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Human Error

John woke slowly, grunting as he felt a sharp pain in his left arm.

"Good morning Sunshine." he heared House say as he opened his eyes.

"Hope you don't mind but I had to get rid of your green armor crap. I even took the pleasure of muting your very talkative little friend." House said happily as John leaned up to see the doctor was telling the truth as he laid on the ground in nothing but standard issue UNSC sleeping wear.

"Nice boxers by the way," he added before removing the morphine shot from the spartans arm.

"Turn her back on, now." John demanded.

"Well shes only an AI, but I still have some game left in me." House smirked as he walked over and took the chip out of John's helmet and placed it inside a viewing stand in the middle of the room. In a moment a life size version of Cortana appeared, her avatar red as she scoffed at House.

"One of the smartest AI in the world and I can't unjam the mute button." Cortana murmured, staring at the doctor then at John.

"You ok?"

"Been better," he admitted.

"Bio-Foam killed any infection and I used good ole' stitchs to patch you up. Would you listen if I told you to rest for a few days?" House asked, shaking his head as the spartan stood.

"I have work to do." John said as he began to put on his armor.

"So did I a few hours ago," House looked at his watch. "And now I'm just doing overtime."

"How did you make it out of medical school?" Cortana smirked.

"Bribes and more sexual favors then I care to remember." House answered.

"Lets get going, thanks for your help." John said, pulling out Cortana and joining her back into his helmet.

"Ah, home sweet home," she chuckled.

"Your an idiot." House said flatly, stopping the spartan before he left.

"What?" John asked, unsure what made House say that.

"Your an idiot," he repeated with a sigh.

"How so?" Cortana quickly asked.

"Not you!" House snapped. "Him!"

"Your brave, I'll give you that." John said before turing to leave once again.

"What will you do?" House yelled as the spartan was halfway to the door.

"Take down the Covanent?" John tried, not caring for anymore talking as he walked.

"After the war you nutjob." House tried catching up to him, albiet with effort.

"What?" John repeated, stopping and turning to House.

"What will you do after the war?" House asked, getting silence as John thought.

"My point," House nodded. "You have no future because your a tool."

"I don't want to injure a cripple further." John threatened.

"I'm no Innie but even I know what the UNSC has done to you. Your a tool, a weapon, nothing more." House continued.

"Thats not true chief." Cortana said over the suit speakers.

"Your one to talk, your not even alive! You really are a piece of UNSC propperty. Why don't you lean over spartan boy and let me look for a 'Made on Reach' stamp?" House ignored the AI and continued his assault.

"I do my duty, I'm a spartan first and formost." John said stubbornly.

"You have no choice but to fight, its in your brainwashing." House sighed.

"I was trained, not brainwashed." John said angrily.

"Your an idiot. And a human error." House said one last time before turning and limping back to the Pharmacy, popping a Vicocin as he entered.

"Ignore him Chief, lets go." Cortana said softly. After a moment John left the hospital, House's words turning unwanted wheels in the spartans head as he thought about his words.

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