Young Justice: Arashikage

Hey fans it's me again with another chapter for Young Justice Arashikage. Before I get started I have to say that I'm impressed with all of the positive intake a lot of fans have given this fic especially when it comes to Naruto and his abilities. As I said in the last chapter, Naruto will be revealing his powers little by little as it makes the story more interesting and it's something that'll put the Justice League and The Light on edge due to Naruto possessing abilities that would possibly make him one of the strongest characters on the planet and possibly listed as one of the strongest in the DC Universe but somewhere under the New Gods like High Father and Darkseid.

Also as a heads up I will be adding mixes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited in the picture especially the JLU version of Joker since the on in the YJ Series was extremely disappointing I mean seriously he looked like a 70's reject for goodness sake and the producers killed his image as a major super villain -_-

Ranting aside For Naruto's group name I've decided to go with The Outsiders. I know it's a group created by batman in the comics but the name just seems to fit since they deal with Justice in a manner the Justice League wouldn't have the balls to do especially Superman. Not to say anything negative but honestly even Marvel Heroes have had to kill as a last resort but that doesn't make them monsters.

Okay I'm done with the ranting for now so here's the next chapter.

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Chapter 9: Snake Hunt pt. 2

Naruto frowned underneath his mask as he witnessed the scene of the Kobra Cults and Bane's group engaging in gunfire until Kid Flash came tumbling down in the middle causing them to halt their battle for a few seconds and then fire on him. As he escaped, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Robin appeared to help their comrade by taking down both groups with Aqualad appearing last and knocking out a Kobra agent that tried to get away.

He lets out a sigh and brushes his hair back in an annoyed fashion. "Great the Little Leaguers are here. Things just got more complicated." He Shunshins into the jungle while the young heroes discuss how to proceed with their covert mission.


Ravager, Cheshire, Artemis, and Red X met up at a small clearing where Naruto appeared in a gust of wind. "Took you long enough Arashi." X commented as he folded his arms.

"We've got a problem." The blonde ninja informs to the others.

"What kind of problem? Did anyone see you?" Ravager asked and got a negative shake as her answer.

"No but the Little Leaguers are here on the island." He answered getting confused looks from Cheshire, Artemis, and X.


"Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad, a female Martian, and the miniature version of Superman Ravager and I met in Cadmus." Naruto answered.

Rose however palmed her face and shook her head. "Well that's just great…" She muttered.

"Are they gonna cause us some problems on this mission?" X asked. He knew about each of the sidekicks of the league due to some past encounters with them except for the Female Martian and what Kage stated Superman Junior. If they had someone like that in a jungle then that is spelling disaster considering his abilities.

"Definitely, I don't know what their objective is on the island but it'll jeopardize our objective." Naruto answers. "Red X how close are we to the factory?" The master thief checked his built in GPS and searched for the closest route around the factory.

"Very close if we continue to go through this route."

"Good let's move out."


Two Kobra's were guarding the back door of the factory, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. One of them grunted in pain and reached behind his neck and pulls out a dart of some sorts before collapsing. "What the-ugh!" the second guard was hit in the back of neck by a senbon and dropped to the ground as well. Cheshire and Naruto hopped out of the trees and landed in front of the unconscious guard and said former Shadow was putting the blow dart back in her belt. "You'd think that an extremist organization would have more security." Cheshire said as the others joined up.

"No kidding, you'd at least expect them to have laser trip wires, motion sensing mines, or even gun turrets." X replied as he pulled a lock pick out and unlocks the door knob and opening it carefully. He peaks in and taps a button on the side of his visors which glowed red before fading. "Area's clear."

They each enter in silently with Rose and Artemis dragging the unconscious bodies in and closing the door behind them. They ventured through the factory silently, keeping a sharp eye out for any Kobra soldiers. Arashikage looks up to see a surveillance room connected to several catwalks and has everyone stop.

"There's the control center. Cheshire, X take care of it." He ordered.

