A/N- (Read the note from the first chapter; that explains all.) Enjoy this chapter. Scenes of self-harm included so if you do not like this then please don't read. Also if you haven't got this far in the book then don't read on because there is a short snippet (spoiler).

I spent the next 3 hours talking to Christian about weird everything was. I didn't mention what Rose had been doing; I don't think he would have liked to hear. Apparently it looked like I was in a fit, that's why he was so worried. I wondered if Rose was the same when she entered my mind. Since the episode I started to slowly feel Rose's emotions. I don't think she knew about what had happened yet otherwise she would have been at my door.

"I need to go to the feeders, want to come?"

"Yeah, I think I will. I feel kinda drained."

We set off to the feeders. I took my mind off of what happened and actually listened to Christians magic talk. I gave my input and views which pleased him. After filling up on blood we sat out in the courtyard, talking about the holiday.

I felt Rose become on edge. About to go into her mind I stopped myself. All those times I complained about privacy… I wasn't going to be a hypocrite. A few minutes later a strong pain filled my body and I was once again into Rose's mind.

Time froze. My heart stopped beating. I realized my mother was waiting for a response. She was leaning against my desk, watching me. She might be able to hunt down Strigoi, but she was oblivious to my feelings.

"Is… is he going to do it? Be her guardian?" I asked mom shrugged. "I don't think he's agreed to it yet, but of course he will. It's a great opportunity."

"Of course," I echoed. Why would Dimitri turn down the chance to be a guardian to a friend of his and have a baby?

I was lost from her mind once more. The pain and hurt that she felt was unbearable. I needed to be with her, to tell her about the bond and that everything was going to be ok. She'll say I'm lying. I'll say that I'm a friend so she will be ok.

I ran into her dorm and up to her room. No-one would be able to stop me. From the other side of the door I could hear her tears as well as feeling them. She gave out a short rasp of pain.

"Rose?" Another rasp came so I opened the door. What I saw was unbelievable. Rose was sat in her bed, hair a mess, tears rolling down her face and arms bleeding. She was losing blood quick because she cut vertically. The Dimitri-Tasha arrangement had hit her hard. Mason came in after me and screamed. He picked up Rose and insisted on taking her to the clinic. I knew they wouldn't be able to save her. I couldn't lose her again. I told him to put her on the bed and to leave us alone.

When I took a hold of her wrists she knew what I was about to do. She shouted at me to not do it but she was terrible, I couldn't let her die. I felt my spirit work the magic. The wounds closed up slowly and I felt myself weaken. Once she was stable I called for a doctor to come to the room with blood for a transfusion. I didn't want the Academy knowing, I wouldn't let anyone know. Mason knew he had to keep quiet, he wasn't that stupid.

Some hours later she woke. I sat beside her all the time; protecting her from those who came to take a peek. I told them that she wasn't well. Rose sat up and looked at me, a puzzled expression crossing her face.

"How did you know?"

"It isn't just a one-way bond anymore Rosemarie Hathaway. Your feelings for Dimitri were so strong that it awoke my channel to your mind. I can't believe you didn't tell me about him. I could of helped somehow. I know it was impossible for you to tell, but you could of trusted me."

Through the bond I could tell that she felt guilty. "Please stop feeling so bad Rose. I don't mind that you didn't say a thing. I'm here now and I want to help. I'll be a total bitch to him and her if you want?"

"No Lissa, you can't. I should have known that only sadness could of come from this. I can't believe what I did."

I held her in a tight embrace, hoping that she could feel comfortable around me. I then made it my mission to always be there for her like she was for me. I promised to spend more time with her.

A knock came at the door. The 124th of the day. I opened it to find a blurry-eyed Dimitri. I could tell that he'd been crying.

"Go away," I spoke in a stern voice.

"I have to know that she's ok. I'm so sorry."

"Dimitri… fuck off." And with that I slammed the door in his face.







After the trip Dimitri chose not to be Tasha's guardian. Both me and Rose were surprised but it lightened my guardians mood which was always a good thing. I found Dimitri alone and told him my piece. I included all the 'if you hurt her I'll kill you' phrases. And now me and Rose can look out for each other. No more secrets.