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I noticed that there are very few Itsuwa/Touma fics out there. Or none, in fact. And while I'm a big fan of Touma/Mikoto, Itsuwa strikes me as a very interesting character that Touma could potentially end up in a relationship with: Gentle and caring towards him, a great housewife material and on the other hand, incredibly protective of him and views herself as nothing special.

This archive will be dedicated to their pairings and other short stories I will pen in my free time. Other users are welcome to submit stories on this pairing to me and I will post it and fully credit you for the work. Alternatively, you can send me a scenario based on this couple and I will work on it if I like it.

Short Story 1: Dating is serious business Part 1

"You want me to what!" Kamijou Touma stared at his guests incredulously, his jaw flapping open at his guests shocking, world-shaking and gut-rending request. "No, just no! How does going on a date with Itsuwa save the church!" he asked hysterically, leaping to his feet and began to pace around his room in a panic. If it were anything else, punching out magicians, facing 200 battle nuns, heck, even facing Kanzaki Kaori or being bitten by Index was better than… than… going on a date!

"But, Kamijou-sama!" Tatemiya Saji, substitute supreme pontiff of the Amakusan style remix church and two other Amakusan members gasped aloud, "You promised you would help us!"

"That's because you said that the fate of Amakusa depends on it!" Touma roared, "I was willing to help you because I thought it was a hostile enemy… not a depressed girl!"

"But Kamijou-sama!" Saji began, "You were able to defeat Priestess-sama with a single punch!"

"I told you, that was not what happened!"

"Surely, going on a date with Itsuwa-san," the other male continued timidly, "is not that scary, right?"

"It's different, this whole thing is different!"

"But, Itsuwa-san has been protected by Kamijou-san many times!" the third male was quick to add, "And she wants to repay the favour but Kamijou-sama is always too far out of her reach…"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"EVERYTHING!" the three Amakusan males yelled as one, shattering a glass cup (that was going to come out of their pocket, Touma swore) and making the teenage boy take a step back at their sudden scream.

"You see, Kamijou-sama…" Saji coughed, "Itsuwa has been depressed because of… YOU!" he pointed a finger at Touma forcefully, "That is why YOU must cheer her up!"

"But a date? Why a date?" Touma asked piteously.

"Because Itsuwa-san is concerned about her femininity!" the second male said, "And we're afraid that…"

"Afraid that…?"

"She might do something foolish!" the third male finished, crushing another cup.

"That's two cups you've broken! Such Misfortune!" Touma wailed as he eyed the broken pieces balefully, "So, you barge into my house, saying that the entire church is in trouble. FORCE me to promise to help you… and then tell me I need to go on a date with Itsuwa otherwise she might do something foolish. Is that how I'm interpreting things here? And you're paying for the bloody cups!"

"So, Kamijou-sama… you have to help us!" Saji declared, "We Amakusans will be eternally grateful!"

"… A date…" Touma groaned and slammed his head against the table in despair, "Why a date?"

"Unless…. Kamijou-sama…" the second male looked horrified as he began to inch away from Touma almost fearfully. The third male began to sweat profusely as he seemed to pick up on a message that Touma could not pick up at all.


"Kamijou-sama! Pardon our curiosity but perhaps… Are you… Gay?" the third male said seriously.

Something cracked.

The lightbulbs shattered.

The mirror broke into a million pieces.

Touma's illusion of being a male had been broken by that mere statement. And then…

"Who the heck are you calling GAY!" Touma howled as he surged to his feet, his Imagine Breaker ready to break some illusions, "I'll have you know I'm straight! I'm STRAIGHT! I'm attracted to girls! That illusion of yours… I'll break it!"

"WA! Save me!" the third male dived behind the second male with a whimper as Saji held Touma back, his head full of sweat.

"Now, Kamijou-sama…" he began, but Touma struggled wildly in his arms, his expression dark.

"Let go, Tatemiya."

Tatemiya gulped, "Now, I'm sure we can work this out like civilised men…"

"He called me GAY!"

"And reach some mutual agreement…" he continued, his voice strained as Touma began to break free of his grasp. 'Grovel you idiots!' Tatemiya cursed.

"FORGIVE US, Kamijou-sama!" the two Amakusan males wailed as they prostrated themselves before the heaving and huffing Touma, "But because you are unwilling to go on a date with Itsuwa-san… Maybe you don't see Itsuwa-san as a woman?"

Touma paused in the midst of his tirade as the words registered. "Eh?"

"What they're saying is that maybe… you don't find Itsuwa at all… girly? The poor girl…" Tatemiya sighed dramatically, going for a different route, "She's been so depressed because she doesn't have anyone professing interest in her…" he winked at his two compatriots, who instantly got the message.

"And while we only want to cheer her up…" the second male sad as he looked down sadly, "Kamijou-sama is so unwilling to help us…"

"Even though Itsuwa is such a nice girl that has helped Kamijou-sama so much…" The third male added, almost wistfully, "That we assumed that he was not interested in women…"

"…" Touma looked at all of them, his face twisting in many shades of emotions until finally… "You… I… Argh! Fine! I'll go on this date of yours!"

"REALLY!" Touma was suddenly backed against the wall as the three males suddenly came up to him without warning.

"ALL HAIL KAMIJOU-SAMA!" the two males proclaimed loudly.

"… Isn't this reaction a little too much?"

"Now, Kamijou-sama," Saji said, holding out a phone, "Please."

Unaware of the trap he had just walked into, Touma took the phone and pressed it against his ear. "Hello?"

