. Delia smiled, reminded how Ash is when it comes to food. "I'll start cooking." Delia said and heads to the kitchen. Brock shot up from his seat and said at once, "Ms. Ketchum, I'll help you!"

While Ms. Ketchum and Brock made dinner, The Kanto trio, the other Kanto team, and the Johto team decided to share their stories of adventure. The Pokedex holders got a kick from all the things Ash has done over the years (Like dressing up as a girl to becoming a Pikachu). It was an interesting night for the Kanto/Johto Pokedex holders as they learned the little details of the world they've entered. When dinner was ready, they continued their conversing; all except for one. Silver was outside, thinking about the events that transpire. His mind was racing fast. Why did all this happen? Why did Giovanni; his own father, do this to them? Silver hated Team Rocket and hated how far away from home they were. As the red headed trainer stared at the moon, he thought only one thing: If they came to this world, then what about his dad?

"Silver!" a voice called out.

The red headed trainer turned to see Crystal walking up to him with a plate of food in her hands.

"Oh, just you Crystal?" he asked concerned.

"Ash was going to bring your plate but he didn't want to bother you. What are thinking about?" she asked. "Is it the others? Is it about Ash and his friends?" she stared at Silver even longer then understood. "It's Giovanni, isn't it?"

Silver nodded. Crystal sat near Silver and gave him the plate. "Silver, what happened back in Sinnoh… We don't know what happened with your dad, but we'll find out why. Trust me, everything will be alright." She finished, sporting a smile.

Silver nodded. "Thanks Crystal." and started to eat his food. The two continued to sit under the stars, Silver's mind on his dad and where he was.

Meanwhile at Mt. Coronet, several figures were at the base of the mountain; a sleeping Giovanni, Team Galactic leader Cyrus, and his commanders and Grunts. The Galactic leader; without any emotion in his face, said to Mars and the others, "It seems we are in another world from our own. The Legendary Pokémon Celebii and Giratina, while destroying those trainers, have sent us here. For now we start anew. Mars, everyone, begin preparations to collect every Legendary from the four regions. With their combine power, this world and our own will fall and our new world will be born. Now go, you have our assignment." said Cyrus.

"Yes sir." The members of Team Galactic said at once. As the Commanders and Grunts set off to prepare, Cyrus turned his attention to the Giovanni. The Leader of Team Galactic took out a strange device.

"It seems you'll still be useful, Giovanni…"

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