Chapter 7 – Merlin the mystery

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After the shocking revelation of Merlin's father, everyone was silence not a word was spoken between them. Merlin was fidgeting with anything that his hands could reach, the reins of the horse, the hem of his jacket and all the while glancing at the others trying to read something in their blank looks, whereas his was contorted in sadness and fear. After an hour of silence Merlin finally cracked.

"WILL SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING" his shout started the horses and their riders making Arthur's horse rear on it's hind legs, then charging off with a clingy-for-dear-life Prince on the its back.

"AHHHHH, MERLIN YOU DOLT" Arthur's curses could be heard flowing free from his mouth down the lane to the ears of his shocked companions.

As Arthur disappeared down the forest lane, everyone remaining turned to the wide eyes, completely pale and his hands over his mouth servant. Slowly lowly his hands, his mouth twitched into a smile "Oops" was all that was needed to bring the knights bellowing with laughter. "I think we need to catch up with the runaways" Lancelot stated after a couple of minutes, tears welling up in his eyes.

Nodding in respond they all ran after Arthur and his horse. After about a couple of minutes they find the Prince sitting in a clearing with his horse drinking from the small steam near by. As soon as Arthur saw them he glared at them all, by mostly at Merlin who was still grinning.

"About bloody time, were you all just going to leave me or something?" Arthur stated crossly. "Of course not, Dollop-head, we would have found your body sooner or later." Merlin grinned even wider. Everyone else stifling their laughter behind their hands. "Did you remember that my horse is easily scared?" Arthur growled at Merlin, standing up and placing his hands on his hips clearly pouting.

" Oh! I am sorry, I just thought that it was suppose to brave, smart and stuck-up as you." Merlin smirked. Arthur rolled his eyes.

After sitting in the clearing for a while, they all started to head for Camelot again. As the group of knights were in front leaving Arthur and Merlin to bring up the rear. Arthur glanced at Merlin who was at that present moment watching a bird in the tree, with a soft innocence resonating from him. Not knowing how to talk to Merlin about his father Arthur decided to keep his mouth shut. Entering the courtyard of the castle, dismounted and requested for Merlin to return the horses to the stables and take the meat to the store house, make sure it is probable salted and stored and then ready Arthur's chambers and dinner before bed. Merlin groaned but went off to do as he was told, leaving Arthur enough spare time to talk to Gaius.

Knock knock. "Enter" called Gaius who was stirring the suppose- to-be-stew over the small fire. Arthur entered looking nervous. "What can I do for you? Sire" Arthur just sat at the small table, starting to fiddle with the small objects lying on the table. "I don't really know how to begin. I discovered a shocking truth that has me looking for answers to some very uncomfortable questions."

Arthur reassembly a lost puppy at that point in time. "Why don't you just start from the beginning?" Gaius suggested. So Arthur took a deep breath and began.

" I always knew something was different about Merlin and ever since I've became friends with him, I've tried to figure it out. But nothing really prepared me for the fact that Merlin whom is the kindness, annoying and self-sacrificing idiots in the world could have magic." At the last sentence Gaius dropped his flask that smashed on the floor, spun on heels giving himself whiplash, his eyes wide open in absolute shock and mouth grapping like a fish. "W-W-What did you say?" Gaius managed to stutter. Arthur looked up at the stunned physician. "That Merlin could have magic, he doesn't, does he?" Gaius looked anywhere but Arthur by the expression on his face was starting to see the truth. "Are you serious? Merlin has magic? How long has he been practicing? Who taught him? How powerful is he? Why hasn't he told me?" The last question was said in such a disappointed monotone that it almost may Gaius tell the prince everything right on the spot, but knowing that Merlin is the one Arthur needs to hear it all from, stilled his tongue. "I am sorry Arthur but if you want the answers to those questions you need to ask Merlin. All I can say is that Merlin will tell you the truth IF you ask right." Arthur looked at Gaius again, in disbelief "IF I ask right? What is that suppose to mean?" Gaius smiled and sat down in front of Arthur whose attention was solely fixed on the old man. " Merlin is not a very good liar…" Arthur snorted "he's lied to me for fours years."

" But Merlin is VERY good at avoiding questions. The only way to get him to tell the truth completely is to ask questions with 'NO LOOP HOLES'." Arthur raised his eyebrows" no loop holes?" Gaius nodded. "Okay!" Smiling Gaius understood that Arthur was currently confused.

"Arthur?" Gaius regained his companion's attention. "I want you to ask me a question that you will ask Merlin." Arthur nodded "okay" taking a deep breath he asked "Merlin. Are you a sorcerer?" Gaius laughed. "That my boy is exactly the type of question you do NOT want to ask him?" "Why the hell not? It's a question?" Gaius chuckled "Yes it is? But the answer Merlin will probably give you is 'No'. Why? Because Merlin isn't a sorcerer. He's not even classified as human. The Question you would want to pose is. 'Merlin. Do you have magic?' To this he would answer with a yes I do then you can continue with the other questions or 'No I don't' to which you'll know he's lying and you can tell him that. Do you understand now by what I mean as a Loop Hole.?" Arthur sat in the chair thinking about it, after a couple of minutes the silence was broken by his answer. " So a loop hole question is…?" "To leave gaps for a person to only answer half truth." Arthur watched Gaius as he poured some liquid in to a bottle. "I don't understand." Gaius sighed, putting the bottle and vial down he turned to Arthur. "Pretty much Arthur. You have to ask yes and no questions but don't presume that you know the answer. Like I said before if you ask Merlin if he is a sorcerer which in no doubt you would have Merlin would have said NO and you would have believe him thinking that means he doesn't have magic." "When really it would only mean that he isn't a sorcerer, not that he doesn't have magic. I think I get it now." Arthur smiled, understanding shining in his smile. "When you say Magic most people would think Sorcerer, when really you could be a pixie or something like that." Gaius laughed "Merlin and I actually have fought a pixie, well Merlin did most of the fighting I was just the bait. But yes that is what I mean." "You fought a pixie?" "You'll have to ask Merlin." Gaius smiled getting up again to work on his potion. " So go and think and write down your questions careful, check for loop holes, and ask Merlin. Okay" Arthur nodded getting up and leaving the room feeling slightly more happier.

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