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The Truth in the Lie

Season 3 Finale, "The Pain in the Heart"

Brennan's POV

After everything that had happened, I was still somehow okay. Everything felt okay, because I sat with my head on Booth's shoulder. It didn't matter that I wouldn't see Zack again; well, it did, but I couldn't think about that right now. After all the pain from the last few weeks, it was something I could handle, because Zack wouldn't be rotting away in prison. The pain that I couldn't handle was the pain that had come after Booth had been shot. That was the pain that I couldn't handle. It made me think of things that I hadn't really thought about before. I mean, of course they had crossed my mind, but that was back when I had first met Booth. Now, I was really thinking of them. The fact that he would sacrifice himself for me by taking that bullet sent shivers down my spine. I didn't want to admit how many nights I had cried myself to sleep because of the knowledge that Booth wouldn't be there when I woke up. I didn't want to admit my feelings at all, but even if I didn't want to, I knew I had to. Booth had taught me that we were honest with one another as partners. We could tell the other anything without being hurt. I hoped that still held true.

"Booth, I need to tell you something," I whisper.

"What is it, Bones?" his hand rubs my arm gently, calming me and reassuring me at the same time.

"I, um, I really don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. I love you," I avoid his eyes.

"Bones, I've been wanting to hear you say that for years now," he hugs me closer to him.

I smile before kissing him.