"No problem." X shimmers away and Cheshire jumps onto a large pipe and dashes into the shadows. Red X was the first to appear on the rooftop of the control room with Cheshire landing lightly beside him and noticed a Kobra grunt typing on the computer. Cheshire was reaching for one of her Sais only to pause when she saw a Batarang land next to the man and released sleeping gas, rendering him conscious and saw Robin enter to room and hack into the computer. "Aw come on I was gonna do that." He mutters when Kid Flash Zips into the room.

"Can you hear them through the sound proof glass?" Cheshire asked the master thief.

"Yep, just give me a sec." He leans over the glass window and plants a small device on the surface before pulling himself back up and pulls out a Cryptographic Sequencer.

"You're just jock full of toys aren't you?" Cheshire teased.

Red X looks up at her and eye smiles behind his visor. "One of the perks of being a Master Thief. That and I'm always be prepared."

He turned the dial up so that they could hear the conversation between Robin and Kid Flash.

"What you've got?"

"Chemical formulas."

"I'm guessing it involves Venom."

"No kidding Sherlock." X mutters only for Cheshire to shush him.

"That one's Venom and the other one's… wow, the Blockbuster formula from Cadmus."

Jade narrows her eyes in suspicion since she heard of the formula when it was in its prototype stage a few years back when she was with The Shadows.

"Mixed correctly, Kobra's new juices are three times stronger than Venom."

"But, how did Kobra get access to Project Blockbuster?"

"Our mystery buyer must also be Kobra's supplier, using the Cult to create a Blockbuster/Venom super formula."

Red X turns the device off after hearing enough of the conversation and taps his communicator. "Did you guys get all of that?" X asked his teammates.

"Yeah and now we know why Kobra took over. Using Venom is bad enough and from what dad told me, the Blockbuster serum was once a secret project in the Military Branch the higher ups wanted to use in order to create super soldiers but it was put on hold due to not having the correct formulas and the ill effects it caused."

"So it's possible that these buyers want this new formula for unknown means and Kobra possibly wants to use whatever he's not selling to create his own army of mutant soldiers and then sell it on the black market." Cheshire deduced.

"For the love of Kami these Villains are all the same," Naruto muttered in annoyance "Seriously you would think they'd try something new and less predictable."

"Is this coming from experience?" Artemis asked.

"Artemis in my world I have fought psychos, saved countries from power hungry madmen, took on an organization of ninja that would give the Justice League a definite run for their money, and defeated demons the size of skyscrapers that could reduce a city into a barren wasteland." Arashikage commented.

"Sounds like you had a blast in your world Arashi." Cheshire remarked and got a chuckle from him.

"It was except for nearly dying on several occasions, really wasn't a fan of that but hey it comes with the job." The sound of gunfire could be heard from a distance, resulting in Robin and Kid Flash leaving the control room.

"Hey sis I'll bet you 3 grand if you can guess who caused that?" Rose however snorted and shook her head.

"Sorry bro but I don't take sucker bets." She replied back in a joking manner.

"So what's the plan?" Atermis asked.

"X you and Cheshire will gather the data on this Kobra venom while me Artemis, and Ravager scout up ahead." Kage instructed.

"No fair you three always get the fun parts of the mission." Cheshire whined, folding her arms in a childish manner and pouted while hearing Artemis chuckle through her communicator.

"What is it with your family and violence?" Red X questioned only to get smacked in the back of the head by the Ex Shadow. "Ow! Damn it Jade did Rose teach you that?"

"Jade give him another smack for me." She requested and smiles when she hears him smack her brother again and heard him cry out again.

"Let's get a move on people and wait until after the mission to smack X around."

"Dude I thought we were boys." X muttered but then got back to the system for more info and pulling out a flash drive to store the files in.


"Destroy them!" Kobra ordered and his men took aim and fired at the intruders consisting of Aqualad and Superboy but Bane disappeared after attacking a few guards. Aqualad drew his water bearers and formed a water shield that would deflect the bullets and used the other as a mid-ranged weapon, shooting water bullets and knocking down several of Kobra's men while Superboy engaged Mammoth in hand to hand combat.

From the beams, Artemis, Ravager, and Arashikage were running across the shadows that covered their forms and stopped to see the fight. Artemis narrowed her eyes as she saw Sportsmaster watching the scene and seemed to be eyeing a distortion in the air and noticed that it was sending some of the reinforcements flying across the room.

