"...No..." was all that escaped Deans lips.

The pain that passed through his body was unimaginable. It was like reliving hell again.

He knew it was over...He just needed to get to Sam. Getting to Sammy was all that mattered.

"Sammy? Sam...Sammy?" Dean spluttered.

Forcing his head up, he eyes scanned the deserted lot. Sammy?

Deans eyes darted, focusing in on something...Sammy!.

Dean tried his hardest to get up, But the pain in his torso was over whelming. Pushing up on his hands, his knees nearly giving up under the weight.

"Sammy, I'm coming for ya" he said breathlessly.

Dean arched his back, letting out a cry of pain.
Fuck , fuck, fuck.

He slowly moved...his eyes clenching tight, the pain unbearable. He was finally starting to move, Even though the pain was excruciating...Getting to Sam was all that mattered.

Inch by inch he got closer to Sam. His bruised hands tugging at the tanned skin of his brothers.

"Sammy...It's okay. I gotcha." Dean muttered.

Sammy didn't move nor did Dean realise that his brother wasn't breathing.

"Sammy?" Dean said feeling his stomach flip and his heart sink.

"No, no, no. Sammy don't you fucking dare!" Dean cried out.

Bringing his hands up to Sams face, brushing the remaining rubble off his face.

"Fuck Sam...You can't leave me. No. Not like this".

Dean could feel his eyes drift closed, his brain pounding against his skull.

Rule one. Always protect Sammy.

"Sammy...Come on. Wake up" Dean said pressing his thumb against Sams cheek.

Dean sucked in a deep breath before crying out in pain. It hurt so bad. The pain in his chest...The hole between his lungs. His heart had finally dropped.

Reaching over he grabbed at Sams t-shirt pulling his lifeless body up on to his lap.

Clenching tighter at the t-shirt. The pain was now drifting slowly away...his heart thudding, head pounding, he finally let out a shriek.
"No. Sammy. C'mon. Stop playing with me. C'mon. open your eyes. Those beautiful eyes. Just once?".

He stared at his brothers face, his eyes closed, his lips slight parted.

"Good night Sammy" Dean whispered before placing his lips onto his brothers forehead.

He could feel his eyes prick with tears, his breaths coming in short, painful gasps.

Dean leaned back, his fingers still rubbing off Sams face.

He slowly started to sing "Hey Jude don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart. Then you can start to make it better.".

He finally closed his eyes...letting mind dissolve and the pain in chest slowly disappear.
Just him and his brother in the end.