A/N: This is for Starvation Forum's May prompt, which is, "What don't you understand? I won."

This is about Enobaria, kind of, and it's my first FF about her. I'm not sure how well it turned out.

Murderer's Nightmare

I thought I killed you. I know I did. I felt your blood on my hands and in my mouth. It was hot and wet. I heard your screams. They were loud and then they began to gurgle and fade away. You begged for me to leave you alone. To let you live.

I didn't listen.

You were just one of the many who lost their lives to me. There were boys and girls, short and tall, twelve through eighteen. All of your heartbeats fell silent as I chilled your flesh, bled you dry, closed your eyes forever.

Except now, in the supposed safety of my shining new house, you're coming back. Your dead eyes open wide and your throats – torn apart by my sharpened teeth – bubble with your moans as you call for my death. All of you. I remember each and every one of you corpses, though I couldn't name many. You were only obstacles to me. And like the predator I am, I knocked you aside as I sprinted toward the finish.

There's the girl with the long blonde hair, matted with blood. I grabbed it and yanked her down. Her fingernails scraped my arms but it made no difference in the end. I eliminated her. But now she's come back to haunt me, just like everyone else.

That boy, with the dark skin and twisted foot. I brought about his end. It was all I could do. There were no other options. But I can't tell you that, because you're dead. And it's my fault.

I'm not sorry, though. I've got more food than I'll ever need, enough money to last ten lifetimes, and I'm famous besides. I just wish you'd leave me alone, all of you, and let me sleep.

I am screaming at you. I am shouting for you to go away. I am trying to push you back into the ground, where you belong. You're not listening.

How is it so hard? Why can't you just vanish, disappear? You've lost!

What don't you understand? I won.