It had been decided they would meet for breakfast in the hotel restaurant at 8 am the next morning, but neither Germany nor Prussia did find the courage to wake up that early after all the beer they have had the previous night.

It was roughly 10 am when Germany knocked at Prussia's room door, feeling painfully hungover and in desperate need for strong coffee.

Prussia, in an other hand, wasn't in so bad a condition that morning, he was feeling as awesome as ever! He could generally take his beer better than his younger brother and, since he had less than Ludwig the previous evening, no hangover could mess with his good mood today! He was sleeping in that morning only because, firstly, he enjoyed his bed way too much and, secondly, he wasn't used to wake up early like West.

" Bruder! Wake up!" Germany insisted at the door. His incessant knocking eventually got the best of the Prussian's love for sleep and he rolled out of bed.

" I'm up! I'm up, just give a minute!" He shouted as he headed for the bathroom to splash some water on his face, make himself presentable and take a piss.

The door opened five minutes later and Gilbert emerged, fully clothed and ready for a new day of fun.

" I need my coffee" Germany stated, and he certainly looked like he needed more than one. Gilbert patted his back out of empathy and hooked an arm around Ludwig's broad shoulders.

They went down to the restaurant and Gilbert grinned upon realizing that the breakfast was a buffet. ( as it often is in German hotels)

" Go find us a table, West, I'll bring back some coffee and food!" He told his brother.

If Germany found this oddly generous from his usually egoistical brother, he decided to brush it off. He just nodded and went off to look for a table, he was feeling too miserable to protest that morning.

Gilbert picked a tray and headed for the self service buffet, it was more than well furnished and the food offered looked downright mouth-watering. It was really too much to chose from, so the albino man decided to sample it all. He placed three plates on his tray and filled them with all sort of cheese, meat and delicatessen. He left the bread out, since it could make his brother's stomach full too quickly, and picked the most greasy and sugary kind of food to fill his tray. Muesli, despite its innocent appearance, was very sweet, full of calories, and West used to like it a lot when he was a kid, so Prussia made sure to find a bowl big enough and fill it to the rim.

When nothing could fit on his tray anymore, he grabbed a large coffee pot and headed to the table his brother was sitting at.

" Don't you think this is a bit too much?" Germany lifted a brow when he saw all the food Prussia had brought.

" It all looked too good to resist" Prussia grinned as he sat in front of his brother. Germany's abdomen was too flat for his liking, not the faintest bulge remained from the last night food excess, which was really too bad. " Try the muesli, West, I bet it's delicious!" He pushed the bowl toward his brother and added in some whole milk.

Germany sighed lightly and grabbed the coffee pot instead. He helped himself a cup and drank from it. " I'm not really hungry" He stated, much to Prussia's dismay.

He thought fast, what could lure his brother into eating anyway? Germany was too much of an health freak and...Now that was the idea!

" You know it's bad to skip on breakfast, West!" He lectured. " You scold me all the time for that! You could, at least, do what you preach, don't you think?"

He could see immediately, at the sudden unsure expression on Germany's face, that he had found the perfect thing to say. Ludwig reluctantly pulled the muesli bowl in front of him and started to eat.

It was a fine quality treat and it tasted good, so Ludwig didn't have any problem finishing it and when the bowl was empty, Prussia was ready with more to feed him.

" You should try the cheese, it's awesome" he said, taking a little of it for himself.

Ludwig hesitated, the muesli had opened and boosted his appetite, and that cheese looked indeed tasty. He had planned to go for a jog after breakfast, the only cure he knew would help him get rid of his hangover, so he decided more food could not harm him.

Sugar AND salt, there existed no better mix to stimulate one's appetite. After the cheese, Ludwig tried some of the cold meat and couldn't resist a big pretzel. Meanwhile, Gilbert had fetched some very tempting pastries from the buffet, they were small in size and looked quite harmless, but they were filled with rich ingredients, like cream and melted chocolate. Some were topped with fruit and whipped cream , Gilbert knew of his West's secret love for these and it didn't prove hard to have him eat them all.

Eventually, Germany had to forfeit. He was so full his stomach was bulging in front of him, almost pulling his shirt up, which made his brother very happy.

Prussia had been very smart when stuffing his brother: Every time Ludwig had finished one treat, Gilbert had made sure to stow the plates away so Germany would not be too aware of the quantities of food he was eating. It required some brain to get his brother to fatten up without him realizing it, Prussia realized, and congratulated himself for being such a smart and awesome person.

When Ludwig stood up from his seat, he immediately brought his hands to his bloated belly. " Uh! I think I had too much!" He said.

" What are you saying, East? You ate reasonably! However, I think you drank too much coffee, that's why you're all rounded now!"

" Maybe I drank a lot of coffee, but I know I've eaten far too much!" Ludwig stated, feeling uncomfortable and ashamed by his heavy gut.

" And what?" Prussia shrugged as they walked out of the hotel. " It's okay to enjoy the good stuff from time to time, especially during the holidays! You're such a stick-in-the mud all the time, now you got to enjoy yourself! You know what? You should go all out during Oktoberfest! I bet you'll be more happy and you'll go back to work all relaxed and full of energy!"

Ludwig stared at his brother doubtfully. " I'm not sure about that." He said, rubbing his belly in hope it will hurt less.

The movement attracted Gilbert's eyes, he wanted nothing more than to put his hands on the extended skin himself and stroke it, and make it grow bigger.

" Come on, West, it's only for a little while, think of all the good food waiting for you"

Germany's stomach growled and Ludwig stared down at it, mouth agape. " Maybe...Maybe I could...But only for Oktoberfest then..." He said, still unsure.

Gilbert swung an arm around his slightly enlarged waist. " Let's go to the tents!" He declared, pulling his brother along.