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'Sweetie, what's wrong?,' River asked concerned, as she turned to look at what the Doctor was starring at.


The Doctor was starring at the blond woman, who was still standing against the wall. He mouthed her name in absolute shock.


'Hello Dad!' The Blonde hair girl, smiled at the Doctor.

'What, what, what...,' The Doctor looked at Jenny in complete and utter astonishment, before moving forward and pocked her in the arm.

'How how can you, I been you... bang ...dead, your hearts stopped, you you you died.' The Doctors arm moved around in absolute panic, playing out the scene.

'River, what's going on?' Jenny asked, confusing and pain crossed her face, at the reaction the Doctor was giving her.

'Oh dear, I am sorry sweetie. It must still be too early for him. I only wanted Jack. I locked on to his vortex manipulator. I never thought to check. Sorry Jenny. But this does explain why he wasn't as surprised when I found you.' River chucked slightly at that, remembering back to when she bumped into Jenny as they both ran for there lives, being chased by a group of very bad robotic pirates.

'River, what do you mean?' The Doctor asked still completely confused.

'Spoilers.' She replied before winking at him.

Jenny looked at the Doctor; it hurt her so much to think that this Doctor didn't really know her at all. That he still thought that she was dead. It was the first time she had felt anything like this before. She finally understood how much pain River must suffer every time she meets the Doctor, when he doesn't know her that well.

'Dad. I am here, it's me. I survived and went to the stars just like you. I had amazing adventures and I ran. Oh how I ran. Can't stop loving that!' Jenny told the Doctor, as she took a step towards him.

'But you died. How can you be here? I mean you died and didn't regenerate.' The Doctor asked still bewildered by the whole situation.

'I don't know. One minute I was dead, the next second I felt like this heat pass through me, like my life was seeping back. The first time I told you this, the first time I saw you again, you said it was something to do with the Terraforming.' Jenny shrugged, indicating that was all she knew.

'What do you mean...Wait. Oh that's brilliant! I am thick thickidy thick. I should have realised. I am so sorry Jenny.' The Doctor banged his head with his fist in announce.

'What's brilliant?' They all asked in union, wondering what could have happened to make the Doctor act as such.

'It's the Terraforming. Terraforming is used to create life, a big ball of gas to make a planet habitable. A cocktail of stuff to advance evolution, to bring life and that's exactly what it did. You were right there. A dead life form, which needed life. So that's what it did.' The Doctor beamed excitedly at Jenny, before scooping her up in a huge hug.

'Told you, you were going to be amazing.' He smiled at her before turning to look at River, who had a huge grin on her face and smiled at her to. He had a family.

'Not that I don't want to disrupt this lovely family reunion but we really need to get going now.' Jack suddenly broke in. He was looking up at the buildings surrounding them, all of which had started to glow with a brilliant blue light. They all looked up to see what Jack was starring at.

'Do I want to ask?' The Doctor turned to look at Jack for an explanation.

'This whole place is going to disappear. I don't really want to be wiped from the universe, if it's all the same to you. I'll explain properly once we get out of here. ' Jack quickly explained

'Oh right ok, everybody back into the Tardis. The Doctor hurriedly watched them all in before closing the door and running to the console, where he found River already getting ready to go.

'I'll finish that. Go sit down.' He ordered her, although she took no notice.

'Doctor?' Rory asked at the sudden appearance of the two new people.

'Right, yes. Rory. Jenny, and Jack. Jenny, Jack Rory. Somewhere around here is other Jenny and Vastra. Oh and Commander Strax, who is properly still out for the count. Is that everyone? Might have to start wearing name badges.' The Doctor spluttered out as he and River danced around the console, until they were safely back in the time vortex.

'Ok I have a couple of questions. One why we were going to be wiped from the universe and two what are you doing hanging out with him,' The Doctor gestured towards Jack, with a disapproving look on his face.

'It's always gun ho with you lot isn't it. Why I am not surprise that you three know each other.'

'We're not all gun ho, unless we have to be and anyway I am a member of Torchwood. I can't help who my boss is can I' Jenny grinned at him happily.

'Jack what's with the whole, being erased from the universe.' The Doctor asked as he stood next to River and grabbed his hand in hers. It wasn't something he would normally do but for some reason he wanted contact with her. It felt right.

'Ah yes. Universe scavengers, the Bandors. But I don't know how they got hold of this.' Jack handed over the small object from his pocket.

'Oh, thats not good. How did they get this.' The Doctor asked, shock clearly showing on his face.

'What is it?' River asked.

'That is a Time Window. We got a report of a whole population of a town disappearing, but nobody seemed to care. So we thought we would investigate. Turned out these Bandors have been testing it on people and villages, through the whole of our history. All of those old ran down and empty towns and villages' people used to find. It wasn't being hey had all moved on it was because the Bandors were erasing them from the universe.'

'But why would they do that'

'They where only testing it. That thing is broken. They've been trying to fix it but apparently have been very successful. I managed to shut it of, but the only way I could was to use it first so I programmed it to erase the village. '

'Brandors aren't clever enough to do something like this. They've got to be working for someone, but who?' The Doctor muttered to himself, his brain already going into overdrive. However he shook himself. It would have to wait, there were more important things to worry about.

'They won't be able to do anything for a while. Hopefully never. There was a reason River came for you, and that's the most important right now.' The Doctor saw the shocked looks on Jenny and Jacks face but choose to ignore them.

'Doctor, don't we need...'

'Yes I know and we will, but I need your help. River came for you, for a reason. My friend has been taking and we need to find her. So I am getting help from people I trust to go after her.'

'Doctor, who's been taken.' Jenny asked, an idea of what was about to happen popping in to her mind.

'Amelia, Amelia Pond '

...In a white, cold and sanitary room. A young, red haired, women stood over a cot. Her hand holding on to the tiny fingers, of her new born child.

'My little Melody. My little Melody Pond. I am going to tell you a story, a story about two great and magnificent men. My poncho boys. Your father and my best friend. The two most important people in our lives. Together they will tare the world, no the universe to find us. Where ever we are, what ever happens, they will come for us. I promise you that.'

The young women gentle picks up her baby as she begins to cry and begins rocking her gentle from side to side.

'Sssshhh, there's no need to cry. That's it. Ssssshhhhhh. I've seen the universe, with the help of an impossible blue box. Bigger on the inside. Oh how much trouble you would get yourself in Melody. There are so many rooms, filled with some of the most beautiful things and the most strangest. I bet there's a whole room just for hats. But that's not the point. It took me to the most amazing places, to the past, present and beyond. And you know what Melody; I would not have changed it for the world. Because if I did, I would never have you.'