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This is set in series 6, its either going to be episode 7, or 13.

So I was just watching The Impossible Astronaut for ideas, and heard River say this line, which I think maybe a clue to what is going on in the series. I believe that Karen said something about some throw away lines, that actually mean something and are important. Anyway, so my story is going to be based on this line.

'A time lord's body is a miracle,... even a dead one. Their are whole empires out their, who'd rip this world apart for just one sample'


The Doctor was looking at the scanner once again; his frustration was plastered all over his face. He did not understand what the Tardis was trying to tell him. The results, pregnant and not pregnant kept coming up. How the hell could Amelia be pregnant, but not pregnant at the same time it didn't make any sense? He needed to get to the bottom of this and fast. For some season he had a feeling that this had something to do with the Silence. He didn't now why but somehow, he knew they had done something to her. For what reason he didn't know, maybe it was something to do with the little girl in the spacesuit. He had to find out. But first he needed to pick someone up. If he was going up against the Silence again, then he was going to need some fire power.

The Doctor ran around the controls, setting the co-ordinates to Storm Cage, ten minutes after he had left River there. Although he didn't really want to see her so soon after the whole kissing incident, he needed her back up. He just hoped she wasn't angry at him.

'Doctor, where our we going' Amy asked as she came down the steps which lead towards hers and Rory's bedroom, with Rory behind her.

'I need to pick up Mrs Robinson!' The Doctor shouted at them as he ran through the Door.

Both Amy and Rory looked at each other as the Doctor sprinted through the door, the same thought passed between them. Only one person can make the Doctor act like this, River.


On a bed in her cell, River had her diary open and was writing down her latest adventure with the Doctor. It had completely broken her heart to think that she had just had the last kiss with her Doctor. That bad, impossible man. How on earth did she end up falling for him? As she sat their writing her latest entry, she knows that the next one would be filled with pain and heartache. As she continued to write, she heard a sound, a very familiar sound. River turned her head to look out through her bars, as she watches the Tardis land several metres in front of them.

Lifting herself off the bed, she made her way to the bars, just as the Doctor came sprinted out of the Tardis door straight into her cell. Stumbling backwards, the Doctor lifted a hand to rub his head as a massive bump began to appear.

'Ouch, who put those stupid bars there?' The Doctor huffed, as he began rubbing all of his sore parts.

'Well dear, I think it could have the people who designed this prison. After all it is meant to keep people in.' River sniggered, as she watched the Doctor check himself over.

'Yes well, there stupid. Stupid bar thingies!' The Doctor began hitting them with his sonic.

'Not to interrupt you or anything, sweetie but did you need me for anything?' River asked, as she was getting slightly annoyed with the banging.

The Doctor stopped his banging and looked at River, he could see that her eyes where puffy and she had dried tear marks on her skin. However, she still had that determinate attitude that he loved so much. He could see in her eyes that she was already waiting for him to tell her what the next adventure would be. Pointing his screwdriver at the lock, he opened it with a quick flick of a button.

'You know one off those might come in handy' River asked as she stepped out of her cell, eyeing the sonic. It would be so much easier then hallucinogenic lipstick to escape.

'Maybe when you're older?' he commented to her as he saw her eyeing the sonic.

'Oh I hate you!' River smirked at him.

'No you don't' he laughed at her.

'So where are we going River asked as she goes to open the Tardis.

'Hang on!' The Doctor shouts at her.

'I need to tell you first' Rivers attention was now on the Doctor.

'We are going back to 1969. I think the Silence did something to Amy, I am not sure but every time I scan her, it can't make up its mind if she's pregnant or not.'

'Does she know?' River asked him concern showing on her face.

'No, I want to find out what they did first.'

'Ok, I am in. Hang on does this mean you're the same Doctor from about 20 minutes ago' River asked, as she closed the gap between them.

'Umm yes, I ve been around a bit since then but yes, why?' he asked as he saw her moving towards him.

'Because I have unfinished business with you' River smirked as she grabbed him and started kissing him on the lips.

The Doctor still didn't have a clue what to do. His hand kept moving everywhere. He ended up putting them behind his back. However, as soon as he had finally sorted out his hands, their kiss ended.

'Their that wasn't so bad was it,' she smiled at him as she went to open the Tardis door, the Doctor still staying where he was scratching his cheek.

'You'd better start getting used to them because that ain't my last kiss yet' She smirked leaving the Doctor speechless.


As the Doctor and River worked together to control the Tardis, Amy wondered what was going on. If River was around then it meant there was trouble to be had. However, they had not mentioned anything that was going on, nor did the Doctor have his normal eagerness that he normally did when they where going on another adventure. Something just didn't seem right.

'Doctor, are you going to explain what is going on or to we have to guess?' Amy ask, frustration clearly shown in her voice.

Um right... um well me and River need to go have a word someone. It won't take long' The Doctor mumbled, as he finished landing the Tardis while he watched River buckle up her belt and gun hoister, before quickly checking her gun.


'Always' she smiled at him.

'Both of you listen to me, for once stay here until we come for you. Promise?'

'But..' Amy began to protest.


'Fine, we promise' Amy replied in a defeated tone.

With this the Doctor and River embarked through the Tardis door, both ready for anything that came their way.


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