The man narrowed his eyes and reached into his belt and pulls out a cylindrical item that took the shape of a Javelin. He reared his arm back and threw it at the distortion but Artemis pulls out her bow and a regular arrow, takes aim, and fires at the descending projectile that was head towards Miss Martian's invisible form.

M'Gann turned her head and her eyes widened as she saw the javelin fly towards her only to get sliced in half by a descending arrow that landed beside Sportsmaster's form. His eyes widened for a few seconds but return to normal when he recognized the arrow and looks to see a shadowed figure disappearing. Robin and Kid Flash were running across the catwalk to assist their comrades but the Boy Wonder stops when he sees Kobra and smirks while the speedster goes to assist Kaldur and M'gann.

Arashikage also noticed Kobra and narrowed his eyes at the Albino man who along with Shimmer were secretly retreating from the battle. "Typical, retreat while the pawns to the work," He said to himself and turns to Artemis and Ravage. "I'm going to go pay the snake a visit. Inform me when X and Jade get the data and I'll meet up."

"Break a leg." Ravager replied, getting a chuckle from Naruto.

"I'll do more than that." He said before vanishing.

With Kobra

Kobra and Shimmer were outside the factory near the chopper Sportsmaster took to the island and the pale man frowned when Robin lands in front of him and his subordinate. "Batman must be desperate to send his whelp after me." He said, not the least bit interested in dealing with the Boy Wonder.

Robin however smirks at his adversary. "What's wrong Kobi? You look disconcerted." Robin taunted but got no reaction from the man.

"I'll say." Arashikage landed in between the young hero and villain and their eyes widened as they saw the super ninja.

Kobra's expression shifted from its blank expression to one of fury and hatred. "You…" He snarled out as anger flashed in his eyes.

"You again?" Robin said in surprise and but narrowed his eyes at the blonde ninja.

"Hello Boy Wonder how's the ego? Still sore from that scuffle in Gotham?" He questioned but Robin said nothing and kept a miffed expression. "And Kobra, I see you replace the arm I took with a new one?"

The man clenched his fist as he glared at Arashi. "Yes I seem to recall that encounter. Perhaps I'll take that along with your head as compensation." Robin glanced at them and raised a brow under his mask.

"You guys have some type of History?" he asked

"Yeah a while back in Blud Haven I tried to take his head but got his arm instead but now I intend to finish what I started because the only way to kill a snake is to take off its head." He said in a cold tone and drew a Tri Pronged Kunai.

"Unlikely, Shimmer take them." He ordered. She nodded and dashed towards Arashi and throws a punch at them, only for Naruto to simply backhand her into the chopper, getting a scowl from the man.

"You're gonna have to do better than that Kobra."

"Indeed," A smirk crossed his face as he brought his arm up and snapped his fingers. From the shadows, two hulking figures walked around the chopper and stopped behind Kobra, revealing themselves to be mutated humans like Mammoth was "I think these will be more than enough to deal with you and the boy," He backs away as the hulking mutants snarl menacingly "Take care of them."

"Oh no you don't." Robin tries to go after him only to leap back as one of the beasts attempt to squash him.

Arashi says nothing and summons Samehada. "This won't take long."

"Robin, we're retreating meet up with us at the tunnel." Kaldur informed the protégé of the dark knight. Robin frown, glancing between the Mutants and Naruto and lets out a reluctant sigh.

"Fine." He mutteres mentally before pulling out a smoke pellet and throws it to the ground, creating a wall of smoke. Arashi notices but shrugs it off.

"Oh well more fun for me, now who's first?" The two mutants roar and charge at the blonde who slowly reached for the hilt of the bandaged blade who gurgles in excitement. "That's right buddy, were about to spill some blood." The beasts leapt at the ninja as he placed his hand around the hilt as they descended towards him.


X and Cheshire manage to get enough data on the formula and the thief places it in a pocket of his utility belt until the entire place shook violently. "Whoa! Arashi sure knows how to shake things up." He commented.

Cheshire smiles under her mask and nods in agreement. "And that's putting it literally. So do we got everything?"

"Yep, let's go."

