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So Devious

Chapter Five

Voicemail of Harry Potter – June 20th 9:15 am.

Heeyy Harry, it's me. Long time, no see, huh? God, I miss being under you. Hopefully you have your energy saved up, I'm stopping by later today. Hope you have some good stuff for me, and maybe I'll have some of this good stuff for you. Smooches!

Harry awoke first with an armful of dozing, beautiful blond. He didn't know what came over him last night, but he was so glad it did. The brunet looked down at Draco's sleeping form, gently carding his hair through the soft flaxen locks. Something about this felt...different. Good, actually, to wake up next to someone and to not want them to leave, somewhere there who he cared deeply for and who, Harry assumed, cared for him too. Why else would he offer his help?

A sharp rap at his door knocked Harry out of his reverie, and before he had a chance to get up, Ron poked his head through the door.

"Hey, mate, door for...what the hell?" Ron asked in a harsh whisper, holding his hands up in a very Ron-like 'what the fuck are you thinking' manner.

"It's a long story." Harry groaned as he sat up, careful not to show Ron too much of his nude body. "What's up?"

"Someone's at the door for you...you know, mate, I'm new to this whole Kidnapping Thing, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to plow them..."

"Change in plans." was his only reply. "A little privacy please? I'd be happy to show you the goods, but I don't think this one will like it."

"Sick." Ron spat before slamming the door. He had no problem with Harry's sexuality, but that didn't mean he was okay with seeing his pseudo-brother's manhood. Harry chuckled and shook his head as he rose and began searching for his pants. He pressed a tender kiss against the blond's forehead before exiting the room and down the hallway.


Colin Creevy was a mess, to say the least, and Harry supposed he was to blame. After all, he was one of Colin's dealers. Key phrase, however, was one of. They had fallen out of touch when Colin got wrapped up with some nameless man who was "taking care of him", which in Knockturn alley, meant that poor Colin had a pimp.

Even now, Creevy was the picture of 'hot mess-ery', with his tiny acid-washed shorts and skimpy white tank top. He was reclined against the kitchen counter with his hands folded demurely in front of him, staring off into space. He wasn't a bad looking boy: small, round face framed by tawny curls, sun kissed skin that looked so soft, even from a distance. If one didn't know better, they would think that Colin were just any other country boy, dressed for the scorching summer, and Harry imagined that it was how Colin looked before he got tied up in the sordid underground of Hogs.

Colin seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and turned to face Harry, his hazel eyes bright. "Harry!" He cried, splaying his arms open wide and wrapping Harry up in a big hug, which the brunet returned awkwardly. "I missed you so much!"

"Yeah..." Harry drawled, unsure of how to respond. Truth be told, he hadn't thought twice about Colin since they lost touch, especially after Draco came along. "So...how can I help you?"

"You didn't get my voicemail?" he poked those full red lips out in a pout. "I was hoping you had something for me."

"Colin, this is a bad time-"

"Really? Not even a little bit? I can pay you handsomely."

As tempting as payment sounded (if Colin was anything, it was a great lay.), Harry had nothing to give him. And even if he didn't he couldn't very well accept Colin's form of payment. "Colin, I'm sorry. I can't help you."

"Hmm. I don't think that's true." the younger man said in a breathy whisper. "I'm sure you can help me somehow. How about we go back to your room?"

"Colin, I really think you should go." Harry urged, trying to be as gentle as possible in freeing himself from the young man's embrace. He really needed to get him out of here before-

"Good morning, Harry. Who's you're friend?"


Draco awoke to an empty bed, which sent a sinking feeling of dread coursing through him, however he quashed it quickly. It wasn't the first time he'd woken up alone after a late night tryst, and after all, it was Harry's flat, so he couldn't have gone far. Stretching his long limbs, Draco eased himself from the comfort of Harry's bed before padding down the hall and into the living room.

He could instantly hear voices coming from the kitchen, though they spoke softly. Ever the sneak, Draco peeked around the corner, and his heart dropped at what he saw: some tarted up country boy practically crawling all over his Harry, and the brunet gently holding his arms with a troubled expression on his face.

"Well?" Draco pressed after a pregnant pause. Harry's eyes were as wide as saucers and his mouth resembled something of a fish, gaping as his brain clearly scrambled for a response.

"Draco! This is, um-"

"Colin Creevy. Harry's a close friend." the filthy harlot extended a hand in what would appear to be a cordial manner. However, Draco had screwed many a taken man, and faced their lovers the next day, so he knew that look better than anyone.

"Not as close as he and I have been, I'm sure." Draco replied, coating his acid tone with the patented Malfoy smirk.

"Really? I think the pictures of me in his bedroom say otherwise." Colin clearly had no idea who he was messing with.

"Oh yeah, I know those pictures. I believe I glanced at them hanging on the wall while I was riding you're little boyfriend's cock last night."

"Okay! Colin, I think it's time you got going." Harry sputtered, his face positively on fire as he ushered the smaller boy toward the door.

"Oh no! You two catch up, I'll just go!" Draco spat before stomping out of the flat, slamming the door behind him before anyone could say a word.


Forethought was never Draco's strong suit. Perhaps that was what landed him in this delicate position in the first place, who knew. All he knew was that he was back where he started, wandering around the city with nowhere to go, head down to hide his face like a common street walker, without even his sunglasses to keeping the morning sun from his eyes. Truly miserable.

It wasn't until he began recognizing the towering brownstones and townhouses surrounding him that a less than ideal idea came to him. Pansy, his longtime friend, didn't live far, and surely shouldn't wouldn't turn him in too soon, perhaps he could crash with her until he figured something out.

When her home came into view, Draco made quick work of bounding the fire escape, a practice perfected from nights of staying out past curfew and coming home less than sober. Through Pansy's sheer lavender curtains, Draco could barely make out a figure nestled, cozy and comfy, in the woman's queen sized bed. 'It must be nice to just sleep all damn day.' Draco thought to himself before banging on the window with the heel of his hand. The mass beneath the voluminous quilt visibly jumped, before Pansy's bottle blonde head shot up. She paused, and Draco rapped on the plate glass window once more to let her know he wasn't going anywhere.

Pansy scrambled from her bed, dressed in nothing but a Bali bra and panty set, before rushing to the window, her coffee brown eyes widening at the sight of her fellow blond.

"Draco? What the hell are you doing here?" she asked in a harsh whisper as she jerked open the window to let her friend enter.

"I need a place to lay low for a while." He stated as though he were telling her the weather.

"Draco, everyone is looking for you, the cops are all over you're house. What is going on?" Pansy's face was flushed as she pleaded for answers. It wasn't every day you heard that you're best friend had been kidnapped. "Did you escape the kidnappers?"

"That...is a very long story." Draco sighed as he sank into a plush armchair in the corner of Pansy's bedroom. He pretended not to notice the other, much larger, body still slumbering peacefully in her bed.

"Well, I think since I'm now an accessory, I should know the details." She chided, her arms akimbo.

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