"Lavi is pregnant!"

"Did they… you know… last night?"

"I'm pretty sure Lavi and Kanda did it, Allen-kun."

Yuu Kanda shivered. One moment he was walking down the hallway of the Black Order, then he couldn't help but to over hear Allen and Lenalee's conversation. Even though a part of his mind told him to ignore and it was "none of his business", there was a part of him to stay as he heard Lavi's name. Curiousness had taken over the samurai.

When the two mentioned about him and Lavi doing "it", Kanda had no idea what they were talking about. A thought suddenly hit him like a shovel… he did spend the night with the baka rabbit at a hotel room….


With only one bed…

Kanda shook his head trying to get the certain images out of his mind. And they were on a mission together, too…. There was no way….

Wait… he slightly remembered they drank some sort of beverage at the bar along with supper that night. After that was just a blur to him now.

"Should we let the Head Nurse know?"

"That maybe a good idea…"

"What about…"

"It may shock everyone if we told them about Lavi."

Kanda frowned, almost in a scowl. How in the hell can a guy get pregnant? He thought. His mind slowly calmed down at that thought when another sudden one hit him. He had not seen Lavi all day today and for once didn't bother (or annoy the hell) out of him. Also, this "Lavi" Allen and Lenalee mentioned seems…. quiet.

… it couldn't be…

"Wonder where Kanda is….."

Allen and Lenalee became startled as the door kicked open revealing a confused and annoyed Yuu Kanda.

"Kanda!" the teens exclaimed simultaneously. Kanda glanced around.

"Where's Lavi?"

Allen and Lenalee switched glances then averted to a brownish-red rabbit on Lenalee's lap. Kanda's eyes dilated and became dumbfounded as Lenalee held up the rabbit.

"You mean, her?"


"We found two lost rabbits on our mission the other day and brought them home," Allen explained. "now… " his eyes caught a glimpse of the other rabbit, a black one, that had hopped by Kanda's feet. "Kanda! There you are!"

Kanda's eye twitched irritably. All this time…the conversation was about rabbits…. Real stinkin rabbits! Of why Moyashi and Lenalee decided to name the rabbits after him and Lavi? He doesn't want to know. He growled slightly in his throat and turned his heel murmuring curses under his breath. Allen and Lenalee switched glances once more.

"What's eating him?"

"Beats me."


The said male popped his head in the doorway. "What?"

"Lavi caught the flu today," Lenalee mentioned. "Just so you know." She smiled. Kanda left with a "che!"

In the next few days…weeks…or more…

The whole Black Order was filled with kits…

All started by two rabbits…

Kanda and Lavi.