Back outside the factory Kobra scowls as he saw the bloody, broken, and unconscious forms of his creations in a crater. "What a disappointment," he muttered and turned to Sportsmaster who exited the cockpit.

"The chopper was sabotaged," He informed the albino man, "Possibly by Robin or that ninja."

Shimmer manage to regain herself after being knocked out so easily and stood beside her master while a couple of his men approached him.

"My Lord should we send out a search party to apprehend the intruders?" The foot soldier asked only to cringe when Kobra glared at him.

"Don't be absurd, they'll come to us eventually but for now find the problem to the chopper and prepare to load the shipment." He ordered and glanced at the Kobra Venom enhanced mutants on the ground. "And clean up this mess."

Sportsmaster glanced at the fallen beasts and back at Kobra. "I take it they were merely test subjects? Your clients won't be too pleased if the serum proves to be faulty." He questioned.

"No need to worry, they were simply by products. Mammoth is the true success to the formula and I didn't expect them to take down that accursed ninja." He informed the Supervillain.

"For your sake Lord Kobra the formula better prove to be successful." He warned the man before they headed into the factory.

Back in the forest Ravager, Artemis, Cheshire and Red X met up and Arashikage appeared before them, shouldering Samehada and the Master Thief was the first to recognize the blood stains on his flak jacket and coat. "Do I even want to know whose blood you got on your outfit?" He asked in an amused tone.

"Just dealt with some test subjects injected with Kobra Venom." Arashi replied like it was no big deal and the sword gurgled in glee, causing Artemis to look crept out.

"Did that… sword just growl?" She questioned and again Samehada's bandage form squirmed and gurgles.

"Yes she's did and almost chewed Rose's arm off a few years back." He replied as the sword hissed in agreement.

"I've got the teeth marks to prove it." Ravager said as she glared at Samehada. "So did you get the data X?"

Red X nodded and pulls the flash drive out. "Yep, got everything in this little drive and the only thing we need to get is a sample to study."

"Don't worry I got that handled." Arashikage informed his group who each gave him a questioning look. "Trust me, I've got this." He assured them but Ravager didn't look too convinced.

"The last time you said that the top of an underground facility collapsed on us." She commented.

"Yeah and I came close to drowning." Red X replied back, getting a sweat drop from the blonde.

"And I was almost mauled to death by two lions." Cheshire says and now Arashikage was looking sheepish. "Artemis you might want to step away unless you want that tree to fall on you." Said arrow user shifted away from him and stood next to X while taking in her surroundings.

"Okay are you all done because I'm not the poster child for unforeseen events." Arashi questioned

"Did I mention I almost drowned?" A tick mark formed on the back of his head and Naruto glared back at the Master Thief.

"Grant shut up or I'll kill you." He threatened while Jade and Artemis snickered. "And if you two don't stop laughing I'll tell them your most embarrassing moments especially yours Jade." This caused them to stop and avert their gaze from his especially Jade who was happy she was wearing a whole mask.

"Anyways, aside from encountering the Pale Snake, I also saw the Boy Wonder, meaning that he along with his group are possibly after the same thing." He theorized.

"So do we have any other option aside from sticking to the shadows?" Artemis asked.

"Yeah, we attack." Arashi answered. "Kobra may have numbers but not the manpower and that is his major flaw."

"You must be a riot at parties dude, so how should we go about attacking Kobra and his goons?" X asked his leader.

"Simple , we're gonna get the little leaguers to help us." He answered.

"And how pray tell are you convince those goody goodies to help us Leader?" Ravager questioned as she folded her arms under her chest only to see him eye smile.

"Oh I can be very convincing, and you're proof of that Rose." He said but used a teasing tone in her name. Artemis and Jade blushed slightly at the innuendo while X had a disgusted look under his mask.

"Okay that is something I didn't need to know." Grant muttered. Rose simply smiled and walked past him.

"And I can say the same for you Naruto." She whispered and smirks when he jumps slightly due to pinching his rear and leaving him shocked at the reaction she took while X snickers

"I thought I'd never see the day when Naruto got outfoxed and by my sister no less, the world must be ending." X joked.

Naruto snapped out of his stupor and glared at X. "Go raid an Antique Store Wilson." He snapped back only to get a laugh from the guy.


