Chapter Eight

Draco sat in the waiting room with a rather impatient Harry. Sophie wasn't there despite Draco calling and leaving a message and Harry calling her several more times, the phone just continued going straight to her voicemail. On any other occasion Harry would have been worried and out looking for her but he was far too concerned with what happened to his mother to be worrying about his seventeen-year-old sister who could take care of herself.

The doctors were running a long list of tests most of them Draco didn't understand. Harry was just nodding along to whatever the doctor was saying. Things weren't looking good for poor Lily.

"Har, is there anything I can do for you, I could run and get something to eat if you like." Draco suggested, he hated just sitting around waiting, he needed to be doing something productive. Plus Harry was agitated and worried, he wanted to try and calm the young man down.

"No, it's okay. Thank you though. I'm sorry about this, not the best first date you've ever been on I'm guessing!" Harry said, he was feeling so many mixed emotions that he wasn't sure what he was feeling but he did know that he had let Draco down in some weird way. He had wanted the evening to be special and now he was resigning himself to the fact that he had probably blown it with Draco for good. Combined with the feeling that his mum was getting worse in her illness and he was feeling entirely deflated.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, this isn't your fault. Your mum's sick Harry, you couldn't have known that this was going to happen." Draco stood up and put himself in front of a pacing Harry, blocking his way, he wrapped his arms around the worried man and held him.

"You know you don't have to stay, this is my problem. I'd understand if you wanted to take off." Harry said, he didn't want Draco to leave but he knew he needed to offer the blonde a way out without being rude. He only wanted Draco to stay if he wanted to stay.

"I'm not going anywhere, you can't do this on your own Harry, I can see that you have for so long but you don't have to anymore. I'm going to stay here as long as you need me okay." Draco said reassuringly and the comfort his words offered were of great relief to Harry who was beginning to see that Draco was as self involved as he first thought.

While they waited Harry text messaged two of his friends. He explained to Draco that they were his two best friends and they'd known each other since secondary school. Ron and Hermione were at the hospital within half an hour of being told that Lily had been admitted.

Draco recognized both of them immediately, the red head was the man Harry had been propping up the previous evening and Hermione was the young woman who had served him in the V.I.P section of Public.

Ron and Hermione both looked a little shocked to see Draco there but took it in their stride, Ron a little more reluctantly than Hermione but Draco being there was not the most important thing about, Lily was.

"What's going on, what happened?" Hermione asked hugging Harry, squeezing him hard. Ever since the here of them were eleven years old they had been going round to each other's houses and having sleep over's together. Lily, Molly and Kath had been very close friends and each had cared for the others children as if they were their own.

"The doctors haven't told me anything yet, they're running tests at the moment. She just fainted Mione." Harry said and she hugged him again.

That was when the doctor came over to them. Harry saw her approach and braced himself for what was to come. No doctor ever looked happy especially in this situation but this doctor gave a whole new meaning to the word sombre.

"Mr Potter?" She asked looking between the four gathered adults who all looked keen for news on Lily.

"That's me, is my mum okay?" Harry asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid that the tests have shown that the cancer has spread. It looks to me like she stopped taking her medication a few months ago. Without that element of control, it has taken over her entire body. I'm sorry to have to say this but she may not survive the night. She's awake at the moment but she's weak. No more than one visitor at a time please, we don't want to overwhelm her."

In complete shock Harry managed a nod and a "Thank you" Before his legs turned to jelly and he had to be supported. It was Draco who caught him before he hit the floor and it was him who guided him to one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs and sat him down.

"I'm so sorry Harry." Hermione said taking one of the seats beside him, Draco taking the other and Ron remained standing.

"Mione, can I ask you and Ron to track down Sophie, she needs to be here. You have her number, it keeps going straight to voicemail but she's never without her mobile. She might be out with that idiot boyfriend of hers but I don't know where he lives." Harry said babbling on without really thinking too much.

"It's okay Harry, we'll find her" Hermione said and placed a brief kiss on his cheek before whisking Ron away to do what Harry had asked. Ron never knew what to say in situations like this and usually left it all to Hermione, which was why she was his better half in so many ways.

"You don't have to wait here Draco, it's going to be a long night and it isn't like we've been dating forever. You hardly know me, you don't need to stay if you don't want to."

"I know all of this Harry and I want to stay. I know we haven't dated forever or even once but I want us to and I'm not going anywhere, you've taken care of your family for so long, just let me take care of you for change okay."

Harry smiled at Draco and nodded, glad that he was here with him. The next part however he had to do all on his own. He had been through this before but nothing as traumatic. He knew his mother was close to death and the knowledge that she would soon be gone scared him more than anything else.

Of course he had known that this would one day happen but facing it as a reality wasn't easy. His sister was unaware and he wasn't sure she would care even if she knew and no matter how strong his mother was he knew that she couldn't keep fighting forever. If the doctor was right and she had stopped taking her medicine then she had given up fighting the cancer a long time ago, something that shook Harry to the very core.

Draco had never experienced anything like this before, no one he knew had ever been touched by such a serious illness. He knew that things like this happened but not to him and not to the people that he cared about.

He watched Harry walk into his mother's room, he saw that he was shaking all over, all Draco wanted to do was wrap his arms around him and hold him until all of the problems went away. He knew however that it wasn't that simple. As he watched Harry walk into the room where his dying mother lay the fondness he felt for him grew. He knew that he wasn't going anywhere.

The thing he wanted more than anything else and money would never be able to buy it for him. The money clearly meant nothing to Harry and that scared Draco more than he thought it would. He had grown up in a world of extravagance and privilege that prided the amount of money you had in your bank account extremely highly.

With Harry he had already stepped out of that world and into the unknown where people you cared about were taken away in the most horrible and unpreventable way. People he knew never got sick, Draco had never had to confront anything like it before.

As he sat and waited for Harry to emerge from his mum's room he thought about how he could make this better, make it so that Lily would be healthy again but he knew no amount of money would ever make Lily better again. That wasn't how cancer worked and the fact that money couldn't fix the problem made Draco feel completely and utterly hopeless.