Chapter One

When you have everything you want, sometimes it makes it even more difficult to chose. Draco Malfoy was the top socialite in London. Wherever he was, that was where everyone else wanted to be.

Draco was the sole heir to his father's legitimate diamond mining business. He had recently been chosen as the most eligible bachelor in England for the third year running. At the tender age of twenty-three Draco Malfoy was the man to be seen with.

Twenty-year-old Pansy Parkinson was his best friend and confidant. The two were inseparable and of course, partners in crime in most of the things they did. Pansy had already started her own business selling high-end fashion jewellery and despite being from one of the ten richest families in the United Kingdom had already fashioned her own fortune in her own right.

The two of them were quite a pair, both blonde hair and blue eyes with stunning good looks. They could have passed for siblings if you weren't in the know. Rumour had it that they were an item and even though their parents would have delighted in such a match it would never happen.

One of the worst kept secrets in the socialite world of cars, champagne and over priced fashion was that Draco Malfoy was gay.

Heat magazine had a £20,000 reward for anyone who was able to picture Draco Malfoy with a male suitor, many had tried to claim this prize but none of the pictures submitted had been genuine. Draco was a private person and he didn't let just anyone get close to him. His money and status made him wary of people and their ulterior motives.

He had moved out of his parents prestigious Manor house when he had turned twenty one, it had been so isolated up in the country side and Draco preferred the lights of the big city. His father, Lucius Malfoy had forbidden him from living anywhere other than England but that suited Draco perfectly so he had moved to London. He had spent £5,650,000 on a four bedroom period house in Chelsea.

Spread over five floors he had a main reception room, balcony, two studies, a gym, four bedrooms all en-suit, a media room, laundry room and a fully fitted kitchen/breakfast room. The only visitors were his family and Pansy. No one else was allowed inside because Draco liked his privacy. He had press following him around wherever he went trying to discover the latest trend and where all the best parties were. Draco was the one everyone looked to for fashion and where to be, which was why he had made sure that any reporter caught near his house was sued for breaching his privacy.

This had happened only twice since he had moved in and now they all knew that it was a no go area. The amount of money the reporters were sued for not only ended their careers but also any future prospect for the paper or magazine that they worked for.

Draco's mother, Narcissa, was the editor in chief for Vogue magazine. She had more power in the publishing industry than anyone else other than Rupert Murdock. The Malfoy's, for that reason, never received bad press. All in all the family was not to be messed with, it spelled the end of working life anywhere close to London.

Draco was a lot closer to his mother than his father. The diamond industry was more cut throat than he cared for it to be. The fashion industry however suited Draco much more. It was there he dealt directly with designers getting the most on trend styles and therefore filling his wardrobe with only the best in designer brands.

He had dedicated one entire bedroom in his home to his clothes, transforming it into a walk in wardrobe. The closet he had in his room had been overwhelmed with shoes and he had had no room left for anything else.

It was Monday morning and Draco had summoned his chauffer to drive him to Vogue headquarters. Pansy was out shopping with one of her girlfriends on a girls day out so Draco was taking the opportunity to visit his mother. She was always busy but always made time for her only child.

When Draco walked into her office she was in the middle of a walk through. They were planning for a photo shoot for Autumn Jackets for the coming season. Narcissa was rifling through the rails looking for anything half-decent. She wasn't in the best of moods as the designers had failed her miserably with her selection.

"Draco dear, come and have a look for me will you, would you wear any of these?" She asked her son. Draco, pleased to be asked to share his opinion joined his equally blonde mother at the rails, surveying each piece with such scrutiny that his life might have depended upon this choice. And in a way his social life almost did.

"This one." Draco said with confidence picking out a simple leather jacket, he had first been attracted by the smell. It was one of his favourite scents. The jacket itself was beautifully cut in a very basic pattern. It would obviously be fitted but in the right places.

"Good choice sweetheart, this will go perfectly with those jeans over there. Sam, please bring Harry up for me, I want to see how he looks in this before I confirm him as one of the models." Narcissa said. Sam was her first assistant, she had three in total but Samantha was the senior of the three of them and had a lot more responsibility.

Sam was back within minutes a young man trailing behind her. Draco rarely had any contact with the models as he only came in to select his outfits. The designers were all too willing to allow Draco free reign with their designs as it meant that he would be seen wearing them around town giving them more publicity.

The young man immediately caught Draco's eye. He was tall, muscled, with thick tussled black hair that had been left un-styled. What mesmerized Draco the most were the startlingly green eyes.

Narcissa handed Harry the jeans she had previously selected and the jacket that Draco had picked out. He was now even more satisfied with his choice. "Try these on" She said to him and immediately without a second of hesitation Harry pulled his top off revealing a wonderfully sculpted upper body. Before Draco cold blink Harry had unbuttoned his trousers and discarded them too.

Underneath it all he had been wearing some rather tight fitting designer underwear, he looked like an underwear advertisement for Calvin Klein. Then, after thinking about it for a second he realised that that was where he had seen Harry before. He actually had done a Calvin Klein underwear ad.

Draco watched as Harry pulled on the selected outfit. Narcissa nodded at the overall affect, clearly pleased. She went forward and unzipped the jacket. "Leave it open I think, no use hiding that body away, what do you think Draco?" She asked.

"Not at all" Draco said and immediately Harry looked up at Draco and smiled. There was only one word to describe that smile, mischievous. Draco was completely enthralled in that one look with that one smile. He had to know more about this man.