The Team manage to escape from the Cults through the tunnels which Superboy caved in to keep Mammoth from going after them and after dubbing Aqualad as their leader and headed out of the tunnels, they encountered Bane who attempted to kill them with some C4 that he placed around the exit and with the detonator in his hand to make them go off but Kid Flash took it from him. Miss Martian used her telekinesis to restrain him in mid air and released him, dropping the man into Superboy's fist and knocked him.

"Now that the Luchadore is knocked out how are we gonna stop this shipment from going down?" Kid Flash questioned.

"Perhaps I could help." Robin scowls as he saw Arashikage walk out of the shadows with his arms folded.

"What do you want?" Robin demanded.

The blonde ninja raised a brow from the look of annoyance on Robin's face and inwardly chuckled. "Relax Boy Wonder I'm not here fight, I'm here to help."

"I think you helped us quite enough we can handle ourselves." Robin said in an irritated tone, getting confused looks from the female Martian who glanced back at Arashikage and Robin's scowling face.

"Ummm did I miss something?" Miss Martian asked.

"Long story short me and a partner were doing some 'cleaning up' in Gotham, we ran into the dynamic duo, had a little face off, and Hinadori (Baby Bird) here got put to sleep and now his ego is bruised." Arashi explained and smirks under his mask when Robin's eye twitch.

"Hina what now?" Kid Flash asked.

"He called him a baby bird in Japanese." Superboy replied and raised a brow when most of them looked at him "What? Cadmus programmed all forms of historical knowledge into my brain."

"The point is we don't need help from the likes of you and I had Kobra right where I wanted him until you showed up." Robin argued.

Kage sighs and shakes his head in annoyance "Okay one lose the childish attitude just because you got smacked around a bit, it happens. Two Kobra's mutated pets would've ripped you apart had I not showed up and three… are you height challenged?"

Kid Flash snorted at the jab from his best friend's height but turned his head the other way when Robin glared at him and was about to retort, only for Aqualad to place a hand on his shoulder. "Now is not the time for past conflicts Robin, we have a mission to finish."

"True but the last time we got assisted, we nearly got blown to smithereens." The speedster informed the Atlantean.

"True but that was your own fault for trusting a guy like Bane especially you Boy Wonder."Arashi chastised and ignored the glare he got. "I on the other hand have no vendetta against you or the Justice League so I won't stab you in the back despite my profession and the same goes for my teammates."

Ravager was next to land walk out of the shadows as was Cheshire, and Artemis with Red X appearing via teleportation, causing Robin's eyes to widen.

"Red X?" Robin said in a surprised tone. The Master Thief turned his gaze at Robin and waved.

"Long time, no see kid. Is Batman still holding your hand or are you finally allowed to leave the Bat Cave by yourself?" He teased.

Kid Flash on the other hand was eying Artemis. "Hey gorgeous, you a Green Arrow fan?" he asked with a flirtatious grin on her face but Artemis gave him a blank look.

"No and I'm not interested in you, despite your Heroics being played on television." She replied back and got a shrug from the speedster.

"Too bad, you're missing out babe." He responded back smugly. Artemis however narrowed her eyes as he started to eye her figure some more.

"Don't call me babe and if you don't avert your gaze from my body you'll be 'The Fastest Kid Alive' with a limp." She threatened.

"Focus people or did you all forget what our top priority is?" Naruto informed.

"Yeah our priority is this covert mission and I don't trust you-"

"Even though I not only saved your lives not only in Cadmus but also when that Android was gonna turn you and your team into French Toast?" Arashikage questioned "And as far as I'm concerned you owe me."

Robin sputtered at what he said, unable to make a sentence due to the blonde ninja's counter argument.

"He's right, we do owe him Robin no matter how much we try to deny it for saving our lives." Aqualad says.


"I have to agree with Aqualad on this Robin." Superboy countered.

"It wouldn't be so bad to team up with them just this once." Miss Martian stated.

Kid Flash rubbed the back of his head and sighs. "Gotta go with Aqualad on this Rob, sorry." Realizing that he was outvoted he lets out a defeated sigh.