"Ano… who is this?" a distinctly familiar female voice came over the phone and Touma's eyes widened.


"AH! K-K-Ka-Ka-Kamijou-san!" Itsuwa gasped, her voice becoming slightly bashful, "Why are you calling me using Tatemiya's phone?"

"…" Touma placed his hand over the receiver, glaring at Saji. "You…" Unable to find words to eloquently express his discomfort in the current situation, Touma finally decided to go back to the phone. "Ah… Itsuwa… actually… I was wondering." He took in a deep breath. "Would you like to go on a date with me?" he asked in a strangled tone that was hopefully coherent enough for her to understand.

A squeal came over the phone shrilly and Touma blanched, holding the phone away from his delicately as the squeal went on for a few second.

"…What was that?" Touma asked.

"…" No one wanted to answer as the squeal slowly began to die down.

"Um…" Touma placed the phone carefully against his ear again, "Itsuwa? Itsuwa?" he blinked blankly as he heard a loud thud in the background and Saji facepalmed as he realized that Itsuwa had probably just passed out from the excitement. "Was it something I said?" Touma said curiously.

"YES!" Itsuwa's shriek blasted from the phone and Touma almost dropped it on reflex as Itsuwa's excited response came through the phone with unrestrained enthusiasm. Which was not lost on even the usually dense Touma.

"Wow, I'm glad," Touma said lamely, "Um… so are you in Japan now?"

"Y-yes!" Came Itsuwa's excited squeak, "I can be in Academy City within a day!"

"You don't have to rush if you're still far away…" Touma began but the sound of shuffling feet made him take pause. "Itsuwa?"


"Well, maybe you can meet me at my house when you arrive tomorrow, then? I'll think of something to keep Index busy…" Touma said, his voice gaining back some confidence. He could do this. All he needed to do was breathe.

"YES!" Itsuwa's excited reply came over the phone and Saji winced as another thud came from the phone and the line went dead.

"… What's with the thudding noise?" Touma asked curiously.

"Don't ask."

*** XXX ***

The moment the three Amakusan's were out of Touma's apartment, they exchanged a grin. While Itsuwa had been distressed lately, it was definitely not as serious as they made it out to be. Oh, most of it was true, of course, but Itsuwa was depressed because she felt she could not compare to Kanzaki Kaori, their Priestess-sama when Kaori had managed to turn Touma's head in the hospital by cosplaying in a fallen angel outfit.

The subsequent depression had Ituswa creating spells… that had freaked Saji out with their sheer uselessness. Itsuwa was in a slump. And they needed a way to cheer her up. There was only one way to do it. The man named Kamijou Touma would have to do what he did best: Save people. In this case, save Itsuwa. Saji felt a little guilty that he was not helping Priestess-sama but Kaori had always been a single-minded individual.

Only Tsuchimikado Motoharu had enough balls to mess around with Kaori's mind.

As such, Saji was a realist. Since Kaori was blessed, then it was their duty to look after the… less blessed. Itsuwa was beautiful but she often considered herself merely passable and her single minded devotion to Touma once she had set her sights on him had impressed almost every member in Amakusa. In fact, the Amakusans were very divided on who exactly to support when it came to love. To Saji, the outcome was obvious. Kaori was blessed. Itsuwa was… not so blessed. So, as per their duty: Help the less fortunate.

Still, Touma had been remarkably dense and it took Saji some work to think of an idea to get Touma to warm up to the idea of going on a date. Seriously, the boy needed a truck to run him over before he would register any romantic connotations from the numerous females around him. Orsola, Kaori, Agnese… heck, even the Archbishop Laura had remarked that Touma was a 'delightful' young lad that was 'easy on the eyes'

If they didn't take any steps to help Itsuwa, the poor girl would probably just sit in the sidelines and despair.

So now, they did.

"Now, make sure no one finds out about this," Saji ordered as they left.

*** XXX ***

"Ohoho!" Tsuchimikado Motoharu chuckled as he overheard their conversation. It was easy really, with all that screaming and wailing. But still… "Kami-yan… on a date! Well, I can't have that, nya~ A drama is exactly what this needs! Kami-yan's luck can never be too good, right? Fufufu~" Motoharu grabbed his phone, calling the one person he knew would be most agreeable to his… proposal.

"Archbishop Laura Stuart speaking."

"Ah! Laura-san! This is Tsuchimikado with breaking news!" Motoharu said in a sing-song voice.

"Oh?" Lauara Stuart, Archbishop of the English Anglican Church and a young, innocent maiden *cough* at heart listened in with interest.

"It seems Kamijou Touma is going on a date tomorrow nya~ Maybe we should inform his potential mates about this…" Motoharu suggested as Laura tittered over the phone.

"Oh my. This IS big news!" Laura said as she cleared her throat, "Oh girls! I've got news from a very reliable informant! Apparently, your dear boy Kamijou Touma is going on a date tomorrow." She announced loudly and Motoharu grinned. He had called at a time where they would be having dinner together, so naturally…

"WHAT!" a chorus of outraged cries from the females in the Necessarius dorm screeched out of the phone.

Motoharu giggled. Oh, this was too good to be true.

'Be careful Kami-yan,' Motoharu thought as wails and howls of anger continued to spew from the phone, 'Tomorrow is going to be fun for you. Ohoho!'

Yup, Motoharu was a backstabber. And he loved it.

To be continued…

Ending Notes: Ah, yes, I love myself some Motoharu evilness. This will be a short 5 chapter story that is subject to change. Other random stories involving this couple will be posted here, either done by myself or by users to have submitted their written works to me. All external works will be fully credited.

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