Young Justice: Arashikage

Hey Folks I'm here with another fic based off of an idea I got from my fellow author VFSNAKE who is famous for his strong and badass Naruto Fics. I've been having this idea stuck in my head for quite awhile and I wanted to give it a shot and see how it goes. Also this will be a harem fic like my others but it won't be the girls instantly falling for Naruto. Also Naruto will be a grey character in this fic so he'll more than likely be an Anti-Hero (a hero with no boundaries when it comes to crimes) a thief (like Red X) and an Assassin.

All and all, he'll be like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja gaiden shinobi wise but he'll still be able to use Chakra and Sage mode since he really wouldn't be Naruto without it. Any way I hope you all like this Naruto Young Justice fic.

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Birth of Arashikage pt. 1


S.T.A.R. Lab

Walking through the hallway was the member of the bio-engineering and tech division is Yuriko Okina, graduate of the Royal University in Star City. She graduated in honors, gaining her Associates and Bachelors in Biology and Computer Engineering in her second year. She is a Japanese American whose father is a retired Black Ops in the Marines and her mother was a Radiologist who graduated from Pheonix University.

She was currently checking out the tasks she completed from a tech book. "Okay so all I have to do now is the firewall for the super computer and" She never got to finish due to the fact that when she passed the Robo-tech room the sound of static was heard in the room and after that, the sound of a crash and a person grunting was heard. Yuriko jump back a little as she heard the crash through the door with a surprised look on her face. When the flash dies down she heard someone groaning in the room and knew none of the tech officials were in there and her eyes narrow so she presses a small device on her belt and it blinks red. She slowly approached the door with caution and was on full alert.

She places her hand on the knob and slowly opens the door. Yuriko manage to open it halfway and poked her head inside only to let out a gasp at what she saw. In the Tech room where Robot parts scattered the floor was a male. He had shoulder length wild spiky blonde hair with two bangs on the sides of his head. He was wearing what appeared to be a short sleeved long white coat over a dark green flak jacket (like the one Kakashi wears) with a black shirt and black pants with what appeared to be black ANBU styled combat boots with the soles missing.

On the coat were red and gold flames with the Kanji Rokudaime Hokage and Nidaime Rikudo Sennin going down the back of it. It also had the five kanji for the elements fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind in a complete circle and in their respective color and in the middle of the circle was the black and white circular pattern for Yin and Yang on it with the kanji in black and white. Behind the coat was a type of Japanese conical hat that was red with the kanji for fire on it.

Attached to the coat were three large scrolls that had different colors on the ends. The top one was black, the second one green, and the last one red and lastly he was wearing black fingerless gloves. Yuriko fully opened the door and walked forward, but paused in her steps when she saw his condition. His pants, flak jacket, and coat were torn, tattered, and from the looks of it, he was bleeding in several areas of his body. The most noticeable was the left chest area above his heart where blood was leaking out and well as the blood dripping from the side of his lip.

"Oh my god..." Yuriko whispered and rushed to his side and kneeled down. The unknown blonde slightly lifted his head, revealing that he had deep blue eyes with the pupils being slit and had canines jutting from his upper lip. His face was sharp and angular with no form of baby fat and from the looks of it, appeared to be 16. He tried to get back on his feet but was staggering a little so Yuriko helped him up by putting his right arm around her shoulders and wrapped her arm around his waist.

"Th-thank... you." He said in a raspy voice but then coughed out some blood from his lip.

"Hey take it easy now." Yuriko said as she carefully led him out of the room and rushing towards them were security guards.

"Professor Okina we got your silent alarm are you alri-" The first guards stopped his sentence and looked at the Blonde teen she was helping and saw his blood dripping on the floor. "Never mind we have to get him to the medical ward." The second guard went to help Yuriko with the teen while the first one pulls out walkman calling for a medical unit not noticing that their visitor lost conciousness.

Two days Later

Yuriko was heading towards the recovery room where her 'guest from two days ago was recovering. After they got him out of his torn clothes and placed his gear like those scrolls in the security room, the medical team proceeded to treat his injuries but when they did, every injury, including the major one in his chest healed instantly. Some of the members in the science division were wondering if he was a meta human or an alien with incredible healing abilities.

When they wanted an explanation on how he got into the Robo-tech Center, Yuriko answered by stating she didn't fully know due to the fact that she was going through her tasks for the day and as she passed the room there was a flash of white light and his crashing into the floor and was a bloody mess. So the director decided that they should wait until he wakes up.

She made her way to the room he was recovering and when she entered, saw him sitting on top of the bed in the lotus position meditating. He had bandages wrapped around his upper body, and parts of his shoulders and arms and was wearing a pair of black pajama pants. "You're awake I see? How are you doing?" Yuriko asked as she gently closed the door.