"Fine we'll team up… for now." He says giving Arashi one more heated glare and goes into mission mode. "So what's the plan?"

Back at the Factory

The Helicopter blades were whirling around slowly but steadily, showing that the chopper was fully functioning. Several Kobra guards were stationed around the entrance and Heliport and one of the soldiers approached him and Sportsmaster who had the samples in his hands and the shipments in the cargo hold. "The Helicopter is operational exalted one." The grunt replied with a bow, getting a nod of approval from his master.

"Then my work here is done." Sportsmaster says and head to the chopper until a black blur knocks down two of the Kobra grunts and a third takes fire, only for the blur to easily evade the bullets and takes him down as well.

"Take the shipment!" Kobra yelled and Sportsmaster takes off towards the chopper. Three red shuriken land behind several cultists, beeping for a few seconds and then explode, sending the grunts flying and hitting the ground hard.

"What the?" One grunt shouts out in surprise unaware of Red X appearing behind him and knocks out with a hard Karate chop to the next. One spun around attempted to fire at him but a blade cuts the rifle in half courtesy of Ravager who knocks him out with a spin kick and dashes at two armed guards who were firing at KF and takes them out with a combo of punches and kicks.

Superboy lands hard on the ground behind two Grunts who are sent flying from the shockwave and grins at Mammoth. "Rematch?" he taunted, getting a snarl from the mutant. He charges at Superboy while kid flash bypasses him and knocks out another Kobra worshiper. When Mammoth gets close enough, he roars out in surprise as a large torrent of water hits him and sends him skidding back. "Sorry maybe next time." The clone replied as Aqualad pushes him back using the water bearers while his tattoos glowed.

Supberboy looks around for any stragglers, unaware that Sportsmaster was sneaking behind him with a plasma rifle aimed and his back. He fires a red bolt and smirks when he cries out in surprise and stumbles forward while the masked man fires several more rounds that make Superboy stumble forward several more times.

He was about to fire another round but his senses alerted him to danger and avoids having his head impaled by a Sai that got embedded into the hull of the chopper. He turned his head only to be on the receiving end of an aerial spin kick that made him stumble back as Cheshire landed and drew her other Sai.

"Hello dad." Cheshire spoke with venom in her voice. Sportsmaster rubs his jaw but then smirks under his mask.

"Hello little girl, did you come all this way just to say hi?" He asked in a gruff and arrogant tone.

"Yeah and to carve my name into your hide." She said back as she pulled her hand back, using the invisible wire to pull her other Sai back into her hand and glances back at Superboy. "Go help your friends, he's mine." The clone blinks but nods and leaps off to help the others.

"If that's the you want it Jade, then I'll play with you for a bit." He says and draws one of his Javelins from his belt while Jade rushes at him with the intent to kill him.

While this happened an invisible Miss Martian was in the chopper and plants an explosive in the shipment and sets it on active with the light blinking red. Kobra was scowling as he saw his men fall before him by the combined forces of the young heroes and anti-heroes. He moved back to avoid being ensnared by some bolas that caught shimmer and knocked her down while Robin landed before him, smirking. "I know you don't like getting your hands dirty but"

"True," Kobra removed his cape which dropped to the ground, revealing his muscular form to the Boy Wonder "But sometimes even a God must step to conquer." He declared but hisses when a Kunai slashes his cheek and hits the ground.

"Last I checked Kobra Gods didn't bleed when you cut them." Arashikage said as he stood before the man with Samehada unwrapped, revealing a row of razor-sharp teeth and growled at the pale man. "You remember Samehada right? The sword that took your left arm?" Robin had to hold in a shiver as the sentient blade salivated and saw its tongue roll out. "And from her reaction, she likes the way you taste, which is bad for you."

"I will kill you for that humiliation." Kobra swore and stopped an aerial kick from Robin and tossed him over his head before rushing at Arashikage. Said ninja smirks under his mask and swings Samehada underneath his legs with said blade opening its maw took take one of his legs but Kobra leaps over the blade and descends towards him with his fist reared back but gets repelled back by an unknown force that sends him flying back and into a steel door. He grits his teeth from the pain as he felt several of his bones crack but rolls away as Samehada's 'face' slams into his previous location and Arashi pulls the sword back while it ripped the steel out with its teeth, chewing it up and spitting it put in disgust.

