Chapter 1 - The note in the CD case

I cannot believe that I just did that.

I am going to die of embarrassment.

Why did I have to do that?

*Earlier Summer 6*

"Gray is now online." The chat box said.

Claire's and shook over the key board. "Should I say hi?... No he JUST came online, I would seem suspicious… But if what if he goes offline?...No he wouldn't, he just came online… Mary's not online yet, I can still have a chance to talk to him! But then… ARRRGGHH!" Claire gripped her hair and pulled it with frustration. "What should I—Eh?"

A red chat bubble popped up on the chat box and it said Gray.

"G-gray is chatting...To me?" Claire whispered to herself.

Gray – Hello?

Are you there?

'Say something!' she screamed in her head.

Claire- Hi =]

And so their conversation began…

Gray- Oh, I see you're there.

Claire- What do you mean?

Gray-Well, none of my other friends are replying so I was wondering if you would.

Claire felt her heart sink.

Claire- Oh. Haha =]

Gray-Well, anyway… You still giving me that CD right?

Claire- Right! The R&B style of music right?

Gray- Yep

'He smiled at me…' Claire thought.

Claire- Haha =] I shall give it to you tomorrow miner boy! Hahaha =]

Gray- Ahahaha :D You're kinda funny farmer girl :D

Claire- Yeah, I am. You're funny too…Funny looking!

Claire hoped to get a good laugh from behind the computer screen from him. But then she saw it.

Mary is now online. Her heart sank deeper, if that was even possible.

'He wouldn't answer back now… She's online…' Claire thought. 'But maybe he would!'

Claire waited patiently waiting for his reply. Time past from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. No reply.

She sighed. "I knew it, whenever she's online he automatically forgets everything… Well, there's no use staying online now."

She turned off her computer. And headed for the CD rack, she began finding the CD that she was supposed to give to Gray.

Sometimes, Gray went to Claire's house and they would just listen to her music. Although sometimes it became awkward when the songs ended, they would both just sit on the couch quietly until one spoke. But for Claire she was still grateful that she could be with the boy she likes.

She found the CD that she was looking for. Blurry was the name of the R&B band that Gray liked so much. "Blurry… I think, because of him I'm starting to like this band…"

She picked up the CD and an idea popped in her head. "I'll confess to him! And I won't have to face him because I'm just putting it in the CD! Yes that's a great idea!" she said aloud to herself.

There were times and moments when Claire didn't think of what would happen at the end. This moment is one of them.

Hey Gray,

Well, here's the cd that you wanted :] if you want I can download it and I can put it in your iPod then you can listen to it whenever you work! Isn't that great? … I don't know any way to tell you this, so I kind of just did it here… Uh.. It's really hard to say and write… And, my hand is shaking right now.. And I like you okay! I like how you work so hard and how you're always so nice to me and I adore how you're so nice to me and I like how you love the same music as me and I like how you always visit me and I adore how you always work hard and never give up and …

Claire stopped there. "I think… This is too much… I'll just leave it there." Satisfied with herself, she put the note in the CD case and put it on top of her living room table.

She yawned. "Geez, it's only 5:30 pm and I'm already yawning?" she asked herself. "Well, I'm done with work anyway… Free time I guess…"

-Next Day-

Claire woke up and did her farm work. She looked at her watch 12:30 pm.

"Gosh, how long does it take me to do farm work?...Gray! He's gonna go to the library soon!"

She rushed her farm work only watering half her plants and feeding only a quarter of her animals. She was so focused on Gray that she didn't notice Kai with a bunch of flowers in his hands.

Claire burst in the blacksmith's shop.

"Er… Hi…" she said smiling weakly.

"Hello Claire! Would you like to sell me ores or perhaps would you like me to upgrade your tools?"Saibara asked heartily.

"Oh, uhm…No I actually came to give something to Gray…" she said quietly.

"EH! Give something to my grandson? Why would you give him something, when he always fails?"

Claire saw that Gray gripped the tool that he was holding tighter, until his knuckles were turning white.

'I have to defend him somehow!' she thought. "Erm… Gray doesn't always fail! He works very, very hard…And he, he doesn't give up and… And…And.." she stopped there. She looked at Saibara, if looks could kill, Claire would have been dead the moment she started defending Gray.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled and ran out of the shop.

She ran in her house, shut the door and collapsed on the floor.

"Saibara hates me!" she yelled out loud.

"Nah e doesn't…" someone said behind her.
"EEEKK!" she jumped. "Oh, it's just you Gray… You scared me! Hey How'd you get in 'ere anyway?"

"I ran after you, but since you were so slow at running I caught up and saw you crawling on the floor desperately needing help… Pretty impossible huh?"

Claire cracked up laughing and so did Gray.

"So what DID you have to give me?" Gray asked sitting down on her couch.

"Oh, uhm the CD hat you wanted…" she said getting it out of her pocket. "Here ya go!"

"Haha, thanks."

There was an awkward silence.

"So, I'll just go now…"

"Yeah okay…."

"Well, bye!" Gray said and tipped his hat.

"Bye bye!"

When Gray left Claire got up and looked outside her window. She saw Gray looking in the CD case, and she saw him picking up the note and then reading it. And that was when she realised what she had done.

"I did NOT think this through."