"Better, thank you for asking." The blonde replied back. "By any chance do you know where those three scrolls are?"

"Yes we have them in hold at the security department why?" Yuriko asked.

"Would it be possible for someone to bring them back to me? Everything I hold is in them including my clothes. By the way I'm Naruto. Naruto Namikaze." Naruto replied to Yuriko.

"I'm Yuriko Okina, the one who found you barely alive in that room and yes I can have someone from security bring you your things. Are you hungry by any chance? You must be hungry from your recovery for the last two days." She offered and that was when Naruto fully turned around.

"Yes if it's not too much trouble." He asked smiling a little.

"No trouble at all." She then exited out of the room and headed for the cafeteria. "Crap i forgot to ask him what he actually likes. Oh well I guess I'll just give hill a little of everything." Meanwhile, Naruto laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling wondering how he got here. The last thing he remembered was when he was fighting Sasuke and Kabuto while the other Shinobi from the alliance forces were fighting of the Gedo Mazo. He manage to kill Sasuke with a trench knife to the skull and kills Kabuto with the toad mouth trap jutsu he learned from his godfather Jiraiya.

After that he engaged Madara in combat and manage to destroy the Gedo Mazo Statue and absorbs the other eight biju into his body, reforming the Jubi but due to a new version of the shiki fuin he and Jiraya created from Minato's and Kushina's notes on seals, he assimilated the jubi into his soul, becoming the 2nd holder of the Ten Tailed Jubi like his ancestor did and defeated Madara with an Elemental Rasenshuriken Imari (Menacing Ball), before he could finish the man off, the dying Uchiha used his Jikukan (Space/Time) jutsu that opened a rip in the fabric of time and space. After that, he saw a flash and crashed into a room full of strange devices. "Shikamaru was right my life is so troublesome."

Yuriko came back to the room with several food boxes and offered them to Naruto. As soon as he was finished she was stumped that he was able to consume that much food despite his appearance. After that, one of the guards brought the three scrolls from the security department. "Sorry about that. I was born with a large stamina affinity that I inherited from my mother so I tend to eat a lot." He apologized while the trays of food were piled up on the table. He had removed the bandages from his body revealing his lean and toned figure that had no form of scars whatsoever and put on a pair of dark blue pants and a black sleeveless t-shirt.

"Oh don't worry about it. High metabolism isn't an issue with S.T.A.R. labs food supply. Anyhow I'd like to ask you a few question regarding your appearance here Naruto." Kimiko asked the blonde shinobi who looked up at her. She had jet black hair that was tied into a high ponytail and had two bangs framing her face. Her eyes were jade green and wore a black dress shirt with a V neck collar and a purple skirt that stopped above her knees and over it she wore a lab coat.

"How I got here?" He asked while rubbing the back of his for a few minutes wondering if he should lie or not but decided not to since he didn't know where he was exactly. "Call it crazy but a few days ago I was in the middle of the war fighting a madman who wanted to revive a demon and use its powers to take over the world through an illusion using the moon as the catalyst for it to work. The demon's body was defeated by my ancestor, who defeated this demon once by sealing it into his body and before his death, separated its power and create nine demons from it and sealed its body by creating the moon. Long story short, one of his son's descendants wanted to gain the power he had but had to face an army of ninja in order to get me and the other vessel for the eighth demon while I contained the ninth.He gained the eight and I fought him in a fight that lasted for 5 days straight. The rest before I killed him is a blank."

Yuriko remained silent as he explained himself and brushed a bang back. "That's quite a story." That was all she said which made Naruto's eye brows rise into his hair.

"So you believe me?" He asked with an incredulous expression on his face and she smiled.

"Trust me when I say I'm native to the supernatural and other things such as parallel dimensions, aliens, and time traveling." She replied back and had compose herself from laughing due to the fact that he blinked in confusion.

"Aliens? I'm familiar with some of the technology that is in this room but Aliens? You mean like demons?" Naruto asked.

"In a way yes young man." Naruto and Yuriko turned their heads to see the CEO of S.T.A.R. Labs Gary Slate, Son of the late Garrison Slate who was the founder of S.T.A.R. labs. He was wearing a dark grey suit with a black shirt and white tied with black snake skin dress shoes. He had dirt blonde hair that was slick back and wore a pair of glasses. "In this dimension, creatures like aliens and demons do exist. My name is Gary Slate, the CEO of this worldwide company."

"Naruto Namikaze, nice to meet you." Naruto replied back. That was when Yuriko realized that he said shinobi.

"Naruto you said you were from a world where Shinobi rule correct?" She asked the blonde who nodded. "So that would make you one as well right? I mean judging from your physique you look like you could give an All Star Athlete a run for his money. Also on your coat it had the Kanji for Rokudaime Hokage I believe. Why is that?"

