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CHAPTER I : First Meetings


Miaka stared at the person she had just bumped into headlong, on her way to class.


The object of her scrutiny acceded calmly staring back at her with an altogether familiar, and not to mention infuriating, smirk.

He wasn't all that surprised to see her there. It was Tokyo University after all and the Suzaku no Miko, despite being the savior of the world and a guardian angel to a kingdom full of people in a book, was also of university age now. Damn. Again.

He knew his Karmic punishment had started the moment Yui Hongo had walked into his office, a week back inquiring about the Economics department. The Dean of the Department had been out and hearing her voice after all these years, (well three to be exact), he had to resist the urge to smack his forehead before recomposing his features and turning around to answer her query.

Yui had certainly taken it much better than the Suzaku no Miko was reacting now. Or maybe this one just had a flair for hysterics and drama. The eighteen year old blonde had been momentarily stunned and even though her voice had apparently deserted her for a conspicuous length of time, at least she did not shout the house down.

He had waited for her to speak and stayed put where he was, giving her a wide berth, the entire room actually. She stood still near the door which was wide open, giving her the opportunity to bolt out if she felt like it.

They had silently regarded each other for some more time while he gave her the time to get accustomed to his presence…..on the planet.

After a while, it was she who had taken a long breath and broken the silence.

"Nakago.." she had said, still in a daze.

"Yui," he had acknowledged with a slight nod.

"You're here." No lamer short sentence had held a wider ocean of meaning.

"Yes. I am grateful to have been given a second chance…apparently." He had said it quietly and the last word being more for his own benefit than hers. The length of time that he had spent there with her, each silent in their own thoughts , had been awkward to say the least. Somehow, even though in his heart he was too proud to regret the events of the Shijitenchiso, he found it hard not to feel guilty , even for a little bit, for having manipulated the trust and innocence of the fifteen year old girl who had relied on him back then. Hurting innocents had never been part of the original plan. But at the same time, he was not a man who was ruled by his emotions. He was a rationalist. and utilitarian. He had accepted the fact that his plan for revenge, while being understandable, was neither foolproof, nor righteous. And there was nothing he could do now to change the past. He could only try not to commit the same mistakes twice.

"I apologize...for everything," He had said suddenly, still not taking his eyes off of the folder whose cover, by now, he had had memorized twice over.

"We all have a lot to apologize to each other for." His former priestess had looked at him with a wry smile, "But thank you."

He had nodded again and had looked up at her. They had talked for a few minutes, about nothing in particular and had parted on reasonably good terms.

After she left, it suddenly dawned on him that they had, both of them, grown up.

The same however, could not be said for the Suzaku No Miko.

To say she was surprised to see him, would have been the understatement of the century.

This was more along the lines of APPALLED, ALARMED AND HOLY WHAT THE..

"Ehh…I see you've met our teacher." The seiryu no miko smiled evasively at her best friend who still had not lowered her accusatory finger from the face of their former archenemy.

Yui had seen her friend , campus map held directly over her face walk straight in the path of a tall blonde who , apparently was in deep thought with his head bowed and hands in pockets. After the initial nasty feeling up her spine had passed, she had run to the scene as fast as she could, eager to stop the inevitable spat that was going to take place within seconds.


"Advanced Economics actually", the recently appointed professor supplied smoothly. Seeing as how the day was going so far, he could not have asked for a more dramatic first-day at work. Or traumatic. Depending on one's point of view, really.

Why the lawyers thought that a semester of teaching college students would be a peaceful sabbatical from his otherwise hectic work schedule was now beyond him.

"YUI-CHAN YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS ! HOW COULD YOU KEEP QUIET ! THIS PERSON IS A…IS….A…WELL, I DOUBT HES A HUMAN TO BEGIN WITH." The Suzaku no miko ended with a huff. Apparently, she did not have enough words to describe the menace that was soon going to be her new Economics professor.

"Well, you know," her best friend began mournfully, " you and Taka wouldn't have come here , if I told you before, and.."

Her reasoning was cut short as Miaka Yuuki rounded on her best friend, eyes wide open and exasperation written clearly all over her face.


"But..but…you wouldn't ", whined the Seiryu no Miko, grasping at straws, ".. the tuition fees is not totally refundable. It's the first day of school , you would only get seventy percent back..."

" I WILL RISK GOING BANKRUPT IF IT MEANS I CAN LIVE, YUI CHAN !" snarled Miaka in return. She was getting more worked up by the second. The last three years had been the most peaceful and perfect years of her life. She had her best friend and the love of her life with her. They had been through high school together and had worked hard to get into the nation's most prestigious university. Now she refused to believe that the fates would conspire to burst her happy bubble so unpleasantly.

" PLEASE ..you know this is my dream and we all worked so hard for it. To be here. TOGETHER. Please understand ," Yui continued, desperate to make her friend see her point of view. "And we met the day me and Tetsuya had come in here to submit all our tuition fees. I talked to him . He's not what he used to be…"

Tokyo University was her one shot at getting her career to the heights she had always dreamed of. Sure she had been less than happy to be confronted with the past when she had met her former seishi that day, a week back. But she had given this a lot of thought. And besides, he wasn't the person he used to be in the book….wasn't he? She couldn't let this ruin her dream. And she wanted her friends with her. And that was that.

But Miaka would have none of it.

" Oh c'mon Yui, we can still change schools, Tokyo U has gone to the dogs anyway."

Momentarily distracted, Yui opened her mouth in surprise to look at her friend. The university they had worked so hard at getting into ,was amongst the nations top ranking universities.

"How can you say that?" she asked , surprised.

"Because,", enunciated the Suzaku No Miko slowly, " THEY HIRED HIM !"

Behind her the tall, stoic man casually stole a glance at his watch , counting the seconds till this happy reunion would end and he would be allowed to go back to his room and look for a pain killer. The Suzaku no Miko and her vocal chords had begun to take a toll on his migraine.

"Much as I enjoy your company, dear priestess, I hope you will excuse me ", he smirked and mock bowed at the girl before him.

"Why ,what are you up to?," snarled Miaka, narrowing her eyes. She could not and would not trust the man even if Suzaku came flying in and asked her to.

"Oh I don't know," her victim said in a tone that was laced with amusement, " but the job letter said I had to occasionally go to classes and heap misfortunes on other college students."

He smirked at her as she continued to glower at him and nodded towards Yui before turning to head back.

But Miaka would die before she let this man, otherwise privately referred to as evil personified, walk away with the last word.

She stopped him before he could get any further.

" OK..just so we are clear Nakago : Are you going to try and kill us or not?" She held her chin strongly and stared at the back of his head waiting for an answer. She knew Yui must have forgiven or at least made amends with her former seishi but for herself, she needed some things to be said out in the open to bring closure, if anything.

Gi Ayuru, Investment Banker, 27, smirked as he heard it. He had accepted his past and his mistakes. But still, with the Suzaku No Miko around, things were definitely going to be very lively henceforth.

Without looking back or breaking his stride, he replied, loud enough for only them to here :

"I would, but in this world murder is kind of frowned upon…so.."

With that he left both girls staring after him as he made his way back to his room. Yes, he was definitely looking forward to the rest of the semester. But God, he was going to need a lot of pain killers.

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