I ran but I could hear them they were faster than me. The branches of trees scratched my arms and legs . It was bad enough being a were wolf but now I was being hunted by vampires! Then I ran in to a big patch of stinging nettles . Crap! I ran through them anyway even though they stung like crazy .I looked round quickly for a dock leaf but there wasn't one . Then they surrounded me.

"Come on doggy why you trying to run away?"

"Well it'll be locked in its cage soon , won't it!"

The vampires teased me . One of them held a base ball bat and swung a chain . The other one held a sack and rope .

"Come here boy ! Come on !" The vampire with the base ball bat said as he walked towards me. At that moment I tried to run but it was no use they were to strong. One of them grabbed me and pushed me to the ground . I saw the constant swing of a base ball bat and I felt my blood coming up and pouring out of my mouth The last thing I saw was a face with black eyes and fangs and then the bag went over my head...