"Oh that? Well in my world there were five major nations based off of the five elements fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind. The villages were ruled by Ninja who were known as the Kage. The Kage was considered to be the strongest ninja in his or her village and they are in charge of the military operations as well as government in their village with countless ninja under their rule. They were the Hokage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Raikage, and Kazekage. I was the Rokudaime or Sixth Hokage for my village that was called Konoha or leaf village." He answered while they remained silent.

"I know it sounds farfetched but I was the youngest Kage in my village aside from my dad to be given the title. My best friend Gaara who was the Kazekage around the same time I was and four out of my five relatives were also Hokage during their reigns." He finished.

Gary rubbed his chin in thought and then smiles. "Very interesting that someone as young as you was a leader over not just a village but an army of assassins. Must've been one heck of a life." He stated while Naruto nods in agreement. "So do you have any other way of getting back home?" Naruto frowned and shook his head.

"Sadly no. I was sent here through a time space technique that's irreversible so I can't go back." He said solemnly. "But enough about my past, where am I exactly?" Naruto asked Yuriko.

"You're currently on a planet called Earth. Here we do have a military but they're divided into several branches and our technology is highly advanced especially with the alien technology we gained over the years." She Explained.

"Wow. Now I'm starting to get interested. I may not know anything about aliens but I think I can give this new world a shot and see what it has to offer. Besides I think this beats living in world filled with countless violence, war, and bloodshed." Naruto replied and the other had pleased looks on their faces.

"Well then Naruto you're more than welcome to stay here as long as you like until you find your place in this world." Gary stated and looked at Yuriko. "Yuriko if it's not a problem I'd like for you to get him up to date on everything he needs to know about our planet. I need to head back to the Facility in Okinawa Japan because we've been having issues with property getting stolen by certain organizations and they need me there to get the security update. Once again it was a pleasure meeting you Naruto and I wish you luck." He said before exiting out of the door.

Throughout the day Naruto met some of Yuriko's fellow colleagues as well as got a tour around the facility so that he would know which places to access and which ones were prohibited for certain staff members to enter. During his stay there, he read up about the modern world he was living in and learning the basics in using devices like computers, cell phones, etc with a little help from the shadow clones of course. Needless to say that Naruto was extremely interested in this world.

As night time hit, the facility was barely lit but in the shadows, several figures dressed in black were zipping across the darkness avoiding the security that was patrolling the area. They then hopped across the rooftop, avoiding the spotlights that roamed across the roofs. They stopped at a window and the first one pulled out what appears to be a glass cutter. "Our objective is to take out Yuriko Okina and anyone who crosses us. Remember to stay silent and stick to the shadows." The leader of the group instructed as he cut the glass carefully and they silently hopped into the living quarters of the building.

Yuriko was in her office finishing setting up some schematics for the marine biology S.T.A.R. facility in Memphis Tennessee. After sending it she yawns and stretches a little before brushing a bang back. "Phew. Got that done. Jared better be thankful I was able to finalize this before the week ended." She muttered and switched the monitor of her computer off.

Naruto was in a spare that was in the living quarters of the facility where some of the scientists live. It was decent and around the size of an duplex apartment with a bathroom, a bedroom, small kitchen, living area, and the basic accessories. Naruto was sleeping soundly in the bed but then his eye snapped open and he shot out of his bed with just a black sleeveless shirt and dark grey sweatpants.

He looked around his place for a minute and frowned. " Looks like there are some intruders in the facility." He opened up his closet where his gear was and grabbed a pair of black and white sneakers, a Ninjato (The one the ANBU wield), and one of his weapon pouches and then flickers out of the room.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Yuriko rushed out of the door holding onto her bleeding arm due to the fact that she was hit by one of the assassin's shuriken. Made a bee line to the left to avoid a volley of shuriken the hit the wall and ran down the hall way. She saw one of the labs was open and ran into the room, closing it behind her and then locking it. As she did something hit the door making her stumble back, panting heavily.

She looked around for an escape route in the lab only to find none and the window was definitely out of the question. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw the door break and splinter and slowly backed away but before the door was knocked off its hinges the sound of a blade cutting through flesh was heard and a bloodcurdling scream entered her ear. That was when the sound of blades clashing, fists and feet hitting bodies and crashes were heard.

That was when the body of one of the assassins came flying into the lab destroying the door and slamming into the wall hard enough to leave and imprint and cracks in the wall before he slid down and collapsed onto the ground. Yuriko looked around frantically for anything that would help her escape and saw a broomstick and grabbed it as another shadowed figure walked into the room wielding a blade. She closed her eyes and swung at the assailants head only for him to duck and raised it over her head in an attempt to bash his head in.

