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Panic, fear, and desperation were the only emotions she could feel as her legs pumped as hard and as fast as she could. There were creatures following her. They were vampires but more importantly, they were angry. They had been there, had been in the room before she ran. The weight of the sword felt heavy in her hands and adrenaline fled her body. Slumping against a tree, she allowed herself to catch her breath.

As she came off her runners high, she realized that the vampires behind her were only fledglings. Thinking back to the fight, she remembered seeing the other master vampires leave. A gang of new vampires now surrounded her. On any other night this many would not be a problem. In her current state however, Buffy did not have the energy to put up a fight. Placing her back against the tree, she braced herself for what was sure to be the last stand of Buffy the vampire slayer.

The six vampires formed a half circle around the slayer. The looks in their eyes conveyed the joy they were going to take in this kill. Buffy stilled herself to give this last fight everything she had. A soft buzz filled her head and the handle of her sword warmed to her touch. Glancing down at the blade, she saw arcs of energy dance across the gleaming surface. A red ruby was set above the hilt that Buffy was sure had not been there before. Off in the distance she could hear a rolling crash as if the clouds were battling with each other.

Chancing a look at the sky, she saw no lighting and no signs of rain other than dark inky clouds. In confusion, the blonde slayer spoke for the first time since she left the mansion. 'Thunder?'

With a crash, a single bolt of lightning streaked from the sky enveloping the teen in a brilliance of warmth and pain. The pain and longing for her friends and family disappeared as her mind was overcome by a preternatural feeling of courage and wisdom. When the light faded Buffy was standing tall and sure for what felt like the first time in her life. Gripping the handle of her sword tighter, she noticed the nails on her hand were a little longer and sharper. Not long enough to be unnatural but more suited for inflicting pain than her blunter nails had been. Running her off hand through her hair, she noticed that the golden strands were thinker and more natural in colour than her bleached platinum had been. She could smell the dirt and filth of the vampires who were too stupid to run. Focusing she could see the hairs on their arms laying still, dead and unmoving a contrast to the life they had before death.

Flicking her wrist forward her sword impaled the closest vampire's face. Twisting the blade out of the demons head Buffy watched her other opponents movements as the still body of her first victim fell to the ground unmoving. A large hole adorned the unconscious vampire's face where its nose had been. At the sight, each of the other fledglings turned and fled.

The vampire slayer watched her enemies flee in disgust. Whipping her blade downward, she decapitated the body turning it to ash. Only now that the battle was over did she remember how she had come to be there. Her memory of the last few days was hazy all she knew for sure was that she had succeeded in closing Acathla. Looking down at the sword again, she pondered how she managed to seal the gateway but have the sword of Acathla in her hand. This was not the sword given to her by Kendra. Now that she looked at it more closely, she noticed the hilt and pummel had changed. The spread of the hilt guard was elongated and pointed and the cord covering the handle had fallen away leaving behind smooth polished steal. A large ruby was inlaid into the hilt guard and reflected what appeared to be the image of a cat's eye. The eye captured her attention and she found she could not look away.

Staring into the eye, her perception widened. She could see the sword and each of the people who had carried it through its impossibly long life. All of them had been champions in their own right. The last to wield the blade had used it to seal the demon Acathla in hell. Over the years, the blade masked itself to remain inconspicuous only to reveal its true nature when the eye sensed a new champion.

This was the eye of omens. Buffy did not know what that meant exactly but the name echoed in her head. She needed to get home and find a sheath for the blade. Running with a sword was dangerous so Buffy settled for power walking out of the woods. It was not long until she found her way back to Rovello Drive. Buffy stopped a block from her house. There were three police cars surrounding the house at 1630. Ducking behind a hedge the slayer tried to think of why the police would be at her house. She vaguely remembered Snyder expelling her. Deciding it was not worth the risk going home, Buffy walked to the watcher's house hoping the police would not be there.

She made it to Rupert Giles' house without incident and knocked on the heavy door. It only took a moment for the door to open and a red mess of hair to fill her vision as female arms wrapped around her torso. On instinct, the slayer stiffened before realizing who was hugging her.

'Hey Willow.' She said with a smile looking down at the face of her best friend. The ginger looked worried and tears began streaming down her face. Concerned that she had done something wrong Buffy was quick to apologise. 'Willow what's wrong?'

Willow took a step back and wiped at her tears. 'I'm so sorry Buffy.' She looked at her feet knowing that her best friend must hate her for failing.

Buffy though had no memory of any failing Willow had made. 'Hey don't do that.' The blonde girl said taking her friend in her arms. 'Don't cry.' She whispered.

Coming to the door Rupert Giles let the two teens have their moments. Behind him, Xander kept to the shadows trying to keep out of sight. Whatever attention may have been given to the boy was forgotten as Willow noticed how coarse Buffy's hair was. Taking a step back from the slayer she and Giles both noticed the physical changes that had taken place in the Blonde. The slayer's hair had turned honey blonde with darker undertones and the irises of her eyes were yellow now instead of hazel green.

For a moment Willow was worried that her friend had become a vampire save for the fact that her skin was warm. Willow gained a quizzical look as she tried to understand exactly what was wrong. Giles was slightly slower in realizing that something had happened to his slayer.

The librarian took off his glasses and absently thumbed the lenses. 'Buffy what's happened to you?' He looked down to see the giant sword hanging from her right hand. 'My dear, where did you get that weapon?'

Moving her eyes down to the blade in her hand Buffy shrugged her shoulders. 'It came out of Acathla.'

This alarmed Giles more than the sudden change in her appearance. 'If you have the sword then how did you seal the gateway?' He asked now worried that the apocalypse had finally come.

Squinting, the blonde teen tried to remember what had happened in the mansion but the last few hours were still too fuzzy. 'I can't remember.' She said giving up on trying to find the memory. 'But I had another sword when I went to the mansion so I think I used it to seal the gateway.'

The sky was clear and no sounds of chaos filled the air so Giles determined that he would take his slayers' word for the moment. In the morning, he would check the mansion for any sign that the statue was open.

Both younger and elder Scooby stood aside to let the teen slayer into the flat. Buffy numbly walked over to the tweed coach and flopped down on her back. With her legs draped over the side, the young girl finally succumbed to sleep. It had been a long day and she did not care to dwell on the implications of her memory loss. Tomorrow would surely be a better day.