A/N: Oh boy, the first person stupid enough to make a House/Halo crossover. I've been a fan of the latter for years, but I just now started my newest addiction to House(Go Huddy!). For now its just a one shot to test my House skills. Maybe with a review or two I may add a chapter(s)?

Human Error

"Chief get down!" Cortana yelled as John dodged to the right to avoid a hail of plasma fire. He leaned against the cover of a nearby building before leaning out and fireing a blast from his assault rifle at the group of Elites pinning him down.

"We have you now demon!" One in gold armour chuckled.

"Anywhere else to go?" John asked, reloading his rifle.

"Afraid not, can you take them?" Cortana asked.

"Maybe." John shrugged before pulling the pin off of a frag grenade and chucking it in the Sangheliis direction. Rushing out of cover, he fired at a minor whos shields had been taken down by the blast, shredding it to pieces. Turning his rifle to the zealot, he opened fire with one hand and unholstered his pistol with the other, firing a round into the majors head still laying on the ground.

Having been able to dodge the blast, the general charged at John, energy sword in hand as it slashed at the spartan who quickly sidestepped it. Just as both weapons clicked empty the Sangehlii's shields died. Snarling, it rammed into John, disarming him while also knocking him back several feet.

"Chief!" Cortana yelled as the energy sword pierced the spartans armor. The general stood and chuckled for a moment before John reached up and snapped his neck. The deactivated sword and dead Sanghelii fell to the ground as John leaned against a wall, bleeding heavily.

"How bad?" John grunted, holding the open wound on his torso.

"Your bleeding badly, you've got a four inch gash in your left shoulder. Are you ok?" Cortana asked as the suit began to beep alert signals.

"Never better." John chuckled as he began to walk out of the alleyway.

"I've located a hospital not far from here, you need to hurry before you bleed out and..." Cortana didn't finish as the spartan put effort into a sprint.

"You should know of all people Cortana, spartans never die." John smirked as he made his way past burning cars and debris.

Stopping in front of the battered and slightly burned hospital, the spartan had doubts anyone in their right mind would be in there.

"Any lifesigns?" John asked.

"I'm not picking anything up." Cortana replied.

"Just tell me were I can find some Bio-foam." John ordered as he made his way through the front door.

"Running scematics of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital now." Cortana reported as John looked around the large empty lobby.

"Guess nobody's home." John grunted as he began to make his over to the pharmacy per Cortana's directions.

"I can take it from here," he stopped her as he began to rummage through the pharmacy, his vision beginning to blur.

"I'm not gonna find anyth-" John stopped mid-sentence when something banged off of his shielded visor when he turned around. After taking a step back he saw a bearded man around his fifties, armed with a wooden cane. After a moment of staring the man lowered the cane and looked slightly annoyed.

"Oh, its one of you," he sighed, leaning on his cane.

"Expecting someone?" Cortana asked on the speaker, making the man quickly look back at them.

"You really don't look like a woman," he stated, looking the spartan over.

"I'm not." John said, extending his hand.

"John," he said after the man only stared at his hand.

"House," the man slowly took the hand and shook.

"You got two people in there? Must be a tight squeeze." House joked, limping around the counter to fully view the spartan.

"No." John answered simply, holding his hand out palm up where Cortana appeared in a small version of herself.

"Doctor Gregory House, age 51. You work as the head of-" Cortana flicked green then back to blue as she retrieved data.

"Hey hey hey, I'm the one who talks about me. Its rude to surf the internet when talking to someone." House smirked as he stared at the AI.

"Do you know if the hospital still has any supplies left?" Cortana asked, looking around the mainly destroyed room.

"Nope, but I got my own thank you very much." House informed as he pulled a small bottle of pills, rattling them for added effect.

"Vicodin?" Cortana queastioned as she looked at the bottles perscription.

"You must be a vet from the Insurrection." John nodded at the cane.

"How old do you think I am?" House snapped, narrowing his eyes.

"Old?" Cortana smirked.

"Do you wanna keep talking or do want me to help your friend before he bleeds to death? I got a Med-Kit over here." House turned serious as both the spartan and his AI noticed the pool of blood at his feet.

"But you just said-." Cortana started.

"Yea, but I was lieing. Your surprised how people don't stop to talk when the Earth in being invaded. I was bored, now I'm now." House turned on his heel and began walking over to a small medical kit hanging on the wall.

"May want to find someplace to...sit." House paused when he heard the spartan slump to the ground.

"Uh huh." House said smuggly as he pulled the kit off of the wall and began to limp back to the uncounsious spartan.