"What's the matter Lord Kobra? I thought you were gonna repay me for taking your arm the last time we met?" Kage taunted as Kobra growled at him and grunts out in pain as he is hit by several birdarangs and uses his arm to block the rest.

"What's wrong Kobi? Feeling the Aster?" Robin said as he threw another Batarang which Kobra catch and crushed the weapon in his hands. Samehada hisses in glee as she was gonna attempt to attack him again.

"Hold on girl, since the Hebi's getting his hands dirty I might as well do the same." She growls in disappointment and whines getting a sigh from her master. "I'll give you two large steaks after the mission's over okay?" Samehada grins happily before dispersing in a puff of smoke.

"Ready for round two?" He challenged and his answer was the man rushing him again with a right hook to the face but he easily sidesteps it and stops a reversal heel kick with his forearm.

"Hold still!" He bellowed as he swings out at the blonde who ducks and strikes him in side with a vicious elbow strike and hears some ribs break. Kobra coughs up some blood and is struck in the face with a high kick and stumbles back clutching his bleeding and broken nose.

"That's three ribs and your nose I broke. I wonder how many bones I can break before I go for your neck?" Arashi wondered as he cracked his knuckles. Robin however didn't know whether to be impressed or scared.

Meanwhile, Sportsmaster was on the defensive as Jade attacked him with a series of mixed punches and kicks and couldn't help but be impressed with how much she progressed. "You're getting slow Old Man." Cheshire taunted as she threw a palm strike to his face but he maneuvers around it and pulls a surprised Jade into a Full Nelson.

"But you're getting sloppy, I taught you better than that." He chastised as she struggled under his strength. Using her speed and flexibility, Cheshire swung her lower body upwards, freeing herself from his grip and kicks off his back, making him stumble a little.

"Yes you did but now it's time to end this." She said as she drew her Sais, unaware that her father had pulled a flash bomb from his belt.

"Maybe next time little girl." He said and threw a flash bomb that released a flash light, forcing Jade to cover her eyes and walk backwards from the blinding light, hearing the blades rotate and the chopper to take off. As her vision cleared, she looked up at the Helicopter's retreating form and taps her comlink.

"Do it."

Artemis was watching from a tree and pulls out a detonator switch and presses the red button. In the helicopter the light on the C4 blinks red a few times before blinking green and releases an explosion in the cargo hold, destroying the shipment of Kobra Venom and spinning the chopper out of control. Sportmaster pulls the joystick up to regain control as his means of transportation descends upon the factory but fails so with no other option he pulls open the door hatch and dives out of the chopper, releasing his parachute as he headed into the jungle.

The chopper crashes into the factory and causes a great explosion that lights up the night and a restrained Bane seethed as his base was destroyed.

Kobra was furious due to the burn marks, cuts, and nasty bruises he was sporting while Arashikage wasn't harmed whatsoever while Robin remained in his fighting stance. Everyone else joined up with them and had Kobra outnumbered. "This victory means nothing, I will return and you all will face my wrath." He swore as he moved backwards into the flora with Robin going after him but frowns when he realizes Kobra was gone.

"Well this was a fun evening," Ravager, X, Artemis, and Cheshire gather around Arashi "Later kids and tell Batman I said hey." With that, they vanished in a flash of yellow and were gone from sight.

"…So who's gonna explain all of this to Batman?" KF asked.

"The leader who by vote happens to be Aqualad." Robin replied before chuckling.

In the Jungle

Sportsmaster lands on the ground after removing the parachute and pulls out two ampules and inspects them before grabbing one of them and tossing it to a shadowed figure who caught it. "There I got your sample of the formula, happy?"

"Yeah I'll be sure to contact you as soon as possible for our next course of action." Arashikage replied as he pockets the sample.

"You do realize when Artemis and Jade find out about this, you're a dead man right?" Sportsmaster questioned in an amused tone, getting a chuckle from Naruto.

"Artemis I can deal with but Jade is a different story and will probably kill me in any way she can, so do you need a ride back?"

"Nope, got a back chopper near the shores just in case, later…partner."

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