The " I Know Merlin Best" Challenge by fountainofroses

Author's Note: I am new to fanfiction and despite being Australian, from a English specking family, my spelling and grammar is ****. The legal age to drink is 21, at least.

Italics are thoughts. Bold/Italics are spells, which hopefully will all be in either Welsh or Old English.

I don't own Merlin, the BBC does.

Chapter One – Merlin's Age

"Hey Arthur" yelled Gwaine from across the training field. I've got a question for you. How old is Merlin?".

Arthur stared at him "Pardon".

"How old is Merlin" Gwaine repeated, walking over.

"I …I don't know" Arthur Stuttered, a guilty look appearing on his face.

Gwaine looked at him in shock, "How could you not know? You've known Merlin for how long?"

"About four years, I think" Arthur looked even worst his eyes gazing at the muddy ground, why is it that Gwaine always mangers to make him feel that like a spoiled brat when it came to Merlin, not that he wasn't. Gwaine's mouth gaped open "WHAT".

Lancelot, Percival, Leon, Eylan as well as couple of other knights stopped what they were doing and stared at Gwaine, accusing. Turning around scowling, Gwaine started to storm off, shouting over his shoulder, "You really don't deserve him".

Merlin was sitting on Arthur's bedroom floor in some sunlight, with his back leaning up against the wall, polishing Arthur's armour. After polishing the breastplate and pricking up the helmet, Arthur the King of Obnoxious Supercilious Prats himself walks in a guilty, distracted look adorning his features. Without evening noticing Merlin's presence, he started to take his shirt off.

"Um, excuse me" Merlin stated quietly, still polishing, Arthur whipping around to face him, "I know I see you without your top on almost every day, but do you have to strip in front of me". Arthur looked at his top, then at Merlin who was still polishing, then threw his shirt at him "Shut up Merlin, you idiot."

"Prat" Merlin scuffed, throwing his shirt back "What's your problem anyway? Did Gwaine get the princess angry again?"

"Yes, he scorned me because I didn't know something, which he wanted to know." Arthur answered a slight red tinge growing on his cheeks. Merlin started to giggle, "That's all, what was the subject this time? Girls, namely Gwen or fighting styles?"

Arthur looked away from him, muttering " your age."

Merlin stopped gigging, watching Arthur he asked, "You were fighting over what?" "Your age, Gwaine wanted to know how old you were and because I didn't know he said that I didn't deserve you." Merlin couldn't help it, he laughed it lasted a full two minutes, Arthur blushing even brighter. There was a knock on the door, and Gwen entered, looking between Arthur who was the colour of a berry and wearing no shirt to Merlin who was on the floor pounding his fist in a fit of laughter.

"Err, Merlin? Gaius is looking for you and Arthur your Father is calling for you." Gwen curtsying, a light blush appearing on her cheeks due to Arthur's bare chest, and left the room quicker then necessary.

Merlin finally getting off the floor his face red went and got Arthur another shirt. Passing it to him, Merlin smiled his head tinted slightly "I'm 19, turning 20 in the winter" and with that left the room. Arthur staring after him, slipping his shirt on he followed Merlin out the door and it wasn't till he came to the council chambers did he realized Merlin's just about five years younger then him. Then another thought passed though his brain. "Hang on, he's far to young to go drinking with Gwaine" he snared.