"Wait Yuriko-san it's me!" Naruto said bringing his hand in front of her. She stopped her attack and opened her eyes only to see a surprised Naruto who was wielding a Ninjato that had blood dripping of the edge.

"N-Naruto?" she dropped the broom and rushes over to him and pulls him into a hug, making him blink in surprise. "Oh thank god you got here." She replied in relief while the teenage Kage pats her back with his free arm until they pulled away from each other. Naruto's ears twitched and a frown formed on his face. "What is it?" Naruto made a shushing gesture with his finger and pulls her to the wall .

"There's more coming. Just stay still." He said while sheathing his weapon and then going though some hand seals.

Meanwhile the remaining five assassins were sprinting towards the area where they heard a fight occurred. They stopped in their tracks when they saw their comrades who were either lying down in a puddle of their own blood with fatal slash wounds as well as some being embedded into the wall by shuriken or kunai. "What happened here?" The leader asked until they heard groaning. One of the assassins staggered out of the lab and collapsed onto the ground with shuriken and kunai embedded into his back.

They sprinted towards the lab room and entered only to see no one in there but cautiously walked into the place just to be sure only for the room to ripple and transform into what appeared to be a room made of pink flesh. "What the?" One of the assassins said and tried to move to find his feet trapped a sticky pink substance.

"What is this stuff?" the other struggled to get out but it was to no avail as the pink flesh engulfed their legs. Naruto and Yuriko appeared and said blonde was on one knee with both palms on the ground.

"Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari (Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind)." Naruto stated while the female professor looked at the place with an awed expression on her face.

"Sugoi (Amazing) I've never seen anything like this in my life." She said while Naruto stood up.

"Welcome assassins into the stomach of the Fire Breathing Toad of Mt. Myoboku. I would advise you not to upset his stomach as it is very sensitive and being devoured by stomach acid is not the kind of death you would want." Naruto stated as green slime dripped from the ceiling and when it landed on one of the desks, it instantly melted and was reduced into nothing.

Yuriko saw this and paled a little at what happened. "Relax Yuriko-san. This technique is under my full control so you don't have to worry about getting hurt." Naruto assured her and looked at the other assassins. "But the others... well they've just reduced themselves to being toad bait." He clapped his hands together and they were ensnared by flesh tendrils and slammed into the wall while the blonde walked towards them.

"Now then let's see since I only need one of you alive, the rest of you are expendable so goodbye." The remaining four were sucked into the flesh and struggled to get out only to fail and disappear into the flesh. The remaining member of the group was horrified as he saw his comrades get sucked into the fleshy substance and looked back at Naruto who now had a sadistic smile on his face. "I hope you're feeling talkative assassin." Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles.

During the interrogation, Naruto found out that the assailant and his former team were soldiers trained by an organization that was known as the League of Shadows, a criminal and terrorist organization, focusing on extortion, manipulation and power-broking. They were hired to assassinate Yuriko by someone from a rival company called Lex Corp. Afterwards, the assassin was apprehended by the security guards and the security was upgraded for the rest of the night.

Unknown Location

"So your assassins have failed to take out Professor Okina?" A figure in the shadows asked.

"It would appear so. Failure such as this is not tolerated in the organization. I already have my men apprehending the survivor and he will suffer greatly for this." Another voice replied.

"It matters not." The figure said. "I did not expect them to succeed in the mission since it's more than likely S.T.A.R. Labs hired someone from the Justice League to assist them." The other person shook his head.

"I'm afraid this wasn't the Justice League's doing. Most of my men were killed during their infiltration and no one in the organization has the resolve to kill. This was done by someone who was trained in the same manner my soldiers are." A screen appeared before them and showed Naruto taking out the League of Shadows assassins like they were trainees.

The first figure looked at the fight with wide eyes and they narrow. "He fights like"

"A League of Shadow Assassin yes. He took them out easily, going as far as to kill them. That's something the justice league doesn't have the guts to do no matter what the situation is. That boy could become a powerful ally or a great threat." The other figure nodded in agreement.

"Indeed. Should we assemble a squad to 'recruit' him?" The second figure shook his head.

"At the moment no as we don't know what he's fully capable of doing yet. Once we've gained enough info we can give him an invite but for now we'll watch from the shadows." He answered.

"And should he refuse your offer?" The first figure asked and the answer to his question was the other figure smiling.

"I'll leave that up to your imagination." He answered and that as when the screen went black.

And Cut! Here's the Prologue for my first Naruto Young Justice Fic. I'll be crossing this over with parts of the Justice League and Teen Titans. I hope you guys like how this started off because it will keep getting better and better. Also I am working on the chaps for my other fics I've just been real busy school and my new job so I don't get as much free time as I use but that won't slow me down. Until next time Peace Out Folks^^.