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********************* Feeding West

***********************************Chapter one.

It was September the seventeenth of the year 2010...

And it also was the first day of Oktoberfest in Munich.

The event was written in big letters on Ludwig Beilschmidt's desk calendar. The representative of Germany had planned the past week so he'd have finished all of his paperwork before the end of the afternoon that day.

Germany never missed Oktoberfest. During those two weeks, He made sure to attend the parties every day for as long as the event lasted. Those were amongst the days of the year he liked most and during which he could truly relax, a feat helped by the excuse he 'had to' be there as part of his nation's duties.

He still had to take care of a few documents, still present on his desk. Thankfully, those weren't important stuff, because he wasn't getting much work done. It was a very rare occurrence for him to be distracted from his work, work-alcoholic as he was, but today was an every-year exception. glancing up every now and then at his wall clock, Ludwig was getting more and more excited as time tickled by. He couldn't help thinking about the party he would attend that evening, the delicious beer he'd have only a few hour from them, the ambiance under the tents and the food he was certain he'd overindulge in again this year.

It wasn't a big deal, he told himself while signing hurriedly some minor law project that was so stupid he was certain it would never pass anyway, if he indulged too much in food and beer again, he'd only have to keep a small diet for some time after the event and do some extra workout to get back in shape, he wasn't worried at all.

At three pm sharp, a messy white head appeared at his office door.

" West? Are you done yet?"

Ludwig looked from his brother waiting expectantly at the door to the last miserable sheet of paper on his wooden desk. He signed it without even reading a line, placed it on a pile with other documents and stood up. " Yes, I'm done. Just give me some time to get ready..."

He smiled at Prussia as he passed him by and rushed upstairs to get a quick shower, he needed to feel clean, even if it was pointless on a party day. That done, he changed into his costume for the party.

The typical costumes, Lederhosen for the boys and dirndl for the girls, were usually only for Bavarian people to wear, during Oktoberfest or any other Volkfest, but since Ludwig did represent all of Germany, he had a Lederhosen of his own to wear every year during the event.

About twenty minutes later, he was ready, wallet in pocket and car keys in hand. Gilbert, already waiting for him next to the car, couldn't help but stare a little at Ludwig's bare legs as he walked down the house steps.

He had to admit, his little brother looked really cute in short leather pants, and that was maybe the main reason why he didn't poke fun at him when he wore it. He, himself didn't have one and was content just to wear his casual comfortable clothes: A simple black jeans and T-shirt with some scribbles saying ' I love blonds with lots of foam'.

Even though it was the month of September, the weather was still good in Munich, not as warm as one month before but not cold yet and that first day of Oktoberfest was particularly nice and sunny. Both Prussia and Germany were all giddy at the prospect of that evening and the upcoming two weeks during which there would be no worries other than find the way back to their hotel at the end of each day. More than the beer, food and ambiance, it was also their special 'BrĂ¼der zeit' (Brothers time), since it was perhaps the only two weeks of the years they got to be only the two of them together without any of their acquaintance tagging along.

If Prussia was the perfect figure of the common annoying big brother most of the time, during Oktoberfest days, he suddenly became Germany's best friend and that, mostly because he was the only one able to keep up with him.

A few years ago, Germany had taken Italy along for a single evening during the Oktoberfest in Munich, and it had ended up quite badly: The Italian boy had spent the night whining because he didn't like the beer or food served to him and complained that none of the food vendor under the tents sold any pasta or wine. At the end, it had been altogether a sad and disappointing evening for the both of them.

It has been the first and last time Ludwig had taken his Italian best friend along for Oktoberfest.

As for Prussia, he had invited France and Spain to the event once...

It had ended quite badly for France, whom they had found half-dead in a tree four days later. Spain had been so drunk he had let a girl get too familiar with him, Romano had not appreciated and...Well, there had been casualties and lots of damage.

Since that, it had been wisely decided that they would invite anyone to celebrate with them never again.

It was roughly five pm when they arrived at their hotel in which they'd stay during the whole event, since it wouldn't be wise at all to drive back home, drunk like they were certain to be every day at the end of the evening. They quickly checked in, threw their things in their rooms (They each had their own room to sleep in, it was more convenient like this ) and went directly for the tents where the party had already started.

When they arrived, it was full of people already and they had to squeeze in to get to sit on the benches. Thankfully, They could order directly at the table and wouldn't have to stand and wait in a line every time they needed a refill.

A pretty girl wearing a colourful dress ( Prussia noted how the upper part of her costume squeezed her generous assets wonderfully) came to take their order.

" What can I get you?" She asked with a warm smile.

Gilbert and Ludwig looked at the menu shortly to check what kind of food this establishment had to offer, but there was too much to chose from..

" What do you want, West?"

" I don't know...I kinda want it all" Ludwig could really not get fixed on one dish or an other, each one was just as appealing as the next.

" Then have it all!" Prussia shrugged with a smile. The blond glanced at him to see if he was serious.

" I can't do that, Gilbert" He said, even if he was actually considering to go along with his brother's proposal.

" I'm sure you're as hungry as I am" Gilbert licked his lips as he read the menu over again. " Lets order the whole menu and we'll eat it together. We'll share with others if we have too much! So what do you say?"

Ludwig hesitated a moment longer but eventually put the menu down. " No, that's not reasonable." He looked at the waitress who was still waiting. " I'll have a plate of Bockwurst und kartoffelsalad ( boiled sausages with potato salad) please."

Prussia huffed. " You're no fun, West!" He turned toward the waitress. " I'll have the same thing...And a pint of Weiss bier ( white beer)"

" Yes, me too" Germany added. The girl winked at him and went off to fetch their order.

One thing Germany didn't know about was that Prussia positively liked watching him eat and drink, and more so during Oktoberfest since he was more relaxed and joyous then. He loved to see his brother in such an happy mood as he got when eating something he liked to his heart's content or drinking too much of his beloved beer. Most of all, he adored how, at the end of every Oktoberfest, Germany's body would be a little less perfect than any other time, with a small layer of fat covering his hard muscles and a cute mini belly poking out. It was gone all too soon though, because once Oktoberfest was over, Ludwig would always start a diet and do extra work out to make those few kilos go away as quickly as they came. It was a shame, really!

So, Prussia had decided that, this time, he would do something about it! This year he had planned to push his little bro to go all out, to drink more, to eat more and to keep going even after Oktoberfest ends. It would be easy really, he was too awesome to fail and he never backed off a challenge, he would get West fat, no matter what!

It wasn't a big deal if West had refused to overindulge that evening, Prussia would pressure him so he'll want a second serving a bit later, with some rich cake for dessert and more beer to wash it down.

Soon, and he almost drooled at the thought, he'd be able to grab West's softened gut while he, himself, would still have a taunt flat stomach!